A lost world no seeming direction just

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A Lost World,
No Seeming Direction,
Just A Path,
A Path That Trembles Along Its Course,
I Still Follow It,
Seeing Only A Beam Of Light,
Yes, It Is You God,
It Is You Behind That Beam Of Light,
Who Signals My Direction,
And In My Heart It Is You, God?
So, How Could I Fail?
How Could I Decieve You, God?
That Beam Of Light Drops Clear On Me..
Leaving Me Bewildered
The Path That I Was Walking On..
Goes Ahead And Breaks Into Two,
One Leads To The Path Of A Good Person,
The Other Leads To Fulfilling That Broken Wish,
My Heartbeat Becomes Still,
My Pulse Becomes Slow,
I Look Up Into That Light,
And Once Again, I See God’s Face,
I See It As It Appears In My Imagination,
The Words I Said Ring In My Ears:
In My Heart It Is You, God,
So, How Could I Fail?
How Could I Decieve You, God?
..Moving Slowly, I Walk Ahead
And Choose The Path To Follow My Faith,
The Path That Teaches Me To Be A Good Person,
And As I Move On
My Destination Reflects At Me
As Being A Step Closer To God