English Poetry Collection

What is it that makes me love

What Is It That Makes Me Love You? Makes Me Adore The Person You Are And All You Have Been To Me For Such

You hold on tight with all your

You Hold On Tight Hold On With All Your Might, My Heart Escapes My Body, And You Reach Down To Pick It Up. I

I want to experience your warm body

I Want To Experience Your Warm Body Next To Mine. I Want To Feel Your Soft Breasts Pressing Against My Chest I Want To

Consciously we shall never witness silence the

Consciously We Shall Never Witness Silence; The Sounds Of Life Shall Continue To Resonate In Our Ears Until Death. Even The Steady Rate Of

Forget mind games and immature antics let

Forget Mind Games And Immature Antics Let Me Know What’s Inside Of Your Heart Dont Close Up On Me Like A Clam Seeping Its

My sighs not yet sacrificed for his

My Sighs, Not Yet Sacrificed For His Desires… My Sighs, Not Yet Yearned For A Figurative Wish…

The innocence in my watery eyes fear

The Innocence In My Watery Eyes The Fear That Is Burried Inside The Darkness That Conquers My Smile Making An Inch A Hundred Mile

I kno that im a jerk sometimes

I Kno That Im A Jerk Sometimes, But Guys Tend To Be Like That And Im Really Sorry. I Love You So Much And

Be someone with broad smile try to

Be Someone With Broad Smile Try To Be Happy All The While When Things In Wrong Dont Get Blue Just Smile And Say “Priyanka”

I don8217t know how it came to

I don’t know how it came to be That I love someone like you I know you’re out of reality But my love for

When you roll a joint out of

When You Roll A Joint Out Of My Heart And Smile Like Tears That Are Ready To Faint When Held In The Palm Know

A vision upon the fairy queen methought

A Vision Upon The Fairy Queen Methought I Saw The Grave Where Laura Lay, Within That Temple Where The Vestal Flame Was Wont To

She lived among the ways of few

She Lived Among The Ways Of Few Beside The Hills Of Green And Waited In Her Natured Hue As The Wind Flirted With The

Lets make our hands cummerbunds while we

Let-‘s Make Our Hands: Our Cummerbunds! While, We Were Passing On The Road; It Was Not Dark; -‘twas Day-—light Broad! We Met; And, Were

Whenever i think of something you just

Whenever I Think Of Something You Just Occupy My Mind Your Smile Makes Me Glow Your Tears Make Be Blind Your Lips Are Like

When the time comes to say goodbye

When The Time Comes To Say Goodbye Do You Ever Wonder? How Many Will Be There To Cry? When Contemplating The Life You Lived

It came to a head last sunday

It Came To A Head Last Sunday, For Years Buying The Sunday Mail Was A Treat From Me To The Spouse Who Complained Living

I feel the touch of your hands

I Feel The Touch Of Your Hands Caressing My Body, The Warmth Of Your Lips Kissing Me Tenderly And Slowly. The Passion Within Each

You8217ll never get over someone you8217ve lost

You’ll never get over someone you’ve lost, But you’ve got to move on at any cost. And even though your relationship is at end,

I know this girl who got pregnant

I Know This Girl, Who Got Pregnant At Thee Age Of Four-Teen. When She Told Her Boy Friend, He Said, What Do You Mean?

Is the pleasure worth all pain count

Is the pleasure worth all the pain? Count them up and see what you gain. Nothing more, but much less. Try it again, next

Sipping cups of tea talking quiet friendly

Sipping Cups Of Tea Talking Quiet Friendly You Made Me Open The Sluices Of My Silence And Now I Wonder- Do I Echo Your

As you lay down beside me my

As You Lay Down Beside Me. My Depress Become Hopes, My Fear Becomes Dreams, What Were Pains, Become Pleasures. What Didn’t Exist Before… Realities..

Only at night i have the courage

Only At Night I Have The Courage To Dream Of You. I Look At The Sky And I Think That You Are Also Doing

Loving is not how u forget but

Loving Is Not How U Forget But How U Forgive Not How U Listen But How U Understand Not What U See But How

We will rid these streets of those

We Will Rid These Streets Of Those That Do Not Conform. Return Normality, Without Formality. Dampen Unacceptable Frivolity, And ‘Show You The Door’ That

We never intended it to go this

We Never Intended It To Go This Far We Never Were Seeking Love Or Even Romance We Never Dreamed This Would Happen To Us

Originality is hard to find be yourself

Originality Is Hard To Find Be Yourself? Are You Out Of Your Mind? Why Do People Have To Follow Crowds No Matter What Or

Trapped in my thoughts that i want

Trapped In My Thoughts That I Want To Escape. Please Help Me Gain My Life Back These Evil Hands Have Such A Tight Grasp

Day after life goes on not knowing

Day After Day Life Goes On Not Knowing What Lies Ahead Not Knowing Is What Terrifies Us The Most I Wish I Knew I

And so she looks at an old

And So She Looks At An Old Picture Again Telling Me That Whatever It Was There Is Nothing Anymore Love Is Gone Not Even

Tantalizing thrills i seek from unfulfilled reality

Tantalizing Thrills I Seek From Unfulfilled Reality Trying To Escape This Silly Dream That Keeps Me Foolish And Gullible At The Same Time You

The beautiful sun was setting around murky

The Beautiful Sun Was Setting Around, The Murky Water Was Making A Gentle Sound. As You And I Walked On The Beach, Hand In

Look out the darkness follows haunting us

Look Out, The Darkness Follows Haunting Us From The Inside All Over Our Body Chills. Look Out, The Light Disappears Leaving Us To Death

Shadows can be scary but mostly at

Shadows Can Be Scary, But Mostly At Night. But Even Scarier When Taken To Fright. Shadows Can Hold Many Things… Secrets, Stories, And The

I shall born thousand times for your

I Shall Born Thousand Times For Your Love, My Darling I Shall Conquer My Death Because I Am In Love With You. You Will

Trivial manipulations harvested to manifest quick solutions

Trivial Manipulations, Harvested To Manifest Quick Solutions… With The Same Recipe And Ingredients Involved, Has Ceased To Make Sense! At Least For Those In

Many more will find it easier to

Many More Will Find It Easier, To Hop Off The Fence. Once They Have Convinced Themselves… That Sitting On It, Makes Little Sense. That

So many things have changed and our

So many things have changed, And our group is now torn apart. Friendships have ended, Over a change of heart. My trust in you

My soul is troubled heart in pain

My Soul Is Troubled My Heart In Pain I Know I Write This Too In Vain Oft I Have Met With Disillusioment And In

Gone are the days when i used

Gone Are The Days! When I Used To Hold U In My Arms, Keeping U Safe From Harm, When We Used To Sit Together,

Today she buys a rotten apple says

Today She Buys A Rotten Apple She Says It Is Hard For Her To Notice The Market Is Crowded And She Is In A

I may be far 4 a minute

I May Be Far 4 A Minute 4 A Hour 4 A Day 4 A Month But I Will Always Be There 4 U

I don8217t know when i8217ll see you

I Don’t Know When I’ll See You Next, But I Am Refusing To Lose Faith. I Know We Can Make It Through This And

Who says is not does schemes never

Who Says Is Is Not Who Does Is Who Schemes Never Realizes Dreams Who Knows The Voice Grows Listen To Be Heard All Else

I walked along the grey sidewalk covered

I Walked Along The Grey Sidewalk Covered In Grey Snow That Fell From A Grey Sky And I Needed To See Color Again I

Looking out for what dont know hard

Looking Out For What Don-‘t Know Hard To Figure Out But Something Is There Though Suffocation Everywhere Dark Clouds Everywhere I Hear Sad Sounds

I know it seems that you have

I Know It Seems That You Have Failed, Your Dreams In Ashes Lay But He Can Give You Brand New Dreams If You Can

Roses are red violets blue still countin8217

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue.. Still Countin’ Duh Days Till Ii Finally See Yooh!! Days Are So Long, Time Is So Slow, Yet

You are my sun shine over me

You Are My Sun You Shine Over Me You Warm Me But I Can’t Touch You! You Are So Far Out I Am A

I wanna die and so bad leave

I Wanna Die And Die So Bad Wanna Leave No Trace Of Me Stab Or Hang Myself To Death For Once Just Wana Be

I love your beautiful smile which always

I Love Your Beautiful Smile Which Always Made Me Feel So Nice But I’ll Never Let You Know I Love Your Soothing Voice Which

When i was young use to walk

When I Was Young I Use To Walk To Church But The Road Never Seemed So Long. I Tried It Sunday, Was Just This

I cast the runes then carefully consider

I Cast The Runes: Then Carefully Consider What They Signify The Different Patterns I Can See. I Can-‘t Be Sure But I Can Try.

As he stands there behind you wearing

As He Stands There Behind You Wearing Nothing But Jeans And A T-Shirt You Could Not Possibly Understand All The Pain That He Has

My dog with leash in mouth woke

My Dog With Leash In Mouth, Woke Me From My Deepest Sleep. His Dark Brown Eyes Spoke Volumes, Although He Did Not Speak. I

A future written on piece of paper

A Future Written On A Piece Of Paper A Past Hidden In A Photo Album. The Present At The End Of A Path, So

So many paths had led back to

So Many Paths Had Led Back To Memory Lane Here My Mind Travelled To The Places Again Stored Here In My Mind Memories I

Attractions fragrant valleys for you will be

Attractions Fragrant Valleys… For You Will Be Fatal… To You Threatens Chronic Dizzinesses, And It Too Even Is Dangerous… Especially For Similar To You…

Under my arms was a heavy gush

Under My Arms Was A Heavy Gush Of Air Pushing My Limits To The Gravity Of Lust Kicking Myself And Entering Enigma The Fusion

As a child lays in bed her

As A Child Lays In Bed Her Innocence Still Intact. A Man Comes In And Now She’ll Never Have It Back. In The Place

A lull before the storm the aftermath

A lull before the storm, The aftermath of cries.. Fear of loosing your beloved.. The pain of good byes.. The innocent hungry eyes, Starving

I used to be clever but present

I Used To Be Clever, But Present Circumstances, Contradict My Assumption, That This Was Ever The Case, But Like My Dad Always Said, It

Love is not blind it sees

Love Is Not Blind – It Sees More And Not Less, But Because It Sees More It Is Willing To See Less. To The

I would kiss you all day and

I Would Kiss You All Day And All Night To Show You How Much I Love You, You Are My Dreams My Wildest Desires

Having all these mixed feelings deciding if

Having All These Mixed Feelings Deciding If I Want One Or The Other My Love Is Not So Strong It Is Nothing Like A

Your lips eyes soul are like a

Your Lips, Your Eyes, Your Soul, Are Like A Work Of Art, The Most Creative Thing Of All Is Your Beautiful Heart. If You

There are so many things happening these

There Are So Many Things Happening These Days. Wars, Human Suffering, Anguish, Loss, Hopelessness; All Good Reasons To Be Resigned To The Depravity And

Somewhere i had lost it and i8217m

Somewhere I Had Lost It And I’m Really Not Sure How I Didn’t Even Know It At Least Not Til Now Then You Came

The music lilts five notes butterflies

The Music Lilts Five Notes – Butterflies Utter A Gyre Brims Tears Over Flowers Rim An Empty Shed Twinkles – Birds Peer At The

You have no idea how forced i

You Have No Idea, How Forced I Feel, My Heart Is Breaking, From My Obligation, My Mind Is Wasted, And Filled With Sad Thoughts,

Discovery of life i have wandered alone

Discovery Of Life I Have Wandered Alone In The Paths, Like Butterflies In The Garden, Like Light In The Darkness, Like Distance Among Ours,

Little girl in her room filled with

Little Girl, In Her Room. Filled With Sadness, And Filled With Gloom. Depressed Face, An Angry Stare. Only Wishing, She Wasnt There. Better Places,

Sun is setting melting into the sea

Sun Is Setting Melting Into The Sea My Heart Is Beating Every Beat Calling Only Thee

You take my breath away every time

You Take My Breath Away Every Time I See You You Make Me Nervous You Make Me Feel Safe You Make Me The Person

I saw my friend in the rain

I Saw My Friend In The Rain Standing Next To Each Other But Still Next To Each Other Wanted To Say Something To Each

Theres is a book that we all

Theres Is A Book That We All Read. In Our Prayers And In Our Dreams. Its In Our Thoughts And In Our Minds. And

He was better received when perceived a

He Was Better Received When Perceived A Joke. You Know… Those Kinds Of Folks Made To Look Like Fools, To The Locals In Small

I8217m falling apart fading away the sadness

I’m Falling Apart, I’m Fading Away, The Sadness In My Eyes, Do I Really Deserve This Pain?

As i patiently wait it hurts to

As I Patiently Wait It Hurts To Know How Long It Will Take But Im In Awe Knowing It Won’t Take Long As I

When a man has no drive he

When A Man Has No Drive, He Is Nothing. An Eye Soar That Doesn’t Care About Anything. Maybe This Man Is Defaulted To Fail.

La chose plus profonde est peau paul

La Chose La Plus Profonde Est La Peau Paul ValƒÂ©ry Muchacha Ebria, De Pechos Azules, Y Tacones Ruidosamente Altos EclƒÂ­psate En Mis Brazos Decora

I hate when your mad sad love

I Hate When Your Mad I Hate When Your Sad I Love When We’re Alone I Love When We Talk On The Phone I

Open your door when you are alone

Open Your Door When You Are Alone, Open Your Heart When You Feel Sad But Dont Open Your Hand When You Need A Friend,

Behind the volted fences gates and walls

Behind The Volted Fences, The Gates And Walls Of Stone, Behind The Guarded Towers Where All Our Men Have Gone, Where All Our Men

How pretty is the night8217s shining moon

How Pretty Is The Night’s Shining Moon, We See While Spending Our Time Near A Blue Lagoon. The Night Breeze’s For Us Like A

My poor computers on the blink gonna

My Poor Computers On The Blink Gonna Need A New One Soon I Think The Harddrives Driving Me Insane No Sooner Up It’s Down

Baby let your voice cover my ears

Baby Let Your Voice Cover My Ears.. Baby Stay Close Don’t Go Away No Please.. You’re The Air I Breathe One Touch Of Your

Give me some time to live with

Give Me Some Time To Live, With The Possibility Of Oscillating Between Temporal And Spiritual Feel. I Have Already Exhausted My Age Behind The

Slices of rice diced and split we

Slices Of Rice Diced And Split! We Slather And Mass Love And Everything Else! We Walk Alone In Thought And Wonder To What We’ll

Don8217t ever judge a book by its

Don’t Ever Judge A Book By Its Cover, Because Only The Good Things You Look For Are In The Index, But What You Skim

Should i hold on wait give up

Should I Hold On?? Should I Wait?? Should I Give Up?? Should I Move On?? There Are So Many Questions In My Mind And

Nothing can be recognized in illness excerpt

Nothing Can Be Recognized In Illness Excerpt The Sin Of Heaven Which Took Itself To Poetry. In Dark Sunday Of Afternoon Delight Poison Perfume

I have seen the power of your

I Have Seen The Power Of Your Poems Those That Make The Blind See The Mute Finally Speaking About Beauty The Deaf Hearing The

Watch out for cupids ambitious arrow hell

Watch Out For Cupid-‘s Ambitious Arrow He-‘ll Be Most Persistent This Year! He-‘s Flying About Delivering Love And His Mission Is Quite Sincere. Do

My heart will never be the same

My Heart Will Never Be The Same, Twisted And Torn And Put Through So Much Pain. It Now Beats To Keep Me Alive –

The dreams dreams black and white which

The Dreams, The Dreams, The Dreams Black And White. The Dreams, The Dreams, Which Never Keeps Quite. The Dreams Of Love, The Dreams Of

That spider on the wall is rather

That Spider On The Wall Is Rather Large And Hairy – The Thought Of It Falling On My Bed Is Really Rather Scary! I

Old squares of thought lie open to

Old Squares Of Thought Lie Open To Sky Composed Of Dreams And Brave Intention; Live On Alone Here Nestling In Stones Intruding Tenderly In