Our first beloved imam mula alias was

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Our first beloved Imam Mula Ali(a.s) was born,

inside the Kabah,

on Friday the 13th of Rajab.

He was our first Imamim-Mobeen.

The Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) said about Mula Ali (A.S).

‘I am the city of knowledge,

Ali is its gate’.

‘I am from Ali and Ali is from me’.

‘My blood is Ali’s blood;

My flesh is Ali’s flesh.’

‘Ali and I are from one noor.’

‘Truth follows Ali’.

‘Love of Ali is Iman;

grudge against Ali is kufr and dirunity.’

‘To look at the face of Ali is ibadat.’

‘I am the receiver of the revelation, Ali is the interpreter.’

Happy birthday of Imam Ali(a.S)