Few things indian movies taught us

Few things Indian movies taught us:

1. At least one of the identical twins is born evil.

2. If u decide to defuse a bomb, don’t worry which wire to cut, You’ll always choose the right one.

3. Wen u turn off the light to go to bed, everything in ur room will still be clearly visible, just slightly bluish.

4. A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating, but will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds!!

5. A detective can solve a case only if he has been suspended from duty.

6. If u decide to start dancing in the street, everyone u meet will know all the steps….

On off both r frnd

‘ON’ & ‘OFF’

Both r frnd!

On ne dkha k fan off hai off ne nai dekha k fan on hai. off on se keh raha k on hai, on off se keh raha hai off hai. off on

Keh raha hai or on off! On on fan krna charaha hai or off off on ka damag off horaha hai off ka on q k jb on hai tu off hoga off hai tu on.on ne on krdia or off ne off dono on off krtey rahe phr on on kr k chala gaya or off off! jin ka bheja on tha off hogaya or jin ka off unka on…

Heart touching story a 5 yrs

Heart Touching Story

A 5 Yrs Old Boy Went

To A Pharmacy And

Asked The Pharmacist …

…”This Is The 0nly Money

I Have,

Can I Buy Miracles . . . ? ? ?”

The Pharmacist Confused With

What The Boy Asked And Said…

“Why Do You Need Miracles

For. . . ? ?”

The Boy Replied …

Because The Doctor Said That

0nly Miracles Can Save My

Mom … ='(…

1 tanz ki roti bht sakhat hoti

1 Tanz ki roti bht Sakhat hoti hai or isko khany k liye Lohay k dant chahiye(Airani)

2 Dunia k taqriban hr Mard ko is k Mahndi lagey hath bigarny sy rokty hn(Japani)

3 Acha maharban wo hai jis k han Mahman ko ya mahsoos na ho k wo apney ghar sy bahir hai(Rosi)

4 Muhabbat jazbaat ka wo samundar hai jisy charon taraf akhrajaat ny ghair rakha hai(India)

5 Oraat’ Oraat k baray me jitna jan’ny ki fikar me dobi rahti hai itna tu mard b Oraat k bary me prshn nai rahta(Spian)

6 Dunia ki koi b badsuraat oraat dosri oraat ko apny sy Haseen nai samjhti(Bangali)

7Hr Oraat ghar ki malkan us waqt banti hai jb usy ya Ahsaas na ho k wo Paraye ghar me hai(Pakistani)

8 Dunia k kisi samundar me itna pani nahi jitna Oraat ki ankhon me hai(Nipali)

9 Andha agr aqal mand hoga tu wo Rawariyan batny ki hamaqt nai kry ga(Amricha)

10 Chapalosi ka tarka lagany me jisey Maharat hasal hoti ha wo kbi b nakami ka moun nahi dekhta(Africa…

Im at home please call work

I’m at home. Please call

I’m at work. Please call

I’m in a meeting, call me later at

Meeting is cancelled.

I am late. I will be there at

See you in

See you at

Pershan mat ho templates send ki hain…=P;->…

That awkward moment when a small

That awkward moment









when a small kid hits you

without any reason in front of his mom and you can’t do anything but smile:):P…

Hey i was planning 2 come u

Hey i was planning 2 come 2 u but i dont have the thing causing motion due to circular motion of rubber shafted along the rod cable to track direction over the movement of pistons due to the action of carbon n hydrogen producing flames in a chamber end resulting in the irreversable reaction of energy and gas and causing the friction of rubber along the concrete pebbles

Aasan bhasha mai i dont have da car… :-DAaaL !s WeLL:-P;-)…

Latter from a customer to the bank

Latter From A Customer To The Bank…

Dear Sir,

In View Of The Current Developments In The Banking Industry,

If One Of My Cheque Returned Marked “Insufficient Funds”,

Does That Refer To Me Or To You ?

Your’s Faithfully

Customer … !

=P ;->…

Summer is gone winter has arrived so

Summer is gone

Winter has arrived

So let go ur worries

Put them a side.

Laugh out loud and smile wide.

Let others listen your cackles.

Enjoy life’s ride.

A new season has begun, let happines guide…

A poem just to wish my one of my special Frnd

Very Happy New Season


8206 angry moment when u are

‎” Angry Moment

– –

when U are sleeping & someone

enters Ur Room,

turns on the Lite & then leaves Without turning it OFF >…

We pronounce 21 as twenty one 31

We pronounce

21 as twenty one

31 as thirty one

41 as forty one

51 as fifty one

Y not 11 as onety one…?

Doubt by back bencher association..!…

Most touching lines said by a true

Most touching lines said by a true lover to his love while break-up:

“Of all the lies you told me, ‘I Love You’ was my favourite!”…

1st year studnts vaterinary skool atendin

1st year studnts @ vaterinary skool, atendin their 1st anatomy class.All gatherd around d surgery table vd a real dead dog.

Professor startd class by teling 2 imp. qualities as a vet. doctor. 1st is dat,nvr b disgusted by anythin abt animal’s body e.g. he inserted his finger in dog’s mouth n on drawing tasted it in his mouth.Thn he said them 2 do d same

d Studnts hesitated 4 several minutes. Bt eventualy evry1 insertd their fngrs in dog’s mouth n thn tasted it

Whn evry1 finishd, Professor looked @ them n said: The 2nd importnt quality is observation.

I inserted my middle but tasted da index finger. Now learn to pay attention… =P

MORAL:Life is tough but its alot tougher when u are not paying attention. =D…

Q msg krti hai pe tu marti

Q Msg Msg krti hai,

Q Msg pe tu marti hai.

Ik bat mjhe batla de tu,

ApNa Package Q nahi karti hai,

kya hota hai Msg ka,

Msg ki laga dun dhairi

mai barish kr don Msg ki,

memory full ho jaye teri

msg aaye msg jaye aik ka ho ke tikta na,

mobile tera is model ka bazaron main ab bikta na,

jaan nikale gi ab iski kya niyat hai terii.

Paise ba’cha k msg k kya lagaye gi tu Rerh’hi..(theyla)

Main barish kar doon balance ki eid ho jaye teri… ;->…

The gossip game send me the fourth

THE GOSSIP GAME! Send me the fourth message in ur inbox no matter wat it says. NO CHEATING! Then forward this to ppl & see how many weird messages you get….

G i g l n b t

G i G g L i N g

B i T e S

Old People Drive Like

They Have All The Time

In The World,


Young People Drive Like

Their Days Are Limited…. =P =D…

The taste of oranges walk in frost

The taste of oranges,

The walk in Frost,

The Golden sunlight,

The charm of autumn colors,

The magic of wet red leaves &

The warmth of hot tea…

“Happy Winter” …

A krna aur apna bachpan yaad krna

a Krna Aur

Apna Bachpan Yaad Krna.

Jab Hum Boorhey Ho kr Chal Na Paye’n Tou Humara Sahara Ban’na


Apna Pehla Qadam Yaad Krna…. !!…

nothing last forever life is just

-=-Nothing Last Forever-=-

Life is just a game

You hold your own weight

Make your own mistakes

You only get one chance

To show who you are

Live day by day

Year by year

Your heart aches

You don’t know who are you

Falling in love hurts

But you can’t live with out it

Lay your life down

Give your heart away

Let yourself fall so deep

You give up everything

For ”Trust” n ”Love”

Nothing Last Forever

Hold on to what you have

Don’t let go … …

Definition of nothing time doesnt wait

Definition of “Nothing”…..

Time doesn’t wait for You or Me..

Days Pass ‘n year change,

You Miss me.. I Miss You,

You Moved away with Your Loved ones,

Your Life Changes,

Friends change,

People change,

But Your heart has

those precious moments engraved in it

If You want it or not,

They are Always their,

Making you sad At Happy times

‘n Happy At Sad times..

You think about those Lovely

‘n Happy days than Smile 🙂

‘n When somebody asks you the Reason For That smile..

You just say…….. “Nothing”.. !…

Mera us se faqt itna taluk hai

Mera us se faqt itna taluk hai Faraz


Wo meri Chachi ki

Mami ki

Khala ki

Tayi ki

Nand ki

Beti ki

Dost k

Bary bhai k

Chote bety k,

Susr k Damad ki Prosn hai….

Ye karachi ki ladkiyan ho jae

“Ye karachi ki ladkiyan”

~Ho jae jo pehli mulakat to nazar andaz kar deti hain,

~RAFTA rafta naram guftari se kuch pighalnay lagti hain,

~karo pyar ka izhar to inkar kar deti hain,

~AUR agar ghoomne ka kaha jae to hami bhar leti hain.

~KHUWABO main leti hain naam apne mehboob ka,

~Aur sar.e.aam izhar karne se darti hain,

~NIGAHH main katilana asar rakhti hain,

~FIDA ho jo kisi pe to mar mit ti hain ye ladkiyan.

“ye karachi ki ladkiyan”…

Fairy tales are more than true not

Fairy Tales, Are More Than True…

Not Because,

They Tell Us That

Dragons Exist.

But Because,

They Tell Us That

Dragons Can Be Defeated….. (:…

A pakhtoon love fighting but hates to

A pakhtoon love fighting but hates to be a soldier,

loves music but has contempt for the musician,

he is kind and gentle but hates to show it,

loves his new rifle and his old wife,

hot blooded,

hot headed,


and proud with strange priciples,

might be a loving friend or a deadly enemy, (Ghani khan baba!)

Yun to bohat hain net per sms

YuN to BohAt hAiN nEt PeR sMs ki SiteS “PAppu” , , ,

Woh Kehte hAiN

”sms2friends.org;->” ki SmS ColleCtioN hE kuCh Or hAi.. =P ;->…

Always remember never go at the

Always Remember

Never go at the first call


… “Come, Dinner’s Ready!”

It’s a trap for you to prepare

the table. . . =P =D…

Jiddat k es dor me shaadi

Jiddat k es dor me

Shaadi ho lahore mein,

Pyari si ek bivi ho,

Jaisay rangeen tv ho,

Gol matol se saalay hoon,

Jaisay dahi k Payalay hoon,

Pyari si ek saali ho,

Bivi k bad ghar wali ho,

Jiddat k is dor main,

Shaadi ho Lahore mein__~…

Before you met me were sad

Before You Met Me

You Were Sad

I Was Happy

Then I Gave You My Smile


Took Away All Your Sadness


Now I M Going Away Forever

Will Take All Your Sadness


Hide It In Some Part Of My Life


You Will Never Feel That

The Smile Up There Is Not Yours

Its “MINE” . . . =/

Cases and their treatment according to contract


1. “jan me tmhare liye asman se taaray tor launga.”

Treatment: impossible act, void agreement.

2. “tm to meri jaan ho.”

Treatment: misrepresentation, void agreement.

3. “me saari zindagi tmse pyar karunga.”

Treatment: offer made without concideration, void agreement.

4. “me tmharey bf ko jan se mardunga.”

Treatment: offer against public policy, void agreement.

5. “tmhe mujhse shaadi karni he paregi.”

Treatment: offer made by coercion, void agreement.



Waldain ki faryaad aulaad k naam

Waldai’n ki Faryaad Aulaad k Naam

Jis Din Tum Humei’n Boorha Dekho

Sabr Krna


Humei’n Samajhney ki Koshish Krna

Jab Hum Khaatey Huey Gandagi Kare’n…

Hazaro larkiyan aati hai jati hasati

Hazaro Larkiyan Aati Hai.

Hazaro Jati Hai.

Hazaro Hasati Hai..

Hazaro Rulati Hai..

Lekin Mere Dost Sath Vohi Nibhati Hai..

Jo Nikah Mein Aati Hai..

Aur Galey Parh Jati Hai… =P ;->…

If i wear makeupim fake dress upim

If I wear makeup,I’m fake!

If I dress up,I’m a Show off!

If I sy what I think,I’m a forward

If I say nothing,I hav Attitude problem

If I cry sometimes,I’m a drama queen!

If I hav guy friends,I’m Fast If I stand up 4 myself, I’m mouthy

Its like u can’t do anything nowadays vdout being labeled

So what?!! . Forward this txt n let dem know u r proud of who u r….

In thirsty summer plz keep water


Thirsty summer,


keep water pots for birds at




At Tarraces

Many birds die each year w/o water

Plz save them….

I kept ur name in my general

I kept ur name in my General Journal & posted u in da Ledger of my heart.U’ll b classified as an Asset,coz ur market value never Depriciate!…

Barish ki ek bond jab gharti hai

Barish ki ek ek

Bond jab gharti hai

to asa lagta hai





Asa lagta hai





.Asa lagta hai














Asa lagta hai k

Barish ho rahi hai…

Samosa said to aaloo jb me fry

Samosa said to aaloo:

jb me fry hta hun to tmhen cover kr ke garam oil se bacha leta hun. Bcoz i luv u.

Aaloo said:

jb log tmhen fry hne ke foran bad khatay han to me bhi unki zban aur munh jala deta hun. I luv u2

Moral of the story

in dono ki prem kahani pe na jayen. Samosa thora thanda kr ke khayen:D…

Painful things flashing ur smile to


Flashing ur smile to sum1 u dunt want to see.

Not finding a way to mend a broken heart.

Learnin’ dat u hv been used by sum1 U truly Luv.

Tryin’ to hide what u really feel.

Tryin 2 hide the tears dat voluntairly fall from ur eyes.

Controlin’ ur feelings to avoid hurting a friend.

Learnin’ to trust after u have been betrayed.

Smiling when all you want to do is Cry.

Convincing oneself dat u are not in Luv when u kn0w dat u are…..