Mix Sms Collection

Jiddat k es dor me shaadi

Jiddat k es dor me Shaadi ho lahore mein, Pyari si ek bivi ho, Jaisay rangeen tv ho, Gol matol se saalay hoon, Jaisay

Mera dard meri ciggratte ki tarah

mEra DaRd…..!! mEri CiGgrAtTe Ki TaRah HaI JiSsAy maiN naY…. sAb SaY cHuPa k pIyA HaI. …

Wafa ka samandar hai mere dil main

Wafa ka samandar hai mere dil main LAIKIN….? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


100 Ri.. xtremely sorry. hahaha ;->…

Before you met me were sad

Before You Met Me You Were Sad I Was Happy Then I Gave You My Smile And Took Away All Your Sadness And Now

Hazraat ik ilaan soniyain masjid

Hazraat ik ilaan soniyain . . . . . . . Masjid main aisay kabi kabi kehtain hain …

Cases and their treatment according to contract

CASES AND THEIR TREATMENT ACCORDING TO CONTRACT ACT – A TRIAL OF A LOVER: 1. “jan me tmhare liye asman se taaray tor launga.”

Waldain ki faryaad aulaad k naam

Waldai’n ki Faryaad Aulaad k Naam Jis Din Tum Humei’n Boorha Dekho Sabr Krna Aur Humei’n Samajhney ki Koshish Krna Jab Hum Khaatey Huey

Beautiful lines written outside petrol pumps in

BeautiFul Lines Written Outside PETROL PUMPS in China- ; ; ; “Avoid GIRLFRIEND & Save Pertol”…

Hazaro larkiyan aati hai jati hasati

Hazaro Larkiyan Aati Hai. Hazaro Jati Hai. Hazaro Hasati Hai.. Hazaro Rulati Hai.. Lekin Mere Dost Sath Vohi Nibhati Hai.. Jo Nikah Mein Aati

If i wear makeupim fake dress upim

If I wear makeup,I’m fake! If I dress up,I’m a Show off! If I sy what I think,I’m a forward If I say nothing,I

A pakhtoon love fighting but hates to

A pakhtoon love fighting but hates to be a soldier, loves music but has contempt for the musician, he is kind and gentle but

In thirsty summer plz keep water

In Thirsty summer, Plz keep water pots for birds at Balconies, Windows & At Tarraces Many birds die each year w/o water Plz save

Always remember never go at the

Always Remember Never go at the first call of: … “Come, Dinner’s Ready!” – – – – It’s a trap for you to prepare

I kept ur name in my general

I kept ur name in my General Journal & posted u in da Ledger of my heart.U’ll b classified as an Asset,coz ur market

Barish ki ek bond jab gharti hai

Barish ki ek ek Bond jab gharti hai to asa lagta hai . . . . Asa lagta hai . . . . .Asa

Samosa said to aaloo jb me fry

Samosa said to aaloo: jb me fry hta hun to tmhen cover kr ke garam oil se bacha leta hun. Bcoz i luv u.

Dedicated to all students good night

Dedicated to all students.. Good Night.. Bhool gaye shehar se aa k parhnay walay.. Kis ki Maa ne kitna zever becha tha…..

Painful things flashing ur smile to

“PAINFUL THINGS” Flashing ur smile to sum1 u dunt want to see. Not finding a way to mend a broken heart. Learnin’ dat u

Fairy tales are more than true not

Fairy Tales, Are More Than True… Not Because, They Tell Us That Dragons Exist. But Because, They Tell Us That Dragons Can Be Defeated…..

On off both r frnd

‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ Both r frnd! On ne dkha k fan off hai off ne nai dekha k fan on hai. off on se

Reema reemi seema seemi haleeb custard


Few things indian movies taught us

Few things Indian movies taught us: 1. At least one of the identical twins is born evil. 2. If u decide to defuse a

Sometimes i hate my eyes because

Sometimes … I Hate My Eyes Because It Is The 0nly Part 0f My Face That Cannot Hide My Emotions …

Munnabhai yaar mast jokes pane k liye

Munnabhai-Yaar Mast Mast Jokes Pane K Liye Kya Karne Ka? Circuit-Simple Bhai, www.sms2friends.org vISIt Karne ka…

Heart touching story a 5 yrs

Heart Touching Story A 5 Yrs Old Boy Went To A Pharmacy And Asked The Pharmacist … …”This Is The 0nly Money I Have,

Suggestion 4 u never say anything

SuggestioN 4 U. Never say anything bad about urself Ur frnds are enough to debate on this subject..!! :p…

1 tanz ki roti bht sakhat hoti

1 Tanz ki roti bht Sakhat hoti hai or isko khany k liye Lohay k dant chahiye(Airani) 2 Dunia k taqriban hr Mard ko

Im at home please call work

I’m at home. Please call I’m at work. Please call I’m in a meeting, call me later at Meeting is cancelled. I am late.

Hey i was planning 2 come u

Hey i was planning 2 come 2 u but i dont have the thing causing motion due to circular motion of rubber shafted along

That awkward moment when a small

That awkward moment . . . . . . . . when a small kid hits you without any reason in front of his

Latter from a customer to the bank

Latter From A Customer To The Bank… Dear Sir, In View Of The Current Developments In The Banking Industry, If One Of My Cheque

Summer is gone winter has arrived so

Summer is gone Winter has arrived So let go ur worries Put them a side. Laugh out loud and smile wide. Let others listen

We pronounce 21 as twenty one 31

We pronounce 21 as twenty one 31 as thirty one 41 as forty one 51 as fifty one Y not 11 as onety one…?

8206 angry moment when u are

‎” Angry Moment – – – – – – – – when U are sleeping & someone enters Ur Room, turns on the Lite

Yun to bohat hain net per sms

YuN to BohAt hAiN nEt PeR sMs ki SiteS “PAppu” , , , Woh Kehte hAiN ”sms2friends.org;->” ki SmS ColleCtioN hE kuCh Or hAi..

Most touching lines said by a true

Most touching lines said by a true lover to his love while break-up: “Of all the lies you told me, ‘I Love You’ was

That beautiful moment when you see your

That beautiful moment when you see your food coming at a restaurant… And it ends up going to the next table..xD…

Kabhi kabhi dil karta hai k

Kabhi kabhi dil karta hai k…. k…. k… k…. k… sms me kuch na likh kr send karun…;-) …

1st year studnts vaterinary skool atendin

1st year studnts @ vaterinary skool, atendin their 1st anatomy class.All gatherd around d surgery table vd a real dead dog. Professor startd class

Q msg krti hai pe tu marti

Q Msg Msg krti hai, Q Msg pe tu marti hai. Ik bat mjhe batla de tu, ApNa Package Q nahi karti hai, kya

Desperate thought if anybody hurts me

Desperate Thought; If Anybody Hurts Me Once … Shame On Him … If He Hurts Me Twice … Shame On Me ……

The gossip game send me the fourth

THE GOSSIP GAME! Send me the fourth message in ur inbox no matter wat it says. NO CHEATING! Then forward this to ppl &

G i g l n b t

G i G g L i N g B i T e S Old People Drive Like They Have All The Time In The

The taste of oranges walk in frost

The taste of oranges, The walk in Frost, The Golden sunlight, The charm of autumn colors, The magic of wet red leaves & The

A krna aur apna bachpan yaad krna

a Krna Aur Apna Bachpan Yaad Krna. Jab Hum Boorhey Ho kr Chal Na Paye’n Tou Humara Sahara Ban’na Aur Apna Pehla Qadam Yaad

nothing last forever life is just

-=-Nothing Last Forever-=- Life is just a game You hold your own weight Make your own mistakes You only get one chance To show

height of progress a cannibal

-=Height Of Progress=- . . . . . . . . . . . . A Cannibal Uses Knife And Fork To Eat …

Definition of nothing time doesnt wait

Definition of “Nothing”….. Time doesn’t wait for You or Me.. Days Pass ‘n year change, You Miss me.. I Miss You, You Moved away

Mera us se faqt itna taluk hai

Mera us se faqt itna taluk hai Faraz . Wo meri Chachi ki Mami ki Khala ki Tayi ki Nand ki Beti ki Dost

Ye karachi ki ladkiyan ho jae

“Ye karachi ki ladkiyan” ~Ho jae jo pehli mulakat to nazar andaz kar deti hain, ~RAFTA rafta naram guftari se kuch pighalnay lagti hain,