As a child there were some times

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As a child there were some times when I never got what I wanted,
Today when I saw you protecting me from thorns till I realized that they were around a rose.
I never realized how I had somebody special around me.
I remained aloof to all the best in this world.
Here I have made a mistake to go away from you.
But today I have made my mind to never tell you good bye.
I dedicate to all who are in love.
Today I am waiting for the universe to change to bless me with time.
So that I can be yours in your arms.
The other day I saw you leave;
Then, I saw a shooting star.
I chased it and I found it followed to your heart.
The very innocence in your eyes swept me like a magic brush,
To my surprise it colored a picture with insight captured in my heart.
The tenderness on your cheek the magic in your grace
Would move the very mountains on the earth.
When I look ahead,
I see a very long road.
Remembering me what I have said.
But no one is going to stop me form the journey I have meant to go.
You are so so beautiful I can-‘t resist to have a second look at you.