Heart Sms Collection

Quote for life to be followed till

Quote For LIFE To Be Followed Till Last Breath ~*~ U n l e s s Y o u S p e a k

Kamal ka shaks tha jisne merey zindgi

Kamal ka shaks tha jisne merey zindgi tabha kr di GHALIB………. raaz ki baat to ye ha k dil os se khafa ab b

Hum ko apne dil mein basaye rakhna

Hum ko apne dil mein basaye rakhna, Hamari yaadon ke charaagh jalaye rakhna, Bohot lamba hai safar zindagi ka, Ek hissa hum ko bhi

2day thougt a heart that loves

2day ThOuGt….!!! A hEaRt…. ThAt LoVeS iS AlwAys YoUnG…

Love message of the day our

Love Message Of The Day: Our Heart Is The Best Hypocrite In The World..! We Think It Beats For Us Inside But It Beats

Kabhi utr0 y0n mere dil k kachay

Kabhi Utr0 Y0n Mere Dil K Kachay Aangan Mein.. Kisi Udaas Musam Mein.. Kisi Veeran Lumhe Mein.. Chupke Se Dabe Pa0n.. Meri Ankh0n Pe

my SMS# 100016

.-. .-.-. .-. ! ? ! ? ! ! ?-..-??-..-? .-. .-.-. .-. ! ? ! ? ! ! ?-..-??-..-? MY SWEET Heart! …

Accept the things to which fate

Accept The Things To Which Fate Binds You And Love The People With Whom Fate Brings You Together But Do So With All Your

I have a new kodak camera

I Have A New Kodak Camera Ur Snap Pls. . Dnt Move Steady Ready C|ick Ohh ho Those who live in 1ns heart cnt

A big sorry really didnt think tat

A big sorry Really didnt think tat u wil take it in this sense No balance. That’s y sendinhg it thru online…

No greeting card to give sweet

No Greeting Card To Give.. No Sweet Flower To Send.. No Cute Graphic To Forword.. JUST a Loving Heart …

Measured by miles you are far from

Measured By Miles You Are Far From Me, Measured By Thoughts You Are Closer To Me, Measurd By Closd Eyes You Are Wid Me,

I can c u in my hands

I cAn c u In My hAnds whenever I join them 4 prayer, Ur face is one of those Who live in My heart,

V often fail 2 undrstnd d

V Often Fail 2 Undrstnd D Feelngs Of D 1 Who Is Vry Close 2 Our Heart, Coz D Book Wen Held Very Close

Quota heart dies when it is not

"A HEART dies when it is not able to share its FEELINGS.., but a HEART Kills itself when another Heart doesnot Understand its Feelings……

Not every bird can dance but

Not every bird can dance , but peacock did that, Not every flower can represent LUV, But Rose did that, Not every friend can

Kisne kha tje k anjan ban aya

Kisne kha tje k ANJAN ban k aya kr Mre DIL k aine me MEHMAN ban k aya kr PAGAL ek tje hi to

Never change your originality for the sake

Never change your originality for the sake of others because no one can play your role better than u, so be yourself….

A dil tu mohbbat karta kiyn hai

A Dil Tu Moh?bbat Karta Kiy?n Hai, Karta Hai To Tarapta Kiy?n Hai, W?h Kehte Hain Tum Hamare Dil Ki Dharkan H?, Phir Hamare

Absence is the best presence because

Absence is the best presence.. Because if somebody is absent then u miss them And if u miss them that means they are present

Of all the people that could have

Of All The People That Could Have Stolen My HEART I Am So Happy It Was Y0U . . ….

Stars are seen together yet they r

?Stars are seen together, yet they r so far apart? good friends may not speak everyday, but remember they r always linked HEART TO

One who smokes has a smoky heart

One who smokes has a smoky heart; one who drinks has an alcoholic heart. So dear U must STOP eating sweets as u r

28 sep dunia bhr meworld heart day

28 sEp DunIa bHr mE”WoRLD Heart Day” MnAyA Jaye gA . . . PLz tUm CeminaAr atTend Kr Lena I cAn’t atTend B-C

I had a heart it once was

I had a heart it once was true; but now it’s gone from me to you. Take care of it as i have done;

Dont send any messages i dont want

Don?t send any messages, I don?t want to see you, hear your voice, think of you, coz my doctor advised me 2 keep away

Kii k dil m b br t

Ki$i k Dil M? B?$?? B?r? t? ??hi Ki$i k? Dil M? B?$??? K?i Kh??t? t? ??hi G????h H?i Ye Z?m???y ki ??z?r M?

The most beautiful compensation of life is

The Most Beautiful Compensation Of Life Is Not Touched By Hands Rather Felt By Hearts … …

Is dil ki aarzoo ko tarazoo me

Is dil ki aarzoo ko tarazoo me na tolo??!! Ye dil to masoom hai khamosh rehta hai???!! Tmhe mujhse mohabbat hai bolo ya na

T r u h ppl say

T R U T H Ppl Say Th8 Nvr Expect Anything 4m others But The Fact Is When V Rilli Like Some1 V Do

Press down to have a cake

Press down to have a CAKE Wher is cake? Kya hua Cake chahiye?! aap bhi na Pehle he itne sweet ho phir cake khao

Staying far never breaks relation near

Staying far never breaks relation, Staying near never builds relation, Its a link between hearts, Which never allows us to forget each other.!! …

True love hears what is not spoken

True Love Hears What Is Not Spoken, And Understands What Is Not Explained, For Love Doesn?t Work In The Mouth, Nor The Mind, But

Sitaray asman men chamakte hen badal

Sitaray asman men chamakte hen, Badal door se baraste hen, Hum b kitne ajeeb hain Aap dil mein rehte hain. Aur hum mulaqat ko

Ek artist se dil k darwazay ki

Ek Artist Se Dil K Darwazay Ki Tasveer Bananay Ko Kaha Gaya Uss Ne Bohat Haseen Ghar Banaya Or Uss Mn Chota Sa Khubsurat

Heart touching dialogue force can make

Heart touching dialogue: Force can make everything possible in the world, But it can’t create a single drop of love in anyone’s heart.. …

Yeh bhi aik tamasha hai bazar e ulfat mein

Yeh Bhi Aik Tamasha Hai Bazar-e-Ulfat Mein .. Dil Kisi Ka Hota Hai Bas Kisi Ka Chalta Hai ……

Main tumhare darwaze par khara hon

Main TumhAre DARWAZE PAr KhArA Hon DArwAzA KhoLo? |””””””| ArAy | ,| IdhAr |______| NAhi .+””+””+. “. .” IdhAr ” + ” …

Rich people travel in cars poor

RICH people travel in cars POOR people travel in carts but Sweet Sobre Simple Smart Special people like u travel in "Hearts" :-)…

Love message of the day our

Love Message Of The Day: Our Heart Is The Best Hypocrite In The World..! We Think It Beats For Us Inside But It Beats

Nobody in the world can hav

Nobody In The World Can Hav A Crystal Clear Heart…!! Bcoz Everyone’s Heart Has Some Scratches Scribbled By Their Dear Ones……

Samandar ki rait haton main samai nahi

Samandar ki rait haton main samai nahi jati, Dilon ki mohabbat labon se batai nahi jati, ki jati hay unse dosti! jinse dil ki

The sweetest words ever said i

The Sweetest words Ever Said? ?i am jealous of the people you hugged Because for a moment, they held my whole world?? …