Tobacco is a dirty weed i like

Tobacco is a dirty weed.  I like it.
It satisfies no normal need.  I like it.
It makes you thin, it makes you lean,
It takes the hair right off your bean
It’s the worst darn stuff I’ve ever seen.
I like it.
~Graham Lee Hemminger, Tobacco, first published in Penn State Froth, November 1915; BMC

Now the only thing i miss about

Now the only thing I miss about sex is the cigarette afterward.  Next to the first one in the morning, it’s the best one of all.  It tasted so good that even if I had been frigid I would have pretended otherwise just to be able to smoke it.  ~Florence King

What a weird thing smoking is and

What a weird thing smoking is and I can’t stop it.  I feel cosy, have a sense of well-being when I’m smoking, poisoning myself, killing myself slowly.  Not so slowly maybe.  I have all kinds of pains I don’t want to know about and I know that’s what they’re from.  But when I don’t smoke I scarcely feel as if I’m living.  I don’t feel as if I’m living unless I’m killing myself.  ~Russell Hoban, Turtle Diary, 1975ch 7, CTO