English Poetry Collection

Sometimes i wonder where my life has

Sometimes I Wonder Where My Life Has Gone, Then I Realise It Is Still There, But In A Different Form. Everyday We Change A

The deepest and purest love is that

The Deepest And Purest Love Is That Of Maternity Love Of All Existing Loves And Every Woman In Love Knows How To Find Again

Its like tempest im out of joint

It-‘s Like Tempest! I-‘m Out Of Joint!! Where Meet Parallels: There-‘s No Such Point? Lines Are, Now, Diverging Oddly: My Perceptions Are No More

How somebody as beautiful you a man

How Somebody As Beautiful As You, A Man Could Hurt And Break….. When I Started To Knew You And I Was Amazed, I Finally

The night is still young in my

The Night Is Still Young In My Heart A Bell Has Rung Feel Like Singing A Song And Dancing With It All Along The

Please dont stop not on my account

Please DonƒÂµt Stop Not On My Account Whispers Are Only Heard By The Souls For Whom TheyƒÂµre Meant But When Your Vulnerability Begins To

In the clouds beyond reality i can

In The Clouds Beyond Reality I Can Touch Your Loving Face I Feel Your Gentle Kisses I Know Your Sweet Embrace But When The

This breath short winded exhailing back between then

This Breath Short-Winded Exhailing Back Between Then To Now, This Shadow On Beveled Ground, Curves Its Fast Grasping Arcs Reaching Part-Way To When And

Good people hold your all technology beginning

Good People Hold Your All Technology, Beginning To Write A Rare Eulogy. God Lovingly Made Her Indeed A Physique, Strange To All Of Us

Peace doesnt come from the head comes

Peace Doesn-‘t Come From The Head Peace Comes From The Warmth Of Our Hearts There-‘s So Much We Could Say, There-‘s So Much We

The boy came home lou on his

The Boy Came Home The Lou On His Mind Forgot To Miss The Plane Until It Learned To Find That I Was Afraid, Afraid

I toss and turn sigh yearn to

I Toss And I Turn, I Sigh And I Yearn, To Kiss Those Lips Of Yours. Wakeful Dreams Control My Nights, I Refuse To

Im not sure why i still trust

I-‘m Not Sure Why I Still Trust You After, Well-Â…you Know. You Pretend That You Don-‘t Understand, Convinced Yourself Innocent, But It-‘s All Make-Believe

I see you from time to time

I see you from time to time, And I can see that you-‘re doin-‘ fine I think of you and I miss your face,

Ida was her name and she my

Ida Was Her Name And She Was My Mom’s Former Stepmother. For Eighteen Months She Helped Take Care Of Mom, Her Sister And Her

In this quick stream of waking senses

In This Quick Stream Of Waking Senses I Catch Myself Glimpsing Into Unconscious Dreaming Of Nothingness Night Humming Drone Of Silence So Thick It

All i can say is goodbye for

All I Can Say Is Goodbye For My Heart Has Died For My Heart Grew Weak So Deep Down Inside. My Heart Cannot Love

Dry as the desert wet rain my

Dry As The Desert, Wet As The Rain, My Love Is In Vain. All Alone Yet Tears Can Not Rewrite The Past. The Rain

I declare that what do and want

I Declare, That What I Do And What I Want To Do, Are Not, Alas What I Say And Do, Are Often On Parallel

The girl who never left her room

The Girl Who Never Left Her Room Blonde Hair Go’s On And On She Crys Tears Black With Srrow Why Morn Somehting That It

I8217m tired of the days being uneasy

I’m Tired Of The Days The Days Of Being Uneasy Because Of You The Days Of Being Without You The Days Of Being Hope

Add to my joy so the name

Add To My Joy So The Name Goes Make Me A Buoy So I Don’t Sink With Woes For When By Me One Was

My heart stops beating i8217m gasping for

My Heart Stops Beating. I’m Gasping For Air. There’s A Whole In My Heart, You Used To Be There Now Your Gone. I’m Just

This morning heard a young man was

This Morning Heard A Young Man Was Killed Terribly, There Was Nothing Relating About His Behaviour, He Himself Was The Only Person Who Understood,

Are the sands of time so cruel

Are The Sands Of Time So Cruel? That They Cause Us To Forget Times That Mean More Than Should Ever Be Forgotten? Do The

I wanna be your heart to give

I Wanna Be Your Heart To Give You All My Love. I Wanna Be Your Soul To Show You True Love. I Wanna Be

A wellwisher is not 1 who meets

A Wellwisher Is Not 1 Who Meets You Everyday And Talks With You Everyday. A Wellwisher Is 1 Who May Or May Not Meet

Ever watched a train coming towards you

Ever Watched A Train Coming Towards You Go Past You And Vanish Into A Dot Far Far Far Away…? Never Stopping…. Leaving Just The

Lyrics and music by arber krasniqi youre

Lyrics And Music By: Arber Krasniqi You-‘re Looking Good My Darling, A Beautiful Young Girl I See That You-‘re Leaving Gonna Leave Me All

She was on the phone for a

She Was On The Phone For A Minute And A Half, Enough Time To Prove To Me How Much I Missed Her, The Honeyed

16th of january the luckiest day

* 16th Of January * The Luckiest day for the World The Winds were fresher then ever before The Sun brightly shining on the

I was walking through a lane the

I Was Walking Through A Lane, Through The Forest Trees So Thick, Yet I Saw Something Move, And Got Startled A Bit… As I

Early in the morning sun rise with

Early In The Morning Sun Rise With Many Hopes But Its Set Hopelessly. All The Flowers Were Bloom This Evening With Pleasant Smell But

Our love lasted forever but forevers come

Our Love Lasted Forever But Forevers Come And Go And I-‘ll Stop Loving You Never I Just Wanted To Let You Know Our Love

Everyone is running out of time 8216time

Everyone Is Running Out Of Time. ‘Time Is Precious’ Which You Had Probably Heard For More Than 100 Times. How You Want To Spend

Walking into his room there he lay

Walking into his room there he lay As I began to make my way My heart did not begin to fear, Only because ….

Xxx heartbeat next to mine allows tonight

Xxx Heartbeat Next To Mine Allows Tonight For No Peace Of Mind Nothing More I Fear Then Discovery Of Our Affair By My Husband

Softly first i hear you calling building

Softly First I Hear You Calling Building With Intensity Try To Keep Myself From Falling Taking Everything From Me Smother You With All My

For all those times you stood by

For All Those Times You Stood By Me For All The Truth That You Made Me See For All The Joy You Brought To

My insecurities are fault love for you

My Insecurities Are My Fault. My Love For You Is Yours. My Heart Is Locked Up Like A Vault But With Writing, It’s An

The sun shines so brightly in my

The Sun Shines So Brightly In My Eyes Today Yesterday The Rain Clouds Wouldnt Move From Above My Head I Guess It Just When

Soft sounds of distant poems filled the

Soft Sounds Of Distant Poems Filled The Rancid Air Along With Restless Whispers Of Romeo’s Heir A Theather Filled With Consuming Empty Chairs Warned

Give me strength the ability to live

Give Me Strength Give Me The Ability To Live Give Me The Light To Happiness Give Me The Love That I Want Give Me

A paper dropped from her softy hand

A Paper Dropped From Her Softy Hand She Went‚  Out From The Restaurant Quickly I Thought‚  The Paper Is A Perfume Love Letter It

Do you long for my warmth when

Do You Long For My Warmth When Her Coldness Cuts You Dead? Do You Yearn My Fleshy Folds Do You Imagine Me Instead? Do

Today i felt your warm embrace you

Today, I Felt Your Warm Embrace You Kissed Me Gently And Passionately, Wiped Away My Tears, Brushed My Hair Off My Face; Caressed My

Jolting nerves running through our bodies numb

Jolting Nerves Running Through Our Bodies Numb Electricity Flowing Through Every Pour Power Ebbing Too And Fro Don’t Stop Me Now, It’s Time To

Love is such a feeling which has

Love is Such A Feeling Which Has Nither Ne Boundries, Nor Ne Ceelings. Crush Happens Once N Again, N Afterwards Disappears Its Effects, As

I woke on my bed in the

I Woke On My Bed, In The Middle Of The Night, Fear In My Heart, Don’t Know The Reason Why… I Asked Myself, Is

Mind caught in limbo disjointed thought

Mind Caught In Limbo / Disjointed Thought Where Will My Boy Go / When I Am Naught Why Must He Bear This / Unholy

In my past i used poor judgement

In My Past I Used Poor Judgement This Is True But Please Don’t Allow That To Ruin The Future I Could Have W/you What

It happens occasionally to sit and have

It Happens Occasionally To Sit And Have A Supper With A Crowd. Some, Are New And Old Friends, Companions, Acquaintances, Of Apostles. Friends Have

Finally a few moments for myself i

Finally A Few Moments For Myself… I Made Myself A Cup Of Coffee.. Turned On Some Soulful Music… Sat On The Leather Couch… And

He was blue because his friends were

He Was Blue Because His Friends Were Called Reds And Pinkos By Yellow Journalists Funded By Plutocratic Blackmailers Who Had Caused Brownouts To Achieve

Distant love give me if you feel

Distant Love-Â… Give Me, If You Feel, Some Tenderness That You Certainly Possess. Perfume Your Words With Essences Of Goodness And Well-Wishing Then Send

There is a reason you can see

There Is A Reason You Can See The Northern Star Day And Night, And As To Why It Shines So Bright, It Is The

I swear i8217m not as shallow seem

I Swear I’m Not As Shallow As I Seem, It’s Just That I’ve Lost Sight Of Everything But My Dream. I Wish You Were

Dedicated to child abuse physical emotional and

Dedicated To Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional, And Sexual) Victims. Loving My Self- A Wellspring Of Peace Accepting My Weakness- A Model Of Strength Controlling

Picasso of contemporary literature sestinas and plantouns

Picasso Of Contemporary Literature Sestinas And Plantouns, Fiiled With Imageries, These Fluorescent Poems, Alive And Talking Bethoven’s Concertos, Silent And Buried Triolets And Haikus,

Adam eve started 2 love romeo juliet

Adam Eve Started 2 Love Romeo Juliet Introduced It Devdas Paru Suffered 4 It Laili Majnu Died 4 It Then It May Comes 2

I loved you said that me too

I Loved You You Said That You Loved Me Too And I Believed You But You Lied Why I Gave You So Many Chances

Treat me like a queen i have

Treat me like a queen, like I have something to live for, or else everytime you come I’m going to flee out the door.

Have you ever seen the moon going

Have You Ever Seen The Moon Going Behind A Thick Dark Cloud Only To Emerge Just A Moment Later With A Glow That Was

Ill blow you away do right have

I-‘ll Blow You Away, Do You Right, Have This Amazing Feeling, I Just Need To Find A Girl To Fulfil This Meaning. Your Body,

I have been asked how do you

I Have Been Asked, How Do You Know? Know What? That He Love’s You? I Can Only Know This For Sure, His Love Is

Our friends are like angels who brighten

Our Friends Are Like Angels, Who Brighten Our Days? In All Kinds Of Wonderful, Magical Ways. Their Contemplation Comes, As A Gift From Above.

Your every sorrow is for me my

Your Every Sorrow Is For Me My Every Smile Is For You Your Death Is For Me My Life Is For You My Everything

To learn is better before you are

To Learn Is Better Before You Are Old For Learning Is Better Then Silver N Gold Silver N Gold May Vanish Away But Acquired

Come fall on me sweet breath of

Come Fall On Me Sweet Breath Of Pastures Gone And Lift My Leaden Heart Beyond This Mire Send Forth A Whispered Dream, To Ride

Life is a market full of streets

Life Is A Market, Full Of Streets; Death Is A Market, Where Everyone Meets; If Life Was A Thing Which Everyone Could Buy; The

I therefore compile this document in request

I Therefore Compile This Document In Request Of So Many Reasons Or Replies Why Is It That You Say You Love Me? Is It

The last kiss or perhaps only one

The Last Kiss-Â… Or Perhaps The Only One… That Got Extinguished Before Warming My Cold Soul -Â… The One That Together With The Day

Here in red light room we lie

Here In Red Light Room We Lie Wine Fills Empty Space Your Dance A Song I Crave Lain Upon Deceitful Bed You Crawl Into

My view is still no movement flows

My View Is Still No Movement Flows, My Life Is Still, A Feeling Grows, A Feeling, It Is Nice To Feel, And Through It

Silly banter catty remarks hurt comments words

Silly Banter Catty Remarks Hurt Comments Words That Could Never Be Taken Back How Could I Forgive You? How Could I Trust You? I

Everything stands still the air suddenly dries

Everything Stands Still, The Air Suddenly Dries, Like Snapping Washing On A Summer Breeze. Silence Sits At The Window, Watching Me, Clicking It’s Tongue

Lonely i am always shall be

Lonely I am – Always shall be. Almost as lonely As the solitary Tree On the solitary Island Of the solitary Sea. The Universe

I wish had ur love your love

I Wish I Had Ur Love I Wish I Had Your Love! I Could Have Hold You I Could Have Kissed You I Could

A man died sunday june 22 one

A Man Died Sunday June 22, One We All Knew If You Loved Comedy. His First Name Was George Better Know For His Last,

Love is like the wild rose briar friendship

Love Is Like The Wild Rose-Briar, Friendship Like The Holly-Tree-– The Holly Is Dark When The Rose-Briar Blooms But Which Will Bloom Most Constantly?

The dust upon floor a cache of

The Dust Upon The Floor A Cache Of Broken Curios Tables Cluttered Clean My Life Tumbled Here About Me Years Have Dripped Across The

I believe in my dreams will never

I Believe In My Dreams I Will Never Loose Hope I Believe In My Ambition So With Competition I Can Cope I Believe In

Im a beginner wasn8217t prepared for the

Im A Beginner Wasn’t Prepared For The Book To Teach Me Things Instead, Letting My Heart Mature And Find A Way To Let Go

So many days went by nights i

So Many Days Went By; So Many Nights I Cried. Thinking I Bore My Burdens Alone. I Tried To Hide My Tears. Feeling Ashamed

Raining hoping you are raining thunder lightning

Raining Raining Hoping You Are Raining: Thunder Thunder Hoping You Are Lightning: Kindness Kindness Hoping You Are Having It: Freedom Freedom Hoping We Are

My heart curled up next to yours

My Heart, Curled Up Next To Yours. Longing To Hear, Those Whispered, Tender Words… My Heart… Believed… Like An Unquestioning Child. That All Could

So many things have changed and our

So many things have changed, And our group is now torn apart. Friendships have ended, Over a change of heart. My trust in you

Without you how can i live live

Without You, How Can I Live, How Can I Live Without You, The Nights Seems As Long As Ages, The Days Seem As Long

Love is not blind it sees

Love Is Not Blind – It Sees More And Not Less, But Because It Sees More It Is Willing To See Less. To The

The sunlight is as passionate flowers bordering

The Sunlight Is As Passionate As Flowers Bordering The Sidewalk Of A Song. Clouds Shape Its Golden Apertures For Hours, Shifting With Each Breeze

I8217ve just heared it the first time

I’ve Just Heared It The First Time Right Now, I Have Listened To It 6 Times Already Will Listen To It 4 Times More

One day a fisherman got up very

One Day A Fisherman Got Up Very Early In The Morning There Was Not Enough Sunlight To Get Into The Sea He Saw A

Every tear is a sign of brokenness

Every Tear Is A Sign Of Brokenness Every Silence Is Sign Of Lonliness Every Smile Is Sign Of Kindness Every Sms Is Sign Of

I have made divisions in the world

I Have Made Divisions In The World Of Nature Things Which Are Beautiful I Have Owned As My Own And Things Which I Think

If equal affection cannot be let the

If Equal Affection Cannot Be, Let The More Loving One Be Me. I-‘d Say That To That Stars, But Wishes Like Spoons They Say

She comes and brings with her

She Comes : And, Brings With Her : Some-Thing So Sweet , And Delicate ; That, Even Ones Eyes Can Eat! Her Flowering Smiles:

When i laid my eyes upon him

When I Laid My Eyes Upon Him I Knekw That He Was Someone Special From The First Time He Said Hi I Got All

Listening to music as i sit here

Listening To Music As I Sit Here Thinking Of You. You Being The One I Dreamt Of Through The Years Of Being One Which

The land of love is fertile right

The Land Of Love Is Fertile Right To The Core! One Sows: But It Requires All, More And More