The purpose of relationship is not to

The purpose of relationship is not to have someone who makes U complete…..

But to have someone with whom U can share your incompleteness..!!…

A good relationship is not when two

A Good Relationship Is Not When Two

"Perfect People"

Come Together.

But Itz When Two

"Imperfect People"

Learn To Enjoy Their Differences…

Six things which weaken the relations

Six Things Which Weaken The Relations:

1) Misbehaving

2) Ignoring

3) Lying

4) Breaking Promises

5) Avoiding Contact

6) Doubting

Six Things Which Strengthen The Relations:

1) Good Attitude

2) Helping

3) Trusting

4) Respecting

5) Entertaining

6) Forgiving Mistakes. …

A relationship duznt shine by jst shaking

A relationship

Duzn’t shine

By jst shaking hands

In best times


It blossoms

By holding hands firmly

In critical situation

GoOd A.M =]

Have a Blessed Sunday…

Zindgi main 2 logon ka bohat khyal

Zindgi main 2 logon ka bohat khyal rakhna.

1: Wo jis ne tumari JEET k liye sab kuch HARA ho.

2: Wo jis ne hr dukh sukh main Tumhain PUKARA ho….

Two aspects of life if v

Two Aspects Of Life

If V Become Too Sentimental,

It Is Too Hard To Lead Life

If V Become Too Practical,

Its Too Tough To Respect Relation…

A true relation is not like

A true relation

is not like

,’ ,’ R???’,’ ‘,

which comes


goes away

A True relation

is Like

= _Air_ =_ =

Sometimes Silent


Always Around U. …

To kill a deer you need guns

To Kill a DEER,

You Need Guns, Knives, Ropes And Many People To Help….


To Kill a DEAR,

You Need Just Ignorance And Silence….!!…

relationship isnt about finding the right


Relationship isn’t about finding the right person. But creating the right relation. It isn’t how much you care in the beginning, but how much you care till the end.


It is said sacrifice greater than love

It is said, Sacrifice is greater than Love..

Character is greater than Beauty..

Humanity is greater than Wealth..


Nothing is greater than

Good Relations.,


Good Relations don’t necessarily mean finding Similarities..

Its just about Respecting Differences……

You can kiss your family frnds

You can kiss Your “Family & Frnds” good-bye


Put miles b/w You,

But at the same time

You carry Them with You

in Your heart, mind & stomach,


“You don’t just live in a world but a world lives in You” =)…

On the sea shores of life all

On The Sea Shores Of Life

All Good Relations r Like Waves

They Come & Go


They Touch In Such A Way


A Feeling Of Closeness Remains Forever

Relationship is like a book it

Relationship is

like a Book,

It may take Few

Seconds to burn but years to write.

Write it Carefully &

Never let it burn … …

A relationship has girl boy

A relationship has :










A Girl..

A Boy..

An Ex trying to mess it up..


A’Friend’waiting for a break up… =D =))…

Koshish kro k koi tm se na

Koshish Kro K Koi Tm Se Na Roothe,

Zindagi Me Apno Ka Saath Na Choote,

Rishta Koi B Ho Use Aise Nibhao,

K Us Rishtey Ki Dor Zindagi Bhar Na Toote……

Relationship is like a book it

Relationship is like a book , it may take few seconds to burn but years to write.

Write it carefully and Never let it burn….

Short but nice lines when nails

Short but nice lines:

When nails are growing,

We cut our nails,

Not fingers

Similarly when EGO is rising,

We should cut EGO,


Y do rlations break itz coz

Y Do Rlations Break?

Itz Coz Ppl Fail To Realize Dat:-

‘If U Cant Handle Sumone At Their Worst,

Den U Dont Desrve Them At Their Best…

Relation is like a glass a

Relation is like a glass

A scratch on 1 side reflects on da other side 2

So always handle feelings carefully B/c

That scratch can never be removed….

Dukh bicharne ka nahi hota

Dukh …

Bicharne Ka Nahi Hota

Bal K

Un Rishto’n k Tuutne Ka Hota Hy

Jo Barso’n Ki Rafaqat K Baad

Pal Main Tuut Jate Hyn … …

1 bachay ne new car pe pathar

1 bachay ne new Car pe pathar se Scratch daal dia

jab Baap ne dekha to us ne Ghusay main Hathori Bchay ko maari

jis se uski 3 unglian zaya ho gaen

Baap apne gussay pe Naadim hokar Bachay ki Maazuri pe ro raha tha


Achanak uski nazar Car pe mojud Scratches pe pari

Us ne ghor kia to

Car pe likha tha

“I Love my Dad”

Piyar Cheezo se nahin Rishton se karen.

So take care of relations……

Whats love its love when a

Whats Love?

Its love when a little baby girl puts all her energy 2 give her daddy a head massage 2 relief his headache.

Its love when a wife makes tea 4 her husband & take a sip b4 him 2 see if the tea is ok.

Its love when a mother gives her son da best piece of chicken n he pass it 2 his younger sister.

Its Love when a friend holds ur hand tightly on a slippery road after rain 4 ur protection.

Love is actually a name of care. SO…TAKE GUD CARE.. :-)…

We bridge distance with text msgs still

We BrIdGe DiStAnCe WiTh TeXt MsGs


wE kNoW iT fAiLs 2 FiLl d SpAcE


I hOpE,

It iSnT jSt An ExChAnGe Of TxT mSgS

iTs KeEpInG oUr ReLaTiOnShIp AlIvE (:…

Relation and bone are same when both

Relation And Bone Are Same, When Both Cracked And Get Repaired Correctly They Are More Powerfull


If Not Correctly, They Are Lost Thier Worth…

Mana k sapne ka pehla lafz s

Mana k Sapne ka

pehla lafz “S”

hota hai


agr “S” ko nikal do


“apne” reh jate ha


Agr Aap jese “APNE” na hon


Sapne koi mayene nahi rakhte….