English Poetry Collection

Yes i loved you and that love

Yes I Loved You, And That Love To Refuse, Would Be Like- Refusing My Existance On Earth I Loved You Passionately, Like A Nightangle

It8217s an inescapable fate to drown in

It’s An Inescapable Fate To Drown In His Eyes. They Often Say Sink, Or Swim, But What If Both Options Open Doors I Cannot

Mum i just watched the news cartoon

Mum I Just Watched The News, The Cartoon Was Boring Me. Why Do You Watch It? Mum It Made Me Cry. Can I Tell

Is it the twinkle in her eyes

Is It The Twinkle In Her Eyes, Or Her Soft Touch That Purifies? Is It The Warmth Of Your Blood Rushing To Your Head,

A game player my foot he didn8217t

A Game Player My Foot, He Didn’t Bite On That Hook. So Now, How Are You Going To Play? Did He See Through Your

I8217m sorry that i hurt you and

I’m Sorry That I Hurt You, And I’m Sorry We Didn’t Last Maybe Now We Can Be Friends, And Put Our Love In The

Spread your wings get ready to sore

Spread your wings Get ready to sore for I’m about to offer you so much more Take a step further Don’t worry about the

Unresolved issues hang like overgrown branches weighted

Unresolved Issues Hang Like Overgrown Branches, Weighted, Moving Sluggishly, Touching Earth, Then Grazing Against Naked Walls. Dogwoods, Arched Seductively, With Twining Reminders Of Seasons

Ice crystals paint the path and leaves

Ice Crystals Paint The Path, And Leaves Overthrown By Winter’s Wrath. Frostbite Nipping Away At Your Nose, Sends Icy Feelings Down To Your Toes.

Kierkegaard declared that everyone must make a

Kierkegaard Declared That Everyone Must Make A Leap Of Faith, But A. B. Heschel Said That Jews Must Make A Leap Of Action. Faith

I love the innocence of your loving

I Love The Innocence Of Your Loving Heart, I Love The Sweet Fragrance Of Your Soothing Soul, Never Let The Brightness Of Your Innocence

Its been a day now since you

Its Been A Day Now Since You Moved Away Pallavi I Still Think Of You Every Night And Day Tears Run Down My Face,

Each bud a surprise spontaneous grin on

each bud a surprise…. spontaneous grin on face…. I laugh despite me yes, that’s how I intended to spell it delilah contrapunctal….

Sometimes i feel like a dog in

Sometimes I Feel Like A Dog In A Rat-‘s Cage Feeling Of Dying, Crying, And Losing Myself I-‘m Not Sure Of What More I

Dare to be different stand out among

Dare To Be Different To Stand Out Among A Crowd Don’t Be Afraid To Let Your Voice Be Heard! Scream It Out Loud! When

For me friendship means a lot it

For Me Friendship Means A Lot, It Is A Beautiful Golden Knot That Ties Us Together Even When We Are Miles Away From Each

Porcelin skin so alluring delicate fingers dexterious

Porcelin Skin So Alluring Delicate Fingers So Dexterious A Carrriage So Proper But There Is No Smile She Doesn’t Know That She Is Actually

You are the wine dove wedding ring

You Are The Wine, You Are The Dove You Are The Wedding Ring Sparkling With Love. Tomorrow We’ll Meet Up In Heaven Above. We’ll

Them farm girls at tmarket all laughed

Them Farm Girls At T-‘market All Laughed At Moi Hair Thems Said It Was Sad, Like A Mullet Oi Said -Å—it-‘ll Look Better, If

When you8217ve pulled all your punches and

When You’ve Pulled All Your Punches And Lost When Your Being Is Spent From The Fight When Your Stone’s Ceased Rolling, Overgrown With Moss

I tear for the pauper8217s quote invalid8217s

I Tear For The Pauper’s Quote, The Invalid’s Letter, Misguided And Misdirected, Buried In Insecurity Amidst The Piles Of Discarded Dreams, Landscapes And Memories.

I asked a nightingale where is your

I Asked A Nightingale Where Is Your Nest, O Bird, It Replied Becoming Pale Saving My Eggs Is Very Hard. I Asked About Residence

Hope that every little bird sings a

Hope That Every Little Bird Sings A Song For You. Hope That Every Little Flowers Blossoms For You, And Hope That Every Minute Brings

March she still showed a youthful look

March She Still Showed A Youthful Look As She Turned The Tight Strings Of The Worn, Metal Guitar. Her Tunes Were Pretty- Her Words

I do not know how will die

I Do Not Know How I Will Die I Do Not Know How I Will Die I Only Hope It Seems A Simple Sleep

You cried i wiped all your tears

You cried, I wiped all your tears I-‘ve been with you all through your years You say you-‘re all alone Look around! I-‘m here.

You are gifted with love and caress

You Are Gifted With Love And Caress-Â… All The Stars In The Sky Would Fall Apart If You Pray For Your Dreams To Turn

The memory when we where together hoo

The Memory When We Where Together, Hoo How Beautiful It Was. We Were Alone, Just Listening To The Night, In Eachothers Arms. We Knew

Let go leave it be hold on

Let Go Leave It Be Hold On To Yourself Lift Your Finger Off The Rewind Button What Is Is

Some day you feel like running call

Some Day You Feel Like Running Call Me Probably Cant Stop You But Can Run With You Someday You Fel Like Crying Call Me

Love is like a hole dug deep

Love Is Like A Hole Dug Deep In The Ground, Easy To Get Into But Hard To Get Out. Once You’re In You’re In

The poet with a bus pass boarded

The Poet With A Bus Pass, Boarded The Number 63 That Left From The Edge Of The Town. Now He Rushed Red, Scraping The

Do all the good you can by

Do All The Good You Can, By All The Means You Can, In All The Ways You Can, In All The Places You Can,

I8217m so happy i found you you8217re

I’m So Happy I Found You, So Happy You’re Near With You By My Side, I Have Nothing To Fear You’ve Chased Away The

Once in a while the heart warms

Once in a while the heart warms tightly A side effect of thinking of one nightly High hopes and a future plan? Not to

An old man traveling a lone highway

An Old Man Traveling A Lone Highway, Came In The Evening Cold And Grey, To A Chasm That Was Vast And Deep And Wide.

He was there long time ago sine

He Was There Long Time Ago Sine The Intervention Of The World And His Been Around Since Then He Is Undefeated He Is Scary

In the house of death there are

In The House Of Death, There Are Sorrows And Regrets. Sadness That Shows Someone Has Left The World, On The Call Of God. Men

This love makes us crazy what you

This Love Makes Us Crazy, What You See Ahead Has Become Hazy; Perplexed And Unconscious You Are, You Can-‘t See Because She Has Gone

If only you knew the things that

If Only You Knew, The Things That I’d Do, I’d Take You Somewhere Far, And Wish Upon A Shootong Star, I’d Make Sure That

Be with me and my love thy

Be With Me And Be My Love, Thy Nature Seems Free Like A Dove. I Would Give Thou A Face, And A Look That

Love letter sweetheart if the of my

Love Letter Sweetheart If The Love Of My Heart Could Be Put Into Words I Would Write U A Mail So Beautifull That It

You come to me in a dream

You Come To Me In A Dream Stepping Out Of The Computer Screen Those Starry Eyes Gleaming Warming Up My Heart Racing Your Face

She was drinking at a party on

She Was Drinking At A Party On A Raging New Year’s Eve She Had To Be Home Early She Knew She Had To Leave

A feeling so close that i could

A Feeling So Close That I Could Suffocate And Die A Feeling Of Self Which Was Soon Dissapearing Seemed Like Everything Was Done We

In my darkest hour deepest despair will

In My Darkest Hour. In My Deepest Despair. Will You Still Care? Will You Be There? In My Trials And My Tribulations? Through All

Travelling up from great falls montana into

Travelling Up From Great Falls, Montana Into Alberta, We Passed Through Small Canadian Farming Communities: Railway Junctions With Clusters Of Wheat Silos Stood Stark

Our birth is opening balance death closing

Our Birth Is Our Opening Balance Our Death Is Our Closing Balance Our Prejudiced Views Are Our Liabilities Our Creative Ideas Are Our Assets

How do you know love only love

How Do You Know Love? You Only Know Love By Losing It. Once You Lose Love—-Love Is Recognized. What Is Love? A Feeling? A

You would tell me everyday that love

You Would Tell Me Everyday That You Love Me There Was Only One Meaning To That Statement Everything You Have Ever Said Me To

I8217d rather bottle my feelings than spare

I’d Rather Bottle My Feelings Than Spare Your Pride Rather Cater Your Emotions Than Let Me Announce You As “Sensitive” Rather Make Fun And

Behold the mother with her newborn child

Behold The Mother With Her Newborn Child! An Icon Of A Hope That Never Dies. Death May Label All We Cherish Lies, Yet This

This is the story that must be

This Is The Story That Must Be Told Of An Iraqi Baby, Not Very Old. Lying In Her Crib One Star Lit Night How

Blank stares look ahead silently i walk

Blank Stares Look Ahead Silently I Walk A Path Of Creeping Shadows And Hovering Regrets Repeating What He Said Worthless I Am No Importance

The butterfly flew its colours so bright

The Butterfly Flew Its Colours So Bright Free To Roam The World Without Having Any Doubt Come And See Fly With Me The Wind

A tale was told to me this

A Tale Was Told To Me This Day One Which Merits Heed Along My Dilapidated Pathway It Rides Me Like A Steed. It Seems

I wish to say this before you

I Wish To Say This Before You Go I Really Would Like You To Know Of All The Joy You Bring To Me A

Stopping by again to say i miss

Stopping By Again To Say. I Miss Your Love Everyday. The Same Old Lies Of Compassion Boy This Talk Is In True Fashion You

He never married fathered children lived his

He Never Married Never Fathered Children He Lived His Life In His Own Quiet Way The Quiet One Of The Street He Was A

Dont care so much for me i

Don-‘t Care So Much For Me, I May Get Used To It. Don-‘t Come So Near To Me, I May Not Be Able To

Why indeed do we pine and yearn

Why Indeed Do We Pine And Yearn Why Indeed Do We Never Learn To Please Ourselves With A Little Delight And Sleep In Fitful

The sleep of dead that never awake

The Sleep Of The Dead That Never Awake Yet Awake I Be The Pressure Of Life Causing Sleep To Fail Will My Eyes Ever

A fear that dispels all other fears

A Fear That Dispels All Other Fears A Fear That Conquers All Other Fears A Fear That Elevates A Fear That Sustains The Brave

He is my jesus loves me a

He Is My Jesus, Loves Me, A Sheppherd, Giudes Me Toward Him, Teaches Me To Be Kind. His Soft, Caring Hands, Cradle My Sad

Send a sign for me to pick

Send A Sign For Me To Pick Up It’s Been So Long Since You’ve Been Gone… Come Soon… Can’t Wait No Longer The Hard

Not driven by fear or hope but

Not Driven By Fear Or Hope, But By Despair, Driven By Despair When I’m Alone, Tryin’ Not To Mope, And I’m Often Alone. In

I went from ok to now not

I Went From Ok To Now. Not Knowing That This Is Not What I Care About. Thinking I’m Right. If I Move Faster I

Who is a father an angle or

Who Is A Father An Angle Or Human? He Is Wise , He Is Very Nice Who Understands His Child From Every Side Protective

Runaway with me to a place that8217s

Runaway With Me To A Place That’s Perfect Where There’s No Pain, Stress, Or Worries It’ll Just Be You And Me Forever No One

I don8217t care how many lips uve

I Don’t Care How Many Lips U-‘ve Kissed How Many Shoulders U-‘ve Embraced & How Many Times U-‘ve Said, I Luv U! All I

For one final time i can see

For One Final Time-Â… I Can See Your Smile As Beautiful As Drops Of Rain On The Petals Of A Flower I Can Hear

Remember when laughing out loud we used

Remember When Laughing Out Loud We Used To Get Mad And Now Nothing Makes Me Sad Or Glad Remember When Your Words Filled Me

A vous ces vers de par la

A Vous Ces Vers, De Par La GrƒÂ-ce Consolante De Vos Grands Yeux OƒÂ¹ Rit Et Pleure Un RƒÂªve Doux, De Par Votre ƒ‘’šme,

Love is as much of an object

Love Is As Much Of An Object As An Obsession Everybody Wants It, Everybody Seeks It But Few Ever Achieve It Those Who Do

When you said those effin8217 painful words

When You Said Those Effin’ Painful Words That Came Out Of Your Mouth, I Knew I Effin’ Had To Move On.So, I Effin’ Built

It8217s the day you leave to go

It’s The Day You Leave To Go Defend Our Country Everyone Is Gathering To Spend Time With Loved Ones, Before The Long Months To

She stares at the moon from her

She Stares At The Moon From Her Pillow Of Tears That Will Never Die. She Dreams Of The Walks On The Beach That Will

Ida was her name and she my

Ida Was Her Name And She Was My Mom’s Former Stepmother. For Eighteen Months She Helped Take Care Of Mom, Her Sister And Her

The angel in my life by side

The Angel In My Life, By My Side, Through The Strife Walking Hand In Hand, Helping Me Understand, Grow, Expand Become A Woman Of

Instilled was a letter that written with

Instilled Was A Letter That Was Written With Your Heart You Swallowed That Pride And Told Me How You Felt You Kept Me In

Were no more strangers now come on

We-‘re No More Strangers, Now Come On Are We Not Well Known Now, For Long? Our Mingling Are As Sweet, As Song Our Eyes

I had times such as this not

I Had Times Such As This Not Knowing Where Or When Yet Still Hoping Our Paths Will Soon Merge Once Again Memories Comforted Me

The plane trees stand in ugly rows

The Plane Trees Stand In Ugly Rows, Branches Parted In Pruned Lithotomy, Vulgar And Naked To The Winter Sky

Afraid afraid this will end someday that

Afraid, Afraid This Will End Someday, That It All Can Be Unmade, Wondering Where’s Yesterday? What Beauty She Has, So Gorgeous, I Wonder, Where

I see future there are no doubts

I See Future There Are No Doubts Where We Reflect On How Far We Have Come I Can’t Do Without The Feel Of You

A thought so happy nightmare frightening desire

A Thought So Happy, A Nightmare So Frightening, A Desire In The Heart, The Passion In The Soul… To Realize What These Are, Dream

When you8217re lonely i wish you love

When You’re Lonely I Wish You Love. When You’re Sad I Wish You Joy. When You’re Discouraged I Wish You Hope. When Life Is

It8217s true for bees as it is

It’s True For Bees As It Is For Human Beings: Life Brings Sickness With It You Can See The Signs Of It In The

Its hard to trust someone when youve

It-‘s Hard To Trust Someone, When You-‘ve Been Done Wrong Baby Don-‘t You Worry, I Can Wait All Life Long. Trust Is Something, That

Such is the magic of this lamp

Such Is The Magic Of This Lamp, It Can Make Something Dry Become Something Damp So Can This Magic Lamp Grant Me My One

What happened to ex me who could easily

What Happened To Ex-Me Who Could Easily Dropp In Sleep Every Night? Is There Any Space Under The Oceans That Human Being Can Breath

Ripping through each bad thought pounding beating

Ripping Through Each Bad Thought Pounding Beating Leaping How I Can Not Love You You Drag My Emotions Along Side You Strangling Them To

An emotion felt by heart that links

An Emotion Felt By Heart, That Links People And Minds, Knowing What They Want, Knowing What They Hate, Knowing What Is Good To Them,

You are my destiny love aishwarya deepika

You Are My Destiny You Are My Love You Are My Aishwarya, You Are My Deepika Whether I Am Living In Cardiff Or In

The days of pleasure is not far

The Days Of Pleasure Is Not Far Away Find A Friend To Move It Like Hay The Person You Can Trust Upon The Person

The grim night reaps fears wakened a

The Grim Night Reaps Fears. Wakened A Sleeping Child Walks Stalking Comfort In The Night Searching Out Warmth To Shake Shadows And Displace Fears:

Sure it hurts but through all i

Sure It Hurts But Through It All I Still See A Future Sure Pain Crowds My Insides But Through It All I Know There

I can8217t let you go walk out

I Can’t Let You Go I Can’t Let You Walk Out Of My Life I Can’t Let You Close The Door I Can’t Let

I8217m losing you again you8217re slipping back

I’m Losing You Again… You’re Slipping Back Into The Dream Fog That Brought You Here, And Taking With You The Clarity Of My Thoughts,