Anything to be with you tomorrow is

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Anything To Be With You…
Tomorrow Is Too Far Away-Â…
Let Me Give You My Heart Today
Love-‘s Language It Has Just Learned To Say
I Will Belong To You In Joy And Sorrow
Till Time Will Get Tired To Flow.
Purity Is Symbolized As A White Dove
Allow The Sky To Remember You Of My Love
I Am Becoming Repetitive
And This “I Love You” Is Not Enough.
Time Will Have It-‘s Way Through
And God-‘s Eternity Is The Only
Limit Of My Love-‘s Motive.
There Are A Lot Of Things
Without Which I Can Existence Achieve
But I Want You To Know
That I Need Only Your Smile To Live
I Would Be Anything To Be With You,
I Would Say Anything To Be With You,
I Would Make Anything To Be With You.
For You I Would Win,
For You I Would Lose.
For You I Would Laugh,
For You I Would Cry.
For You I Would Live,
For You I Would … !!!