As a child lays in bed her

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As A Child Lays In Bed Her Innocence Still Intact.
A Man Comes In And Now She’ll Never Have It Back.
In The Place Of Her Safety And Comfort She Knows.
It’s Filled With A Black Lie That Will Soon Grow.

As Time Passes On Through Her Hollow Eye’s.
She Can Still Only See With Those Child’s Eyes.
That Cold And Lonely Blackness She Tries To Fill Inside.
She Still Only Fills With Other Men’s Black Lies.
I’ve Looked Really Deep In Those Beautiful Blue Eyes.
All I Ask Myself Is Am I Just Another One Of Her Black Lies.
One Day She’ll Have To Close Those Childhood Eyes.
She Needs To Let Go Of All Those Cold Black Lies.
When She Lets Go Of The Black Lies Her Soul Will Be Free.
When That Day Comes I Know I Can Fill It With The Love She Needs.