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  Q: What does this quote-related word mean? Short A:  See the quote glossary for 70+ terms and definitions. Quote A:  “A proverb is a

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  Q: What are the rules for using the quotes? Short A: Sorry, there is no good short answer for this one. Quote with

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  Q: How do I report an error? Short A:  Please email me, see “How do I contact you?” below. Quote A:  “It is

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  Q: May I link to your site? Short A:  Yes. Long A:  Of course you may link to me! You can use a

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  Q: Can I advertise on your site? Short A:  Yes, using Google AdWords. Long A:  I only accept advertising through Google AdWords. Use

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  Q: What is the history of The Quote Garden? Short A:  Digging up quotes since 1987, online since 1998 Long A:  The Quote