English Poetry Collection

My lost love sighs and turns his

My Lost Love My Lost Love Sighs And Turns His Head Away. His Soft Form Hides, In Sleep Forgets His Day. When My Breath

The sun is no more as the

The sun is no more, as the clouds start to show; The heat gets cut, when the water starts to pour; The dark hard

If i could see the world in

If I Could See The World In A Different Way Here’s What I Would Do I Would Cast Away My Flesh And Bones For

Come hold my hand and let me

Come: Hold My Hand And, Let Me Live I-‘m Dying: Touch Intimately Don-‘t Hesitate; And, Get Mately My Want For You, Has Grown Greatly

If only i had seen before in

If Only I Had Seen Before, In Ur Heart,So Cud Have Understand How Mean You Are When We Met You Looked So Innocent Did

Cold so cold and empty empty lost

Cold. So Cold And Empty, So Empty And Lost, So Alone And Confused, So Tortured And Used, Ripped To Shreads And Thrown Away, Cold

On valentines day the day of affection

On Valentine-‘s Day, The Day Of Affection, My Thoughts Naturally Turn In Your Direction. I Think Of Many Things, Big And Small That You-‘ve

A bright and sunny day in the

A Bright And Sunny Day In The Winter It Makes One Happy To Be Alive A Nice Day To Go Out The Country If

Love is so peculier a thing that

Love Is So Peculier A Thing That I Haven’t Seen U But From Head To Toe I Just Fell For U I Know That

I want to fulfill them today in

I Want To Fulfill Them Today In The Depth Of My Heart There Are So Many Desires For Today My Patience Is In Fire!

Life is full of choices for us

Life Is Full Of Choices, For Us To Choose, But Sometimes Our Voices, Say The Wrong Things, And We Lose! To Take One Path,

Nobody can stop the thunderstorm in my

Nobody Can Stop The Thunderstorm In My Heart Only Time Will Help

Relationships are like knots they must remain

Relationships Are Like Knots. They Must Remain Loose, Though Intricate; To Allow Smooth Ventilation Through Forthright Communication. For If They Get Too Tense, They

Kiss me and hug my husband i

Kiss Me And Hug Me My Husband I Will Give You A Clean Shirt In The Morning I Never Saw A Man So Dead

Dawn here i am so early again

Dawn Here I Am So Early Again Talking To Myself Desire Has Invaded Me And Love Is Here To Stay And When Possessed By

When a rose8217s tears may shed thay

When A Rose’s Tears May Shed Thay Almost Seem Internal. They Go On And On Until They Finally Love. They Will Cry Until They

Just too much stuff that is

Just Too Much Stuff! ! ! That Is My First Thought, I’d Hoped To Find An Easier Way, The Boxes In First And Then

U dont know how much i love

U Dont Know How Much I Love U U Dont Know How Much I Adore U U Dont Know How Much I Miss U

When we were kids couldn8217t wait to

When We Were Kids We Couldn’t Wait To Grow Up N Fall In Luv Now That We Are Grown Up We Realise That Wounded

An old man traveling a lone highway

An Old Man Traveling A Lone Highway, Came In The Evening Cold And Grey, To A Chasm That Was Vast And Deep And Wide.

All my love i give to you

All My Love I Give To You My Hopes And Dreams To Share I Want To Fulfill All Ur Desires And Show You A

A blessing of beauty unsurpassed our friendship8217s

A Blessing Of Beauty Unsurpassed, Our Friendship’s A Flower That Will Always Last.

Burning deeply my love comes true head

Burning Deeply, My Love Comes True. Head Filled With Thoughts, Of Me And You. The Stars At Night, Whisper ‘Meant To Be.’ I Cant

Little dreams our very own dreams little

-Ë—little-‘, -Ë—dreams-Â…-‘, Our Very Own Dreams-Â…, -Ë—little Dreams Of Our Own-Â…-‘, -Ë—would Make Life Wonderful-‘, -Ë—had We To Be Compassionate And Be N Control-Â…-‘,

My greek pride i will not hide

My Greek Pride I Will Not Hide My Greek Race I Will Not Disgrac My Greek People Will Always Stand By Through Thick And

Remember me was the last thing you

Remember Me Was The Last Thing You Said In The Final Letter Of Yours That I Read It Was Like You Were Saying You

She8217s sitting alone eyes in a daze

She’s sitting alone, eyes in a daze Her life a map of confusion, her world like a maze She holds her head high and

Well she is in the music room

Well, She Is In The Music Room Singing The Anne Murray Songs As I Make My Poems For The Day Writing About Anne Murray

When you said those effin8217 painful words

When You Said Those Effin’ Painful Words That Came Out Of Your Mouth, I Knew I Effin’ Had To Move On.So, I Effin’ Built

I seek my friend philosophers stone one

I Seek My Friend My Philosopher-‘s Stone One That Turns All Things Into Gold If My Friend I Would Have Had It Perfect Place

I dream of you in the stillness

I Dream Of You In The Stillness Of The Night Your Arms Are The Wind Holding Me Tight Whispering Softly Calling My Name It’s

And i wondered as watched the old

And I Wondered As I Watched The Old Man-‘s Genuflection. He In His Late Eighties Me, Full-Throttle To The Half-Ton Could Either Of Us

Sliced bread whole wheat and toasted buttered

Sliced Bread… Whole Wheat And Toasted. Buttered With Jam, And Munched. Either With Tea, Punch… Or Just Plain Water For Lunch! Sliced Bread… With

I will never regret that meeted you

I Will Never Regret That I Meeted You I Will Never Regret That I Talked With You I Will Never Regret That I Liked

Without you how can i live live

Without You, How Can I Live, How Can I Live Without You, The Nights Seems As Long As Ages, The Days Seem As Long

My soul was so sad because of

My Soul Was So Sad Because Of A Woman My Soul Was So Sad It Could Not Be Consoled My Heart Was So Sad

You are my destiny love aishwarya deepika

You Are My Destiny You Are My Love You Are My Aishwarya, You Are My Deepika Whether I Am Living In Cardiff Or In

True love never complains or begrudges it

True Love Never Complains Or Begrudges It Only Appreciate Each Action And Step Taking By Its Host It Thinks Of Perfection Where There Was

Apples of eyes like all fruit rot

Apples Of Eyes, Like All Fruit, Rot, And You Have, My Dear, I’m Sorry To Say. Whereas Once You Struck Me Dumb With Your

A poem is just poem pie pie

A Poem Is Just A Poem. Pie Is Just Pie. A Hart Is Just A Hart. But Death Is A New Thing. It Makes

Mellowing down with age you are ripe

Mellowing Down With Age You Are Ripe For This Surprise You Prefer Now A Boat Docked On The Shore You Like The Hammock Made

A conservative way always right drill here

A: Conservative Way Always Right. Drill Here, Drill Now! Prices Will Go Down. B: What A Fool Believes: Burn Corn For Fuel. Liberal Money

Attractions fragrant valleys for you will be

Attractions Fragrant Valleys… For You Will Be Fatal… To You Threatens Chronic Dizzinesses, And It Too Even Is Dangerous… Especially For Similar To You…

A lot of northern soul hes loveable

A Lot Of Northern Soul He-‘s A Loveable Rogue, With A Northern Brogue, With All The Lasses He Act-‘s So Bold, But Deep Down

After you8217ve left i feel no meaning

After You’ve Left I Feel No Meaning In Life. Before You Left Everything Was Exciting. Couldn’t Wait To Get Up In The Morning But

It is admirable however isn8217t a bit

It Is Admirable! However… Isn’t It A Bit Too Late, To Take Measures To Clean Up An Atmosphere… Already Polluted, By Those Who Have

I feel a twinkle in my eye

I Feel A Twinkle In My Eye A Feeling Of Despair So Much There Is Ah! So Much To Share In This Almighty World

I wish so much you wouldn8217t cry

I Wish So Much You Wouldn’t Cry The Way You Did Today, While Thinking Of The Many Things, We Didn’t Get To Say.

Every heart whispers you messages for might

Every Heart Whispers You Messages For You Might Hear, Think Of The Hearts That You Know Of, Also The Ones That Are Yours, Let

You forgive me for liking too much

You Forgive Me For Liking You Too Much And I’ll Forgive You For Not Liking Me Enough. You Forgive Me For Missing You So

Lovethe tranquil beauty that emerges from the

Love…The Tranquil Beauty That Emerges From The Light Of The Morning Sun Masking Indifferences And Melting Two Hearts Into One.

A day never goes by without thoughts

A Day Never Goes By Without Thoughts Of You Going Through My Mind. I Think Of How Wonderful Life Is With You In It,

I would do anything for love thats

I Would Do Anything For Love That-‘s Whet You Said To Me.. And That-‘s What I Believed You Would Do. I Would Do Anything

Perhaps we are pale metaphors of an

Perhaps We Are Pale Metaphors Of An Idealized Dream Long Jettisoned The Difference Between Extinction And Survival

Poetry came when we wanted it to

Poetry Came When We Wanted It To Paint Beautiful Images Trying To Keep Away From Ideas, But We Go Back To Them As To

In this rush of wind i have

In This Rush Of Wind I Have Lost So Much About Which Only And Only My Heart Knows………….. I Don’t Think Its Fair Why

Over the hills on rocks in sea

Over The Hills On The Rocks In The Sea Two Little Words “Remember Me” Loving Someone Is Not A Crime, Everyone Does It All

Those wishy washy wusses don8217t impress limped

Those wishy washy wusses don’t impress. Limped wrists wimps… With nothing more than their pretentions, To address. Double talkers who aren’t direct. And using

Love has turned in to a dream

Love Has Turned In To A Dream That Will Never Be Realized I-‘m Drowning In The Estuary Of My Own Tears-Â… Desire To Live

Why do i want to cry every

Why Do I Want To Cry Every Time You Look Into My Eyes? Why Does It Hurt Every Time I Delay The Tempting Kiss

Love look at d moon sumwhere i

Love! Look At D Moon, Sumwhere I M Looking For You, Sharing A Sea Of Emotions, A River Of Ever Flowing Feelings, Thro’ D

You are the bravest man ive ever

You Are The Bravest Man I-‘ve Ever Met You Unreluctant At Treacherous Ledge You Are The Sexiest Man I-‘ve Ever Been With You, Never

You beat me again i8217m not so

You Beat Me Again! I’m Not So Fast Anymore The Prize? Death’s Demise

My daughter abigail when she was five

My Daughter Abigail, When She Was Five, Said That When She Was Older I Would Probably Be Dead But That It Didn’t Matter Because

How can i begin to explain what

How Can I Begin To Explain What My Heart Wants You To Know I Stumble Over My Words And Can’t Express It Even Though,

If u can live the life that

If U Can Live The Life That U Believe In You Will Have Everything You Need To Reach Your Dream Just Look Into Your

I have lived a life full of

I Have Lived A Life Full Of Disappointments, They Make That Stronger Part Of Me. I Walked In Blindness Of Anothers Folly, Opened My

The shortes world that know i truth

The Shortes World That Know “I” The Truth Which Is In World Is “Love” The Persom Whom I Never Forgat Is “You”

An angelic face a delicate grace had

An Angelic Face A Delicate Grace Had She A Familiar Place Something Out Of Place Must See Leaving A Faint Trace Of Love’s Healing

There are so many things happening these

There Are So Many Things Happening These Days. Wars, Human Suffering, Anguish, Loss, Hopelessness; All Good Reasons To Be Resigned To The Depravity And

You don8217t understand me and probably never

You Don’t Understand Me And You Probably Never Will I Got A Tendency To Self Destruct And A Soft Spot, For The Filth A

The thought of you and i cringe

The Thought Of You And I Cringe With An Abstract Delight Of Lost Feelings The Touch Of You And I Crave You And Your

In your cave there is no sun

In Your Cave There Is No Sun Man-Made Or Superficial Or Whatever And So Darkness Reigns Complete Darkness And When He Mentions About Shadows

I write this in the clouds to

I Write This In The Clouds To Be Read By All Person In This World Aloud To Fallen Angels Of Iraq, We Salute You

After being well regaled pretty much all day

After Being Well-Regaled Pretty Much All Day I Called My Dad For Just Five Minutes And He Impressed Me With The Significance Of The

Our family might be different than others

Our Family Might Be Different Than Others… You Are Younger And I Am Older… I Have Two Children, You’ve Had None… I Go To

I agree it hurts a lot when

I Agree It Hurts A Lot When Trust Is Betrayed Breaks It Does The Innocence One Desired To Keep As This World Is Of

This is what my heart says dedicated

This Is What My Heart Says-Â… Dedicated To Some One Special-Â… If I Were Your Tears-Â… I Wish I Would Never Be Born Coz

Fear stalks me when i feel most

Fear Stalks Me When I Feel Most Alone And Vulnerable In Life. Loneliness Taps Icy Fingers; Waiting Patiently At The Door Relishing Her Triumphant

Brother you beatting yourself up to bad

Brother You Beatting Yourself Up To Bad So What You Doing Yo She Dont Like You Get Over It You Cant Talk To Her

Jo mountwinter was a good friend of

Jo Mountwinter Was A Good Friend Of Nature And With Nature Now She Forever Lay With A Strong Sense Of A Fair Go For

Cross the oceans for that single smile

Cross The Oceans, For That Single Smile, Sacrifice Duty To Your Self, For A Love You Think You Have But Have Never Fully Owned

For her from now i8217ll never feel

For Her From Now I’ll Never Feel The Same Her Sexy Smile Her Voice So Warm And Soft Her Eyes Were Sparkling When To

Could i have been a warden patrolling

Could I Have Been A Warden? Patrolling Yellow Lines Looking For The Wrongly Parked And Handing Out Big Fines I-‘d Find Myself So Hated

I am the son heir of a

I Am The Son, I Am The Heir Of A Shyness That Is Criminally Vulgar I Am The Sond I Am The Heir Of

Although we no longer speak and many

Although We No Longer Speak, And Many Months Have Drifted, I Still Remember Every Part Of You, Your Hands, Your Face, Your Smile, They

I give you the one and only

I Give You The One And Only Thing I Can Truly Give As Mine To Yours I Give You My Heart Warm Loveing Yours

I was thinking of writing a letter

I Was Thinking Of Writing A Letter Still I Pause Once Again I Thought About It For Days Could My Words Clearly Explain Pondering

Your beauty burns like a wild fire

Your Beauty Burns Like A Wild Fire, Like One In A Forest It Burns Its Path. My Heart Burns Away At Your Frozen Desire,

I have often divided my lunch with

I Have Often Divided My Lunch With Her. She Knows All Of My Dreams, My Ambitions, My Dark Days-Â… Often However I Don’t Really

Violet are blue roses red sky arent

Violet Are Blue, Roses Are Red, Sky Aren-‘t Blue Enough So As The Ocean Though, Keep My Eyes Starring The Air, But You Are

One thought that because the other listened

One Thought That Because The Other Listened She Did With What She Heard Agree As If The Polluted Rivers Were In Accord.. With The

He carries a gun loaded with guilt

He Carries A Gun Loaded With Guilt, She Pulls The Trigger, He Answers. You Should Call Sometime Before I-‘m Dead, Eaten Alive By Genetic

When one is lonely the days are

When One Is Lonely The Days Are Long You Seems So Near But Never Appear Each Night I Sing You A Love Song Please

Tears fall upon my satin pillow as

Tears Fall Upon My Satin Pillow As I Listen To The Pouring Rain-Â… Descending On My Crying Heart Downward Upon My Windowpane The Picture

Loving can be a matter of senses

Loving Can Be A Matter Of Senses To Know How To Love Is Joy Of The Heart That Looks Above All For Pleasures This

Once upon a time i came across

Once Upon A Time I Came Across An Angel With A Bright Face, I Asked Her Name And She Said Call Me A Friend.

To realize the value of a sister

To Realize The Value Of A Sister Ask Someone Who Doesn’t Have One To Realize The Value Of Ten Years Ask A Newly Divorced

Lyrics and music by arber krasniqi youre

Lyrics And Music By: Arber Krasniqi You-‘re Looking Good My Darling, A Beautiful Young Girl I See That You-‘re Leaving Gonna Leave Me All