A cave is dug and seeded someone

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A Cave Is Dug And Is Seeded
Someone Comes Out Of It Greeting
The Obtrusive Light With Intense Wailing
He Has To Open Clams And Gnash To Live
And Zippers And Buttons To Let Go
Sometimes His Doors Are Ajar
Most Of The Time They Are Shut

Often, He Is Encouraged To Walk Out Of The Room
And Eventually The House
So He Too Can Go Inside Other Rooms
With Strangers, With A Partner, Or Alone
He Will Soon Learn How To Shoot Balls
Into Baskets Or Nets Or Holes On The Ground
And Will Do The Same Thing With Money Or Trash
One Day, He Will Enter A Huge White Dome With A Smile
And Will Come Out Of It A Pauper,
Or Will Not Come Out Of It At All
His Diggings Will Be A Whole Lot
Some Of Them Will Remain Exposed
Some Will Be Covered
And Still Some Will Be Recovered
He Might Dig A Hole For Himself
Sometimes Unintentionally
And He Will Either Be Trapped Or Be Freed
Or Be Both And Be Happy
His Final Act Will Be This:
He Will Have To Lie In A Box
And Enter A Final Hole, An Eternal Cave,