English Poetry Collection

If my tears could talk what would

If My Tears Could Talk, What Would They Display? Thousands Of Words, Not Difficult To Say.

Love not one two d one who

Love Not One, Love Not Two, Love D One Who Loves U True Love Not Three, Love Not Four, Love D One Who Loves

Wind blows with a breeze to show

Wind Blows With A Breeze To Show Its Strength Since Strength Is With Force Pulls Which Does All That Was To Be Held Since

My mind is a sanctuary for stray

My Mind Is A Sanctuary For Stray Thoughts That Nobody Else Wants They Would Be Out In The Cold, Wandering, If It Wasn’t For

So many feelings in such little time

So Many Feelings In Such Little Time Dont Wanna Get Hurt So Imma Just Take It Slow But It’s Hard To Act Like I

I would wish to be ur tear

I Would Wish To Be Ur Tear To Be Born So I Can Born In Your Eyes And Die On Your Lips But If

If tears made a sound would they

If Tears Made A Sound, Would They Speak The Truth? Would Love-‘s Tears Whisper Sweet Melodies? Or Mother-‘s Mourn A Banshee Scream! Surely Tears

A seed was planted in my core

A Seed Was Planted In My Core It Grew And Lived And Spread Out More It Spread Out Roots And Grabbed The Earth It

I discovered a secret in your voice

I Discovered A Secret In Your Voice A Hidden Message Of A Far Away Place Showing Me A Passage To The Deep That Is

His words were like rapier sharp cutting deep

His Words Were Like Rapier-Sharp Cutting Deep Through My Heart Unknowingly He Was Stabbing Me Leading Me To My Last Breath And Killed Me

Here is a short story obviously wid

Here Is A Short Story, Obviously Wid A Moral To Gain Its Abt A Cow That Died Of Severe Pain. V Had A Cow

Can you hear the silent weep of

Can You Hear The Silent Weep Of An Angel Observing Us Making A Chasm Between Us Or Is It A Laughter

Shepherd i shall not want you give

Shepherd I Shall Not Want You Give Me Green Pastures In Which To Graze, And Still Waters To Drink Evil I Shall Not Fear

She sits here waiting but for what

She Sits Here Waiting But For What N Other Strike? She Wants Out She Wants It To Be Better But For Who Her Or

Taking some tender leaves i gave those

Taking Some Tender Leaves I Gave Those To Someone Many Many Days Ago Did Those Raise Her Longevity Or Were Eaten By Four-Footed One

When the good moments get gone and

When The Good Moments Get Gone And So Many Tears Are Shed And All Of The Emotions Are Provoked It-‘s Better Shared Than Felt

Top model film star and glamour girl

Top Model, Film Star And Glamour Girl With Dark Brown Hair In Subtle Curl Stylish Walk, So Slim And Tall A ‘Southern Belle’ Who

When i think of you even the

When I Think Of You Even The Dried Flowers Become More Fragrant ? Even The Wild Storm Become Tiny Pat On Me? When I

Prayers lend no credence to faith but

Prayers Lend No Credence To Faith, But Faith Does To Prayers. That Is Why You Are Happy To Pray And The Results Will Not

Who do i love love the one

Who Do I Love? I Love The One Who Cares Who Worries About Me Who Loves Me For What I Am Who Listens To

A friend of mine so sweet cool

A Friend Of Mine, So Sweet, So Cool, Yet So Chaotic, Emotional And Fool-Â… Accepts Mistakes, Corrects Them, Yet So Soft, As A Marsh

He was delighted yes to his core

He Was Delighted, Yes, To His Core, To Find A Messenger In The Cloud That Might Oblige Him By Carrying The Message To His

How does it feel having my heart

How Does It Feel Having My Heart In Your Hand My Body And Soul At Your Whim And Command How Does It Feel To

Hours of darkness end in a handful

Hours Of Darkness End In A Handful Of Tears Waiting For A Caring Hand To Nurture-Â… The Pain Inside Never Seems To End Numbness

It was the year 1416 at a

It Was The Year 1416 At A Castle Banquet Hall… Music And Laughter Can Be Heard Surrounding All… And The Room Was Filled With

Some of your friends may be non

Some Of Your Friends May Be Non Conformists, Have Unique Projects And Unusual Hobbies. Support Them In Pursuing Their Interests. Rather Than Urging Your

No one else can feel the pain

No One Else Can Feel The Pain Hidden Under My Smile Only You Can-Â…my Love No One Else Can Listen To My Inner Voice

Its not the presence of soemone that

Its Not The Presence Of Soemone That Brings Meaning To Life But Its The Way In Which Someone‚  Touches Ur Heart Which Gives Life

You left our hearts broken and tattered

You Left, Our Hearts Broken And Tattered, It Wasn’t Your Fault, We Prayed It Wouldn’t End, You Are Gone Now, Our Love For You

What you don8217t know is the truth

What You Don’t Know Is The Truth, What I See In U Is Eternal Youth In My Eyes You Cannot Grow Old, Everything You

I am laying on the floor not

I Am Laying On The Floor Not Wanting To See The Door Ice Cube Melting On My Chest All There’s Left Is To Detest

My love is never ending like an

My Love Is Never Ending, Like An Arrow Straight And True, Pointing Like A Beacon, To Our Life We Will Renew. I Will Never

You said youd never leave me and

You Said You-‘d Never Leave Me, And Your Heart Was Mine Alone. You Said You-‘d Never Cheat On Me, And Our Love Would Be

Deeper than the deepest sea bluer bluest

Deeper Than The Deepest Sea, Bluer Than The Bluest Sky. Brighter Than The Brightest Star, Redder Than The Reddest Rose. Softer Than The Softest

Take my hand and walk with me

Take my hand and walk with me to a place where lovers go, where kisses are like raindrops, and soothing rivers flow. Inhale the

We never get what want have like

We Never Get What We Want We Never Have What We Like We Never Like What We Have Still We Live Still We Love

Do we try to console a babies

Do We Try To Console A Babies Cry Do We Learn From Our Mistakes In Life Do We Laugh And Cry At Humor And

I worte you name in the sky

I Worte You Name In The Sky, But The Wind Blew It Away, I Worte Your Name In The Sand, But The Waves Washed

Did i not tell you once that

Did I Not Tell You Once That The Song Of A Lonely Man Is A Happy One? Someone Whistles In The Dark Someone Taps

There this girl i love so much

There This Girl I Love So Much But She Dont Feels The Same For Me And It Make Me Sad And Sometimes Cry Cause

Fiery bird spread proud to fly frolic

Fiery Bird Spread Proud To Fly, Frolic In Playful Dance, Peak And Dive Lyrically High. Treetop Towers Lye Restful Young, Early Bird Flutter The

Rusty old cory that truck stuck in

Rusty Old Cory That Old Rusty Truck Stuck In The Muck Of This Never Ending Field That Old Rusty Truck Yet To Be De-Wheeled

A diamond isn8217t a if it doesn8217t

A diamond isn’t a diamond if it doesn’t sparkle John Lambremont, Sr.

You give me motivation and insipration hope

You Give Me Motivation And Insipration, You Give Me Hope, You Give Me Faith. You Thought Me How To Think Positively About Myself And

In his nostalgic fligths of fancy he

In His Nostalgic Fligths Of Fancy He See The Old Bohreen And The Old Fields And The Valleys In Their Many Shades Of Green

When a girl is quiet millions of

When A Girl Is Quiet, Millions Of Things Are Running In Her Mind. When A Girl Is Not Arguing, She Is Thinking Deeply. When

How many emotions make up for each

How Many Emotions Make Up For Each Notion, How Many Notions Enhance Other Emotions. From Acorns Of Senses Great Oaks Take Root, Rise Into

The air was cooler tonight a sign

The Air Was Cooler Tonight. A Sign Of Autumn Approaching. It Felt Like She Was A Girl On A Bus, Just A Few Stops

We never intended it to go this

We Never Intended It To Go This Far We Never Were Seeking Love Or Even Romance We Never Dreamed This Would Happen To Us

I ponder the day you will wimper

I Ponder The Day You Will Wimper For Me. While I Sit Under The Old Oak Tree. I Can’t Wait Til You Realize What

Life as a child is free and

Life As A Child Is Free And Wild There Are So Many Friends There Is No End We Laugh We Smile Yet All The

An invisible force for some inspiration imagination

An Invisible Force For Some, An Inspiration For Some, An Imagination For Some, A Belief For Some… But Whatever It Is, God Is The

Q what are the creeds a creeds

Q. What Are The Creeds? A. The Creeds Are Statements Of Our Basic Beliefs About God. Q. How Many Creeds Does This Church Use

Oh life if the night steals my

Oh! Life If The Night Steals My Sleep The Day Laughs At Me In Face. Out Of Place Every Where, Wandering I Go And

If equal affection cannot be let the

If Equal Affection Cannot Be, Let The More Loving One Be Me. I-‘d Say That To That Stars, But Wishes Like Spoons They Say

Multi cutured muti colored multi media multi this or that

Multi-Cutured, Muti-Colored, Multi-Media Multi This Or That, What Ever Happened To One Of A Kind Both Proud And Unique With Integrity Of Its Sort,

Please do not dismiss me or the

Please do not dismiss me. Or the approach, I have chosen to get closer. I am not professional at this. But I could not

I can8217t believe it doesn8217t seem real

I Can’t Believe It It Doesn’t Seem Real Don’t Know What To Think Don’t Know How To Feel But Just Being With Him It

For a while he had watery ashtray

For A While He Had A Watery Ashtray That No Cigarette Embers Get Away .. Or Go Astray He Went To No Smoking Meetings

So much i have to share but

So Much I Have To Share But Many A Times Am Afraid. It Hurts To Hurt You Its Difficult To Express The Love I

I8217m going to take a trip around

I’m Going To Take A Trip Around The World, So I Can End Up Where You Are. I Will Be Riding On The Brightest,

Runaway with me to a place that8217s

Runaway With Me To A Place That’s Perfect Where There’s No Pain, Stress, Or Worries It’ll Just Be You And Me Forever No One

I feel the world is not worth

I Feel The World Is Not Worth Living Because It Is So Unfair All My Life I Had Been Craving For Someone Who Would

Come walk with me into the valley

Come Walk With Me Into The Valley Of Life Stroll Down Memory Lane Come Hold My Hand, We’ll Rove All Over This Great Land,

As i look at the beautiful moon

As I Look At The Beautiful Moon And Star Lit Sky Wandering On The Beach All Alone With Tides Rising High Your Thoughts Surround

Finally a few moments for myself i

Finally A Few Moments For Myself… I Made Myself A Cup Of Coffee.. Turned On Some Soulful Music… Sat On The Leather Couch… And

Nothing less than a femme fatale flashing

Nothing Less Than A Femme Fatale Flashing An Eyelid With A Wink Purring Silky A Siren Call Causing Men To Nervously Blink Looks Demanding

Staining the window with diaphonous blushes declining

Staining The Window With Diaphonous Blushes The Declining Sun

Time and again i hear you say

Time And Again, I Hear You Say You Want To Be With Me, But All We Have Is Casual Play I Guess, In Time,

Flattery comes from your teeth out praise

Flattery Comes From Your Teeth Out Praise Comes From Inside The Heart An Appreciation That Is Sincere Something That You Do Not Believe Because

I have made divisions in the world

I Have Made Divisions In The World Of Nature Things Which Are Beautiful I Have Owned As My Own And Things Which I Think

Few can dispute the fact that love

Few Can Dispute The Fact That Love Is The Principle In Which Everything In Heaven And Earth Anchors Upon. This Poem Is About Love

My delusion waste of time full blown wreckage

My Delusion My Waste Of Time My Full-Blown Wreckage My Sumptuous Crime My Purloined Zillion My Winged Beast My Touch Of Danger My Spoiled

You say want to be with me

You Say You Want To Be With Me, You Say You Truly Care, But When I’m Face To Face With You, It’s Like I’m

The kind of girls who loves in

The kind of girls who loves in return, and when it’s over, it’s really over for a heart on demand. The girl standing alone

So dear to my heart are loved

So Dear To My Heart Are My Loved Ones At Home As I Toss And I Turn In My Bunk All Alone. Everyday I

Someone remembers cares ur name is whispered

Someone Remembers Someone Cares Ur Name Is Whispered In Someone’s Prayers Keep Bright Hope Of Future In View Someone Lovingly Is Thinking Of U

Along time ago when i was young

Along Time Ago When I Was Young. You Were My Friend My Laugh My Fun. You Made Me Happy I Looked Up To You.

Does a heart not beat after it

Does A Heart Not Beat After It Is Taken Out, Does It Not Feel The Cool Breeze Or The Endless Summers, Or A Touch

what is your favourite number you asked

“What Is Your Favourite Number?” You Asked Me The Mischevious Smirk On Your Lips Lighting Up Your Eyes The Dusty Red And Black Book

After you what use to be ive

After You, After What Use To Be, I-‘ve Been Lost, All Alone At Sea. The Things We Did, The Things We Said, Twirl Around

I don8217t need shining armor or baskets

I Don’t Need Shining Armor, Or Baskets Of Pure Gold, No White Horse To Swoop In On, Or Rainbows To Behold. The Only Thing

Youre somewhere between the heart and stars

You-‘re Somewhere Between The Heart And The Stars When I-‘m Walking Alone On The Sand, With The Sand Inbetween My Toes, I Imagine You-‘re

Out of nowhere came the lightning it

Out of nowhere came the lightning, It struck hard, It struck fast, I couldn’t let this bright one pass. She struck a chord from

Today upon a bus i saw girl

Today Upon A Bus I Saw A Girl With Golden Hair And Wished I Was As Fair When Suddenly She Rose To Leave I

Instead of drowning in each other8217s sorrows

Instead Of Drowning In Each Other’s Sorrows Let Us Sink Deep Into Conversation Motivate My Spirit With Good News And Your Intellectuality Let Our

That night his words confused me yet

That Night His Words Confused Me Yet Angered Me Infused Me But Strangled Me Having A Grip On My Arm While I Try To

Without love no life life nothing god

Without Love No Life, Love Without Life Nothing, God Asked The Person? U R Happy! Person Said No Because I Don’t Have Love In

They say we can8217t be friends no

They Say We Can’t Be Friends No Matter How New The Trends From Darkness Till Dawn We?ll Keep Fighting On And On The Sun

I love your ever gorgeous smile upon

I Love Your Ever Gorgeous Smile Upon That Loving Face, Of Yours It Is The Tenderness Of Your Love My Heart Is Simply Destined

An emotion so strong deep and hard

An Emotion So Strong, So Deep And So Hard, Tears Trickle Down The Eyes, Heaviness Of Feelings, Capture The Mind Loneliness, Fear, Losing Of

I think of you all day wish

I think of you all day I wish for you everyday I want to be with you in a more than friend way But

For years i lay in the dark

For Years, I Lay In The Dark, The Realm I Dejectedly Resided At, Since The Moment You Walked Away, Since The Moment You Left

Cit was you who spotted the ducks

Cit Was You Who Spotted The Ducks A Mom And A Dad Gliding Over The Water With Three Yellow Bundles In Between Them I

If you woke up this morning with

If You Woke Up This Morning With More Health Than Illness, You Are More Blessed Than The Million Who Won’t Survive The Week. If

I used to fly soar up in

I used to fly, I used to soar Up in the skies above I used to know the joys of sunshine And the power

I wonna be loved but love to

I Wonna Be Loved But I Love To Hate So If Pain Is Love Then My Pain Is Fate My Voice Is Spoken That

Do not wait for me thou trilogy

Do Not Wait For Me. Thou Trilogy Of Love Desire And Hate. Now My Eyes Are Open I May See Thy Countenance Waiting At

She ran like a silver bullet bolted

She Ran. Like A Silver Bullet Bolted Out Of The Front Door Slammed It Shut Behind Powered Up The Hill In Fury She Unclipped