Am i loving again in vain do

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Am I Loving Again In Vain, Do I Again Have To
Feel Much Pain. Is This Love Also Too Good
To Be True? Then Why Do I Keep Feeling Blue?

I-‘ve Prayed To God This Time To Bring Me A Man Who Is
Honest, Loving And Fine. Such A Person Came Into My Life, And
Wants To Make Me His Wife.
I Said -Å—oke That-‘s Fine-, But Please Do Not Lie To And Hurt Me
This Time Because Of What Had Happened In The Past My Distrust
Is Growing Fast.
Consuming Me With A Fire That In My Life People Had Sire. I-‘m
Fighting Hard Against It, But My Mind And Heart Are Not Helping One
Bit. Questioning My Feelings His Words Or Deeds Thoughts And Troubles I
Never Mentioned Did Not Felt The Need .
Don-‘t Want To Loose My Soul Mate By Leaving Him Standing At My Heart
And Life-‘s Gate.This Love I Shall Try To Maintain, And Pray That
It Would Not Be In Vain.