Dil ki haqeeqat lafzoon mein bayan kartay

Dil Ki Haqeeqat Lafzoon Mein Bayan Kartay Hain Hum
Han Ye Sach Hai Kay Tum Se Pyaar Kartay Hain Hum
Mana Kay Tum Kisi Aur Kay Liye Bunay Ho
Phir Bhi Dil Se Tumhara Ehatram Kartay Hain Hum
Aaj Tumhray Dil Mein Humaray Liye Pyaar Nahi Hai
Lekin Aanay Wali Kal Ka Intizzar Kartay Hain Hum
Jantay Hainkay Tum Apna Pehla Pyaar Kabhi Bhola Na Paogay
Phir Bhi Tumien Panay Ki Jistoujuo Kartay Hain Hum
Kabhi Tou Hogi Un Kay Dil Mein Humaray Pyaar Ki Qadar
Naz Rooz Dil Ko Ye Tassalli Diya Kartay Hain Hum

I heard a bird sing in the

I Heard A Bird Sing In The Dark Of December,
A Magical Thing, And So Sweet To Remember.
The Wind Started Blowing So Bitterly Cold.
But Still The Bird Sang So Loud And So Bold.
Snow Heavily Falling, Turning All Around White.
The Day Was Retreating, Bringing On The Long Night.
I Stood There In Wonder As The Bird Sang His Song.
Such Heart Warming Chirping Did Not Seem To Belong.
For This Was December That Cold Time Of The Year.
When All The Earth Slumbered; With All The Trees Bare.
The Bird Sensed My Presence Then He Turned To See.
A Man Standing In The Snow, Enjoying His Melody.
The Bird Spread His Wings And Flew Off Into The Sky.
My Eyes Could Not Follow, I Thought I Would Cry.
So There I Stood Lonely, On This Frigid December Eve.
Remembering That Bird, And His Brief Winter Reprieve.
As I Walked Away Wishing, I Was Lost In My Thought.
Of That Brave Little Bird, And The Song That He Brought.
So Now This December Will Not Seem As Cold.
As I Think Of That Bird, And His Sweet Song So Bold.
by frost1_2000‚ 

Please can i come out to play

Please Can I Come Out To Play?
The Ironing Can Wait For Another Day?
Can I Do My Hair All Tidy And Nice
Can I Go Out And Parade My Sugar And Spice?
Can I Shake It Down Till My Feet Are Sore
From Wearing Pinchy Shoes From The Shoe Zone Store
Can I Drink A Cocktail Or Some Lavish Champagne
Can I Give My Lbd An Airing Again
Can I Get Up To The Kids At Six The Next Morning
Can I Wipe Off Mascara As I’m Half Asleep, Yawning
Can I Make The Breakfast Feelng A Little Worse For Wear
Can I Try And Force A Comb Through My Over Laqured Hair
Can I Distance Myself From That Motley Crew
Who Painted The Town Red Because It’s What They Do? ? ? ?
A Dvd It Is Then And A Bottle Of Nice Red
A Book Before Bedtime, Then Tuck Me Up In Bed

Logon ki zindgi mein style na hota

Logon Ki Zindgi Mein Style Na Hota
Ager Yeh Kambakhat Mobile Na Hota
Koi Kisi Ki Taraf Maael Na Hota
Ager Ye Kambakhat Mobile Na Hota
Sms Kay Teeron Say Na Koi Ghayel Hota
Ager Yeh Kambakhat Mobile Na Hota
Is Qadar Koi Na Kahill Hota
Ager Yeh Kambakhat Mobile Na Hota
Miss Bells Say Dimagh Boile Na Hota
Ager Yeh Kambakhat Mobie Na Hota
Doston Kay Millnay May Kuch Haeel Na Hota
Ager Yeh Kambakhat Mobile Na Hota
Kabi Koi Wrong Number Dail Na Hota
Ager Yeh Kambakhat Mobile Na Hota
Larkiyan Mangti Hain Larkon Sey Balance
Aisa Koi Case File Na Hota
Payar Ager Yeh Kambakhat Mobile Na Hota

I have sewn upon the tree of

I Have Sewn Upon -Å—the Tree Of Life
Modest Stitches,
Yellow, Red,
A Once Loving Eye
Fixed Upon The Camel-‘s Head.
A Stare,
Or A Soft Tap.
Sips Upon This Dirtied Chalice,
If Only To Find Meaning
In The Bottom Of The Glass,
Where Time Passes By At Its Own Measure.
The Great Philosophical Come Back.
A Yearning To Find Solace Within The Differences
Between Night And Day,
I Always Preferred The Latter.
The Early Hours,
A Great Regalia,
A Measured Shout,
A Teardrop,
That Knocks Me Out –
Onto This Spangled Laminate Board,
Where Only A Photograph Remains Intact.
A Green Grass Blade,
Little Fly,
The Butterfly Caress.
Oh How You-‘ve Grown Inside Of Me,
Squirming On Your Back,
Trampled Speckle,
Flutter, Flutter,
Dissipate Away;
All The More Unremarkable For That.
We Have Long Gone Now,
Walking The Tightrope In A Travelling Fair.
The Water Shall Evaporate In A Day,
Off, Off It Goes,
Trawling Through The Air

Jab bhi kabhi mere karib aayega vo

Jab Bhi Kabhi Mere Karib Aayega Vo

Dil Ko Khushion Se Bhar Jaayega Vo

Kho Jaaungi Uske Sapno Main Hi Phir

Pyaar ‘Sandhaya’ Pe Aise Lutayega Vo

Samete Hai Uski Yaadon K Phool Maine

Meri Yaadon Ko Maala Banayega Vo

Meri Khushian Thi Adhuri Uske Bina

Maang Ko Chand Taron Se Sajayega Vo

Bikhar Jaaungi Main Banke Bistar Uska

Jab Jaan Kehke Mujhko Bhulayega Vo

Kya Kahun Jab Karega Tarif Vo Meri

Sarmaungi Main Aur Tab Muskayega Vo

Dekhti Hun Main Khawab Roj Hi Kitne

Ankh Khulne Pe Sochu Kab Aayega Vo

Kyon ke asoo roye hain humne teri

Kyon Ke Asoo Roye Hain Humne Teri Yaad Mein.
Har Pal Har Lamha Gurza Hain Tere Hi Intezaar Mein.
Ab To Teri Jeet Hain Meri Haar Mein
Bahut Zakhm Dil Par Liye Hain Tere Pyaar Mein.
Hazaroo Dard Chupe The Hamare Ek Inkaar Mein
Aur Tune Samjha Hum Khoye Hain Is Duniya Ke Sansaar Mein
Ab Thak Gayi Hunsa Qoon Ke Asoo Rote Rote.
Koi To Aye Hamare Didaar Mein

Kate chubhte hia phoolo ke khilne se

Kate Chubhte Hia Phoolo Ke Khilne Se
Mera Haal Hua Hia Tume Se Milnese,
Neend Nahi Ati Mujako Rato Maie,
Tari Hi Tasveer Rehti Hia Aankho Maie,

Umeed Ke Chirag Bhoojhe Jate Hia,
Waqet Ke Aane Pare Sitare Toot Jate Hia,
Zindagi Ki Rah Maie Aksare Aisa Hota Hia,
Zinhai Hum Bahoot Cahte Hia Wahi Hum Se Duur Jate Hia
Kabhi Tari Samne Rah Rah Kare Jee Te Thai,
Aab Tari Yaad Maie Marna Bhi Shikha Jayenge.
Woh Lamhe Woh Pal Hum Barso Yaad Karenge,
Woh Mousum Chale Gaye Hai Yehi Fariyad Karenge
Jo Mara Farza Tha Use Nibhaya Hai,
Khushi Yaar Ki Rakhe Ke Yeh Dil Mitaya Hia

In madagascar bad boys are not crocodiles

In Madagascar, Bad Boys Are Not Crocodiles
With Underwater Armor And Enormous Jaws
Which Cockroaches Avoid, Despite Their Cunning Wiles,
By Hiding In Decaying Baobabs, Indoors.
The Lemurs Do Not Seem To Mind The Fossas, And
The Spiny-Tailed Iguanas Do Not Bother Them,
And Radiated Tortoises All Understand
That All Must Share The Habitat. And Yet Mayhem
Is Threatened By A Predator. You Surely Can,
Without Me Telling, Guess Who This Must Be. In Case
You Cannot, I Will Spell It Out For You: It-‘s Man,
Destroying Habitat So He Can Pave The Place,
Transforming It Like Other Lands That He-‘s Subdued,
Fulfilling Genesis 1: 28, He Thinks,
Removing From The World Its Great Infinitude
Of Species With Which We-‘ll No More Have Interlinks.

Es zehan mai har bar ata hai

Es Zehan Mai Har Bar Ata Hai Ek Khayal
Gham Kai Maaray Dil Ka Koi To Samjhay Hal
Dil Kai En Zakhmoon Ki Koi To Ho Dava
Ye Gul Phir Say Khilain Koi To Karay Dua
Es Duniya Mai Pyaray Koi Sath Nahi Tumharay
Zindage Kai Es Khail Mai Har Taraf Say Haray
Ye Lub Phir Say Muskurain Is Khwahish Ko Tarasatay Hain
Na Janay En Hasratoon Par Loog Kyun Hanstay Hain
Es Rakh Ko Bhi Dekh Kar Kya Yaad Karay Ga Zamana
Dard Kii Aag Mai Bhi Yahan Jala Tha Koi Parvana

Baat batlao abhi to bat

Baat batlao

Abhi to bat lamhon tak hai sadiyon tak nahi i,
Abhi muskan ki nobat bhi honton tak nahi i,
Abhi tak koi majboori khayalon tak nahi i,
Abhi to gard pairon tak hai baalon tak nahi i,
Kaho to laut jatey hain!
Tumhara sath gar mil jaye
To zamane se ulajhna baat hi kia hai?
Agar tum chhor do mujh ko meri auqat hi kia hai?
Mere barey mein na socho!
Tum apni baat batlao,
Kaho to chaltey rehtey hain!
Kaho to lot jate hain…..

If people are not reading that does

If People Are Not Reading…
That Does Not Mean,
A Comprehension Is Not Welcomed.
If They Are Not Feeding,
From Beliefs…
They Too Are Qualified,
To Allow Thinking To Be Done!
And As This Ignorance Is Toasted And Spread…
By Some Who Are Fed,
They Can Only Achieve By Keeping Suppression,
Dealt To Those Oppressed Instead.
A Lowered Standard Of Life…
Lowers Below That Of A Flower Bed.
And An Acceptance Only Blooms,
A Stench To Climb Like Vines On Fences.
Getting The Attention,
Of Hard Thickened Heads!
‘Some Fools Can’t See,
Their Outlooks Can Be Foolish.
When They Perceive,
Themselves Kings And Queens.
And When They Become,
Stung By All Their Madnesss…
They Choose To Speed Up,
Their Own Suffering! ‘
Let Us Sway With The Rhythm.
In Dimmed Lighting, Please.
‘Some Fools Can’t See,
Their Outlooks Can Be Foolish! ‘
That’s Right…
Lower The Lights.
‘When They Perceive,
Themselves As Kings And Queens.’
Pass The Crumbs To Those Humming.
‘When They Become,
Stung By All Their Madness.’
Can I Get A Witness?
‘They Choose To Speed Up,
Their Own Suffering! ‘
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo
Bah Dah Dah Boo Hoo…
‘Some Fools Can’t See,
Their Outlooks Can Be Foolish.’
Bah Dah Dah Boo Hoo…
‘When They Perceive,
Themselves Kings And Queens.’
Bah Dah Dah Boo Hoo…
‘And When They Become,
Stung By All Their Madnesss.’
Bah Dah Dah Boo Hoo…
‘They Choose To Speed Up,
Their Own Suffering! ‘
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo

Dil usko pahchaan gaya ho jaise apni

Dil Usko Pahchaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Apni Ghalati Maan Gaya Ho Jaise
Bachne Ka Imkaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Maqtal Mein Nadaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Phir Mud Mud Kar Dekh Raha Tha Mujhko
Uska Hi Armaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Sannate Bhi Goonj Rahe Hein Dil Mein
Ghar Ka Sab Samaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Deewaron Se Dhoop Sarakti Hai Uun
Aane Wala Mehmaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Uske Aage Kah Na Saka Haal E Dil
Tham Koi Toofaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Ab Mein Hoon Tanha Na Use Koi Gham
Dono Ka Ahsaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Duniyadari Seekh Gaya Mein Thodi
Wo Bhi Sab Kuchh Jaan Gaya Ho Jaise
Tab Se Ab Tak Roz Bhulata Hai Dil
Ulfat Mein Imaan Gaya Ho Jaise

But hue ham joo tumko dekh liaa

But Hue Ham Joo Tumko Dekh Liaa [But = Idol]
Ab To Bas Husn Kee Parasti Hain‚  [Parasti = Worship]
Shokh Nazaron Ko Zara Roko To [Shokh = Attractive]
Ye Zubaan Kehne Ko Tarastee Hain
Husn Paya Hai Tumne Ya Nusrat [Nusrat = Victory]
Tere Aankhon Se Mai Barasti Hain [Mai = Wine]
Ham Hue Hain Tere Deewane Sanam
Ye Zubaan Kehne Ko Tarastee Hain
Tum Kaho Ya Naa Kaho Kuchh Naa Kaho
Ye Mera Dil Hain Dil Kee Basti Hain
Tum Yahan Aao Phir Naa Jao Kahin
Ye Zubaan Kehne Ko Tarastee Hain

Samjh rahi thi jisey main apna zamane

Samjh Rahi Thi Jisey Main Apna Zamane Mein
Hai Peesh Peesh Wohi Ab Mujhe Mitanay Mein
Khushi Na Pehli Si Hai Ab Tumhare Ane Mein
Ke Ghum Bhi Hota Nahi Ab Tumhare Janay Mein
Zamanay Khud Hi Tumhe Ik Din Bata De Ga
Nahi Hai Mujh Sa Koi Bawafa Zamanay Mein
Khalus O Maher Ki Tashbeer Hon Zamanay Mein
Mere Khalus Ko Shamil Na Kar Fasanay Mein
Mohabaton Ke Taqazay Badal Gayi Hain Bohat
Nahi Hai Ab To Maza Kuch Bhi Dil Laganay Mein
Badal Gay Hain Shaboroz Magar Wo Nahi Badla
Milay Ga Kya Ussay Har Baar Azmanay Mein
Poranay Naqsh The Jitnay Bhi Mita Dalay
Ke Main Ne Umer Guzari Jinhein Nibhanay Mein

Tu mujh pe karay sang ke baarish

Tu Mujh Pe Karay Sang Ke Baarish
Main Zuban Bhee Hilaun To Gunahgaar Banun
Mainney Banaaya Aazaadi Ko Ahud Apna
Teri Tamnna Ki Main Tera Ahalkaar Banun
Meri Takhleeq Mein Nahin Jo Shokhion Ke Dum
To Teri Nazar Mein Koi Sukhnwar Hi Nahin
Main Afkaar Ke Hudd Se Guzar Jaaney Ka Huin Qayal
Or Terey Jahan-E-Adab Mein Main Koi Shaayar Hi Nahin
Meri Zidd Ke Main Isay Rifataun Pe Bithaun
Teri Shart Ke Main Isay Kuchh Neechay Utaar Lauon
Shaayri Mehaz Byaano Ishq-O-Raqeeb-O Saaqi-O-Jaam Nahin
Yeh Rah-E-Irtaqa-E-Insaani Hai Buss Fasun-E-Alfaaz Ka Naam Nahin
Daad Apnay Ashaar Ke Isliyey Shayud Kabhi Sun Na Paunga
Kaliyan Nishat-E-Tasleem-E-Fun Ke Shayud Kabhi Chun Na Paunga
Apnii Apnii Jagah Sagar Hum Tum Dono Hi Majbur Hain
Main Apnay Ahud Ka Hamil Or Teray Myaar Khud Mein Magrur Hain

Taskiin e dil e mahazuu na huii vo saii e qaram faramaa bhii

Taskiin-E-Dil-E-Mahazuu Na Huii Vo
Saii-E-Qaram Faramaa Bhii Gaye
Us Saii-E-Qaram Kaa Kyaa Kahiye
Bahalaa Bhii Gaye Tadapaa Bhii Gaye
Ek Arz-E-Vafaa Bhii Kar Na Sake
Kuchh Kah Na Sake Kuchh Sun Na Sake
Yahaan Ham Ne Zabaan Hii Khole Thii
Vahaan Aankh Jhukii Sharamaa Bhii Gaye
Aashuftagii-E-Vahashat Kii Qasam
Hairat Kii Qasam Hasarat Kii Qasam
Ab Aap Kahe Kuchhh Yaa Na Kahe
Ham Raaz-E-Tabassum Paa Bhii Gaye
Ruudaad-E-Gam-E-Ulfat Un Se Ham
Kyaa Kahate Kyonkar Kahate
Ek Harf Na Nikalaa Hothon Se
Aur Aankh Men Aansuu Aa Bhii Gaye
Arbaab-E-Junuun Pe Furkat Men Ab
Kyaa Kahiye Kyaa Kyaa Guzaraa
Aaye The Savaad-E-Ulfat Men Kuchhh
Kho Bhii Gaye Kuchhh Paa Bhii Gaye
Ye Rang-E-Bahaar-E-Aalam Hai Kyaa
Fiqr Hai Tujh Ko Ai Saaqii
Mahafil To Terii Sunii Na Huii
Kuchhh Uth Bhii Gaye Kuchhh Aa Bhii Gaye
Is Mahafil-E-Kaif-O-Mastii Men
Is Anjuman-E-Irafaanii Men
Sab Jaam-Ba-Kaf Baithe Rahe Ham
Pii Bhii Gaye Chhhalakaa Bhii Gaye

Hum ruthe to wo manate the phir

Hum Ruthe To Wo Manate The
Phir Door Jaake Dil Dukhatey The
Bichar Jayainge Ik Din Hum Aisa Kehkar
Hame Kitna Vo Rulatey The.
Kya Kar Sakti Ho Tum Mere Liye Is Jahhan Men,
Aisa Kehkar Pal Pal Hame Aazmaatey The.
Sapne In Aankhon Mein Dekar,
Khud Chain Ke Neend Aur Hame Jagaatey The
Haan Aisa Bhi Ik Shaks Tha Is Duniya Mein,
Jo Hame Dukh Ke Saath Saath, Pyaar Kii Duniya Ke Rang Bhi Dhikhatey The

Maut say derti nahin hoon main sathi

Maut Say Derti Nahin Hoon Main Sathi
Tang Aaker Tum Say Khud-Koshi Na Ker Baithon
Itnay Zulm Tumharay Sehnay Kay Baad
Main Is Jehennum Say Nikalnay Ki Talab Na Ker Baithon
Khud Say Bhi Jo Aib Tumharay Chupaye Phirti Hoon
Daar Hai Kay Logon Pay Aayan Na Ker Baithon
Jin Rahoon Pay Aaj Hum Saath Chaltay Hain
Tumhari Bay-Rokhi Say Inko Alag Na Ker Baithon
Mera Her Aansoo Dekh Ker Jo Tum Khosh Hotay Ho
Main Tumhary Khushi Ko Yahin Aaj Khatam Na Ker Baithon
Ye Andaz-E-Wafa Aab Berdasht Nahin Hota Neha !Say
Kahin Ye Andaaz Tumhara Sub Say Bayan Na Ker Baithon

May madhosh hi rahon o acha hay

May Madhosh Hi Rahon O Acha Hay
Kay Taray Ahsas Ki Khwahishon May Rahon To Acha Hay
Lok Khetay Han Kay Ya To Diwana Hay
Kay Tari Diwangi May Rahon To Acha Hay
Khwahish-E-Qurbat May Tyra Mujrim Bhi Bun Betha
Kay Tyra Mujrim Hi Rahon To Acha Hay
Kay Chali Ja Rahi Hay Ya Zingadi Kisi Ki Yaad May
Kay Is Yaad May Tyra Sath Bhi Ho To Acha Hay
Na Malum Tha Itni Azyat Day Ga Waqtay Judai
Kay Tuj Say Judai Ki Saza May Rahon To Acha Hay

Jinke liyaa thaa khabhii diyaa jese aaj

Jinke Liyaa Thaa Khabhii Diyaa Jese
Aaj Unke Liye Buj Gayaa Jese
Hai Farak Roshanii Kaa
Yaa Matlab Nikal Gayaa Jese
Musaam To Hai Aab Bhii Wahii
Rukh Hawawoo Ka Badal Gayaa Jese
Aab Sahare Ki Mere Jaroort Nahii
Giir Kee Phir Sambhal Gayaa Jese
Roshaanii Ko Koi Aawaaz De Doo
Ye Suraj To Dhaal Gayaa Jese
Sach Tha Main Jalnee Kee Liyee Hii
Diyaa Hi Thaa Jaal Giyaa Jese

Ek tanha raat mein main pooch baitha

Ek Tanha Raat Mein Main Pooch Baitha Chand Se
Ek Tanha Raate Mein Mai Pooch Baitha Chand Se,
Kya Kabhi Mohbat Ki Hai Kisi Anjaan Se
Chand Ro Pada Or Dastaan-E-Dil Kehne Laga,
Na Ker Mohabbat Kisi Anjaan Se
Wo Nahi Kam Kisi Ajnabi Mehmaan Se,
Roshni Jo Ansh Mera Hokar Dur Hai Mujhse
Or Tu Mohabbat Ker Baitha Kisi Geir Insaan Se,
Ek Din Tanha Tujhe Chod Wo Dur Kanhi Chala Jayega
Or Reh Jayega Akela Mohabbat Ki Viraan Mein,
Janha Koi Na Hoga Dard-E-Dil Tera Sun Ne Wala
Or Tu Dafan Ho Jayega Kisi Banjar Shamshan Me

On a rainy day i met her

On A Rainy Day I Met Her For The First Time
That Was The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life
Stars Shone More Than Ever Before
Rain Was More Beautiful Like Never Before
She Looked Like An Angel
Who Came From Heaven To Take Care Of Me
I Love Her From Deep Inside
But She Was Never In My Stride
I Said “I Love You”
She Said “You Are My Best Friend”
Should I Feel Happy That She Came In To My Life
Or Sad That She’ll Never Be My Wife
I Really Don’t Know Oh! I Love This Rain So Much
It Was There With Me To Share Best Moments Of My Life
And Now When I’m Sad
It Is Still With Me To Share My Pain

Main jaanta hun is janha me koi

Main Jaanta Hun Is Janha Me
Koi Na Koi Mere Liye Bani Hai
Koi Na Koi Mujh Tak Aane Ke Liye
Apane Ghar Se Chali Hai
Usaki Pajeb Ki Chhamchhamahat Mere Kano Ne Suni Hai
Usaki Ghabraht Mere Dil Na Mahsus Ki Hai
Usake Hotho.N Ki Muskan Mere Hotho.N Ne Mahsus Ki Hai
Usaki Sharm Ka Ahsas Meri Najaro.N Me Hai
Usake Khwbo.N Ki Hakikat Meri Palko.N Me Hai
Usaka Apne Ghar Ke Darwaje Ke Pichhe Se
Mujhe Chupake Se Dekhana Aaj Bhi Yad Hai
Aaj Wo Wanha Nahi Yanha Hai

Ik aas lagaye bethi hoon khuwab sajaye

Ik Aas Lagaye Bethi Hoon Ik Khuwab Sajaye Bethi Hoon
Logon Se Chupa Ker Seene Main Ik Dard Dabaye Bethi Hoon
Kesa Ye Khauf Hai Jevan Main Anjana Sa Unchaha Sa
Janne Ki Khuwahish Main Darbar Lagaye Bethi Hoon
Jo Hona Hai Wo Hoga Hi Jo Darj Hai Taqdeeron Main
Phir Kion Khood Pe Mayoosi Ki Gard Jamaye Bethi Hoon
Bekali Hai Her Dharrkan Main Kion Ansu Hain In Ankhon Main
Kion Bin Barsaati Nadi Ke Sailaab Bahaaye Bethi Hoon

Somewhere i had lost it and i8217m

Somewhere I Had Lost It
And I’m Really Not Sure How
I Didn’t Even Know It
At Least Not Til Now
Then You Came Into My Life
Never Knowing What You Had Found
That Thing That I Had Lost
You Found It On The Ground
I Could Never Thank You
For Bringing It Back To Me
Because Since That Day My Smile
Is What You Gave Back, You See
My Smile Is Never Ending
And That’s Because Of You
You Brought It Back Into My Life
With All The Things You Do

Dil ko dhadakna tum ne sikhaya tha

Dil Ko Dhadakna Tum Ne Sikhaya Tha
Dil Ko Tadapna Bhee Tumhine Sikhaya Tha
Dil Pyaar Karne Ke Kabil Tumse Bana Tha
Per Tere Bin Jeena Tune Dil Ko Kyun Nsa Sikhaya Tha?
Umeed Rakhe Rahe Kabhi To Laut Kar Aayegi Tu
Kabhi Ummeeed Naa Chhodna Bhi Tumhi Ne Sikhaya Tha.
Maanane Laga Kii Tu Humse Bewafai Kar Chuka Tha
Per Hum Soch Bhii Naa Sakte The Ki Tumne Bhii Humse Kuch Chupaya Tha.
Jiss Karan Hum Mein Doori Hui Thii…
Iss Pal Mere Paas Woh Sab Kuchh Tha.
Per Mujhe Kya Pata Tha Uss Khuda Ne…
Tujhe Jeewan Kii Saanse Kaam Diya Tha.
Tere Bina Kahi Main Jee Naa Saku…Jeewan Mein Kabhi Kuchh Ban Naa Saku
Shayad Issliye Tune Mujhse Yeh Sach Chhupaya Tha.
Naadaan Tha Main Socha Kii Bewafa Nikala Tu…
Aisa Socha Bhii Kaise Main,Jiss Se Main Kabhi Bepanah Pyaar Karta Tha.
Sach Yeh Tha Tune Mujhse Apni Jaanlewa Bimaari Chhupaya Tha…
Kaise Soch Liya Maine Mera Sanam Bewafa Tha???
Maaf Karna Mere Khuda Uski Qurbani Maine Aaj Pehchani Hai
Aaj Teri Wafai Yeh Bazubaaan Kabra Bayan Karti “Hai”

Har shyam aankhon par tera aanchal lehraye

Har Shyam Aankhon Par
Tera Aanchal Lehraye
Har Raat Yaadon Ki
Baarat Le Aaye
Maein Saans Leta Hoon
Teri Khushboo Aati Hai
Ek Mehka Mehka Sa
Paigham Laati Hai
Meri Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi
Tere Geet Gaati Hai
Pal Pal -Â…
Tum Sochogi Kyon Itna
Maein Tumse Pyaar Karoon
Tum Samjhogi Deewana
Maein Bhi Iqraar Karoon
Dewaanon Ki Yeh Baatein
Deewane Jaante Hain
Jalne Mei Kya Mazaa Hai
Parwanr Jaante Hain
Tum Yunhi Jalate Rehna
Aa Aakar Khwabon Mein
Pa L Pal -Â…

In my darkest hour deepest despair will

In My Darkest Hour.
In My Deepest Despair.
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials And My Tribulations?
Through All Doubts And Frustrations?
In My Violence.
And My Turbulence?
Through My Fear
And My Confessions?
In My Anguish.
And My Pain?
Through My Joy And Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I Will Never Let You Part
For You, Are Always In My Heart.

Dukh dard ki saugaat hai duniyaa teri

Dukh Dard Ki Saugaat Hai Duniyaa Teri Kyaa Hai
Ashkon Se Bhari Raat Hai Duniyaa Teri Kyaa Hai
Kuchh Log Yahaan Nur-E-Sahar Dhundh Rahe Hain
Taarik Si Ik Raat Hai Duniyaa Teri Kyaa Hai
Paaband-E-Mashiyat Hai Tanaffus Bhi Nazar Bhi
Ik Jaziyaa-E-Lamhaat Hai Duniyaa Teri Kyaa Hai
Taqadir Ke Chehare Ki Shikan Dekh Rahaa Hun
Aainaa-E-Haalaat Hai Duniyaa Teri Kyaa Hai
Majaruh-E-Taqaddus Hai Taqaddus Ki Haqiqat
Rudaad-E-Kharaabaat Hai Duniyaa Teri Kyaa Hai
“Sagar” Men Chhalakate Hain Samavaat Ke Isaraar
Saaqi Ki Karaamaat Hai Duniyaa Teri Kyaa Hai

Deni theen khushiyaan usay per ghum diye

Deni Theen Khushiyaan Usay Per Ghum Diye
Haaye Usay Har Mour Pe Naye Zakhum Diye
Wafaaon Ka Sila Koi Dena Mujh Se Seekhay
Bulaa Ker Usay Paas Apnay Chal Hum Diye
Woh Tu Rahaaye Mukhlis Aagaz-E-Safar Se
Per Main Ne Hi Dhookay Har Qadam Diye
Maanga Tha Faqt Sacha Piyar Mujh Se, Per
Har Chah K Badlay Usay Kia Kia Sitam Diye
Yeh Piyar Tha Uska K Ghum Sehnay Ki Adat
Mere Har Sitam Pe Muskara Humdum Diye
Kardiya Dasti Tanhayioon K Hawalay Usko
Aman Tu Ne Usko Dukh Na Kuch Kum Diye

It8217s an inescapable fate to drown in

It’s An Inescapable Fate To Drown In His Eyes.
They Often Say Sink, Or Swim,
But What If Both Options Open Doors
I Cannot Enter
Fear Entangles Wishes I Whisper To The Wind
Before Sleep Delivers Desires Worth Flying To,
And Plucks Hidden Answers
From Subliminal Suggestions
From His First Gentle Word I Wanted Him,
He Breathes Life Into Seashell Ears.
Waves, Crashing Waves Of Ideas
We Seem To Share.
And, Yet, I Sink On This Tide Of Romance
As Others Swim.
Who’s Outstretched Promises Throw Me A Line,
Bringing Shelter From Storms Of Memories Long Dead,
And All I Want Answered Is
Am I Sinking, Or Swimming Again
In His Eyes.