They had a bicycle repair shop

They Had a bicycle repair shop & a ‘Dream’ to make sumthng that flies. People laughd at them…

‘WRIGHT BroS (makers of airplane)


He went 2 the Best University in the world, but got dropped out of that University & nevr graduated.


(owner of APPLE Computer)


Teachers told him he wz ‘too stupid 2 learn anythng’


(inventor of light bulb)


He gets up daily with an aim 2 do somethng best,but never did it!

Its Me :

Coming soon

Intelligence test a boy forgot his

Intelligence Test!

A boy forgot his

pin-code which was of 5 digits,

but luckily he remembered some hints. . .

here are those clues.

1. First digit is equal to the square of the second digit

2. 2nd plus 3rd digit are equal to 10

3. 4th digit equals to the 2nd digit plus 1

4. 5th plus 3rd digit make 14

5. Sum of all the five digits make 30

find the code

reply if u r a Genius..

Kabhi 9 ka table goor se parha

kabhi 9 ka table goor se parha hay.

Table Of ‘9’

An Amazing Fact

9×1=09, 0+9=9

9×2=18, 1+8=9

9×3=27, 2+7=9

9×4=36, 3+6=9

9×5=45, 4+5=9

9×6=54, 5+4=9

9×7=63, 6+3=9

9×8=72, 7+2=9

9×9=81, 8+1=9

9×10=90, 9+0=9


9×11=99, 9+9=18, =1+8=9

9×12=108, 1+0+8=9

9×13=117, 1+1+7=9

9×14=126, 1+2+6=9

And so on

This is really a mystery.

There is some mystery in 99^

Think of 99 names of ‘MAALIK-AY-KAYINAT’


Knowlege of the world 1dunya ki

Knowlege of the ‘WORLD’

1.DUNYA ki sb se Blund Building DUBAI mein hai.

2.Dunya ka sb se bara school CHICAGO main hai.

3.Dunya ka sb se Bara Hospital BAGHDAD main hai.

4. Dunya ka sb se bara DARAKHT INDIA main hai.

6. Dunya ki sb se bari ‘MASJID’ TURKEY main hai.

Or dunya ka sb se bara KAMINA aur Zaleel Insan PAKISTAN main Hai.

Haan Wohi wohi ‘muchon wala’ wala.Naam mat lain wozo Toot Jaye ga.

Aj kal aksar nojawan ehtalam hone ki

Aj Kal Aksar Nojawan


Hone Ki Sorat



Ko Bina PAK Kiy Utar Dete Hen Jisko Ghr Wale Utha Kr MACHINE

Me Dho Dete Hen Jis Se


Me Mojod Tamam Kapre NA’PAK

Hojate Hen


Unhi KAPRO Ko Pehan Kr Hm


Sb Ebadat krte Hen


Ghr Walo Ko Pata Nhi Hota K Ye Kapre




Lehaza Jitna





3Bar achi

Tarha Dho Kr Kapre



‘SADQA-e-JARIA’ ap k zriy sy kisi ki EBADAT QABOOL ho jae

Sultan salahuddin ayubi great muslim general ne

‘sultan salahuddin ayubi great muslim general ne falastin,urdan,labnan our misr pe hakumat ki BAITUL MUQADAS b fatah kia lekin jab un ka intiqal hua to qarz le kr un k kafan dafan ka intizam kia gya, un ki wafat k baad un ki jaidad ka hisab lagaya gya to 1ghora,1talwar,1zirah,1dinar,our 36 dirham k ilawa kuch na tha wo shadid khawahish k bawajud HAJJ na kr sake… azeem log b hukmaran thai…’

Cusec means cubic foot per second cu

cusec means cubic foot per second (cu $ sec) 1 cubic foot=6 gallon of water whereas 1 gallon=3.64liters vich means one cubic foot=21.84 liters.

It conclude that when 21.84 liter of water passes per second is called one cusec.

Now imagine 10 lac cusec water,which means 21840000liters of water (2crors,18 lakh,40 hazar litter) is passing each seconds.

Its beyond 2 belive de pressure of water at this heavy quantum,thats Y Its named supreme flood.

Japanese psychology the 3rd letter of

Japanese Psychology

The 3rd letter of ur name shows ur character.

A: Gifted

B: Loved by all

C: Innocent

D: Talented

E: Good but hurts

F: Feels for others

G: Logical thinking

H: Respected

I: Beautiful

J: Enjoys life

K: Lovable

L: Funy

M: Great person

O: Supportive

P: Smiling

Q: Cool

R: Unpredictable

S: Caring

T: Genuine

U: Practical

V: Genius

W: Calm

X: Takes it easy

Y: Intelligent

Z: Jovial

Adoniram judson 1788 1850 american baptist missionary

Adoniram Judson

(1788-1850) : American Baptist missionary

to Burma, called

Father of Baptist Missionaries.

In 1834 completed a translation of the

whole Bible into Burmese.

As a young man, he had cried out, “I will not

leave Burma, until the

cross is planted here forever.!

He died in 1850 and

was buried at

Bay of Bengal, Burma coast. 33 years after his death, Burma had 63 Christian Churches, 163 missionaries, and over 7000 baptized converts.”

Dengue virus awareness compaign symptoms high

(Dengue Virus Awareness Compaign)


High fever & Severe body pain

Itching & Red Spots

Bleeding from Nose & Teeth

Severe pain behind the Eyes.


Properly cover the pots having water,


Bath Buckets & Drums etc.

Use Coils, Mats & sprays.


Dengui Attacks


6:00 AM-9:00 AM


4:00 PM-10:00 PM

Patients should Use Paracetamol only


Never Use Dispirin

Plz join this SMS Campaign


Save Lives


This calculation tell you about your favourite

This calculation tell you about your favourite Person.

Sath sath hal karna,

1 favourite no chose kren.


Phir zarb kren 3 se & phir jama 3 kryn & dobara 3 sy zarb kren.

Aap k pas 2 hindsay niklen gy.

Ek hindsy ko dusray hindsy mein add karo & phir apki favourite personality nikal aayegi.

1. Mother

2. Father

3. Lover

4. Sister

5. Yourself

6. Cuzun

7. brother

8. Husband

9. Umar

10. Friend

Aur jo answer aye batana zarur.


As u know firoan namrood were

As u know Firoan & Namrood were 2 great enemies of Islam.

Firoan died in flood with his people while Namrood was killed by a mosquito.

Now pakistan is suffering from both.

Regular floods & Dengue virus r our two main problems now a days.

Plz seriously think about it.

Dont forget to recite Astaghfaar as much as possible & Plz avoid evils.

Still We have time to change our lives.

Plz forward this sms to all ur relatives

Abbreviations which are not known to many

ABBREVIATIONS Which Are Not Known To Many Of Us:


COLD : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.

JOKE : Joy Of Kids Entertainment.

AIM : Ambition In Mind.

DATE : Day And Time Evolution.

EAT : Energy And Taste.

TEA : Taste And Energy Admitted.

PEN : Power Enriched In Nib.

SMILE : Sweet Memories In Lip Expression.

BYE : Beside You Everytime_:)!