As i recover from the past hope

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As I Recover From The Past
I Hope Your Love For Me Will Last
Stars Cannot Be Counted, That Isn’t True!
I’ll Count Them A Million Times Just For You

Your Like An Angel Disguise In My Eyes
That Took My Heart And Fall From The Skies
When Im With You,I Feel Like I’m In Heaven
Even When I’m In Hell,It Feel The Same Way Then
As Long As You’re In My Arms
No Hurt Shall Befall You Nor Any Harm
When I Close My Eyes I Can See You
Be However Hard I Try I Can Get Near You
I’m Missing You So Badly
I’m Thinking You Deeply
You’re Always Be In My Heart For All Eternity
Love Is Pretty Much Hard To Deal!
But Don’t Worry Baby My Love For You Is Real
I’m Dead Without You,So Please Don’t Leave Me!
Everything In My Life To You I Give
When All Is Spoken And All Is Done….