Sum daughter in laws r well trained

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Sum daughter in laws r well trained & well mannered. They dont cum 2 change family, they r there 2 join d famly!

A new wife was being welcomed at d husbands home in a traditional manner!

She gave a speech:

My dear family, I thank u 4 welcoming me in my new home & family, she said ‘Firstly, my being here doesnt mean dat I wud want 2 change ur way of lyf, or routine. No. I’ll never do dat in a million yrs’

Father in law:

Wht do u mean child?


Wht I mean is, those who used 2 do d dishes must carry on washing dem

those who did d laundry must continue doing it

Those who cook shouldn’t stop at my account

& those who clean must carry on cleaning

Mother in law:

den wht r u here for?


Oh 4 me, my job is 2 gv happines 2 ur Son!:p