Golden Words SMS Collection

The importance of a caring person in

The imPortance of a Caring Person in 0ur life is like imp0rtance of 0ur HEART BEAT. Bcoz Heart beat is not Visible but Sileñtly

Lovely tyms of lyf vill not return

Lovely tyms Of lyf vill Not Return Back 4 Ever, But The LOvely RelatiOn And The MiSsing MemOries Of LOvely Pple vill Stay In

Two golden rules to move ahead in

TWO GOLDEN RULES TO MOVE AHEAD IN LIFE: Rule #1- “RoCk3rS” iS aLways Right. Rule #2 – If u Feel That He iS Wrong,

Never trust those whose says me and

never trust those whose says trust me and always try to belive in pure life………

There r millions of people in this

There r millions of people in this world Then why U born? The reason is, ALLAH is expecting something frm U wich is not

Do you want to know about yourself

Do You Want To Know About Yourself? Then Always Remember This Golden Sentence ‘You R What U HIDE About Urself 4rm Others’

Truly islam is perfect clear like

Truly, Islam is perfect & clear like a mirror. If you find fault in it, then indeed, it is a mere reflection of you.

Kon kehta hai k khuda nazar nhi

‘…….Kon kehta hai k Khuda Nazar nhi aa’ta…….’ ‘…….Ek wohi to Nazar aa’ta hai jb kuch Nazar nhi aa’ta…

Hum main hai kya jo yaad rakhe

Hum Main Hai Kya Jo Yaad Rakhe Ga Koi Hamein, …Imran,, Yahan Tu Log Naam_e_Khuda Bhool Jate Hain.

Maindozukk khof sy ibadat nahe karta k

main’DOZUK’k khof sy ibadat nahe karta k ye ibadat nahe’GULAMI’ hy….. Main ibadat sirf es leyai karta hon k mera’RAB’ ibadat k laiq hy…..

Kamzor hy wo shakhas jo dost

Kamzor Hy wo Shakhas jo ‘Dost ‘ Na Bana Skay. Or us se B kamzor wo shakhs Hy jo bana huwa ‘ Dost ‘

Even a big pot full of water

Even a big pot full of water can be emptied by a small hole. So a little Anger or Ego can burn up all

Golden lines moveability is part

Golden lines : Moveability is PART of life, Flexibility is ART of life. One who understand this then SUCCESS is LANDMARK of his life…

A famous poet said it is

A famous poet said: ‘It is possible to cross an ocean without wetting ur legs But it is impossible to cross life without wetting

Hurting someone who really cares for u

‘Hurting someone who really cares for u is as easy as throwing stone in the lake but u don’t know how deep that stone

Your life is your message to the

Your life is your message to the world. . Make it inspiring%-)

The single finger that wipe ur tears

‘The single finger that wipe ur tears during ur bad times is much better than the Ten fingers that come together to clap on

Jb tmhain mehsus ho k tumhari

‘Jb Tmhain Mehsus Ho K Tumhari Tabiyet Ko Zikr e Khuda Sy Skoon Mehsus Hota Hy, To Smjho K Khuda Tumhain Pasnd Krta Hy’.

3 batain yaad rakhna 1kisi ki

3 Batain yaad rakhna. 1.Kisi ki sharafat ko uski buzdli na smjna 2.Kisi ki sachaai ko uski bewakofi na smjna 3.Kisi k khuloos ko

Faramin ameer al mmnin imam al mutqin hazrat ali ibne abi

‘FARAMIN’ AMEER-al-Mømnin Imam-al-Mutqin Hazrat ALI-IBN’E ABI TALIB'(ASW) Møula frmaty hn.. 1¤Har Aadmi Ki Qeemat Uski Pasnad Høti ha’ 2¤Insaan Apni Zibaan k Nichy Pøshida

History never comes again but it repeats

History never comes again but it repeats its events to memorise , warn and teach better they are who took perception and lesson from

Nafrat gunah se kro gunah krne wale

‘Nafrat gunah se kro Gunah krne wale se nahin Shayd! wo Tumhari mohabbat mein aa kr gunah karna hi chor de! Hazrat Ali (R.A)…!!

Napolian said agr ap 100

Napolian Said : Agr ap 100 Kutoo ki aik Foj tayar krain or un ka Leader aik Sher Mukarar krain to Tamam Kuty Sher

sachi muhbt aik nayab shaye hai

*’* Sachi Muhbt Aik Nayab Shaye Hai Lekin Sachi DOSTI is S Bhi Nayab Hai. *’* Itminan Sb S Bra Sukh Hai Aur Be

Feel the depth of this sentence

Feel the depth of this sentence.. ‘ALLAH’ does not like the hardness of ‘Tongue’ and ‘Heart’ that is why ‘ALLAH’ made them boneless’..

Har cheez ka sadqa hota he

‘Har Cheez Ka Sadqa Hota He, ‘Aqal Ka Sadqa Ye He K Kisi Jahil Ki Baat Sun Kar Bardaasht Kia Jaye.,

Locks are never manufactured without a key

‘Locks are Never Manufactured without a key… Smilrly Almighty Allah Nevr gives Problms widout Solutions, Only We Need to have Faith to Unlock them…

Wt is life zindagi azan sa


We can save many relations if we

‘We can save many relations if we understand a simple fact that people are not difficult they are different’.

Laughter is the best medicine but

Laughter is the best medicine. But if you’re laughing without a reason, you need medicine..:-):-)

3 important philosophies 1 ability can

!!! 3 important Philosophies !!! 1: Ability Can Never Remain Hidden. 2: No Injury Is Deeper Than Insult. 3: The Start Of Tension Is

Shakespare says when your angry at

Shakespare says ‘When you’r angry at someone & get irritated time to time but you still can’t live without Him/Her That’s a relation.True relation

Ay meray parwardegar jab tu mereduaqabool

AY MERAY PARWARDEGAR!!! jab tu mere’DUA’qabool karta hy tu mujay khushi hoti hy k tu ny mere marzi pori ke…. LAKIN jab tu mere’DUA’qabool

Shehd k siwa har meethi cheez mein

SHEHD K Siwa Har Meethi Cheez Mein Zehar Hai, Aur ZEHR K Siwa Har Karvi Cheez Mein Shifa Hai.

Maine dil diya pyaar ki had thi

maine dil diya pyaar ki had thi aare jaan di aethbaar ki had thi FaHaD mar gaye hum kuli rahi aankhein yeh mere intezaar

Aristotle says u are born without

Aristotle says: U are Born Without Anything Bt U Die With Ur Name, So That Name Must Not Be Just A Word only, It

Hazrat ali ra sab se bari

Hazrat ALI (R.A) Sab Se Bari Bahaduri ‘SABR’ hai. Sab Se Barri bala ‘NA UUMIDI’ hai. Sab Se Bari Tafrih ‘MASRUFIYAT’ hai. Sab Se

Apna sir oncha rakho k tum ksi

Apna Sir Oncha Rakho k Tum ksi se nhi darte Lekin Apni Nigahain nechi rakho ta k pata chale k Tum ek Ba izat

Everyday starts with some expectations

Everyday Starts with some ¤¤EXPECTATIONS ¤¤ But Everyday Ends with some ¤¤EXPERIENCE¤¤ So Be Positive always.

Aansu or muskurahat 2 anmol khazane

‘AANSU’ Or ‘MUSKURAHAT’ 2 Anmol Khazane Hain ! Pehly Ko Apne tak Mehdud Rakho Or Dusre Ko Logo Par Nichawar Kar Do.. (¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´

Think about it baat kirdar

Think about it ! Baat kirdar ki hoti hy .. . . . . . . . warna !! Qad my insaan sy saaya

The four hardest tasks on earth are

‘The four hardest tasks on earth are neither physical nor intellectual feats, but they are spiritual ones: 1. To return love for hate. 2.

You were born with potential goodness and

You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.

Apni shakhsiyat ko sanwaro aur zindagi behtr

‘Apni shakhsiyat ko sanwaro aur zindagi ko behtr bnany me itny msrof hojao k dusron pe tanqeed krny ka tumhe waqt hi na mily’

Agar aap ki aankh khubsurat hai

agar aap ki ‘AANKH’ khubsurat hai tò aap kò duniya achi lage gi, Lakin agar aap ki ‘ZUBAN’ khubsurat hai tò aap duniya kò

Emaan or haya 2 ese

EMAAN ‘ Or ‘ HAYA ‘ 2 ese PARINDAY Hain K Agr In Me Se 1 Urr Jae To Dusra KHUD Hi Urr Jata

Love is what makes two people sit

“Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench when there is plenty of room at both ends

Zarori nhn ke jo khobsorat ho woh


Study as if you have not reached

Study As If You Have Not Reached Your Goal. Hold it as if you were afraid of losing what you have.

Insan ka fazool shoq main waqt kho

”Insan Ka Fazool Shoq Main Waqt Kho dena Iss Baat Ki Daleel Hy K KHUDA Us Se Naraz Hai.” HAZRAT ALI (R.A) (¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´

Naa kar bandeya meri meri naa

‘Naa Kar Bandeya Meri Meri, Naa Teri Naa Meri….. 4 Dinan Da Mela Duniya, Fair Mitti Di Dheri’ (Bullay Shah)

Nice line written on the gate of

Nice Line Written On The Gate Of A Graveyard : ‘This Place Is Full Of Those PEOPLE Who Thought That The World Can Not

Distance never breaks a relation closeness

‘DistancE NeveR Breaks A RelatioN & ClosenesS NeveR Builds A Relation If Feelings R True & Honest, all RelationS Will Always Remain…!

If you are not happy being single

‘If you are not happy being single, U’ll never be happy in a relationship..!! Get your own life first, then try 2 share it

Girls are like apples on trees

Girls—————————————– ——- —–are like apples——————- ——–on trees. The best ones————– ——are at the top of the tree.————– —-The boys dont want to reach————- —for

Jab bhi allah se apne liye kuch

jab bhi ALLAH se apne liye kuch mango to AQAL nahi NASEEB mango,kyuki main ne AQALWALO ko NASEEBWALO ke paas GULAMI karte dekha hai.

Beth kar pani peny k faidy

Beth Kar Pani Peny K Faidy: -Gurday kharab Nahi Hotey.. -Ghutny Hamesha Active Rehty Hain.. -Reerh Ki Haddi Mazboot Rehti Hain.. -Dil K Waal

Growing seed makes no sound but falling

Growing seed makes no sound, but falling tree makes huge noise. Destruction has noise, creation is always quiet. This is the power of Silence.

Akhlaaq 1 dukan hai aur zuban us

Akhlaaq 1 dukan hai. Aur zuban us ka tala. Tala khulta hai tu maloom hota hai k dukaan soney ki hai ya koiley k.

Great lines by boota marasi kamyabi toilet

Great Lines by Boota Marasi: Kamyabi Toilet Ki Smell ki trha hoti Hai. Bardasht tab hi hoti hai jab apni ho. ‘Funny But True.’

Main barho ki izzat is lye krta

‘Main barho ki izzat is lye krta hun k unki nekiyan mujse ziada hain oR choton se pyar is liye krta hun k un

Touching lines once you feel

Touching Lines : .. Once you feel you are Avoided by Someone, Never Disturb Them again..! .. … … … B’coz .. The One

Hate but love more argue agree

Hate but LOVE more… Argue but AGREE more… Talk but LISTEN more… Punish but FORGIVE more… Then U’ll Love people BUT People will Love

Never trust a person who isnt having

Never trust a person who isn’t having at least one crisis. Adolf Hitler

I sit and listen to everyone elses

I sit and listen to everyone Else’s love stories and I’m thinking to myself … ‘Where’s mine?’

When two people are under the influence

When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to

Without tradition art is a flock of

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse. Wolfgang Amadeus

Khubsurat log hamesha achay nahi hotay

KHUBSURAT LOG Hamesha Achay nahi hotay , ,, *** LEKIN *** ACHAY LOG Hamesha Khubsurat hotay hein!

Never try to go back and repair

Never try to go back and repair the past which is IMPOSSIBLE ! But Be prepared to construct the Future which is POSSIBLE.:-) Best

Ek faqeer ko 1rupiya mil gaya or

Ek faqeer ko 1rupiya miL gaya or sara din sochne Laga k is se kya kharidon? sara din sochne me guzar gaya or sham

Patience is of two kinds patience over

Patience is of two kinds: patience over what pains you, and patience against what you covet. (Sayyaduna Maula ALI)

A beautiful quote whats more painful

A beautiful quote: ‘Whats more painful? When a person whom u trust, hurts u or a person whom u hurt, still trusts u.’ (¯`v´¯)

Beautiful words har ek ki suno

Beautiful words har ek ki suno, or har ek se sekho, Q K Har koi sb kuch nahe janta lekin har ek kuch na

Namaz ki fikar apne oper farz kar

‘Namaz ki fikar apne oper farz kar lo, Khuda ki Qasm dunya ki fikar sy azad ho jao gey aur Kamyabi tumhare Qadm chome

Jitni duniya mazak udati hai utni takdeer

Jitni duniya mazak udati hai, utni takdeer jagmagati hai. Jab karam allah ka hota hai, takdeer pal mein badal jati hai.

There are two kinds of lawyers those

There are two kinds of lawyers, those who know the law and those who know the judge. Adolf Hitler

Jannat ki sair kar raha tha k

‘JANNAT’ Ki Sair Kar Raha Tha K Raat Ho Gayi, ‘IQBAL’ Subha Ko Jab Aaknh Khuli Tu Sar ‘MAA’ Ki Aghosh Main Ta By..!

Aitibar ki barish main itna maat bhigo


jab tum sukoon ki kami mehsoos

‘ Jab Tum Sukoon Ki kami Mehsoos Kro to Apne Rab K Huzoor toba kro kyun k insan k Gunah hi hen jo Dil

Two things define your personality the

Two things define your personality.. The way you manage when you have nothing.. The way you behave when you have everything..!!

Affection is not measured when both take

affection is not measured when both take care of each other. it is measured when one ignore and the other still continues to care.

Allah se hmesha wo talab kro jis

‘ALLAH se hmesha wo talab kro jis k tum haqdar ho,Na k wo jo tm chahte ho. Ho sakta ha tumhari chahat boht km

Jinhe sapne dekhna accha lagta ha

‘Jinhe Sapne Dekhna Accha Lagta Ha? Unko Raat Choti LaGti Ha? Aur? ‘Jinko Sapne Pure karna Achha Lagta Ha’? Unko Din Chota Lagta Ha.

i say you listen is

‘ I Say & You Listen’ is a good relation, ‘You say & I Listen’ is a better relation, But ‘ I dnt Say

a bitter truth when the

‘ A Bitter Truth ‘ When the relation is new. . People find reasons to meet. . But’, When it becomes old. . People

Har insan ki khushi waja bano ka

Har insan ki khushi ki waja bano, khushi ka hissa nahi Our har insan k dukh ka hisa bano dukh ki waja nahi (Hazrat

Ap jub mosibat main ho to ye


Allah ki 4 rehmtain jo insan se

Allah ki 4 rehmtain jo insan se bardasht nahi hoti. 1 .BETI. 2. MEHMAN. 3. BARISH. 4. BIMARI. Allah k 4 azab jo insan

Best relation in dis world is

Best Relation In Dis World Is, When You Hold The Hand Of A Person And The Person Walks With You Without Asking ‘Where’ And

Agar aap apni respect karwana chahte hain

Agar aap apni respect karwana chahte hain to doosron ki respect karo aur kisi to apnain se hakeer no smjho

Real thought jab deewaro me darare

,,,,Real thought,,,, Jab Deewaro me Darare Parti hain To Deeware Gir Jati hain, ,,Or,, Jab Dil me Darare Parti hain To Deeware Ban Jati

Gunah ka moqa na milna b naimaton

‘Gunah Ka MoQa Na MiLna B Naimato’n Me Se Ek Naimat Hy. ‘ Pareshani HaLaat Se Nahi KhayaLaat Se Paida Hoti Hy. ‘ Behtreen

Taajjub hy khuda apni itni sari makhlooq


Insan ko bolne aur seekhne me aik

Insan ko Bolne aur Seekhne Me aik Saal Lagta hai, Par kon sa Lafz kahan Bolna hai ye Seekhne k Liye Pori Zindgi Lag

Kabi kisi ko ye mat kaho k

*Kabi kisi ko ye mat kaho k tum mujhe yad rakhna Kyun k agr aap yad rehnay k qabil hon gay to yaqeen’n usy

Fake friends are like our shadow

Fake friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the *sunshine,* but leaving us when we cross into the

Her uss cheez ko torr do jis

Her Uss Cheez Ko Torr Do Jis Ko Insaan Ne Banaaya Hai. *LEKIN* Insaan Ka Dil Kabhi Mat Torrna Jis Ko Khuda Ne Banaaya

Shakespeare said one beautiful heart is better

Shakespeare said’ one beautiful heart is better than thousand beautiful faces’ so chose peoples having beautiful heart rather than beautiful faces

Life is a one way road where