A girl i love once hurt me

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A girl i love once hurt me so bad
She knew i loved her like mad
Im dying slowly shes made me so sad
Take a scythe
Take my life
Just do it here
Please dont cry a single tear
The one thing i fear the most
is leaving you but thats something
You did
I need to sleep
so cut it deep
Leaving you was the final leep
When the beating has stopped
You all know im dead
Because of those thoughts
Ran through my lonely empty head
Now you see me here laying dead
Laying in the hospital in a freezing bed
Im in so much pain
So i cry
You say sorry
Hug me and say goodbye
Then the depression lets me die
Heres the light
The angel says
Hold my hand tight
as i take you away
From the night into
Some where bright
I go to in to the light
And here i say goodbye
This will be my final poem before I die
by dark-emo‚