English Poetry Collection

Have you ever seen the moon going

Have You Ever Seen The Moon Going Behind A Thick Dark Cloud Only To Emerge Just A Moment Later With A Glow That Was

My sighs not yet sacrificed for his

My Sighs, Not Yet Sacrificed For His Desires… My Sighs, Not Yet Yearned For A Figurative Wish…

The restless ocean and bay of sand

The Restless Ocean And The Bay Of Sand, Shaped As A Crescent Long As A Bow. The Sparkling Leaping Waves Now Sleep As I

I love you more than words could

I Love You More Than Words Could Ever Say, I Feel It Growing In My Heart Each And Every Day, All This Love I

Yes you are special to me

Yes You Are Special To Me ____ , God Sent You My Way While I Was Minding My Own Business One Day This Is

Its better to lose your pride the

Its Better To Lose Your Pride To The One You Love, Than To Lose The One You Love Because Of Pride.

It8217s hot as her fervent eyes welcoming

It’s Hot As Her Fervent Eyes Welcoming As Her Cute Smile Soothing As Her Sweet Words Calming As Her Delicate Hands Securing As Her

Both frightened by this passing moment arms

Both Frightened By This Passing Moment Arms Around Each Other Fingers Clasping In A Lovely Embrace That Night Conversation Led To A Peaceful Sleepover

God where have you been the world

God, Where Have You Been? The World Has Been Spinning And Spinning And Spinning And Spinning The Wheel. It’s Your Turn Now, God. Spin

True friends never leave each other part

True Friends Never Leave Each Other True Friends Never Part They Just Some Times Sit Silently Deep In Each Others Heart Saying

I saw her one day she was

I Saw Her One Day She Was A Flower She Was Beautiful She Was Perfect I Wanted To Be With Her But She Was

Sometime ago when i signed onto the

Sometime Ago, When I Signed Onto The Net. A Sweet Man Said Hello, That’s When It All Began. We Talked For Hours, Constantly Nonstop.

Although one may often wish to forget

Although One May Often Wish, To Forget Their Past Mistakes-Â… To Leave Behind Their Hardships, No Matter What-‘s At Stake -— To Ignore The

Who do you see when speak to

Who Do You See When You Speak To Me? Am I Fun And Witty Or Do I Sound Silly? Do I Get On Your

Ur all i wanted in life without

Ur All I Wanted In Life Without U I Cant Cope, Coz In This Crazy World U Are, My Life..My Love…My Hope

To a country of infinite dawn when

To A Country Of Infinite Dawn When Everything You See Is Grey When Mist Is The Color Of Their Day Sunshine Becomes A Luxury

A kiss that is never tasted forever

A Kiss That Is Never Tasted Is Forever And Ever Wasted.Billie Holiday

Where are you i can8217t find you

Where Are You? I Can’t Find You Anywhere. I Look In All The Places We Shared, But You Aren’t There. I Look On The

Sitting all alone sad or angry life

Sitting All Alone, Sad Or Angry. Life Really Suckz, If Therez No You &+ Me. Sharp Objectz, Or A Bridge Iz Near. Anything Which

We rise a little later move litrle

We Rise A Little Later We Move A Litrle Slower The Body Has Its Little Aches And The Hands Have A Steady Shake This

Sometimes you hurt the ones who loves

Sometimes You Hurt The Ones Who Loves You Most, Sometimes You Hold The Ones Who Leave You Lost, And Sometimes, You Learn But It’s

Never can i tell you how much

Never Can I Tell You, How Much I Love You, No Matter How Much I Try, Words Can Never Say. You Mean Everything To

You lie on your back a bundling

You Lie On Your Back, A Bundling Of Bones, Girdled In Goose, And Morphia-‘s Nirvana. Your Head Stands Out From Eyes Dragonfly-Sapphire, Your Pelt

The summer comes with burning consequences another

The Summer Comes With Burning Consequences. Another Battle Fought And Lost. War Was Waged The Day I Came Out Of The Womb And Drew

I write at night even if the

I Write At Night, Even If The Hands Of The Moon Are Cold A Thousand Nights My Love , This One Seems Like It

My story is a tragedy be prepared

My Story Is A Tragedy Be Prepared To Cry They Say Time Heals All But That Is A Lie I Searched My Whole Life

Why am i so dumb do hurt

Why Am I So Dumb Why Do I Hurt People That Care Whenever People Have Needed Me Why Was I Never There Did Anyone

Our love is so special very precious

Our Love Is So Special, So Very Precious We Were One From The First Hello Our Souls Finally Found Home We Comforted Each Other

On the hill contemplating valley an interpretation

On The Hill Contemplating The Valley An Interpretation Of Plentitude Evolutionary Fecundity So Many Greens Huddled Together Reaching Out And Grasping Exerting Their Own

God knew my heart was lonely and

God Knew My Heart Was Lonely, And Needed Company, So He Took A Little Look Around, And Sent You Here To Me. He Sent

Twice we met under the full moon

Twice We Met Under The Full Moon My Love In Your Far Land Which Special Meaning Gains. To Give A Sign To All Men

My mind is in the state of

My Mind Is In The State Of Absense When It Comes To You What Was, Was, And Never Again Will Be Your Memories, They

If i compare you to life in

If I compare you to life in comparison life would die relative beauty nature loses deep inside your pretty shell I see kindness does

Cmon over said she to he

C-‘mon Over, - Said She To He (Grammatically Him) She Says, -Å—let-‘s Have Some Fun.; I-‘m In The Mood For One On One.- He

I thought that if met him would

I Thought That If I Met Him, I Would Shiver, Stumble And Fall, I Thought I Would Shy Out And Into My Safe Shell

Tribute of flowersto u my love you

Tribute Of Flowers-Â…to U My Love You Came Like The Autumn-Â… Provoking The Renascence Of My Shattered Hopes-Â… Tribute Of Words-Â…to U My Love

Do you have anything better to than

Do You Have Anything Better To Do Than To Cut Me Down? All I Can Do Is Try. I’m Not Perfect And I Never

Dont go away weeps a boy for

Don-‘t Go Away Weeps A Boy For His Love His Heart Is So Pure Like, A Dove-Â… As His Grunt Is Being Echoed All

Having a clear conscience i will continue

Having A Clear Conscience I Will Continue Being Me No Matter What Happens Evasive I Would Never Be I Am Sure I Will Write

Romantic valentine wish many times you make

Romantic Valentine Wish Many Times You Make Me Cry, And Looking For A Reason Why, Many Times You Make Me Fly, Always Stay With

My daily online poetry a blog of

My Daily Online Poetry, A Blog Of Nothing But Thoughts Of Stone, Petal, Raindrop, A Threadlike Composition Of Colors And Scents And Personalized Designs

Brides silk worms spewed me a suit

Brides Silk Worms Spewed Me A Suit Fit For A King Wore It At A Wedding Where I Coveted Another Man-‘s Bride The Worms

Mohabat kabhi parayee nahin hoti yeh begaani

Mohabat Kabhi Parayee Nahin Hoti, Yeh Kabhi Begaani Nahin Hoti, Har Jazbe Se Badi Hoti Hai Mohabbat, Yeh Kabhi Chhoti Nahin Hoti, Har Dil

My love for u is like a

My Love For U Is Like A River U Never Know What’s Around The Corner Or What’s Inside It But I Do Know 1

Every kiss is a first my love

Every Kiss Is A First My Love Each Kiss A Silent Sentence Only Our Hearts Can Understand. That First Kiss Said I Love You,

All the nighttide i dream of bright

All the nighttide I dream of bright eyes, Multicolored pulchritudinous glassy spheres Watch me as I mature through the years Waiting for nubility and

He came to teach that was truth

He Came To Teach That He Was Truth. He Was The Great I Am. Bringing Grace Into This World Was His Father’s Plan. The

When i cry no one seems to

When I Cry, No One Seems To Hear Me Cry, Or Is It Just What I Think? When I Cry Tears Don-‘t Come From

I used to be a manager at

I Used To Be A Manager At Walgreen-‘s And Of Course Customer Service Was First I Did My Best To Make Everyone Happy But

The actors are so much sharper now

The Actors Are So Much Sharper Now, Nobody Can Tell It-‘s A Play. The Stories Are So Much Stranger Now, Love Songs Seem Like

Is the pleasure worth all pain count

Is the pleasure worth all the pain? Count them up and see what you gain. Nothing more, but much less. Try it again, next

Shiva never shoves but as his dawn

Shiva Never Shoves But As His Dawn Light Fills Night’s Void One Finds Himself Slowly… Joyed

I8217m seperating into two and im not

I’m Seperating Into Two, And Im Not Sure What To Do, My Heart Is Screaming I Love Her, But My Mind Is Saying I

If i could have a wish come

If I Could Have A Wish Come True I Would Wish For Nothing But Wonderful Things To Come To You. (Yeh Dua Dill Say

Does love exist so deeply that loss

Does Love Exist So Deeply That Loss Could Kill Completely A Life Of Death And Torment Grieving Over Loves Sacrafice Blissfull Death Was Life

Let me be your friend today that8217s

Let Me Be Your Friend Let Me Be Your Friend Today That’s What I’d Like To Do I’ll Show You A Smile A Country

I loved you with all of me

I Loved You With All Of Me I Wanted To Find Peace With You And Just Be Why Couldn’t You See I Paid For

I fear no more of an uncertain

I Fear No More Of An Uncertain Trouble An Unexpected Twist An Unexplained Tide Or An Unspoken Wish Because Now I Have Learnt To

Dear lord how we love our children

Dear Lord How We Love Our Children So Our Desire Is To Watch Them Live And Grow Sometimes We Feel So Helpless When Unexpected

When he is gone all fairy tales

When He Is Gone All Fairy Tales Are Uncovered Myths Exposed And Pains Magnified The Greatest Pain Discovered You Taught Me This Pain But

I see you in the hall me

I See You In The Hall You See Me Looking At You My Heart Skips A Beat And Flutters Back To Life She Looked

For the past few days it has

For The Past Few Days It Has Been Raining Yet We Need Far More Rain And The Creeks They Are Not Flowing And Little

An apparition that seemed dressed in a

An Apparition That Seemed Dressed In A Coat Of Many Colours With A Smile That Couldnt’ See Then Mother Switched On A Light And

Being fatigued by your journey when youll

Being Fatigued By Your Journey: When You-‘ll Reach The Mount Amrakoot, Midst Happy-Hearty Welcome By Him; Who-‘ll Offer You Top Seat On A Peak

Ask my eyes to stop looking at

Ask My Eyes To Stop Looking At You Ask My Brain To Stop Thinking About You Ask My Imagination To Stop Dreaming About You

The love i try to give so

The Love I Try To Give So Easily Discarded I Really Don-‘t Want To Be So Broken Hearted My Words Mean Everything, And Are

A thousand words but a picture of

A thousand words But a picture of you Is worth much more I couldn-‘t describe, such lovely eyes As blue as water, reflecting the

Im still waiting for that call one

I-‘m still waiting For that call One that-‘ll probably Change it all I-‘m still waiting For that rose Filled with love Or a little

I miss the times of togetherness when

I Miss The Times Of Togetherness When The Warmth Of Subtle Thoughts Prevailed When The Stream Of Your Love Purged Me Evolved Me When

Some pages of my life are yet

Some Pages Of My Life Are Yet To Be Filled With Wordless Memory And An Echo Of The Prison Cage With A Thrill And

Heart beat my goes fast when u

Heart Beat My Heart Beat Goes Fast When U Grap My Hand When U Hug Me When U Say U Luv Me My Heart

Recuerdos en la noche siento el aroma

Recuerdos En La Noche Siento El Aroma A Sal Y A Coral. Ese Aroma Que Me Trae Tus Recuerdos. Recuerdos Del Mar. Un Viento

Some times you do did i love

Some Times You Do Some Times You Did I Love You Because You Talk Like A Kid

When the night comes look at sky

When The Night Comes, Look At The Sky. If You See A Falling Star, Don’t Wonder Why, Just Make A Wish. Trust Me, It

The wondrous moment of our meeting

The Wondrous Moment Of Our Meeting . . . I Well Remember You Appear Before Me Like A Vision Fleeting, A Beauty’s Angel Pure

When one has before soaked and bathed

When One Has Before Soaked, And Bathed In Flattery… It Is Difficult To Rekindle, That First Impression Given. The Feeling That Comes, When Someone

She often complains to girlfriends 2 and

She Often Complains, To Girlfriends 2 And 5, Who On This Occasion Of Monologue, Choose To Lend Now Familiar Ear, As She Launches Into

Your willing to jus walk away through

Your Willing To Jus Walk Away, Through Everything. Just Walk To The Door, And Leave Like It Didnt Mean A Thing. This Feels Liiek

I am a picture not of perfection

I Am A Picture Not Of Perfection Rather Of Misconceptions A Once Pale Pink Canvas Now Is Splattered With Gray But I Don-‘t Mind

I see you in every path of

I See You In Every Path Of My Life You Pass By, With A Lethal Smile As This Being A Part Of Life Has

Following your footsteps round the corner tracing

Following Your Footsteps Round The Corner, Tracing Down Your Features With My Finger, I See You Like A Moon In The Night, I Sense

Your words flatter me caresses make me

Your Words Flatter Me, Your Caresses Make Me Shiver-Â… Still, There-‘s A Window In My Heart That I Don’t Want To Open Anymore-Â… Between

Forgotten identity the crab doesnt fit his

Forgotten Identity The Crab Doesn-‘t Fit His New Shell The Old Was The Young The Young Is Too Old And The New Is Too

Sadness throughout the day and night how

Sadness Throughout The Day And Night How I Feel For You Is The Most Precious Thing On Earth Our First Kiss Like The Birth

I declare that what do and want

I Declare, That What I Do And What I Want To Do, Are Not, Alas What I Say And Do, Are Often On Parallel

Feels like heaven with her around i

Feels Like Heaven With Her Around I Love Her Like No One Else In This World Does. But I Dint Have Words To Tell

So much i have to share but

So Much I Have To Share But Many A Times Am Afraid. It Hurts To Hurt You Its Difficult To Express The Love I

I wonder what can8217t do next and

I Wonder What I Can’t Do Next? And Where I Cannot Do It? And If I Could I Wonder If I’ve Lost The Urge

If mirrors revealed what we are inside

If Mirrors Revealed What We Are Inside I Would Be Nothing, With No Reflection; A Hollow Void Unwilling To Shine Through The Consuming Darkness.

Dont say a word let me bask

Don-‘t Say A Word Let Me Bask In The Silence Don-‘t Make A Sound I Hear You Clearly Speak With Your Eyes They Look

Life is all about a card game

Life Is All About A Card Game. Choosing The Right Cards Is Not In Our Hand. But Playing Well With The Cards In Hand,

I might never see the good in

I Might Never See The Good In Your Heart. How Could This Be Its Tearing Me Apart. Limb From Limb, It Tears Me Away.

You cried i wiped all your tears

You cried, I wiped all your tears I-‘ve been with you all through your years You say you-‘re all alone Look around! I-‘m here.

Friendship is just like a butterfly to

Friendship Is Just Like A Butterfly, To Ask A Reason Why? Becoz To Need A Friend Like U, I Have To Make An Thousand

love for me is life in its

“Love For Me Is Life In Its Best Form Love Is What My Guru Says Is Security Love Is What I Am Willing To

Just to let you know i am

Just To Let You Know I Am Scared To Death Its Time For Me To Leave I’ve Got Nothing Left What Is Going To

Whatever happened to you and me i

Whatever happened to you and me? I remember how we used to be We used to cuddle and hold each other tight But it

My love like a storm tears are

My Love Like A Storm My Tears Are The Rain Thunder In My Heart Lighting Through My Veins Shaking Like The Wind Unsettling The

No matter what happens were i go

No Matter What Happens No Matter Were I Go There Always Is A Special Place In My Heart That You Will Hold Even When