English Poetry Collection

You8217re my best friend and true love

You’re My Best Friend And True Love, It’s Almost Like You Were Sent From Up Above. You’re Like An Angel Sent To Lend Me

Wherever i go carry you in my

Wherever I Go I Carry You In My Thoughts, Whatever I Do I Do It For You. The Spirit Of Love Follows Me Always

Black cat sits by the window watching

Black Cat Sits By The Window Watching Birds Fly By She Wonders Why Can-‘t I Fly Black Cat Sits

My parents are great as god brother

My Parents Are Great As God My Brother Mean More To Me More Than My Life. My Family Will Forever Be In My Heart

It can come in all different figures

It Can Come In All Different Figures & Dimensions Said To Conquer All-Â… When You Accept As True Inescapable, Astonishing, And Expressive Closeness Put

My eyes are soul and feelings emerge

My Eyes Are My Soul, And My Feelings Emerge Burning Bright, Asthey Gaze Upon You My Heart Rose, Pounded So Fast You Are So

I used to be a manager at

I Used To Be A Manager At Walgreen-‘s And Of Course Customer Service Was First I Did My Best To Make Everyone Happy But

I always think of you in my

I Always Think Of You In My Sleep, In My Dreams. I Always Think Of You All Day, All Night Hoping Your All Right.

I discovered a secret in your voice

I Discovered A Secret In Your Voice A Hidden Message Of A Far Away Place Showing Me A Passage To The Deep That Is

What does it mean when something we

What Does It Mean When Something We Once Loved Is Now Something Loathed It Is Not Easily Dismissed, Despite Constant Efforts To Expel Uncontrollable

Perched on top of the highest mountain

Perched On Top Of The Highest Mountain My Hearts Flowing Love Like A Fountain Whats The Reason For This Magic ? Dont Tell Me

Trapped in my thoughts that i want

Trapped In My Thoughts That I Want To Escape. Please Help Me Gain My Life Back These Evil Hands Have Such A Tight Grasp

From the moment we met knew it

From The Moment We Met We Knew It Would Be Forever A Genuine Friendship That Nothing Could Dever Something Caused Us To Come Together

It really doesnt matter anymore after all

It really doesn-‘t matter anymore, After all who would ever think? I-‘m just a shit that existed, I have no one in this could

The unique world of myths symbols and

The Unique World Of Myths Symbols And Religious Beliefs Most Difficult To Understand The Puppet Master, Or Dalang Tells His Story By Projecting The

Coming soon to poem hunter near you

Coming Soon To Poem Hunter Near You How Simple How Simple A Common Life

Just too much stuff that is

Just Too Much Stuff! ! ! That Is My First Thought, I’d Hoped To Find An Easier Way, The Boxes In First And Then

All the animals in my neighborhood apparently

All The Animals In My Neighborhood Apparently Agree Sanity, If It Was Ever Mine, Has Now Completely Left Me. A Red Fox So Sweetly

To think about that you are gone

To Think About That You Are Gone I Take A Deep Sad Sigh! I Will Be Really Alone Without You I Will Really Cry!

I want it to be true the

I Want It To Be True The Things You Say But It’s Just Your Smooth Talk The Talk You Talk To Every Girl But

Someday i will see a new star

Someday I Will See A New Star Shinning On Me, From The Dark To The Light Which Will Glow On Me. Time To Time

I wish could explain you tell you

I Wish I Could Explain You, Tell You My Love How Much Pain I Bear To See U Lying In Front Of Me Clinging

The ocean calls out to me it

The Ocean calls out to me. It says: ‘Come to me. Drown your Self in me. Become One with me. Make the Sky your

There is a dam in my heart

There Is A Dam In My Heart Swelling In Me The Water Pressure Is High Overflowing In Fact The Walls Are Going Cave In

My heart is burning life yearning for

My heart is burning My life is yearning For that which I cannot possess Alone I sit The dead of night My tears have

Love dont ask who r you only

Love Dont Ask:- Who R You? Love Only Says:- You R Mine Love Dont Ask:- Where Do You Live? Love Only Says:- You Live

Sitting all alone sad or angry life

Sitting All Alone, Sad Or Angry. Life Really Suckz, If Therez No You &+ Me. Sharp Objectz, Or A Bridge Iz Near. Anything Which

My dad is so cool when we

My Dad Is So So Cool! When We Have Father And Daughter Day It’s Cool. My Dad Is So Cool. I Love My Cool

You kissed my lips and i felt

You Kissed My Lips And I Felt A Flutter In My Heart, You Touched My Hand And Lit A Spark In My Body, You

When youll be watched rising up in

When You-‘ll Be Watched, Rising Up In The Sky, Saving Yourself From Wild Tossing Of Trunks By Huge Wild Elephants Reigning Directions, With Your

Marriage is a wondrous thing at times

Marriage Is A Wondrous Thing, At Times It Makes Your Heart Sing Marriage Is A Tedious Thing; It Makes You Want To Complain Marriage

In the cold winter days when she

In The Cold Winter Days When She Was So Ill Something Strange Happened I Went Senseless I Saw Her In Her Mothers Lap Deep

It took awhile but the moment was

It Took Awhile But The Moment Was Spent And For The First Time I Gazed Into Your Pretty Brown Eyes Without Fear Without Suffocating

I have gave you all of me

I Have Gave You All Of Me All I Want Is You, Always Loving You I Would Die If I Ever Have To Give

Hellish place unstable mind for day to

Hellish Place, Unstable Mind For -ŗday To Day- She Is Unfit Her Psyche, Bound, Confined To Mental Ward They Commit

Words that cant be said stream down

Words That Cant Be Said, Stream Down My Face. The Cuts That Bled. From Your Mistakes. The Secrets The Lies. The Hurt And The

Though special times like birthdays seem the

Though Special Times Like Birthdays Seem The Nicest Ones By Far To Tell You Very Lovingly How Wonderful You Are You Surely Know You’re

An opera in red serenading earth and

An Opera In Red Serenading Earth And Sky Red Velvet Sunset

Special moments with someone you love is

Special Moments With Someone You Love, Is Time Shared By Two. To Be By Yourselves Just To Talk, Is Healthy To Do. We’re All

A lost world no seeming direction just

A Lost World, No Seeming Direction, Just A Path, A Path That Trembles Along Its Course, I Still Follow It, Seeing Only A Beam

Ice crystals paint the path and leaves

Ice Crystals Paint The Path, And Leaves Overthrown By Winter’s Wrath. Frostbite Nipping Away At Your Nose, Sends Icy Feelings Down To Your Toes.

I sit on the swings gently moving

I Sit On The Swings Gently Moving Back And Forth Recalling The Last Few Days In Bed Coughing On My Soggy Pillow Wondering Will

Kombanwa tommorow is my day off it8217s

Kombanwa! Tommorow Is My Day Off. It’s Not A Busy Time Now At The Office. So I Take One Day Off A Week. Our

Feeling so confused tryng to understand what

Feeling So Confused Tryng To Understand What Could Be The Reason You Would’nt Want Me To Be Your Man Cause I Treat You Right

Face the raindrops as if they were

Face The Raindrops As If They Were My Tears. . . I Am Crying For You. . . Showering Your Body With My Presence

Side by we stand one land crazy

Side By Side We Stand One By One We Land Crazy But In Need Our Tears We Need To Feed Being Hated And Being

Dark were those days without your sight

Dark Were Those Days Without Your Sight When I Was In Darkness You Gave Me Light You Gave Me Strength 2 Make Life Bright

Can not slot in i am lost

Can Not Slot In I Am Lost In Desolate Letters Slotted Amongst Words Oddness Out Of Place I Have Lost All That-‘s Left Is

All i ever wanted is to be

All I Ever Wanted Is To Be In Your Heart Allways To Be Together And Never To Be Apart We Have So Much Love

I looked back on my past remembered

I Looked Back On My Past I Remembered The Years I Cried The Jokes I Laughed At The Things That I Missed & Lost

A piece of work on canvas with

A Piece Of Work, On Canvas With Paint, Describing So Much, Thats Hard To Message… An Impression Of The Mind, Through The Fingers, Passed

Whenever life brings me into your company

Whenever Life Brings Me Into Your Company… The Earth Appears More Clearly To Me Than The Moon The Fragrance Of Crimson Flowers Rises Along

Years have lived here hav seen out

Years Have Lived Here, Hav Seen Out Everything M Flying Thru Happily, But An Unknown Feeling Stings M Happy On The Surface, But M

You were looking down into the sand

You Were Looking Down Down Into The Sand Like There Was Something Written On The Beach Then You Just Turned Up Your Eyes To

Oh don8217t mind me if i patronise

Oh Don’t Mind Me If I Patronise I’m Mr Delphic In Disguise. And Should You Think My Words Lack Weight You Will, If You-‘re

I8217m loosing my touch i lost interest

I’m Loosing My Touch I Lost My Interest In Much I Don’t Know Why Im Changing Im Not Sure Why Im Craving.. I’m Trying

The emperor is having his way theyre

The Emperor Is Having His Way. They-‘re Sucked In To His Power. His Gallantry Is Gallant. But In The Distance-Â… Over The Horizon Where

Esta mujer se amolda a mis manos

Esta Mujer Se Amolda A Mis Manos. Ella Es Blanca Y Rubia, Su Rostro Posee Unos Enormes Y Hermosos Ojos Celestes. PodrƒÂ­a Cargarla En

There was a time that i looked

There Was A Time That I Looked Forward To Tomorrow With Unending Hope In My Heart. Would Tomorrow Bring New Reasons For Happiness? Will

As i approached my creator with wonder

As I Approached My Creator With Wonder In My Head, I Could Not Help But Notice The Love I Felt Instead. His Gaze Was

Sometimes its not easy to run away

Sometimes It-‘s Not Easy To Run Away From The Pain And Sufferings We Handle Every Day We Think That We Can Handle It All

The host was good indeed and his

The Host Was Good Indeed And His Better Half Was Superb The Welcome Was Pleasant So Was The Comfort All There I Had The

To a country of infinite dawn when

To A Country Of Infinite Dawn When Everything You See Is Grey When Mist Is The Color Of Their Day Sunshine Becomes A Luxury

Jelousy breeds hatred violence enemies more permanent

Jelousy Breeds Hatred Hatred Breeds Violence Violence Breeds Enemies More Permanent Silence

A sunny springtime morning on busy thoroughfare

A Sunny Springtime Morning On A Busy Thoroughfare. As I Jog Down The Street, City Sounds Are Everywhere. So Many Speeding Cars All Bound

For you i would climb the highest

For You I Would Climb The Highest Mountain Peak Swim The Deepest Ocean Your Love I Do Seek. For You I Would Cross The

I tried chasing you up coz think

I Tried Chasing You Up, Coz I Think That I-‘m Gonna Make It, Did What A Normal People Do, Still You Didn-‘t Let Me..

Dry as the desert wet rain my

Dry As The Desert, Wet As The Rain, My Love Is In Vain. All Alone Yet Tears Can Not Rewrite The Past. The Rain

Read this poem about unrequited love and

Read This Poem About Unrequited Love And You Can Always Relate To Its Sadness And The Feeling That Your Time Has Been Thoroughly Wasted

I loved you with all of me

I Loved You With All Of Me I Wanted To Find Peace With You And Just Be Why Couldn’t You See I Paid For

Dawn breaks as sun rays seep through

Dawn Breaks As Sun Rays Seep Through The Azure This Gloaming Enough To Ignite My Fury Rousing From Sleep My Eyes Are Sore The

Sky looks like a jewel with moon

Sky Looks Like A Jewel With Moon Shining Like A Diamond And Stars Embedded Around It Cool Breeze Surrounds The Place It Seemed As

My dog with leash in mouth woke

My Dog With Leash In Mouth, Woke Me From My Deepest Sleep. His Dark Brown Eyes Spoke Volumes, Although He Did Not Speak. I

If it comes from her heart she

If It Comes From Her Heart She Could Have Decided To Simply Dismiss The Rumor About The Bomb And The Bridge To Be Cut

Students in thailand can go if they

Students In Thailand Can Go (If They Have To Go) To The Little Boy-‘s Room Or Of Course The Little Girl-‘s Room If They

My daughter abigail when she was five

My Daughter Abigail, When She Was Five, Said That When She Was Older I Would Probably Be Dead But That It Didn’t Matter Because

I love beyond all hope for reason

I Love, Beyond All Hope For Reason In An Insane World Thinking Of That Love My Heart Sings For Once, God Be Merciful! And

Listen to the sounds of wind follow

Listen To The Sounds Of The Wind. Follow The Beat Of Your Heart. Close Your Eyes And Listen To The Sounds Around You. See

I wish you could see yourself the

I Wish You Could See Yourself The Way You Really Are. I Wish You Could Look Beyond Your Scars. I Wish You Could Find

Tell me about the poem at tip

Tell Me About The Poem At The Tip Of Your Tongue Wet With Wisdom Tell Me About It And Tell Me If You Have

I don8217t understand a word you are

I Don’t Understand A Word You Are Saying For That Matter I Don’t Understand A Word I Am Saying Either

You never walk alone my frend though

You Never Walk Alone My Frend Though You May Think You Do For In Your Sorrow And Despair God Always Walk With U There

While looking into her eyes i could

While Looking Into Her Eyes I Could See Her Hopes And Dreams. Hopes To Find Someone Who She Could Grasp To Shed A Lonely

Sweet cupid help me open her desire

Sweet Cupid Help Me Open Her Desire Your Work May Now Begin If Our Age Becomes Any Higher Then It Will Be To Late

Tea time as i go to bed

Tea Time As I Go To Bed Just Before I Sleep I Wonder In Silence Why You Chose Me? Why You Rest In My

Sometimes i think back on countless times

Sometimes I Think Back On Countless Times You Have Melted My Heart With Silly Conundrums Or Wise Cracks Called Sarcasm Afraid To Admit When

The thought of you coming here and

The Thought Of You Coming Here And Loving Me Makes My Body Tingle The Thought Of Your Sweet Kisses All Over Me Warms My

Cold breezes sneak at night surprise my

Cold Breezes Sneak At Night Surprise My Laid Body Through The Small Curves Of My Blanket They Sting As The Unhappy Truth Afraid To

He is not perceived to be a

He Is Not Perceived To Be A Leader. And Perhaps The Reason For That Is… He Does Not Seek Red Meat To Eat. Nor

The narrow gullee walled off by brick

The Narrow Gullee Walled Off By Brick Walls Of The Madarsa Desecrated By Graffiti Sprayed With Betel Spit Over-Stenched Gutters Dung Cakes Like Peeping

Before i close my eyes to sleep

Before I Close My Eyes To Sleep, I Pull Down The Summer Gale Outside So My Engine Can Be Hot Within, And My Heart

I have loved you for as long

I Have Loved You For As Long As I Can Remember You Hold A Place Deep In My Heart-‘s Chamber I Know You Love

Love me in the springtime when all

Love Me In The Springtime, When All Is Green And New, Love Me In The Summer, When The Sky Is Oh So Blue, Love

A box with 1 window1 tv and

A Box With 1 Window,1 Tv, And Purple Walls She Called It A Cave Caves Are For Meditation Chinese Hermits In The Snow Incense

You must know what is necessity and

You Must Know What Is Necessity And What Is Love. Necessity Is Life It Is Food Shelter And Sex. But Love Is Divine And

God with others was not fair as

God With Others Was Not Fair, As He Made Her With Xtensive Care. Those Who Love But Sigh, Among Those M I. Its Beating

Do you see what i standing right

Do You See What I See Standing Right In Front Of Me A Woman With All The Right Curves But A Girl With Her

On a dark moonless night i sit

On A Dark Moonless Night I Sit In My Room To Look Inside The Corridors Of My Heart To Find It Vacant And Unlit

You have known me in good and

You Have Known Me In Good And Bad Times, You Have Seen Me When I Was Happy And When I Was Sad, You Have