Read it carefully dear muslims as you

Read It Carefully.

Dear Muslims as you know that ROZA is tha important part of our ISLAM but through funny MSGs it is showing that ROZA is just an irritating thing.

Like these type of MSGs


Hosla Rakho.’

‘Rozay main kesi shakal nikal aayi.’ etc…

Remember this,

it makes very negative impact on our religion.

So please keep avoiding all type of MSGs which makes a fun of ROZA.

Wishing u a blessed ramadan

Wishing u a blessed Ramadan




??????? As u see the cresent moon ???????

???????May all ur dreams come true???????

???????May allah forgive ur all sins ???????

???????May allah’s blessing always shine on u???????

???????And may allah gave uof all that u ask him: ???????

???????Remember me in ur prays ???????

???????Wishing u a blessed Ramadan! ???????




Aasman bh ha ro0 raha tujhay kasay

Aasman bh¡ ha¡ ro0 raha,

Tujhay ka¡Say kahay A£w¡da,

Jaa raha ha¡ Jaa raha,

Bus RamZan ha¡ ab A£w¡da.

Ye rehmato0 barkato0 wa£¡ ye raAt

Ye sama’Atay ho ge ab kaha,

jaa raha ha¡jaa raha

Mahay RamZan ha¡ bus A£w¡Da,

Jo0 ho gae koe mujh say khata, Mu’af karna ye ha¡ I£t¡JaA,

YaAd rakhna du’ao0 ma¡

~ Umar ~

ha¡ Ta£¡B-e-Dua