Unlike any other business in the united

Unlike any other business in the United States, sports must preserve an illusion of perfect innocence.  The mounting of this illusion defines the purpose and accounts for the immense wealth of American sports.  It is the ceremony of innocence that the fans pay to see – not the game or the match or the bout, but the ritual portrayal of a world in which time stops and all hope remains plausible, in which everybody present can recover the blameless expectations of a child, where the forces of light always triumph over the powers of darkness.  ~Lewis H. Lapham, Money and Class in America, 1988CDC

I dont believe professional athletes should be

I don’t believe professional athletes should be role models.  I believe parents should be role models…. It’s not like it was when I was growing up.  My mom and my grandmother told me how it was going to be.  If I didn’t like it, they said, "Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out."  Parents have to take better control.  ~Charles Barkley

Sports are too much with us late

Sports are too much with us.  Late and soon, sitting and watching – mostly watching on television – we lay waste our powers of identification and enthusiasm and, in time, attention as more and more closing rallies and crucial putts and late field goals and final playoffs and sudden deaths and world records and world championships unreel themselves ceaselessly before our half-lidded eyes.  ~Roger AngellDCD

Crystallizing my feelings about the game i

Crystallizing my feelings about the game, I find that squash is less frustrating than golf, less fickle than tennis.  It is easier than badminton, cheaper than polo.  It is better exercise than bowls, quicker than cricket, less boring than jogging, drier than swimming, safer than hang gliding.  ~John Hopkins, Squash: A Joyful Game, 1980CDC

Radio football is reduced to its lowest

Radio football is football reduced to its lowest common denominator.  Shorn of the game’s aesthetic pleasures, or the comfort of a crowd that feels the same way as you, or the sense of security that you get when you see that your defenders and goalkeeper are more or less where they should be, all that is left is naked fear.  ~Nick Hornby, Fever Pitch, 1992, on soccer; CDC