English Poetry Collection

I used to think about you drew

I Used To Think About You You Drew Circles Threw My Mind But Then You Ran Ahead And You Left Me Behind You Went

An opera in red serenading earth and

An Opera In Red Serenading Earth And Sky Red Velvet Sunset

Fierce winds trample through the lands howling

Fierce Winds Trample Through The Lands, Howling Piercing Noises In The Air, Destroying Walcott-‘s Almond Trees, Torn Branches, Bent Shapes And Many Falling Leaves.

Listen to the pain love is lovely

Listen To The Pain Listen To Love Love Is Lovely Pain Is Hurting With Lots Of Scars In The Body Of A Scarred Soul

Walking down a lane with no one

Walking Down A Lane, With No One In Sight, Where Have All Gone? Or Where Am I? My Father, My Mother, My Uncle Or

Read this poem about unrequited love and

Read This Poem About Unrequited Love And You Can Always Relate To Its Sadness And The Feeling That Your Time Has Been Thoroughly Wasted

My friend you came to be never

My Friend You Came To Be Never Thought You-‘d Lift Your Hand To Me The Anger That Filled Your Eyes Was It Me Whom

Since you only judge me for my

Since You Only Judge Me For My Lack Of Success No Mister You I Am Not Out To Impress We Look At Life One

Oration imitation disorientation in the nation left

Oration Imitation Disorientation In The Nation Left Blind And Weeping By The Confrontation In The Imagination As It Goes Into War Conflagrations Shown In

This is just a thank you for

This Is Just A Thank You For All You Have Done For Me I Have Finally Opened My Eyes I’m Finally Able To See

He read her words the anonymous one

He Read Her Words The Anonymous One She Touched Him So Deeply He Read Another One So It Would Go Each And Every Day

Your smile is my horizon ur eyes

Your Smile Is My Horizon Ur Eyes Are My Dream Ur Arms Are My Ultimate Wish Ur Kiss Is My Only Desire You Are

Wake up what do you mean up

Wake Up! What Do You Mean Wake Up? ! Oh Hurray Today Is The Day! The First Day Of School. I’m Up I’m Up.

My eyes beheld a sky one night

My Eyes Beheld A Sky One Night It Seems So Long Ago A Perfectly Painted Portrait Be-Speckled With Blue And Gold As I Sit

Your tears are like a mist increasing

Your tears are like a mist increasing over time not letting grass dry not letting hearts unbind Your smile’s like a sun beam heating

Following your footsteps round the corner tracing

Following Your Footsteps Round The Corner, Tracing Down Your Features With My Finger, I See You Like A Moon In The Night, I Sense

Whose bed have your boots been under

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? And Whose Heart Did You Steal I Wonder? This Time Did It Feel Like Thunder, Baby? Whose

Happy all the time that i am

Happy All The Time That I Am Allowed To Love All The Time Happy

Fixing things in life isn8217t always easy

Fixing Things In Life Isn’t Always Easy There Is Always Going To Be Same Type Of Problem Not Al Of Them Can Be Solved

Ilusiones olvidarse de esa persona que hace

Ilusiones Olvidarse De Esa Persona Que Hace Derretir Los Glaciares De Tus Ojos. Son Tus Pupilas Lunas Eclipsadas De Amor, Un Viento FrƒÂ­o En

I offer her my blue the sadness

I Offer Her My Blue, The Sadness On My Soul. For All I Hold As True Stems From This Endless Hole. The Wake Of

When i can8217t talk to you breathe

When I Can’t Talk To You I Can’t Breathe. Everytime You’re Not With Me I Get The Need. I Wanna Be With You All

Deep love so rare yet true love

Deep Deep Love, So Rare Yet So True, Deep Deep Love Like The Ocean Blue. You May Never Realise You Had It Til Its

I wanna float like a leaf flying

I Wanna Float Like A Leaf Flying In A Fall Breeze And Land Close To Your Feet If That’s The Way We Could Meet

Distant love give me if you feel

Distant Love-Â… Give Me, If You Feel, Some Tenderness That You Certainly Possess. Perfume Your Words With Essences Of Goodness And Well-Wishing Then Send

I met a traveler from faraway place

I Met A Traveler From A Faraway Place, Who Said: Listen Close Friend And Hear Me Well. I Tell Of A Land Of Silk

I get that you are angry and

I Get That You Are Angry, And I Hate That You Are Blue. But, You’re The One Who’s Married, So There’s Nothing I Can

Through you still want me know it

Through. You Still Want Me, You Know It, And You Want Me To Want You. You Never Would Do A Thing Like That, You

Sing no sad songs for me planet

Sing No Sad Songs For Me. Planet Thou No Roses At My Head, Nor Shady Cypress Tree; Be The Green Grass Above Me With

True love is forever false can end

True Love Is Forever False Love Can End Your Heart Will Never Stop Loving But Your Brain Will Fight Again You Open Your Arms

When tomorrow starts without me and i8217m

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me And I’m Not There To See, If The Sun Should Rise And Find Your Eyes All Filled With Tears

Down in the park miles from home

Down In The Park Miles From Home, Nature-‘s Beauty Torments And Admonishes. My Envy Ploughs The Hue, Trenched And Stuck As A Trodden Knag.

Stranger that he was from this world

Stranger That He Was, From This World Apart Came Near Me, Looked Deep In Eyez, Just Touched My Heart! Held My Face In His

Oh dear of mine immemorial heart bristles

Oh Dear Of Mine Of Immemorial Heart Bristles Blissful By The Blessing Soul Seems To Touch The Moon Hilltop Dream Swoons In The Room

In my eyes you will see what

In My Eyes You Will See What I Saw Look In Deeper And Find Ive Seen It All Swear Your Heart To Fall Under

You stayed when i thought youd flee

You Stayed, When I Thought You-‘d Flee Yet I Withered, When I Believed I-‘d Hold On Living Means Understanding The Circumstances Of What-‘s Called

It must have been a rainy day

It Must Have Been A Rainy Day When You Were Born, But It Was’nt Really Rain, The Sky Was Crying Bcoz It Lost Her

How golden are the memories of beautiful

How Golden Are The Memories Of Beautiful Girl Meeting Boy, When Romance Simmered On The Air And Rapturous Love Was Their Joy. With Eagerness

When i think of you even the

When I Think Of You Even The Dried Flowers Become More Fragrant ? Even The Wild Storm Become Tiny Pat On Me? When I

Sul posto che siedo cescritto non voglio

Sul Posto Che Siedo C-‘e-‘scritto Non Voglio Piu Veder Nessuno E-‘ Il Mio Posto In Un Mondo Che Non Ho Mai Amato E Voluto

The true meaning of friendship in each

The True Meaning Of Friendship In Each Alphabet Lies Here. Hope U All Enjoy Reading It. Was Sent By Someone Very Close To Me

I wanted you to feel how felt

I Wanted You To Feel How I Felt I Wanted You To See What I Saw I Wanted You To Think What I Thought

There are times when people arrange things

There Are Times When People Arrange Things For You To Do, Things That You Don-‘t Want To Do. You Have Allocated That Time For

There once was a farmer named bob

There Once Was A Farmer Named Bob Who Liked To Eat Corn On The Cob So At Breakfast And Lunch He’d Just Sit There

Wept my soul out crying utter despair

Wept My Soul Out Crying Utter Despair Life In Violent Riot Dreams On Seared Skies Wingless In Ravaged Reason In Mum’s Airless Season Grandma

Marriage to me is sipping tea at

Marriage To Me Is Sipping Tea At A Table In France Marriage Is Being With You On A Boat On The Seventh Seas Marriage

The rain has thrusted the sun aside

The rain has thrusted the sun aside The smell of fail lies in the heavy air Let the raindrops wash all your sorrow away

When you8217re not here i find no

When You’re Not Here: I Find No Light! My Heart Pines: When You’re Out Of Sight!! Now, You’re To Me: So Dear; My Dove!

What is it that makes me love

What Is It That Makes Me Love You? Makes Me Adore The Person You Are And All You Have Been To Me For Such

A real friend is one who walk

A Real Friend Is One Who Walk In When The Rest Of World Walks Out Friendship Is A Union Founded On Fine Ethics Strongly

You cried i wiped all your tears

You cried, I wiped all your tears I-‘ve been with you all through your years You say you-‘re all alone Look around! I-‘m here.

One seed can start a forest smile

One Seed Can Start A Forest One Smile Can Start A Relationship One Touch Can Show Love & Care One Frnd Like U Can

I8217ve just heared it the first time

I’ve Just Heared It The First Time Right Now, I Have Listened To It 6 Times Already Will Listen To It 4 Times More

How can i thank u my dear

How Can I Thank U My Dear Friend? For Every Little Support, U Always Lent. You Taught Me The Meaning Of Real Frnd, Which

If there was to be crying ill

If There Was To Be Crying, Ill Be The One To Wipe Your Tears, If There Be Scaring, Ill Be The One To Fight

The room seems so dark cold and

The Room Seems So Dark So Cold. And I Am I Tired, So Alone! Used To Feel. Used To Love. Used To Be Me

I love beyond all hope for reason

I Love, Beyond All Hope For Reason In An Insane World Thinking Of That Love My Heart Sings For Once, God Be Merciful! And

Her life was a soft white pill

Her Life Was A Soft White Pill She Suspended Time She Was As A Clear As A Glass Full Of Water Filled With Light

Don8217t cry over your past which gave

Don’t Cry Over Your Past Which Gave You Pain And Affliction And Also Suffering And Tension Don’t Blame Those Days On Your Fate Or

What is this feeling it seems like

What Is This Feeling? It Seems Like Sheer Delight. A Rush, A Connection Something Is Stirring Inside. It’s Warm, It’s Inviting Like A Fiesta

People become closer and enjoy each other

People Become Closer And Enjoy Each Other More If They Feel The Other Person Accepts And Understands Them. Letting Others Know In So Many

In my bedroom sitting quietly listening

In My Bedroom, Sitting Quietly . Listening To Songs That Remind Me Of You Thinking Back To When We Came Together. Thinking How Much

In two days my siblings and me

In Two Days My Siblings And Me Are Throwing My Parents A Big Surprise 30th Anniversary Party. On This Occasion I Would Like To

Teri dosti hai ek naayaab tohfa khuda

Teri Dosti Hai Ek Naayaab Tohfa Khuda Ne Jo Baksha Hai Jholi Mein Meri Is Do Jha k Se Jeevan Mein Jab Se Tum

It was the year 1416 at a

It Was The Year 1416 At A Castle Banquet Hall… Music And Laughter Can Be Heard Surrounding All… And The Room Was Filled With

I dont want these emotions but still

I Dont Want These Emotions, But I Still Love You. Cant Help But Do It, Though I Dont Want To. There Differnt To Mine,

The former rose of dunkeld she is

The Former Rose Of Dunkeld She Is Fading In Time Four Decades Ago When She Was In Her Prime With Shoulder Length Hair That

A tear in her eye wants to

A Tear In Her Eye Wants To Come Out It Is Just Waiting For A Reason For Coming The Reason It Has Now Can-‘t

I know have not been ur first

I Know I Have Not Been Ur First Choice I Can Not Be Best Too I Am Failed On Your Taste Too For That

She came in my life like a

She Came In My Life Like A Fresh Air And Swept Me Away With Her Love. I Was Never Happy Before Like This, What

Please do not dismiss me or the

Please do not dismiss me. Or the approach, I have chosen to get closer. I am not professional at this. But I could not

I couldnt wait to meet my singing

I Couldn-‘t Wait To Meet My Singing Bird As She Ran Along The Corrugated Leaf I Couldn-‘t Bear To See Her Fed But With

The cannibals and carnivores found a vegan

The Cannibals And Carnivores Found A Vegan Guru And Were Not Bothered By Ecoli, Strokes Or Kuru Nor Were They Prostate From Cancer Of

His words were like rapier sharp cutting deep

His Words Were Like Rapier-Sharp Cutting Deep Through My Heart Unknowingly He Was Stabbing Me Leading Me To My Last Breath And Killed Me

With friendship sincerity where the truth is

With Friendship Sincerity Where The Truth Is Told Be A Keeper Of Promises Guarenteed To Uphold Lending A Helping Hand With No Question Why

This is strictly for friends only although

This Is Strictly For Friends Only Although You Are A Friend Of Mine And The Words We Exchange I Wouldn’t Know You On The

Forever and a day girl dedicated to

Forever And A Day Girl! Dedicated To: My Charen It Was In Your Arms Where I Found Forever And A Day! Now I Can

I never came here looking for a

I Never Came Here Looking For A Single Soul. But Now That I Found You I Want You To Know I Had Forgotten How

In the twilit sky i see your

In The Twilit Sky, I See Your Blurry Shadow, Floating Above My Sleeping Meadow. I Long To Cradle It Before The Cyan And Scarlet

That is hope ship wrecked in mid ocean

That Is Hope Ship Wrecked In Mid-Ocean Swim Unto Shore That Is Hope Left Alone Is Hot Desert Drink Your Own Tears That Is

Good faces are always available but they

Good Faces Are Always Available But They Are Easy To Gullible Don’t Ever Try To Attract To Them Because They Are Never Valuable

For you i would climb the highest

For You I Would Climb The Highest Mountain Peak Swim The Deepest Ocean Your Love I Do Seek. For You I Would Cross The

Yes you are special to me

Yes You Are Special To Me ____ , God Sent You My Way While I Was Minding My Own Business One Day This Is

I try to make my mind do

I Try To Make My Mind Do The Things That Should Be Done, And Then Your Much-Adored Face Blocks All View Of Worldly Things.

I shall die alone never having felt

I Shall Die Alone, Never Having Felt Love-‘s Lingering Stroke Upon My Skin, No Tender Finger Brushing Stray Thoughts From My Brow, I Shall

Brothers and sisters are those friends who

Brothers And Sisters Are Those Friends Who Will Support You In All Of Life-‘s Bends They Sometimes Get On Your Nerves But Then, Isn-‘t

Just tell me how would i start

Just Tell Me How Would I Start Recounting All Those Days We Had The Joy That We Found In Each Other Gives Me The

I feel the time is getting close

I Feel The Time Is Getting Close When We Will Have To Part I’ll Show That I’ll Miss You With Last Words From My

You say want to be with me

You Say You Want To Be With Me, You Say You Truly Care, But When I’m Face To Face With You, It’s Like I’m

Little dreams our very own dreams little

-Ë—little-‘, -Ë—dreams-Â…-‘, Our Very Own Dreams-Â…, -Ë—little Dreams Of Our Own-Â…-‘, -Ë—would Make Life Wonderful-‘, -Ë—had We To Be Compassionate And Be N Control-Â…-‘,

Its like tempest im out of joint

It-‘s Like Tempest! I-‘m Out Of Joint!! Where Meet Parallels: There-‘s No Such Point? Lines Are, Now, Diverging Oddly: My Perceptions Are No More

Someone somewhere dreams of ur smile amp

Someone Somewhere Dreams Of Ur Smile & While Thinking Of U Says Life Is Worthwhile So Whenever U Are Sad, It Is True Someone

The poor pigs that don8217t keep up

The Poor Pigs That Don’t Keep Up With Peers Get Their Tiny Hooves Tied Then Get Their Tiny Under Developed Heads Thwacked On The

Fiery bird spread proud to fly frolic

Fiery Bird Spread Proud To Fly, Frolic In Playful Dance, Peak And Dive Lyrically High. Treetop Towers Lye Restful Young, Early Bird Flutter The

It was you who went first because

It Was You Who Went First Because The Die Landed With A Six Rosy Fingers Moving The Red Button One Square At A Time

He got a lot more anxious about

He Got A Lot More Anxious About His Darling With The Harbingering Cloud In View, On The Peak Owing To Fast Approaching Month Of

Sit before the desk in many places

Sit Before The Desk In Many Places, Many Locations My Mind Filled With Swirling Thoughts And Ideas Reality Seems So Surreal And Far Away

I used to look up you thought

I Used To Look Up To You, I Thought You Were So Touch To Reach, I Knew I Won’t Reach To You, I Won’t

I feel bad when shez not around

I Feel Bad When Shez Not Around I Feel Tensed When Shez With Me I Don’t Know Y I Feel Sad When Shez Crying