English Poetry Collection

You are my love hearts desire make

You Are My Love, My Hearts Desire You Make Me Whole & Full My Body With Fire The Love You Give Me Is Undeniable

I miss you my friend are so

I Miss You My Friend You Are So Dear. Even Though You Are Not Near. I Carry You Within My Heart. And I Know

Special moments with someone you love is

Special Moments With Someone You Love, Is Time Shared By Two. To Be By Yourselves Just To Talk, Is Healthy To Do. We’re All

We did not know each other but

We Did Not Know Each Other But Friendship Brought Us Together We May Not Meet In The Future But Let Us Not Forget Each

Many more will find it easier to

Many More Will Find It Easier, To Hop Off The Fence. Once They Have Convinced Themselves… That Sitting On It, Makes Little Sense. That

Strange a world were children starve indignant

Strange A World Were Children Starve Indignant Those Of Epicure Round The The Earth They Devour The Wealth Of Both Hemispheres Only Diamonds, Gold

This shadow spirit that hovers me and

This Shadow This Spirit That Hovers Me And Secures Me Protects Me Never Neglect Me For It Loves Me His Kindness That Overwhelms Me

First day at school in a little

First Day At School In a little village in Kerala I awoke with a lot of hungama I heard the rain like crumpling bits

When i sit alone feel you in

When I Sit Alone I Feel You In A Crowded Room I See You In My Heart I Know You’re There Sometimes I Want

Know u luv me i can c

Know U Luv Me, I Can C The Sparkle In Ur Eyes, When Im Around, And The Tingle Of Sadness When Im Not. I

If john mccain becomes president he will

If John Mccain Becomes President, He Will Most Likely Continue The War. When It Comes To Our Soldiers, We Can’t Afford To Lose Anymore.

You hesitate to come here and do

You Hesitate To Come [Here] And Do Not Call Me, Either You Don’t Inform Me Of The Reasons For Terminating Relations, Either! What Did

Just a friday night at the prom

Just A Friday Night At The Prom Where Everything Turned Out Wrong It All Started At That Hotel The Joining Of The Egg &

Have you ever felt something was missing

Have You Ever Felt Something Was Missing? Something Deep Down Inside Of You? And Though It Might Not Make Much Sense, You Really Know

Love is a gamble but how should

Love Is A Gamble But How Should I Play? Wait For Your Freedom? Or Take You Today? I Can’t Stay Away So Hard Just

I have lost you you are no

I Have Lost You… You Are No Where To Be Found My Tears Are Freely Falling,My Heart Is In The Ground, You Are Now

These eyes need to see things in

These Eyes Need To See Things In Life As They Should Really Be Sometimes I Feel Blinded I Should Be What I See,Sometimes Deceives

U must be tired coz u8217ve been

U Must Be Tired Coz, U’ve Been Running Thru My Mind U Must Be A Good Theif Coz Uve Stolen My Heart & I

8216two bloodshot eyes staring into the far

‘Two Bloodshot Eyes Staring Into The Far Vermeil Void, A Pregnant Woman Giving Birth To Her Baby Of Sard, A Tumid Leg Blushing With

When i first spoke to you and

When I First Spoke To You And Met You, I Saw You Normally, Until You Brought Me Into Your World Of Love, You Hold

Avicidal subway does it refer to the

Avicidal Subway.. Does It Refer To The Pigeons Killed On Subway Tracks, The Geese Ending Up In Jet Engines, The Loons Carved Up By

I write the words with pen in

I Write The Words With Pen In Hand The Ink Is Within My Heart It Flows So Freely Each Drop Is Love Words Etched

My delusion waste of time full blown wreckage

My Delusion My Waste Of Time My Full-Blown Wreckage My Sumptuous Crime My Purloined Zillion My Winged Beast My Touch Of Danger My Spoiled

Just like a rose so precious and

Just Like A Rose, So Precious And Rare, Is The Forever Friendship The Two Of Us Share.

It8217s comming on so slowly first showing

It’s Comming On So Slowly, It’s First Showing It Self, At First I Barely Noticed, But Now I’m Catching Up First There Was The

Witnessing the dystrophy shedding shallow breath and

Witnessing The Dystrophy, The Shedding, Shallow Breath And Smoke Flutes Languorous, Cramped In Our Little Kitchen. Off-White Buildings Slivered By Pencils, Like Prison Watchtowers,

Belle maria mi amore the stars are

Belle Maria Mi Amore The Stars Are Old Friends Of Mine, They Help With My Most Romantic Lines, Madam La Luna Helps From Time

Four old ladies walk together in their

Four Old Ladies, Walk Together In Their Seventies Making A Wonderful Group Of Their Joy To Feel. Creating A New Kind Of Joy, In

No words can describe the volatile mix

No Words Can Describe The Volatile Mix Of Joy And Pain. Yet, How Can I Turn Back Now, My Heart Won’t Refrain, From This

Deafening spring fair geese over feeding on

Deafening Spring Fair Geese Over Feeding On Bread Little Boy Giggling

Ive never been the type to venture

I-‘ve Never Been The Type To Venture Out On My Own Being By Myself Was Normal I Never Felt Alone But One Day The

The worlds abuzz it shakes my soul

The World-‘s Abuzz- It Shakes My Soul My Sweet, Winsome, Celeste, You Make Me Feel As Though This World Is -Å—bold- With Me Its

We always say that are in love

We Always Say That We Are In Love Or Some One Love Me. But Can Any One Tell Me What Actually Is Love. In

For life bloody i fight and to

For Life, For Bloody Life, I Fight And To What End? The Drama, The Passion, The Fear And Sorrow Melancholy, Bittersweet Wind The Ocean

All of our lives we depend on

All Of Our Lives We Depend On Desires Desires Have Gravity Of Love When We Move To Eternity We Push Our Limits The Gravity

Praise praise beauty it is your duty

Praise, Praise Beauty It Is Your Duty Wherever You Find It For Nature Is Behind It Gaze Broadday Light When Even Grey Is Wight

I could not get to sleep last

I Could Not Get To Sleep Last Night Because You Were On My Mind. You Were Always The Mischievious One Yet So Loving And

As thoughts toss and turn i unravelled

As Thoughts Toss And Turn I Unravelled The Disarray As Hope Springs Eternal I Have Heard Many Say So I Pen Through The Tears

Hope that every little bird sings a

Hope That Every Little Bird Sings A Song For You. Hope That Every Little Flowers Blossoms For You, And Hope That Every Minute Brings

I met old billy atop dougans brae

I Met Old Billy, Atop Dougan-‘s Brae And Tales He Would Tell, How Things Were In His Day The View From The Top Showed

A gentle dream with dry fingertips thirsty

A Gentle Dream With Dry Fingertips A Thirsty Tongue Where Are The Elevated Ones? A Peasant Left The King Did Not Arrive His Arrival

While i sit in silence listening for

While I Sit In Silence Listening For The Last Sigh Of The Day, I Close My Eyes And Imagine That I’ll Find You Again

It8217s the beauty in your green eyes

It’s The Beauty In Your Green Eyes The Loving Smile, Upon Your Face That Makes Me Want To Hold You Forever In Love’s Tender

Laying underneath the stars on a warm

Laying Underneath The Stars, On A Warm Silent Night, Your Arms Are Wrapped Around Me, And Everything Feels Right. You Kiss Me Sweetly And

I try so hard everyday to be

I Try So Hard Everyday To Be A Person That Is Happy And Cheery And Somebody Whom I Really Want To Be No Matter

You8217re more than a friend i felt

You’re More Than A Friend I Felt It From The Start Something Gripped Inside Me And Wrapped Around My Heart I Can’t Explain What

Just another reflection in mirror cracked the

Just Another Reflection, In Another Mirror. Cracked In The Middle, Breaking Into Pieces. You Brought Me Up, But As They Say; ‘What Goes Up

I trust u is an better compliment

I Trust U Is An Better Compliment Than Saying I Love U Couz We Cant Trust The Person Whom We Love But We Can

When you read your palm am i

When You Read Your Palm Am I The One That Lays On Your Lifeline? Do You See Us Together Sharing Moments In A Lifetime?

Sun beats down on my face causing

Sun Beats Down On My Face Causing The Pores To Sweat Heating The Feelings To A Boil Relentless Intact Action, Without Embrace Blurr Of

Side by they both walk dressed elegantly

Side By Side They Both Walk Dressed Elegantly While Holding A Cup In One Of Their Hands I Smile And Offer A Glance To

With all my heart i miss you

With All My Heart I Miss You, And Long For The Day To Be With You. God Has Been So Kind To Bless Me

Seeing her soft shadow in a valley

Seeing Her Soft Shadow In A Valley Full Of Thorns, Haunted By Painful Memories A Single Rose. Forbidden Wicked Games Haunting Desires Burning; Fire

If i could give my mom the

If I Could Give My Mom The World Or Anything She Wanted, I’d Give Her My Own Heart And Soul And Leave My Own

The fresh varnish on brush of painter

The Fresh Varnish On The Brush Of The Painter Creates A Blue Sea Where The Horizon Has The Perfume Of SaltWhere The Waves Come

I sit there not a sound tear

I Sit There Not A Sound Not A Tear Mocking Myself Your Such A Cutter Your So Weak You Can’t Handle Your Problems The

Vanished in thoughts of hopes and fears

Vanished In Thoughts Of Hopes And Fears I’m Meeting Myself In A Place Where My Race Will Begin In The Cold World Where There

I8217ve been waking up lately with tears

I’ve Been Waking Up Lately With Tears In My Eyes From Having Dreams Of You Saying Goodbye I Just Sit Around And Wish On

I shine on the outside pretty for

I Shine On The Outside Pretty For All To See But Still I Remain Closed Off To Everyone But Me When I Open Up

I really like him think i8217m falling

I Really Like Him I Think I’m Falling In Love How Did This Happen I Like Him To Much I’m Not Suppose To Do

Early in the morning when day light

Early In The Morning, When Day Light Came Back To Mind From Darkness Of Night, Suddenly I Realized That Many Years Ago When I

I am your secret admirer treasure smiles

I Am Your Secret Admirer, I Treasure Your Smiles, Adore Your Laughs, Sow Your Tears, I Am Your Secret Admirer, I Follow Your Trails,

Henry went to hospital twas bethesda naval

Henry Went To Hospital Twas Bethesda Naval And Took A Picture Of An Ape In A Restraining Chair. And Took It To An International

Dedicated to child abuse physical emotional and

Dedicated To Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional, And Sexual) Victims. Loving My Self- A Wellspring Of Peace Accepting My Weakness- A Model Of Strength Controlling

There once was a boy with three

There Once Was A Boy With Three Ears, He Was White And Well Known To His Peers. To The South Side Of Town Where

When i was u afraid to meet

When I Was U I Was Afraid To Meet U. When I Met U I Was Afraid To Know U. When I Knew U

Life is to be fortified by many

Life Is To Be Fortified By Many Friendships To Love And To Be Loved Is The Greatest Happiness In Existance

Hold me in your handsshow the way

Hold Me In Your Hands..Show Me The Way To Your Heart Everything You Feel I Can See Deep In Your Eyes.. Let Me Open

It was your birthday a beautiful summer

It Was Your Birthday A Beautiful Summer Morning My Eyes Picked You Up Among The Crowd Getting Down From The Bus Wearing My Favourite

You are always there to listen never

You Are Always There To Listen, You Never Leave Me Standing Alone, Slowly I Fell In Love With You, I Can’t Explain The Reason

Sounds in his head all saying the

Sounds In His Head All Saying The Same Thing To Stop..But He Wants Just One More High He Just Wants To Fade Way Into

It seemed the solstice would never arrive

It seemed the Solstice would never arrive! The excitement made sleep impossible. With my dilemma, can our friendship thrive? In naive dreams, anything seemed

All the nighttide i dream of bright

All the nighttide I dream of bright eyes, Multicolored pulchritudinous glassy spheres Watch me as I mature through the years Waiting for nubility and

We live the lies we loved laughs

We live the lies, we loved the laughs All the things that take us back. Broken hearts, jealous storms Sometimes it just made us

Find something else to judge besides my

Find Something Else To Judge Besides My Lack Of Verbal Communication. Neither My Intellectual Functioning Nor My Mental Stability Is Impaired. I Just Don’t

Whenever i close my eyes always think

Whenever I Close My Eyes I Always Think Of You When Cool Breeze Touches My Body It Feels Like It Is You Whenever I

I stand here alone calling out to

I Stand Here Alone Calling Out To You You Are Somewhere Up In The Sky So Blue. Once Upon A Time You Were By

I stared into your eyes you wondered

i stared into your eyes you wondered what i was thinking about i lied and said nothing knowing that all day i had been

Already you are now reading me and

Already You Are Now Reading Me And You Are About To Enter My Pain I Now Write But For The Last Time I Grant

Natural cheerfulness supports internal equilibrium and if

Natural Cheerfulness, Supports Internal Equilibrium And If The Happiness Smiles, To You Not Hunting, To Philosophize -Â…

I love your smile the warmth that

I Love Your Smile, The Warmth That It Brings To My Soul. I Love Your Eyes, The Way I Always Get Lost In Them.

The greatest thing you8217ll ever learn is

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Return.

You can do almost anything put your

You Can Do Almost Anything You Put Your Mind To. You Can Swim The Deepest Ocean And Climb The Highest Peak. Be A Doctor

I love you so deeply much the

I Love You So Deeply, I Love You So Much, I Love The Sound Of Your Voice And The Way That We Touch. I

If i were in charge of the

If I Were In Charge Of The World I Would Cancel Secrets At School And I Could Reach Everything I Could Swim Everyday And

At the point of explosion i feel

At The Point Of Explosion I Feel You As You Dance Towards My Heart Around My Heart Upon My Heart Creating Life Within And

Point your lashes down and you can

Point Your Lashes Down And You Can Picture My Face I’m Smiling Open Your Mouth, Speak With Your Heart And You Can See My

Warriors standing so tall in the feild

Warriors standing so tall in the feild. Everybody saying we were badest. But look at us now we are the champsons. We have no

I have loved flowers that fade within

I Have Loved Flowers That Fade, Within Whose Magic Tents Rich Hues Have Marriage Made With Sweet Unmemoried Scents: A Honeymoon Delight-– A Joy

It breaks your heart to see the

It Breaks Your Heart To See The One You Love Is Happy With Someone Else, But It’s More Painful To Know That The One

How golden are the memories of beautiful

How Golden Are The Memories Of Beautiful Girl Meeting Boy, When Romance Simmered On The Air And Rapturous Love Was Their Joy. With Eagerness

Have i thanked you lately for all

Have I Thanked You Lately For All The Times We Have Shared You Have Brightened Up My World And Truly Shown You Cared In

I never felt like this before but

I Never Felt Like This Before But Im Glad That I Do.. How My Heart Is Beating All Because Of You. I Feel Tender

You equate your sadness with the clouds

You Equate Your Sadness With The Clouds In The Sky Come Morning No Thick Sweep Of Clearing Can Part The Dreary Haze Of Grey.

At a table for two with candlelight

At A Table For Two With Candlelight And Wine The Next Thing I Knew Something Happened When I Look Into Your Eyes I Knew

My wife keeps askin why i keep

My Wife Keeps Askin Why I Keep Condoms In My Pocket, When I Go Fishing. I Say There-‘s A Possibility I Might Catch Something

A lonely boat sits upon the water

A Lonely Boat Sits Upon The Water Stilled To A Mirror Just A Ripple Here And There Sagging Sails Waiting Sadly High Up On

Today tommorow and forever there will be

Today, Tommorow And Forever There Will Be One Heart That Will Always Beat For You! You Know Whose Your Own Stupid

One little word has so much power

One Little Word, Has So Much Power, But Can Be Said, With An Object, As Gentle As A Flower, It Gives The Heart Comfort,