The drizzle hung pitting hoar frost like

The Drizzle Hung, Pitting The Hoar Frost, Like A Virgins Tears Behind Her Captors Veil.
A Baby Rabbit Hung Lifeless In A Crude Snare.
Not A Single Bird Song To Welcome This Day To Life.
A Blinded Pony Stood By, Its Flanks Tattooed By Air Pellets,
Intricate Patterns Woven As Relaxation By The New Intelligencia.
Tarant, Surveyed The Landscape.
He Followed The Bloody Footsteps Across The Ghost, White Fields,
Towards His Friend.
Eventually He Found The Pyre, A Few Whips Of Smoke Leaked,
Apologetically Up And Drifted, Ashamedly Away.
Ashes Blushed
They Had All Left, Collective Ignorance Sated.
He Had Been Removed; Thought Again Was Purified, Sterile, Clean.
More Importantly He Was Gone -Â…-Â…-Â…-Â…-Â… No More.
Tarant Thought Long And Hard About Weeping.
Instead A Long Deep Smile Left His Stomach, Moved Through Him,
It Gently Spilled Into His Lungs, And Burnt Across His Heart.
He Moved Forward And Plunged His Hands Into The Embers.
The Laugh Reached His Lips Long Before The Heat Burned His Skin.
On Into The Morning Air,
The Laugh Spiralled Up And Away, Into The Distance.
He Had Found It. He Had Found The Ring

How did i let this all slip

How Did I Let This All This Slip Away?
Its Dark, Cold And Ever So Lonly
Like The Darkest Of Night, Just Before Day
Everything Still To Think Of, Yet Nothing More To Say.
What Is This Quiet Voice Inside Of Me?
Nothing Good From My Ruthless Heart Could Be
I’ve Lost All Sight Of Anything Good,
The Mirror Shows Nothing Worthy To See
Broken And Shattered, I’ve Come Undone
I’ve Abandoned You, I’ve Left Myself No One
Nothing Ideal Left In Me, Im Drenched In Sin
Less Than Worthy And Prodigal I Have Been
Look Away, I’m Nothing But Dissatisfaction
I Wasted Time, Ignored The Truth, And Now Wallow In Sin
My Life, My Past, Nothing More Than Uncouth
The Forgettable Story Of A Wasted Youth
Nothing More Now Than Reckless Waste
The Thought Of A Life Thrown Away, Leaves Bitter Taste
I’m Broken, Shattered, I’m Lost Beyond Belief
My Life Is Deficient, Can Nothing Complete Me?
I’ve Fallen To Pieces, I Need You To Mend
To Put Me Together, And Love Me Again

Is there something better than a laugh

Is There Something Better Than A Laugh?
A Better Type Of Recognition -— I Think Not.
Oh, And To Tell A Joke That Is Received With Laughter
No, There Is Nothing Better Than That
To Tell A Funny Story To A Secret Love
To Open Up The Secret Part Of Your Deep
And Be Greeted With The Thrill Of Laughter
The Joy In My Deep Wakes Up

I Looked At You And Your Broad Smile
I Just Knew My Heart Would Start
And Suddenly My Stomach Fell
No, There Is Certainly Nothing Better Than That

Contigo estar junto a ti es poder

Estar Junto A Ti
Es Poder Sentir
Lo Que Llevo Dentro,
Muy Dentro De Mi.
Tus Manos DƒÂ³ciles
Rozando Mi Interior.
Como La Brisa
Cuando Se Pasea
Acariciando Los Campos De Trigo,
Soltando Las Semillas
Sobre El Suelo FƒÂ©rtil,
AsƒÂ­ Como Mi CorazƒÂ³n,
Suelo FƒÂ©rtil Y Sediento
Por Dar A Luz
A Un Vivo Amor.
Tus Ojos Claros
Transparentes Como El Agua
Se Reflejan En Mis Ojos
Como El Espejo De Mi Alma.
Tu Piel
Tierra De Nadie
Suave Y Firme
Como La Seda.
Tus Besos Dulces
Como La Miel.
Tus CƒÂ¡lidos Abrazos
Como Una Fogata
Son El Refugio
Donde Puedo Descansar.
Tu Sonrisa,
La InspiraciƒÂ³n A Mis Suspiros.
Tu Boca
Como El Portal
De Un Dique,
Sujeta Los RƒÂ­os
Que Corren Por Dentro.
Parten Desde Un Beso Suave
ConvergiƒÂ©ndose En Los MƒÂ­os.
Tu CorazƒÂ³n
Como Una Casa Llena
De Cuartos VacƒÂ­os,
En Donde Espero Entrar
Para Poder Vivir
Dentro De Ti, De Mi
MartƒÂ­n Santiago DƒÂ¡valos

When i was littler walked around blind

When I Was Littler I Walked Around Blind
To The Color Of My Skin…
It Wasn’t Until I Got Sunburned
That I Realized…
Not Just How Dark My Skin Was,
But How Dark Everyone Else Is Too

I remember the first time as if

I Remember The First Time
As If It Was Yesterday.
I Was Very Young.
She Held My Hand
And Guided It
Tracing The Outline.
Then She Let Go And Said: -Ë—go On-‘.
But After A Few Seconds
Of Nothing Happening
I Complained: -Ë—but It Won-‘t Go-‘.
I Thought The Pencil Was Self Writing

We have never talked of love it

We Have Never Talked Of Love
It Has Lingered In Our Silence
We Never Touched Each Other
But We Hadnt The Need To We Knew
What Could I Tell You Dear
When You Stare At Me In Hope
And Give Your Shy Smile…
Even I Have Become One That Way
You Have That Naughty Magic About You…
This Is How Romance Has Been In My Dreams
Pardon Me If Too Sober It Seems…

When the beauty is seen wishes turn

When The Beauty Is Seen
Wishes Turn Very Keen
Something To Talk To
Then A Finger-Touch Too
At Last To Go Very Smart
Deep In Bottom Of Its Heart
Courtesy Sensors The Issue
Etherize Physical Tissue
A Mannerly Say-– I Love You
The Unending Song Ilu-Ilu.
by main uddin a‚ 

I want to grey it known have

I Want To Grey.
I Want It Known I Have Aged,
And Earned My Way.
I Want It Clear I Am No Child.
I Have Been Around For A While!
Learning And Hoping I Am Improved.
Those Who Wish To Sit And Revisit Their Youth…
Are Fine With Me.
I Do That All The Time Myself.
When I Am Out Walking And Hiking.
Exercising And Watching What I Eat.
And Not Being Conscious Of Aging At All.
I Did That In My Teens And Twenties!
Wanting To Be Grown And Doing It Quickly.
And When 59 Came?
Who Knew I Would Feel 39 At 61?
Passing For Someone Aged 55!
And Lieing That I Am Yet 50 Years Of Age.
But When One Keeps Fit…
That’s The Fun Of It All!
No One Has To Know I Look Like Godzilla,
In The Early Hours Of The Morning.
Just Before Dawn.
And That’s What I Recommend.
Getting Up Just Before Dawn.
Taking At Least Two Hours To Pull It Together…
Because That’s How Long It Is Going To Take.
Before Any Public Appearances.
There Is No Need To Scare Anyone,
Who Has Become Accustomed To Your ‘Youthful’ Glow!
They Do Not Have To Know,
How Much Effort It Actually Takes!
There’s A Routine I Do Everyday.
It Takes Hours Off Of One’s Physical Appearance.
Do Not!
I Repeat…
Do Not Get Caught In Rush Hour Traffic.
Someone Might Get A Glimpse…
And Off You Go.
Carted Away To Someone’s Zoo!
That Happened To One Of My Neighbor’s!
But I Think She Is Undergoing A Major Makeover.
I Haven’t Seen Her In Months!
Although Her Backyard Is Littered With Peanut Shells,
And Banana Skins!
I Told A Couple Of Friends Of Mine,
My Next Door Neighbor Reminded Me Of Bubbles!
You Remember?
Michael Jackson’s Pet Monkey?
She Did.
But Not All The Time!
I Did Call Her Halle A Couple Of Times.
But I Was Only Joking!
When You Get To Become A Certain Age?
Everything Is Hysterically Funny!
One Has To Get Up Before Dawn,
To Practice Working On The Routine To Be Exercised.

Im scared to be made the fool

I-‘m scared to be made the fool again
Scared love won-‘t conquer all
Afraid the distance is too far
And to temptation you will fall
I-‘m scared I have changed in time
Scared change is for the worst
I-‘m afraid I loved you far too long
To see another-‘s worth
I-‘m scared when you appear
Straight through me you will see
I-‘ll Fail to emit the glow
I did when you loved me
I-‘m scared I will be used again
Scared to waste my time
I fear you only loved the thought
That one day you-‘d be mine
I-‘m so scared to be alone these days
So afraid to be with you
I-‘m scared that you won-‘t mean it
When you say it -ŗI love you-
Justine Olsen

A small little girl who is not

A Small Little Girl,
Who Is Not Real.
But Always Shines Like A Pearl!
With Fairy-Like Arms,
And Tiny Feet.
Whoever Comes By, It Charms!
It’s Lacey Head,
And Shimmering Dress.
Glows Brighter Than Crimson Red!
It Dances Around,
With It’s Biped Figure.
It’s Steps Enchant The Ground!
It’s A Darling Doll,
In The World Beyond.
Cherished By All!

I8217m just your mr average not wealthy

I’m just your Mr Average not wealthy or poor
One who lives far south of Claraghatlea and Annagloor
The boy of the fifties is looking quite gray
One might say i have known a far better day,
A man in his sixties addicted to rhyme
One might say i am many years past my prime
But we all have our vices and quirks it does seem
Allow us to be different and allow us to dream
Who ever said that all in life is quite fair
It is a rat race in the big World out there
Each for him or herself and god for us all
A saying from the past that i often recall,
I’m just your Mr Average and nothing more
One living far south of Hibernia’s green shore
Francis Duggan

Salty tears welled up in my thirsty

Salty Tears Welled Up In My Thirsty Blue Telescopes,
But They Did Not Give In To The Air-‘s Temptations
I Hid Myself From A Near Explosion
The Blackened Circles Met As A Quartet Of Trumpets Scream Dirty Jazz Rhythm
Much Conversation Seems To Happen Without Words
As If Some Thread Or Sorts Kept Me From Breathing
Without Names And Constricted My Speech Into Sudden Mumbles
Rattling Through A Funnel And Into Your Ears
Dropping Off Feelings Of Humiliation From Myself
You’re Arrogant Yet Indifferent Tone Sets Some Invisible Superiority Cloak Over My Arms, Not Allowing Me To Reach You
But They Try To Grasp Your Shoulders And Hold On
Never Letting Go
Hanging Like Death
This Inhibition Feels Like One Would Feel Watching Children Drown
We Both Sigh Simultaneously
Incessantly With A Mask Over Our Tongues
Hiding What They Want To Crack Open And Pour Like Yolk
We Share Several Jeers
Putting A Cloak On People We Wish Would Sleep Away Into The Tack Plaid They So Righteously Don
But We Only Wish To Unveil Our Tongues And Unleash Our Feelings
Like Bats From A Cave
Chaotically Dancing Through Our Minds
And Taking A Rest Inside Our Hearts
Sleeping For A While
They Inebriate Our Bodies Into A Complete Satisfaction Of Self
Flowing Through Our Veins And Pumping Through Arteries Until They Meet In Our Hands
Together, Twenty Sisters And Brothers Unite To Reside Here Forever
Or At Least Until Someone Emerges From The Fabric
And You Are Left To Fabricate
But Once The Emergee Has Lost His Flavor
You Again Dial And Confide Your Ennui To Me
And Of Course, I Relent
Love Is Patient, Yes,
But When The Well Droughts,
All Virtues Are Lost,
And Will Relent No More

Q what is the new covenant a

Q. What Is The New Covenant?
A. The New Covenant Is The New Relationship With God Given By Jesus Christ,
The Messiah, To The Apostles; And, Through Them, To All Who Believe In Him.
Q. What Did The Messiah Promise In The New Covenant?
A. Christ Promised To Bring Us Into The Kingdom Of God And Give Life In All Its Fullness.
Q. What Response Did Christ Require?
A. Christ Commanded Us To Believe In Him And To Keep His Commandments.
Q. What Are The Commandments Taught By Christ?
A. Christ Taught Us The Summary Of The Law And Gave Us The New Commandment.
Q. What Is The Summary Of The Law?
A. You Shall Love The Lord Your God With All Your Heart, With All Your Soul,
And With All Your Mind. This Is The First And Great Commandment.
And The Second Is Like It: You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.
Q. What Is The New Commandment?
A. The New Commandment Is That We Love One Another As Christ Loved Us.
Q. Where May We Find What Christians Believe About Christ?
A. What Christians Believe About Christ Is Found In The Scriptures
And Summed Up In The Creeds

Fluttering flowers flowing river shez more gorgeous

Fluttering Flowers Flowing River
Shez More Gorgeous Than That
Cool Breeze Rain Drops
Shez More Pleasant Than That
Setting Sun Singing Birds
Shez More Beautiful Than That
Star Lit Sky Full Moon Day
Shez More Romantic Than That
Mother Showering Love On Her Child
Perhaps I Love Her More Than That
Shez The Best Thing In My Life
And I’m Glad That She’ll Be My Wife
God! I Have Nothing More To Ask You
Nothing More To Wish For
Coz Shez With Me And I Know Its Forever

Why some one love so much one

Why, Some One:
Love So Much,
Some One;
That His Or Her Absence,
Should Cause,
So Much Of Pain,
That, This Very Environment,
Around Us All,
Gets Saddened,
All At-Once;
Beyond All Measures!
That, Buds Refused To Flower-Forth,
And, Fruits To Ripe,
For Nurturing In-Womb Seeds,
For All Succeeding Crops,
To Come For Multiplying By Themselves;
For Future Merriments,
And Beauty-Cultures!

These two cows were ruminating and one

These Two Cows Were Ruminating
And One Says, I Was Listening
To The Milkmaid-‘s Transistor
And This French Philosopher
Was Explaining That There-‘s
No English Translation Of The French Word
-Ë—betise-‘ Except -Ë—stupidity-‘ But
-Ë—stupidity-‘ Only Refers To Man
Where The French -Ë—betise-‘ Means
To Behave Like An Animal-Â…
And The Other Cow Says
Well What-‘s Wrong With That
And The First Cow Says
Well His Point Is, English Cows
Can-‘t Be Stupid; Only Man
Can Be Stupid..
And The Other Cow Says
Well That-‘s A Relief Then
So Does That Mean That French Cows
Can Be Stupid
And The First Cow Says
No Because They Don-‘t Have A Word For It
In French
So The Other Cow Says
So Then Is It Better To Be
An English Cow
That Can-‘t Be Stupid
Or A French Cow
That Can-‘t Be Called Stupid
And The First Cow Says
Who Cares, I-‘ve Always Said
The French Ruminate Too Much
And Then Talk Bullshit-Â…
And The Other Cow Says
I-‘m Glad I-‘m English
What About That French Milkmaid
I Call Sexyhands But
The Farmer Sometimes Calls
A Silly Cow I Wonder What
Derrida Would Say About That

Why must you do this selfish cow

Why Must You Do This,
You Selfish Cow?
I Trusted You,
Without An Edge Of Doubt.
You Were Once My Friend,
The One I Held Closest To My Heart.
What Made You,
Into The Monster You Have Become?

I Don’t Understand,
And I Probably Never Will.
But Why?
You Had Everything You Could Want,
Everything You Could Need.
What Could Have Convinced You,
To Run Away With Him?
You Betrayed Us,
With You’re Vicious Lies.
I Tried To Find The Real You,
Yet It Was All In Vain.
I Looked Into Your Eyes,
Only To Find Those Of A Stranger.
I Don’t Know,
Who You Are Anymore.
But You Know What?
You Had Best Be Happy,
Burning In Hell,
Consumed By Your Own Guilt And Crimes.
Because You Have Destroyed Our Lives,
One Time Too Many.
You Won’t Be Accepted Back.
You Never Will.

Observing your every footsteps shadow in desolate

your every footsteps
your shadow
in desolate nights
the tap
of my heart
how it paces
with speed
anxiety leaves me
but teeth clenching
silences me
rage finds me
once again
and lashing out
only turns to hatred
walk away
move closer
and closer
and closer
and closer
and closer
towards the other side of the
with your bags packed
your belongings gone
and leaving my satiation
by zubiluvs

Good night my love this night with

Good Night, My Love!
This Night With Your Light
You Have Given Life To This Page-Â…
I Have Cuddled You
Amidst The Lines Of This Poetry-Â…
Within The Quietude Of The Moon…
Among The Blinking Eyes Of The Stars…
I Listened To Your Heart,
Its True Words…
In These Phrases Lovingly Mused
I Live Your Dream…
Sleep Now Rest Yourself…
Your Pc Now
Has Embraced Silence…
But Behind Your Screen
A Poetry Has Taken Birth
And It Accompanies
Your Sweet Sleep
In The Night-Â…
Good Night, My Little Heart-Â…!
Do Know That You Always Have Me
Nearby You

When things are confused i discuss them

When Things Are Confused I Discuss Them With You
Until They Make Sense When Something Good Happens
You Are The First I Tell So I Can Share My Happiness.
When I Don’t Know What Do In A Situtation
I Ask Your Opinion And Weigh It Heavily With Mine.
When I Am Lonely I Call On You Because
Your Wisdom Helps Me To Solve It.
When I Want To Talk With Someone,
I Always Talk With You Because You Understand Me
It Is So Essential To Have You In My Life,
I Have Always Loved You As My Good Freind, S
O Shall You Be Till Time Comes To An End.

Daddy8217s little girl so innocent and profound

Daddy’s Little Girl,
So Innocent And Profound,
So Sweet As Sugar,
But Behind The Mask Is Where The Enemy Lays,
Deep Deep Down She Wants To Cry,
Her Drug Addiction Out Of Control,
Her Arms Hidden,
Her Life Has Taken It Toll,
As She Lays Her Head To Sleep,
Through The Closet Door Her Demons Will Creep,
She Closes Her Eyes Tightly,
And Gasps For Air,
She Cannot Breath,
With Her Last Breath She Wishes On The Brightest Star,
‘Help Me Please’
She Lives No More

New years day just yet another to

New Years Day
Just Yet Another Day
To Think Of Sad Sorrows
Of The Happy Joys Of‚  Other Years
New Years Day Is
A Chance For New Life
A Chance For A New Job
To Further Ones Education
To End Relationships
And To Begin Anew
New Years Day
A Begining Of A New Life
by sweetleesa‚ 

There are just so many reasons why

There Are Just So Many Reasons Why
I Sit Outside And Cry
Mostly Its The Sight Of You
That Day You Said “I Love You”
Cant You See That I Am Not Your Toy
The One That Always Say “Your My Boy”
Why If You Love Me Like You Say
You Sit There And Play Around With My Head?
Do You Think I Will Come Back?
Because These Feelings For Some Reasons Wont Go Away
But This Time Sweetie, I Am Not Gonna Stay
I’ve Taught Myself Not To Cry
And Sit, Wonder, And Ask “Oh Why”
I’ve Grown Up And Realized That You
Are Not Good Enough, And Will Never Do!
So Just Remember That From This Day On,
I Will Survive So Now Go On And Find Someone
Who Will Also Cry, And Ask Himself Why

I can see tea in a

I Can See -Ë— Tea-‘ In A Tea-Cup
Can You See The World In World-Cup?
I Can Sing On Any Stage
Can You Sing In Coma-Stage?
I Can Fix My Passport Size Photo In My Passport
Can You Fix Your Stamp Size Photo In A Stamp?
I Can Send My Address To Your Mobile
Can You Send Your Mobile To My Address?
Try All This-Â…-Â….. -Â….
Atleast Do The Last One.

Strum my ribs like a guitar to

Strum My Ribs
Like A Guitar
To Your Bony
Let Us Try
What Song
Finally Gets
Out From
My Throat
Now Listen
This Is My
Voice Singing
More Likely
The Fatty
Songs Of
The Obese

My heart never knew such pain i

My Heart Never Knew Such Pain,
I Miss U So Much..
Did U Ever Feel The Same?
This Darkness Inside Me Scares Me 2 Much,
I Just Wanna Ask,
Did U Love Me So Less?
Was It All Just Ur Mask?
Why Didnt U Show Me The Real U,
Its All I Ever Wanted..
by meemy

Cursed love my is a one sometimes

Cursed Love
My Love Is A Cursed One.
Sometimes It Brings Me Happiness And Fun.
And On The Other Hand It Tairs My Heart Aprt.
The Happiness And Fun It Brings Me Turn Into Heart Breaking Thoughts.
When I Fall In Love Its Quick And Fast.
The Love That I Have Is Strong, But It Never Last.
Because The People I Fall In Love With Don’t Fall In Love Like I Do.
I’m Tired Of This Love Why Don’t It Leave Me Alone So I Can Stop Felling So Blue.
This Is My Curse, And Also My Blessing.
I Learn From It, And Sometimes I Don’t Know What’s Happening.
I’ve Wanted To Give Up On Love So Many Times But I’m Scared.
Because When I Finally Meet The One My Heart Won’t Take Him, It Would Lock Him Out Of There.
Once I’m In Love I’m Almost Blinded By It.
I Fall In Love So Fast It Surpise Me A Bit.
Then When Something Goes Wrong Its Like My Body Shuts Down Waitng For Death.
Like Love Drained All The Energy Out My Body When It Left.
But, I Told You I Was Learning From It, I’m Learning To Control It.
Now That I’m In Control Now.
I Don’t Fall In Love Like I Use To I Wait, And See What The Boy Is All About.
But, Sometime It Has A Way Of Slipping Out.
And All Over Again It Starts.
It Gets Out From The One Place I Can’t Control My Heart

Let us not say hear this time

Let Us Not Say
Let Us Not Hear
Let This Time Pass
A Soundless Moment.
The Right Time For Us
Remain One And United
War May Destroy Our Home
War May Burn This Moment
Let Us Create
A Planet Of Love
Free From Warmongers.

Some where in the wilderness of dark

Some Where
In The Wilderness
Of Dark
Stumbles Every Heart
In Search Of Love
True, Deep
Caring Heart
That Understands
That Enjoys The Same Fire
And Feels The Same Thrill

Some Where In The Wilderness
Between The Dipping Sun
And Rising Angelic Moon
In The Dusk Of Day
When Work Is Done
Mate Understanding
To Share Ones Cares
Is A Gift To Cherish?
Harmony Is Beauty In Itself!

My soul summon these lyrics to you

My Soul Summon These Lyrics To You In A Poem With Voice Of Truth
Time Unfold,
And For Eternity I Remain Solicitous
Pondering Of Love That Endlessly Goes And Goes
My Heart Out Of The Blue Pound Alone In Silence
For The Song From My Heart Was Not Broken
In The Middle Of Hideous Dark Nights
My Heart Time And Again Awakened By Profound Murmurs Sounding Like Nightmares,
And My Soul Will Be Moaning And Yearning Tearfully All Night Long
Deep Breaths Hinder Me To Witness
Feeling Of Misery Drifting Like Tidal Waves Within
In View Of Variance Between Me And You
I Am The Lonely Island
The Song Was Not Broken
Mere Emotions Were Puzzled By Quarrels
I Am Wretched To Treat You So Unpretentious
Imposing Strong Impression Of Sadness In Your Life And Stinging You Too Deeply
I Write A Confession Of My Intention
Let Us Again Make This Song Unbreakable Music
Searching My Memory Time And Again
This Is How I Fulfill My Vow To You
The Song Was Not Broken
I Was Able To Say With The Poet That I Lost My Song

The season has finally came for you

The Season Has Finally Came,
For You To Bloom With Colors,
And Claim Fame,
With The Other Pretty Flowers,
Than You Look At The Others,
Also Waking Up From There Sleep,
Showing There Best Colors,
Colors You Wish You Could Keep,
Your Trying So Much,
To Be Beautiful,
When You Know You Don’t Have That Stuff,
To Even Be Wonderful,
You Lost So Many Great Friends,
By Trying To Be That Way,
So Many Friendships That Has Ended,
And That Was Just Today,
The Season Is Almost Gone,
And You Have Sank Further Than You Were,
This Picture You Have Created Is All Wrong,
Thinking Back On What Has Occured,
Trying To Make Yourself Beautiful,
Which Didn’t Turn Out So Great,
Losing Friends So Wonderful,
And To Get Them Back, It’s To Late,
Here You Are A Wilting Flower,
Letting Out A Soft Sigh,
Dying Slowly Hour By Hour,
Looking Up Into The Sky,
Whatching On How Much You Missed,
All Around,
And Now It Came Down To This,
Dying Here On The Ground,
You Regret What You Have Done This Season,
Hurting Other Flowers Feelings,
And For Doing That You Didn’t Have A Reason,
Now Your Just A Bully With Nothing,
Just A Wilting Flower,
Lieing Here,
Dying Slowly Hour By Hour,
With No Friend Near

It would be wonderful to recognize our

It Would Be Wonderful To Recognize Our Failings,
And Immediately Correct Them.
Or Face The Truth And Deal With Our Insecurities.
But We Are Suspended Within Mentalities To React,
Too Quickly!
We Are Prepared To Defend Such Conditions…
We Find Ourselves In,
Much Too Fast!
Offended We Are And Preconditioned To Attack,
And Not Listen.
Becoming Less Respected Because We Disrespect.
For Purposes That Generate A Reflected Unhappiness.
Handed Down From One Generation To The Next.
To Annoint Our Fears To The Innocent.
Hardening Their Hearts Before They Are Ready To Speak.
And When Someone Is ‘Intentionally’ Like This,
Who Cares How The Bleeding Is Done?
Or How It Has Come To Manifest.
Why Bother To Empathize With This Stubbornness?
One In Which An Attraction For Habitual Lies,
Cries Foul Constantly To Themselves In Active Denial.
Taught To Whine And Complain.
Why Commit To Be Placed On Trial By Nitwit Misfits…
Socially Unfit?
Where Is The Benefit Of It In This Process?
Tied To Become Unified With An Ignorance…
That Desires To Incite Conflict.
And Resisting The Agony,
That Comes With Enticing More Of It!
It Would Be Wonderful To Recognize Our Failings,
And Immediately Correct Them.
But That Is Not The Diet We Are Fed!
And We Even Get Upset…
When Placing An Order For Fast Food To Infect Us,
That It Does Not Come Fast Enough To Do It…
Upon Command

I sit alone in a dark room

I Sit Alone In A Dark Room
The Thoughts Of You Come And Go
One Minute I See Your Face
The Next Minute I See The Darkness
The Laughter In Your Voice Surrounds Me
The Quietness Of The Room Then Frightens Me
The Beat Of Your Heart Matches Mine
The Single Beat Of Mine Saddens Me
I Sit Here Alone Trying To Think
What To Do Without A Guiding Light
As I Draw Into Myself I Lose The Outside World
As I Gather The Thoughts, I Lose The Words
The Feelings I Feel Are Too Real To Explain
How Do I Share The Story Of My Pain?
How Do I Look Into The Eyes Of The Lord?
What Do I Answer Him When He Questions My Love?
What Do I Tell Him Why The Soul Is Not One?
Can I Explain To Him What My Soul Now Feels?
Can I Tell Him He Is The One To Blame?
Giving Me A Gift Then Giving Me The Pain?
Can I Point The Finger?
Can I Pass On The Blame?
That I Try But Cannot Do
I Forgot That He Only Gives To Test Me
The Strength I Hold Within Myself.
I Received His Gift But I Must Now Admit
My Soul Is Too Weak And My Strength Not Enough
For I Could Not Keep His Gift
There For I Sit Alone The Darkness Still Grows
Please Lord Give Me The Light So I Can Free My Soul.

Im making a few home improvements my

I-‘m Making A Few Home Improvements
My Loft Is To Get A New Floor
Chipboard Arrived On A Lorry
And Slipped Off The Back Near My Door
Economy Eight By Four Sheeting
In Bulk Saved Me Nearly Ten Pound
Some Warped And Chipped On The Edges
Lay There In A Heap On The Ground
The First Sheet Came In Through The Doorway
I Offered It Up For A Match
But Eight By Four Sheets Are A Problem
When There-‘s Only A Two By Two Hatch
Back Out Of The Door To The Garden
Threw Eight By Four Board Back On Pile
I-‘ve Gone Off The Idea Of Flooring
So There It Will Sit For A While

If dreams didnt exist there wouldnt be

If Dreams Didnt Exist
There Wouldnt Be Any Point To Sleep
No Point To Believe
No Point To Wanna Be
But To Wanna Be Is A Powerful Thing
It Makes The Mind Ring Like A Child’s Swing
Swinging Away With The Dreams Of Your Days
And This Only Makes You Wanna Wish N Pray
But If You Don’t Believe What Your Eyes Do And Don’t See
Then You’re Missin The Key
You Must Think It’s Free
But Really It Just Comes From The Mind
But Half The Time
You Don’t Get To See These Things Really Shine
And This Might Be Cuz You Dont Trust Me
And Then One Day You Gonna Say ‘Oh God Help Me’
Then What You Gonna Do With No More Clues
Your Gonna Come Back For More Of This Cue
But When You See Me I’ll Say It Wont Be Free
I’ll Charge A Fee
Just Because You Couldnt Follow A Dream

Im sure youll get your brothers faithful

I-‘m Sure You-‘ll Get Your Brother-‘s Faithful Wife,
At The End Of Unimpeded Journeyed- Course
Safe And Alive Over There, Though Weak And Sad,
Engaged Wholly In Counting The Rest Of The Days
Left Yet To Be Suffered By Her Till Our Next Union,
Under This Curse Of Pining Forced-Separation
Quite Often, In The Hope Of Expected Reunion,
Such Ladies Keep Their Life-Knots Tied Intact
And, They Sustain Such Separations Alright,
Even Though, Their Love-Filled Flower-Like Hearts Are Prone
To Collapse Instantly Being Tender An-‘ Fragile!

As we all know that today is

As We All Know That Today Is Amitji’s Bday
So This Is Just A Small Gift From Our Side
Lets Wish Him Happy Bday May God Shower Him
With Success And Hapiness May He Live Long

At last i am walking in faraway

At Last I Am Walking
In Faraway Places
Longing To Greet
Green Open Spaces.
Prison Goodbye
Prison Oh Why
Did You Deny Me
Feminine Graces?
‘An Innocent Man’
At Last I Am Talking
To Friends And Relations
True Hearts Believing
My Honest Intentions.
Prison Goodbye
I Forgive You That’s Why
I Now Walk In Heaven’s
Wide Floral Spaces
‘An Innocent Man

Men love women much or more to

Men Love Women Much
Or, More Women To Men,
To Get The Answers
My Mind Turns Alien.
Humans Value The Love
Or The Love For Dollar,
Before Sensing All Of Those
My Family, Alas, Powder.
Torn And Fallen
Wire Of Current Pillar
Swift The Death Very Sad,
What An Wire
Fell From Heart
Attracts All Good And Bad.

I lay alone what8217s wrong with me

I Lay Alone What’s Wrong With Me
I Just Can’t Cry And I Can’t Speak
I Think About Days Gone By
I Don’t Have Much Time I Wonder Why
I’m Not Sure Yet What I Need
I Slit My Wrists And Now They Bleed
It’s Not Your Fault I Don’t Know Why
What Made Me Think Of Suicide
I Want To Say My Last Goodbye
But You’re Not Here As I Die
So This Will Be My Final Wish
As I Lay Here With My Bloody Wrists
I Never Meant To Bring You Shame
Write “Always Loved” Upon My Grave
I Can’t Move Now So I Will Lay
Please Don’t Watch Me Fade Away

Who knows if the wind responds me

Who Knows If The Wind Responds Me
While I Am Wailing My Pain-Â…
Who Knows If The Words That I Have Given To Him
Will Reach The Height Of Its Heart
It Blows And Brings Along Thousand Illusions
The Warm Days Of My Passion
It Transports My Ideas As Dry Leaves
Into Clouds It Turns My Memories
Later They Will Rain Perhaps Of Relief
Perhaps Of Disappointment
In The Air I Will Feel Your Name
But It Will Be The Wind
To Cancel All And Everything…

You said that loved me i actually

You Said That You Loved Me
I Actually Believed You
The One Chance I Had You
I Ended Up Losing You
When I Lost You
I Had Lost Everything I Had Ever Earned
Everything I Ever Knew
All Fell To Pieces
As I Tried To Put Things Back Together
I Was Killing What I Still Had
I’ve Fallin For Someone Many Times
Never Agian Shall I Make That Mistake
Nothing Is Needed In My Life For Me To Happy
I’ll Live My Life Knowing I Am Who I Want To Be
Danielle Bennett

I8217ll be your peter pan and we

I’ll Be Your Peter Pan
And We Can Fly Away
Off To Never Land
Our Scars Will Heal;
With Time In Our Bags
We’ll Steal.

We’ll Guard Our Tears;
Throw Away And Destroy
All Fears.
We’ll Build A Castle Of Sugar
And Hold It All Together
With Peanut Butter.
You’ll Have My Heart
To Keep Our World From
Falling Apart.
And I Have Yours
Around My Neck
In My Locket.
We Can Play Hide And
Seek. So, Count To 20
And Do Not Peek.
‘Here I Come, Ready Or
Not, ‘ Deep Inside You
Know The Spot.
When Time Is Not Ours
And We Do Not Starve
We Are Untroubled.
In This World Of Pixie Dust
And In This Heart I Have
Endless Trust.
So Let’s Fly Away
Leave Behind The Grey.

The tears fall upon my alabaster cheeks

The Tears Fall Upon My Alabaster Cheeks
As I Watch You Walk Away
Upon The Plane Of Uncertain Destiny
Leaving Me In Sadness And Dismay
Eyes Of Fighter, Ready For Battle
Without The Trepidation Others Know
As I Try To Stand Tall In Honor Of You
Oh, The Terror Is Hard Not To Show
My Proud Warrior, Ready For Combat
Trained By The Forces And The Streets
I Cup My Hands In Prayer And Plea
As You Walk Amongst Your Fleet
Shall You Return? I Do Not Know
I Can Only Hope And Plead
That The Father I-‘ve Trusted In All These Years
Will Allow Your Convoy To Succeed
To Come Home Safely, To My Side
To A Hole In The Dirt Under My Feet
Where I Have Been Standing Months And Months
Proving No Dishonesty Or Deceit
Listen To The Words I Declare
Yet Do Not Look Upon My Heart
For You Need Not See The Pain I Feel
While We Stand So Far Apart
I-‘m Trying To Be Your Soldier
While You-‘re Off Fighting This War-Â…
I Need My Loving Hero
But Your Country Needs You More.

Were grown up enough for love sweet dove

We-‘re Grown-Up Enough For Love! Sweet Dove!
Look Not Down, There, Or, Far Above!!
I-‘m Right In-Front Of You: Behold!
Look, We Are At The Same Threshold!!
That, Yonder Twisty Way, Is Long:
To Which, This Sub-Way Leads, A Throng!
We May Join It, Now, All-Along!
See, All Are Ready, For A Song:
That Shall Be Signaled By That Gong!
We All, To Swelling Crowds Belong!
At Strike Of Hammer, We Shall Move!
Are Worth Of It, We’ll Have To Prove!!
That Grove, Of Blossoming Trees, Ahead:
Shall Bring Good Omen, To Our Tread!
But, We Must Move Promptly, Firmly:
In Quest Of Life; In Quest Of Glee!
You-‘d Said You Won-‘t Consent? Alright!
But, I Shall Wait For The Moment Right!!
I-‘m Sure, Some Day, Things Shall Be Changed!
And Matters Shall Get, All Arranged!!
Why, One Should Rob: One-‘s Own Sweet Bun?
Why, Should Not One Get A Full Life-‘s Fun?
Just Hear, What Says, This Pre-Spring Wind?
Let-‘s Enjoy Life, Till It All Gets Thinned!
Look Up! And, Let-‘s Look In Our Eyes!!
I Think, They-‘ve In Them, All Our Prize!!
We Have, Hardly Some Time! Get Wise!
Or Every-Thing Will End, In -Ë—byes-‘?

Be careful to whom u give your

Be Careful To Whom U Give Your Heart
Becoz When U Give Your Heart To Someone
U Are Not Only Giving The Person The Right To Love
But Also The Power To Hurt

It was the love in writing doing

It Was The Love In Writing
Doing So With Ease
Conveying Heart To Heart
We Attuned To The Keys

We Play Keys In Unison
Heart Chords Align
Feelings Flow From Within
With Rhythm And Rhyme
Warmth Of Love Radiates
Neath A Sunset Glow
Combining In The Rhythm
Hearts Beating In Tempo
The Intimate Duet Of Love
Hearts Sing A Melody
Sharing In Togetherness
We Entwine In Harmony

The light in your eyes as you

The Light In Your Eyes
As You Stare Into Mine
Just Makes Me See
God’s Perfect Design
The Warmth Of Your Hand
The Feel Of Your Skin
Moves Something Inside Me
Something Deep Within
Your Feelings So Gentle
Your Love So Sweet
I Feel This Passion
Every Time We Meet
And Today I Give
A Promise To You
That My Love Will Be
Honest, Faithful, And True

When i look at you recall summers

When I Look At You
I Recall Summers From Long Ago
Walking Through Meadows
Reminds Me Of Your Golden Hair
Clear Waters Of A Running Stream
Stream Twinkling In The Sun
Just Like Your Eyes In The Moonlight
Birds Singing In The Cool Mornings
Sounds Like Your Sweet Voice
Whispering To Me Words Of Love
The Smell Of Flowers
Fresh Breeze Cooling My Skin In The Hot Afternoon Sun
Like Feeling Your Warm Breath On My Neck
Lovers Walking Arm In Arm
Wondering What The Future Will Bring
All These Things Remind Me Of You
Beautiful Things Of Long Ago
Remind Me Of Beautiful You

To be entwined in your love that

To Be Entwined In Your Love, That Is All I Desire,
To Be Rocked In Your Arms, That Is The Height Of
My Ambition Today, The Joyous Day Of Your Return
To Be Kissed Senseless, That Is All I Can Think Of,
To Be Needed With The Urgency Of A Child, To Be
Held And Stroked, That Is All I Dream Of
To Comfort You In My Arms After Your Weary Travels,
Apply Lotion To Your Sun-Burnt Skin, Kiss The Grazes
Away On Your Forehead And Chin, Listen To All Your
Tales, Make You Repeat Them Again, The Way Your
Eyes Light Up Each Time I Ask You To Repeat My
Favourite Parts, Massaging Your Back, Rubbing Oil
On The Old Scar, Stroking Your Hair, Cuddling In Bed,
Watching A Favourite Movie, Watching And Playing,
Exploring More Than The Story People Do
Testing Your Strength And Your Passion, Laughing
At You, Teasing You, Running Away, Being Caught
With A Shout That Brings Neighbours Out
The Joy Of Your Return Is Indescribable, Loving You
With An Abandon I Never Knew Before, Ignoring All
Other People, Not Hearing When Juliette Speaks
I Can Only Hear The Deep Timbre Of Your Voice, I Can
Only See The Lines Of Your Face, I-‘m Blind To All Else,
The Rest Of The World Recedes, All People Retreat
In The Blaze Of Your Warm Regard When You Look At
Me, The Fire In Your Eyes, The Line Of Your Lips, Your
High Cheekbones, Your Hands That Touch Me
I Even Adore Your Jealousy, Exclusivity That Blooms
Into The Swoon We Experience When We Are Together
After Each Separation, Far Beyond Ordinary Bliss
I Shall Pay With A Million Lonely Hours For These Hours
We Are Together, I Shall Keep Faithful Watch For Your Return
Every Moment, Knowing The Fire Your Presence Kindles
Is The Brightest, The Highest, The Most Enchanting Emotion,
The Most Voluptuous Passion, The Most Sumptuous Experience
I Can Ever Have; A Memory That Will Never Fade
You Will Never Fade For Me, I Know How To Tie Knots In My Heart,
I Know How To Keep These Memories Alive, I Know How To Record
My Thoughts To Keep You In My Mind Forever And Ever

When i was a child and you

When I Was A Child, And You Were A Man In This Kingdom By The Sea,
This Princess She Lived With No Other Thought Than To Live And Live Her Life Free.
So When She Was A Child And You Were A Man In This Kingdom By The Sea,
The Princess Swam Off Into The Churning Brine And Vowed To Live Happily.
Under The Waves, Among The Fish And Sand, She Lived And Lived Her Life Free.
She Let Her Hair Knot, Grew A Tail, And Caught Sunrays As Bright As Citrine.
My Wish Has Come True, The Princess Sighed, I’ve Loved And Loved Myself Free.
But The Princess Was Lonely, She Missed That Man, No Longer A Child Was She.
She Splayed Herself On A Sunsoaked Rock, With Her Hair Bright As Filigree.
Her Bare Breast Shone, Her Iridescent Tail Flicked, She Sang Lasciviously
About His Green Eyes, And Scaly Thighs, And How Much In Love Was She.
But No Man Came, No Neck To Nibble, Her Sharp Teeth Bright As Iv’ry.
So She Bit Out Her Tongue And Under The Water Sung Out All Her Misery.
When I Was A Child, And You Were A Man In This Kingdom By The Sea,
This Girl, She Lived With No Other Thought Than To Love And Make You Love Me

I will rape thee with my savage

I will rape thee-
With my savage love;
Born from the rural pot.
I will rape thee
And while I rot-
I will pray that you do not.
But I will save thee-
Because honey
You’ve needs: the sting of me…
And I will rape thee-
Because I know
Only to love and rape thee.
Kyle S. Hamp

The next time will be best better

The Next Time, Will Be The Best Time, Better Than The Last Time, Anticipating The Next Time
The Next Touch, The Best Touch Outlasting The Last Touch, Setting The Standard For The Next Touch
The Next Kiss, The Best Kiss, A Bliss That Fulfills Every Wish
This Time Is The Best Time Of All The Rest Of Times
This Time Is The Next Time As Will Be Every Next Time.

I always thought that can make it

I Always Thought That I Can Make It On My Own
I Used To Say That I Can Go On
I Know I-‘ll Be Fine
I-‘m Sure That I Will Not Cry
But These Are All Lies
And Still I Can-‘t Deny
I Still Need You
I Still Love You.

Still All Alone Asking This Questions
What Have I Done Wrong?
Where Did I Fail?
What Have I Done To Deserve This Pain?
Why Did I-‘m Still Missing You?
Why Did I Still Keep On Loving You?
Why Did I Still Care That Much?
For All I Know Someone Owns You Now.
What Should I Do To End My Sufferings?
-Â…still I Ended Up Crying.
As I Go On With My Life
I Still Can Not Fight
I Can-‘t Keep Myself Apart From The Past
I Always See Places We-‘ve Been
Hear The Songs We Used To Sing
See All The Things Which Reminds Me Of You
And Then The Tears Began To Show
My Heart Begins To Break
For You Can Not Be Mine The Way It Used To Be.
Just Before The Day Says Goodbye
I Always Think And Make A Try
To Make A Wish I-‘ve Long To Come True
A Wish That Will Somehow Ease This Pains
And That-‘s To Be With You,
To Be With You But Still-Â…-Â….

When it rains reminds me of you

When It Rains It Reminds Me Of You
Although You Are Miles Apart
I Still Walk Outside In The Rain
And Kiss It Just For You
The Rain Will Always Come And
I Will Always Be In Love With You
Whenever You See Candid Clouds
Rising In The Horizon
It Is Just Heaven Doing Me The Favour
Of Taking You My Hugs And Kisses
Walk Outside Open Your Arms
And Kiss The Rain
Whenever You Need Me

I feel your presence next to me

I Feel Your Presence Next To Me,
With Every Waking Day,
A Gentle Kiss From You Tells Me,
Where You Will Always Stay.

Some Mornings We Would Have Coffee Together,
And Talk About The Day,
Others We Weren’t Speaking At All,
And Not Because There’s Nothing To Say.
We Have Had Our Share Of Good Times,
And Certainly Our Bad,
Eventually We Reconnect,
To Find The Love We’ve Always Had.
When Life Has Been Kind To Us,
We Thank Our Lucky Star,
To See How Blessed And Lucky,
The Both Of Us Truly Are.
When Hard Times Fall Apon Us,
We Always Make It Through,
As Long As We Stand Beside Each Other,
There’s Nothing We Can’t Do.
All I’ll Ever Need In This World,
Is The Love That Has Filled Our Heart,
That Same Love That Has Grown So Much,
That We Felt At The Very Start.
When You Arrive Home Tonight,
And And You Crawl Into Our Bed,
Pull My Body Close To Yours,
And Gently Kiss My Head.
And I’ll Know That When I’m Sleeping,
Your Not Too Far Away,
I’ll Feel Your Presence Next To Me,
With Every Waking Day.
by NyGirl08‚ 

The sky without stars is like sleep

The Sky Without Stars Is
Like Sleep Without Dreams
Like Song Without Music
Like Rose Without Smell
Like Face Without Smile
Like Me Without U

Small talk in discussions are made as

Small Talk In Discussions Are Made As I Wait
Im Quiet And Alone In The Waiting Room From Hell
Scared To Breathe Or Swallow There Is Nothing To Say
Feels Like Someone’s Watching Staring As To Tell
Waiting Now To Enter The Room Where We Begin
Begin To Tell Our Story Begin To Tense But Win
When Afterwards I’m Safe I’m P**Sed Off But It’s Fine
It Oesn’t Really Matter The Day Is Now All Mine
This Illness Is A Curse Unwanted And Uncured
Disorderly Unkind In Needing To Be Pure

Within the bounds of heaven sky lights

Within The Bounds Of Heaven
Within The Sky Of Lights
An Angel Holds Life’s Vigil
Upon The World Each Night
His Eyes Have Seen The Burdens
The Pain And Sadness There
But Joyful Avocations
In God’s Own Reverent Prayer
Looking At His World Below
He Knows That There Is Good
Those Who Seek His Blessings
And Those Misunderstood
Tears Do Fall From Heaven
As Angels Spread Their Wings
Captured In The Joy Of Love
As Mist Of Tears Begins
Feel The Love Fall Down On Us
In Sacred Tears Of Pain
Passing Through An Angel’s Wing
With Love That Still Remains
And So It Goes And It Is Written
That We Have Earned This Day
Brought To You By God Himself
Though Angel’s Brilliant Ray

Our neighbours they do not exist nearby

Our Neighbours;
They Do Not Exist Nearby
They Are Far Apart
Like Our Apartments.
Our Possessions;
They No Longer Need Us
We Badly Need Them
Like Sex And Sin.

Ours Is A New Happiness;
It Is Always Dichotomous.
We Happen To Be Happy
But We Don-‘t Know How.
Our Successes;
Their Colour Is Green.
But We Find Our Face Gray
When Someone Goes Green.
Our Greatest Goal;
It-‘s To Somehow Make And Mar.
Make Just To Our Sake
And Mar Whatever Is Others-‘
For Us, Our Well Being;
It Is The State Of Being Better.
A Little Better Than The One
Who Is Staying Next Door.
And Finally Our Faith;
It-‘s Not Of Gods Or Like Gods-‘
We Know Better Than Gods
That Our Wealth-‘ll Open The Gate.

The love that i have pulled inside

The Love
That I Have Pulled
Inside Your Heart
A Strenuous Work
The Love
That Took You So Long
To Notice
Has Left Me Dry
The Love
That You Needed
And I Consoled You With
Left Me
Like A Fool
The Love
That Has Been
Placed In Your Heart
Has Wrestled The Blood
Out Of My Condensed Soul

Cuando callara mi alma mil voces de

Cuando Callara Mi Alma-Â…
Mil Voces De Un Amor
Que Siempre Quise
Y Nunca Pude Tener.
SeguirƒÂ¡n AhogƒÂ¡ndose
En Su AgonƒÂ­a,
Por Su Inmenso Vacio.
Se Dicen Una A Otra
Solo Suspiros.
Un Sin Fin De Palabras,
Que Comienzan
Y Terminan Con H.
Cuando Hablara
Por Fin Mi Alma?
Rodeada De Silencio,
Sin Sentido,
Sin RazƒÂ³n.
Llena De Nada,
Pues Nada Tiene
Y Nada Queda.
Vive Del Mundo
De Los Mudos
Y Cobardes.
Sigue Aun Sin Decir Nada
Eterno Vacio
Que AcompaƒÂ±a Las Penas
Y Rechaza La Gloria.
Se Aquietan Los Vientos
Que Traen Las Palabras
De Valientes.
No Se Acercan,
Tienen Miedo.
La Nada Los Acecha,
No Tiene Principio,
Ni Fin
No Hay Nadie,
Solo Existe,
Solo Es

Akantit took a minute changed to second

Akantit Took A Minute Changed To A Second…
The Last Breath The Final Wave Goodbye,
A Shocking Silence Reached Three Hundred Sixty
Degrees On The Clock The Tick And The Tock…
Finally, It Passed The Darkest Hour.
His Eyes Blacked Out His Mouth Left Wide Open,
A Hazy Fog Cleared. There Were No More Drops Of Rain,
No Longer The Days Of Pain The Intoxicant You Never Could Abstain…
Time Changed Finally It Passed The Darkest Hour.
His Hands Frozen Blue His Body Changing Colour,
A Door Shut Leads To A Door Open…
Time Stops No Cloud In The Sky,
Rivers Stream Up High No Reason To Cry…
Your Father Has Called For You Seek Redemption,
Rest Now You Will Not Suffer Now…
For Finally, You Have Passed The Darkest Hour.

You give me inspiration to write each

You Give Me Inspiration,
To Write You Each Day,
At Least It’s Easier,
Than Writing An Essay.

I Like To Make You Laugh,
And Feel Good Inside,
As For Me,
It’s A Sense Of Pride.
I Care For You So Much,
As A Man Should,
For His Dear Woman,
Forever If I Could.

You are minerva venus and just a

You Are Minerva, You Are Venus,
And Just A Bit Less, To Be My Jesus.
When I See You, I’m Blazed By Your Beauty,
But Soon Your Intelligence Reminds Me Of My Duty.
But There’s In You, The Most Impressive Factor,
Your True Simplicity And Crystal Clear Character.
As Long As You Posess These Virtues Of Yours,
I Promise, I’ll Appreciate You Beyond All Doors,
I Don’t Want You To Get Sick Of Mine,
I Just Want You To Be One Of My Friends Fine.
You Rule My Life, My Dreams, Thoughts And Laughter,
I Yearn For You Like A Fish For Water.
You Are My Ideal, I,M Your Follower,
But For Your Vituperators, I’ll Be A Killer.
You Are My Strength, You Are My Power,
Upon You, The Fountain Of Feelings I’ll Shower.
I Promise You Truly, If Given A Chance,
I’ll Do Anything To Get Your Smiling Glance.
I Can’t Promise You The Moons And The Stars,
But For You, I’ll Fight Any Number Of Wars.
You, Of Course, Have Full Right To Reject Me,
But I’ll Always Consider You And Myself As We.
If Your Approach Is Negative And Grey,
I Promise, I’ll Never Cme In Your Way.
But If Yor Approach Is Positive And Green,
With Emotion And Devotion I’ll Paint The Scene.

In this world8217s market only empty wishes

In This World’s Market
Empty Wishes
Are Available
That Starts A Day
A Wrathful Silence
The Autumn Stillness
That Is
Followed By
Luckless Hours
Never Ends…………..
Seema Chowdhury

I sensed the death summoned so near

I Sensed The Death, Summoned So Near
So Near! Her Foot-Steps, One Could Hear
That Object, Which Was Meant To Pinch
Fell Back; And, Vital Spot Was Saved
She Came Abruptly, But Then Waved
As, Darted Shaft, Missed By An Inch
Prey Stumbled; But Stood-Back, In Fear
I Sensed The Death, Summoned So Near
God Saved The Princess, Infant-Sweet
Turned Normal Soon, Her Faint Heart-Beat
Death, Settled For A Quick Retreat
And, Every One Was Soon Upbeat
Bad Moments Passed; Omens Expired
Stepped Back To Gloom; Her Agent, Hired
Hell Broke On Him; And, He Was Fired
Princess In Pain, Got Hurt; Retired
Her Agent, Faced Disdainful Jeer
I Sensed The Death, Summoned So Near
I-‘m Happy Princess Has Survived
Her Child-Like Innocence: Revived
That-‘s Life! She Gets A Chance Again
We Might Witness, Her Dance Again
Birds, Are Now Singing: Once Again
Bells Are Now Ringing: Once Again
For Nature Every One Is Dear
I Sensed The Death: Summoned So Near

U came in my life as a

U Came In My Life As A Ray Of Light,
With Happiness U Made It Bright,
I Have Never Seen Anyone,
So Serene And Divine,
That-‘s Y I Always Cal U My -Å—miss Little Sunshine-

You have gone away but your eyes

You Have Gone Away
But Your Eyes Are Still There-Â…
Penetrating As
A River In Flood Eternally In Motion.
As The Perturbations Of The Mind,
As A Crinkled Impetuous Sea-Â…
They Relive The Wicked Pain
Among The Branches Of The Trees
Where Flows The Rain…
The Tears Fall Lightly
Clinging Themselves To The Emotion As
They Go Down Along The Rivulets Of The Eyes
And They Take Rest On The Lips
That Hardly Whisper A Word-Â…
Don’t Cry My Love,
Don’t Cry-Â…
I Will Give You My Dreams
Enclosed In The Silence

Without make up a purse size 6

Without Make- Up
Without A Purse
Without A Size 6 Waist
Without Fake And Manicured
Long Nails
Without Flawless Skin
Without Processed Hair
Without Dresses Or Skirts
Without Little Thighs
Without Arched Eyebrows
Without Pseudo Lashes
Without Thin Ankles
Without Average Breasts
Without Support
Without Contacts
Without Money
Without Flowing Appearance
Without Just One Meal A Day
With Boldness
With Sassiness
With Satiation
With Stubborn Ways
With Headstrong Antics
With Indecisiveness Displayments
You Still
Love Me For Me

F is for the funny things you

F  Is For The Funny Things You Say That Make Me Smile.
R Is For The Radiant Way You Light Up My Life.
I Is For The Intelligence That You Have Shown You Possess.
E Is For The Excellence You Strive For Each And Every Day .
N Is For The Nice Things You Say And Do.
D Is For The Daring Things That You Say Once In Awhile.
S Is For The Way You Selfishlessly Give Of Yourself.
H Is For Your Helping Way I Know I Can Count On.
I Is For The Interesting Things You Share With Me.
P Is For The Passion You Have For Life!

Exhausted from hurting i entered the woods

Exhausted From Hurting
I Entered
The Woods Of Empty Shadows
Idle Thoughts
Silent Hopes
Were Flowing In The Streams
Waiting To Be Discovered
By Soured Luck…..
There Things Were Growing Worse
Hour By Hour
Hurtful Memories To Be Collected
To Make It A Reality……..

24 sweet hours make 1 day 7

24 Sweet Hours Make 1 Sweet Day,
7 Sweet Days Make 1 Sweet Week,
4 To 5 Sweet Week Make 1 Sweet Month,
But 1 Sweet Person Like You Makes 1 Sweet Friend

You make 10 friends laugh with 9

You Make 10 Friends, Laugh With 9,
Meet 8 Of Them, Talk To 7,
Celebrate With 6, Share Secrets With 5,
Trust 4, Cry With 3,
Take Help Of 2,But Never Forget 1 Like Mev

You8217re my best friend and true love

You’re My Best Friend And True Love,
It’s Almost Like You Were Sent From Up Above.
You’re Like An Angel Sent To Lend Me A Helping Hand,
And My Happiness In Return Is All You Demand.

My Only Wish Is That I Can Be Yours In Return,
But I’m Afraid That I Might Have A Lot To Learn.
Love Has Been Said To Bring Out The Best And The Worst,
But I Can Only Find Out If I Jump In Head First.
Falling In Love Is Not Something I Expected To Do,
But I Am Glad I Fell For You.
You Have Taught Me To Love And Taught Me To Give,
But Most Importantly You Have Taught Me How To Live.
So Remember My Words For As Long As I Live,
And My Love To You I Will Continue To Give.
It Seems As Though You Help To Bring Out The Best,
And Help Me To Just Overlook All The Rest.
I Hope That Someday I Can Do The Same For You,
But Until Then All I Do Is Continue To Be In Love With You.

Lips does not join when we say

Lips Does Not Join When We Say “Love”
This Is Sign Of Distance… But Lips Join
When We Say Friendship…
It Is The Sign Of Togetherness….

Your image in my brain very photogenic

Your Image
In My Brain
Very Photogenic,
To Go On
Inspire Me
Like Herbal Tonic.

It Is Not Fair
With My Heart
To Play,
Time Will Come
You Must Turn
To Clay.
You Are My
Very Favorite
A Plus,
But Can Not

Mountains into molehills melt as steps towards

Mountains Into Molehills Melt
As Steps Towards Enlightened Dream,
Unclear At First, May Later Seem
Drawn Up By Fate. Emotions Felt,
Empowerment With Cards Well Dealt,
Contrary Winds Disperse, Joy’s Beam
May Filter Through Black Walls, Blocked Scheme,
And Blows Aimed Low Below The Belt.
Unfair Conditions In Die Welt
Delight Defuses, Hope On Stream
Ends Anguish, Loss Of Self-Esteem,
Comfort Challenged, Doubts Indwelt.
Muse’s Music, Meditation May
Create Conditions To Defeat Dismay.
More Than Before She Finds Felicity
At Hand, Within, Without, Without A Doubt.
Unfortunate Conditions Round About
Divert Attention From Her Need To Key
Emotions Into Opportunity,
Coaslescing Energy To Flout
Man Made Blocks, Internal Locks, Whose Rout
Appears Essential For Heart’s Harmony.
Unperturbed, Frustration Fought, She
Defeats Dismay, Demands Free Flight. Love’s Drought
Ends Offering Expansion, Joy Throughout.
Coincidence Coins Serendipity.
Meaning, Which Below Horizon Hid,
Comes Clear: Fears, Tears, Fade, Open Inner Lid!

In the hangar lingering about going away

In The Hangar, Lingering About,
Going Away To Fight The Good Fight,
Lovers Embracing Each Other Ever So Tight,
Relatives Savoring A Loved One’s Last Sight.
The Sound Of Mourning And Encouragement Echo About,
Husbands Telling Wives, ‘I’ll Only Be Gone For A While,
So Don’t Let Yourself Lose Your Wonderful Smile.’
Fathers Kneeling Down To Kiss Young ‘Uns Goodbye,
Saying, ‘Daddy’ll Be Fine, Don’t You Cry.’
All Saying, ‘I’m Only Going Away For A Little While,
It’s Just My Time To Run That Long Mile.’
Standing Together, Holding Each Other Tight,
As Those Fathers, Those Husbands Go Off To Fight Their One Last Fight.
A Man And His Kids, A Father And His Children,
A Man And A Woman, A Husband And His Wife,
All Weeping, As He’s Going To A Place Where He Could Lose His Life.
Soon To Be A World Apart, Stitched Together By The Sky,
Knowing That This May Be The Very Last Time That They See Each Other Cry.
Hearts Searing As They’re Called Off To War,
Separation Can They Bear No More,
Yet, They Know What They’re Waiting For.
As Time Goes By, Those Lovers Do Their Wait,
The Absence Of Touch And Sight, They So Ferociously Hate.
As Time Goes By, The Families Impatiently Wait,
Yearning The Day When Their Loved Ones Will Walk Back Through The Gate.
Letters And Emails Go Back And Forth,
The Sentiment They Carry Beyond Words’ Worth,
Some Carry Pictures, To Husband From Wife,
Some Naughty, Some Nice.
Others Words Of Woe And Love,
Inducing Happiness And Pain, Love’s Ultimate Price.
Hearing Stories Of Inhumanity And Frustration,
Families Listening As The Men Speak Of Their Hope Of Returning To Their Beloved Nation.
Often Waiting By The Phone, Wondering If It Will Sing Any Time Soon,
Wives More Intense, Waiting For Their Husband’s Sweet Tune.
Watching The News Every Day,
Crying Everytime The Number Of Dead Appear,
The Only Thing They’re Able To Do Is Pray,
Looking Out Windows, Watching Sulken Uniforms Knock On Grief’s Door,
As They Sadly Deliver News Of How He Passed And What For.
Doing Their Best To Comfort The Disbelieving Wife,
And The Young ‘Uns Watch, Not Understanding That Their Father Lost His Life.
And When The Day Arrives,
That The Nation Welcomes Back Those Who Survived,
Crying Can Again Be Heard,
Only Not Of Sadness But Of Joy And The Unspoken Word,
For Those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, And Marines Can Again Father Their Children,
For Those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, And Marines Can Again Love Their Wives,
For Those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, And Marines Can Now Again Live Their Lives