As i sit and embrace the new

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As I Sit And Embrace The New Dawning Morn
Held By Serenity, The Landscapes Rising Sun
Spreads Photonic Shards Across The Dew Strewn Grass
Hill Tops Slowly Warming And Animals Slowly Allow A Glance
Birds Of Prey Stalk The New Morning Skies With A Grace Unparalleled
And A Tenacity Beyond Compromise.

Dispersing Clouds Allow A Blue Of Immeasurable Purity To Greet
The Dawning Morn, Its Sun Rising And Perfecting The Horizon Abound
The New Morning Breeze Blows Freely Across The Hilly Mounds
Where Young Offspring Play Freely With Innocence Divine
Picturesque Scenery
At Least For This Moment In Time.
Daniel Richards