English Poetry Collection

I hate the way you say hello

I Hate The Way You Say -ŗhello-, But What Hurts Me Most Are Your -ŗgoodbyes- I Hate The Way You Look At Me And

Remember when laughing out loud we used

Remember When Laughing Out Loud We Used To Get Mad And Now Nothing Makes Me Sad Or Glad Remember When Your Words Filled Me

Life is a river travell with confidence

Life Is A River, Travell With Confidence Sides Are The Pleasures And Wavea Are The Pains Whenever It Goes Wrong And Start To Stagger

Wherever did our mother learn the skills

Wherever Did Our Mother Learn The Skills To Drink Her Life So Fully To The Lees? And How, Despite Her Battles With Disease, Did

How can i forget that momentous summer

How Can I Forget That Momentous Summer? A Season When My Eyes Get Shimmer In Every Fleet Glance Give With Primmer But When You-‘re

Accepted me as your sons partner and

Accepted Me As Your Sons Partner And Then His Girlfriend Or Just Whatever Felt Comfortable And Loved Through The Good, Bad And The Ugly

Place your heart here in my lap

Place your heart here in my lap Touch me with the sureness Make me a space Weave it loose and free Weave it with

If you want to look at life

If You Want To Look At Life, The Ups And Downs And Various Strife. Then, My Friend, The Place To Start Is At Your

Poetry came when we wanted it to

Poetry Came When We Wanted It To Paint Beautiful Images Trying To Keep Away From Ideas, But We Go Back To Them As To

If you dont have a point cant

If You Don-‘t Have A Point You Can-‘t Argue, Judgment For You Is Waiting In The Queue; You Don-‘t Want To Give Up But

I8217m ready to grow up and live

I’m Ready To Grow Up And Live In This Hostile World In This World Of Love And In This World Of Hate I Want

Crackers and cheese topped with pickle black

Crackers And Cheese Topped With Pickle Black Forest Gateau With Creams Pork Pies With Jacket Potatoes My Trousers Now Strain At The Seams Salads

One cant fail to notice a room

One Can-‘t Fail To Notice A Room Getting Brighter Just By You Entering It. One Can-‘t Fail To Be Touched By The Warmth Of

It8217s comming on so slowly first showing

It’s Comming On So Slowly, It’s First Showing It Self, At First I Barely Noticed, But Now I’m Catching Up First There Was The

I hold the memory of you deep

I Hold The Memory Of You Deep Inside My Heart Where Past Memories Of Yesterday Plays An Important Part Where Pleasures Of Happiness And

There was a sibling who might have

There Was A Sibling Who Might Have Preceded Me Into The World; I Say -Ë—he-‘ As I Had Three Sisters Waiting In The Wings

Why hadnt i noticed this before did

Why Hadn-‘t I Noticed This Before? Why Did I Think That Love Was A Bore? It Is A Feeling So Crazy Yet, Sometimes It

Some pages of my life are yet

Some Pages Of My Life Are Yet To Be Filled With Wordless Memory And An Echo Of The Prison Cage With A Thrill And

When we8217re apart my heart beats only

When We’re Apart My Heart Beats Only For You I Love The Way You Smile I Love The Way You Laugh My Life’s Ambition

Penblwydd hapus i ti lynda and in

Penblwydd Hapus I Ti Penblwydd Hapus I Ti Penblwydd Hapus I Lynda, Penblwydd Hapus I Ti And In English Happy Birthday To You Happy

You have no idea how forced i

You Have No Idea, How Forced I Feel, My Heart Is Breaking, From My Obligation, My Mind Is Wasted, And Filled With Sad Thoughts,

As one child puts to sail his

As One Child Puts To Sail His Paper Boat Another Child Stamps His Feet On The Water That Is The Beginning Of All The

I want you to kiss me hug

I Want You To Kiss Me I Want You To Hug Me I Want You To Cuddle Me I Want You To Love Me

Sliced bread whole wheat and toasted buttered

Sliced Bread… Whole Wheat And Toasted. Buttered With Jam, And Munched. Either With Tea, Punch… Or Just Plain Water For Lunch! Sliced Bread… With

Life was frighteningly cold so unfair and

Life Was Frighteningly Cold, So Unfair, And So Dark All Seemed To Change When You Came Along A Ray Of Hope, Sweetness And Warmth

As you walked away from me i

As You Walked Away From Me I Saw You Pass Out Of The Door Tears Wouldn-‘t Stop My Heart Just Seemed To Drop I

I thought you would be true loved

I thought you would be true I thought I loved you I thought you loved me But I guess I couldn’t see There could

A vous ces vers de par la

A Vous Ces Vers, De Par La GrƒÂ-ce Consolante De Vos Grands Yeux OƒÂ¹ Rit Et Pleure Un RƒÂªve Doux, De Par Votre ƒ‘’šme,

I know am not lost and so

I Know I Am Not Lost And I Am Not So, But Whenever I Look At You, It Seems As If, You Are The

Oh cruel life calming breath leave me

Oh Cruel Life Oh Calming Breath Leave Me! Take Away My Life Let My Soul Free Let Me Go Away From Everyone, Everything Let

How you have molded me into a

how you have molded me into a woman from a little girl who pouts and pokes out her lip when she isnt satiated how

If only i had known it was

If Only I Had Known It Was Our Last Day Together I Would Have Held You Longer I’d Remember Each Second Of Our Precious

Ill come down as a drop of

I-‘ll Come Down As A Drop Of Rain To Feel Your Mesmerizing Touch-Â… I-‘ll Come Down As A Word Of A Poem To Stay

Purloin my embittered soul away the world

Purloin My Embittered Soul Away The World Has Caused It To Go Astray It Is Now Tainted With Blackness There Is Nothing In It,

I kno that im a jerk sometimes

I Kno That Im A Jerk Sometimes, But Guys Tend To Be Like That And Im Really Sorry. I Love You So Much And

Krishna8217s conch shell triton8217s horn hari8217s flutes

Krishna’s Conch Shell Triton’s Horn Hari’s Flutes Ship’s Foghorn When They’re Fed The Gull’s Cries No Longer Sound Forlorn

They show off need to but don8217t

They Show Off. They Need To Show Off. But They Don’t Admit They Are A Show Off. They Act. They Sing. They Dance. They

Open the window to dawn and allow

Open The Window To The Dawn And Allow The Free Breeze To Enter My Room Rich Of Life With The Perfume Of The Acacias

16th of january the luckiest day

* 16th Of January * The Luckiest day for the World The Winds were fresher then ever before The Sun brightly shining on the

As i gazed into the ripples waves

As I Gazed Into The Ripples The Waves Within Your Eyes I Found A Secret Water Magnificent In Size The Flower Were Blooming Ever

It is so hard to go day

It Is So Hard To Go Day To Day Without You. I Miss You So Much. I Wait By My Cell Every Day For

I love the way you say to

I Love The Way You Say To Them, Be Carefull While You Eat! ! Dont Touch! Go Away! C’mon Lets Play! Hey Evhanda Hear’s

How should i say what do you

How Should I Say What Do You Mean To Me What Does A Pearl Mean To A Sea What Earth Means To Sky What

Butterfly kisses from me to you i

Butterfly Kisses, From Me To You. I Was Blessed To Be Loved By You. For The Lord Knew That Day He Made Only Me

In the twilit sky i see your

In The Twilit Sky, I See Your Blurry Shadow, Floating Above My Sleeping Meadow. I Long To Cradle It Before The Cyan And Scarlet

Why do i always come back to

Why Do I Always Come Back To You After Every Heart-Ache And Pain I Go Through You’re Always Just Standing There In The Back

He rushed into the house and hugged

He Rushed Into The House, And Hugged His Mother With A Ferocious Intensity, And Said, ‘I’m In Love’ ‘Yes, I’m In Love’, As If

Heart we will forget him you and

Heart, We Will Forget Him, You And I, Tonight! You Must Forget The Warmth He Gave, I Will Forget The Light. When You Have

Wispy moving cotton above my head drift

Wispy, Moving Cotton Above My Head Drift High. Airplanes, Birds And Insects All Taking Flight. I Wanna Be All These Things Just So I

I know in my heart its over

I Know In My Heart Its Over You Just Want Me For A Friend I Realize More Each Moment Your Love Is At The

I would dance for you to the

I Would Dance For You To The Beat Of Your Heart There’d Be No End Once I Start If I Could….. I Would Be

This world is changing all can see

This World Is Changing All Can See From The World Before 1914 Wars, Starvation Catastrophies Violence, Sex Emerging Disease Earth’s Destruction Genocide Life Extinction

In times of difficulties dont ever say

In Times Of Difficulties Dont Ever Say God I Have A Big Problem Insted Say That Hey Problem I Have A Big God And

While i sit in silence listening for

While I Sit In Silence Listening For The Last Sigh Of The Day, I Close My Eyes And Imagine That I’ll Find You Again

Four flowers the sun arose in morning

Four Flowers…: The Sun arose in Morning Glory, with His Goldenrod wanding Violet to Rose * The bees’ favorite couplet.. sunup brimming buttercuplet *

All the pretty things you think want

All The Pretty Things You Think You Want Them But They Aren’t Real Pretty Things Bling Bling Gold Rings And Silver Spoons Won’t Mean

Oh my power sometimes you be a

Oh! My Power Sometimes You Be A Friend Sometimes You Be An Enemy As A Friend Gave Strength Save People Behave Kindly As An

An emotion felt by heart that links

An Emotion Felt By Heart, That Links People And Minds, Knowing What They Want, Knowing What They Hate, Knowing What Is Good To Them,

Sitting up as standing down kissing is

Sitting Up As Standing Down Kissing Is A Common Sense All The Hours R Present Tense Choose A Boy With Common Sense

monsoon rain or summer heat that is

“Monsoon Rain Or Summer Heat” “That Is The Reason Y I Breath” “Tell Me Dear What Is Sweet” “Is That You Or Your Heart

Laying underneath the stars on a warm

Laying Underneath The Stars, On A Warm Silent Night, Your Arms Are Wrapped Around Me, And Everything Feels Right. You Kiss Me Sweetly And

I have been blessed beyond all measure

I Have Been Blessed Beyond All Measure God Has Granted Me My Life’s Greatest Treasure A Best Friend, A Pal Someone Who Has Shown

I may be far 4 a minute

I May Be Far 4 A Minute 4 A Hour 4 A Day 4 A Month But I Will Always Be There 4 U

Theres candy everywhere littering the floor my

There-‘s Candy Everywhere Littering The Floor My Candy Openers Still Here The Bottle-‘s Near The Door And So To Open That Candy, The Opener

The spring winds are playing among wood

The Spring Winds Are Playing Among The Wood Land In The Sunshine Because They Have An Appetite Of Gratitude And Thankfulness For God Almighty

Sitting on tmy front steps feeling all

Sitting On Tmy Front Steps, Feeling All The Regrets, Holding Onto Things Unreal. Sitting On My Front Lawn, Watching Stars Until Dawn, Searching For

Lost in thought amp then i found

Lost In Thought & Then I Found A Glowing Light Was All Around Sunset Pinks Set The Stage As Angels Danced Across The Page

As light a feather soft touch much

As Light As A Feather As Soft As A Touch As Much As The Ocean Completes My Heart As Long As You’re Here Right

Rivals since young we fight to be

Rivals Since Young We Fight To Be The One To Win You Just Screwed Up My Life Manipulating The Situation Im In Annonymously Faking

You wanted me to go with although

You Wanted Me To Go With You Although You Knew Perfectly Well The Bus, Where To Get Down, And Which Door To Enter Because

Time may wear the edge of grif

Time May Wear The Edge Of Grif, But Frndship Out Lasts Them All Time Rolls On And Shadows Fall But Memories Turn On Every

You are on my mind ever since

You Are On My Mind Ever Since You Are Gone I Keep Thinking Of You From Dust To Down Cant Wait For The Day

In my dream whom i saw looking

In My Dream Whom I Saw Looking Long For Her, I Am Sure In Real Life Shall Get Her Never. When I Will Be

I8217ve thaught of u a lotdear dad

I’ve Thaught Of U A Lot,Dear Dad Since U Have Gone Away I Think Of U And Miss U Each Hour Of The Day

We will rid these streets of those

We Will Rid These Streets Of Those That Do Not Conform. Return Normality, Without Formality. Dampen Unacceptable Frivolity, And ‘Show You The Door’ That

Why can8217t i get u out of

Why Can’t I Get U Out Of My Mind Why Do I Feel Love Is Blind Why Can’t I Find Someone New? Why Do

Tremor after tremor the devil8217s plow cut

Tremor After Tremor… The Devil’s Plow Cut A Deep Line Into A City’s Heart, A Pool Of Blood Filled The Street. Mornings Without Sunrays,

I have become the tossing blade of

I Have Become The Tossing Blade Of Grass The Tumbleweed Of The Powerful Trail Tugged Playfully Along The Lanes Of The Winds Floating And

From the distance of our separation i

From The Distance Of Our Separation, I See The Whole Of Which I Was A Part; I See The Way My Temper Tore Your

Lying here draining life flooding the room

Lying here draining; Life flooding the room. Heartbeat waning; I know the end is soon. Fingers cold and numb; My mind slowly slipping. Senses

I ponder the day you will wimper

I Ponder The Day You Will Wimper For Me. While I Sit Under The Old Oak Tree. I Can’t Wait Til You Realize What

What does it mean to be a

What Does It Mean To Be A Lover? It Is More Than Just Being Married To Or Making Love To Someone. Millions Of People

Gazing in self admiration 8216mirror mirror on the

Gazing In Self-Admiration ‘Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Am I Not The Most Beautiful Of Them All? ‘ It Responds To Me ‘Child, Child,

Many times in our lives we dropped

Many Times In Our Lives, We Dropped, Crumpled And Ground Into Dirt By The Decisions We Make And The Circumstances That Come Our Way

The true friends who we meet online

The True Friends Who We Meet Online Are A Very Special Kind They Pierce Your Shields And See Within The Corners Of Your Mind

A kiss is gesture of affection an

A Kiss Is A Gesture Of Affection An Exchange Shared Between Two Lovers A Kiss Is Tender, A Kiss Is Fluttering, A Holiday Away

I know have lost touch with the

I Know I Have Lost Touch With The Core Of My Being, Where You Forever Reside When I Get Swept By Sensory Delights. The

I want you in entirety not part

I Want You In Entirety; Not In Part Look At Me, With That Angle; My Sweet-Heart I Don’t Know What One Calls It: By

Our dreams never need to be lost

Our Dreams Never Need To Be Lost I Could Share All Of Mine With You We-‘ll Step Neath The Stars Tonight Just As The

If two hearts are meant to be

If Two Hearts Are Meant To Be In Love No Matter How Long It Takes How Far They Go‚  How Tough It Seems

Birdy in the sky why you poo

Birdy Birdy In The Sky Why You Poo Poo In My Eye I Didn’t Sigh I Didn’t Cry Thank God Cow’s Don’t Fly

All alone in the pain i shed

All Alone In The Pain, I Shed No Tears Even In Rain, I Keep A Smile Like Smiling Mask Of Clown, In Sea Of

This evening i write because you are

This Evening I Write Because You Are Still There It Doesn’t Matter If I Have Some Thoughts To Tell, Or Some Lived Moments That

My model railroad stretched about through every

My Model Railroad Stretched About Through Every Room And Floor. I Strived To Make The Whole Layout Look Better Than Before. The Scenery Was

The best argument to have if time

The Best Argument To Have, If Time Is Of No Importance… Is One With A Fool. There Is Nothing To Be Learned. And If

Love is lost but not forgotten its

Love Is Lost But Not Forgotten Its Like A Fruit That’s Never Rotten Thick Skin On The Outside Ever So Sweet On The Inside

I was sent here to share my

I was sent here to share my words. To the likes of which have never been heard. I only write things which are meant.

For as long the grain of sand

For As Long As The Grain Of Sand Is In The Mouth Of The Mother Pearl So There Will Be Pearls It Is The

Never to fathom what a difference shed

Never To Fathom What A Difference She-‘d Make Through His Intervention Hearts Would‚  Partake Never To Fathom Heart Link Would It Be Unexplainable This