As a caress poetry is like to

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As A Caress, A Poetry Is Like To Find Among The
Scent Of Your Hands The Pleasant Feeling Of Life,
Which Little By Little Give To My Body And Soul
All And More Of Themselves-Â…
As A Token Of Love, A Poetry Is Like A Fresh Rose
That Emanates Sweet Perfumed Breath Of Yours,
And That Seems So Delicate And Seeking Comfort
In Your Lovely Caring Hands-Â…
As Dawn-‘s First Sunray, A Poetry Is Like That Smile
Which Adorns Your Face, As There Is Nothing More
Beautiful Existing Than Your Eyes When Into Mine
They Speak The Language Of Love-Â…
And Now-Â…my Love! Write Down A Poetry For Me.
Make Me Dream, Give A Pair Of Wings To My Heart
And Teach It How To Fly-Â…over Those Human Limits
Which Only A Love Poetry Is Able To Overcome-Â…