A longing within my wounded soul will

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A longing within my wounded soul
Will anyone ever make me feel whole?
Shattered to pieces deep inside
My tears are concealed and pain I hide
A smile I wear for all to see
They will never see the broken me
Never to reveal the need I contain
For someone to love me and give me his name
How do I know, how can I trust
That when I find him it won-‘t be lust
When the sun does shine the very next day
How do I know he won-‘t walk away?
Is anyone out there who knows how to love?
Patience and strength I draw from God above
I quietly wait for the day to arrive
When someone will find me and call me his life
I-‘ll cherish him deep within my soul
If he will help make me whole
I will be his one and only desire
But I will not be his old flat tire
by angelina