Dignity and respect if youve spent

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Dignity and Respect.

If you’ve spent any appreciable time on the Project you’ve heard this mantra espoused as a core value of our company. Right?

What maybe 1.349 million times?

Then why do we still have complaints?

Because Dignity and Respect are simply words. Words that you hear until you automatically say to yourself “Yeah, yeah, yeah”.

It’s action that has the lasting impact. It’s action that we recognize as reflection of what’s going on in the person’s heart. Fundamentally, if we do not behave in ways that demonstrate respect, the result is a loss of trust.

It’s the little things like simply saying “please” or “thank you”. Sincerely listening to someone or sharing some coffee or water.

In my eyes, the “little” things are really the basis for the “BIG” things.