Fact of life only 1 the

Fact of Life…

Only 1% of the girls become wife of their lovers, the remaining become passwords of FACEBOOK and EMAIL ! :p…

If u need original tigers nail

If U Need Original Tigers


For Ur Chain Locket

Contact Me Immediately

Bcos M Cuttin

My Nails 2morow.

Booking Close Today…

Impact of job change a taxi

Impact of Job Change:

A taxi passenger touched d driver on shouldr 2 ask smthng

Driver screamed, lost control of the car, went up on the footpath & Stopped few centimeters frm a shop

The driver said:

“Don’t ever do that again, u scared me”

Pasengr apologized n said:

“I didn’t realize a litle touch wud scare u so much”

Driver replied:

“Sory, it’s nt ur fault

its my 1st day as a Cab driver, I’ve been driving a van carying dead bodies for last 25 yrs;-)

Tcherwat is past participle of th verb

Tcher:”Wat is past participle of th verb ‘to ring’?”

Johnny:”Wat do u think it is,Sir?”

Teacher:”I dont think, I KNOW!”

Johnny:”I dont think, I know too!”…

Scientists have proved that 2904583181 people on

Scientists have proved that

2904583181 people on the earth

are lazy,,,




They did not even read this

number.. 😛 😉 ðŸ˜Ą

Thumbs up if you haven’t read

the number :P…

Boy brb girl okay 2

Boy: Brb

Girl: Okay …

2 Hrs Later

Boy: Back

Girl: Huh … =/

What Took So Long ?

Boy: Somebody Asked Why

I Love You …

Girl: Blush … *.* ♥


Boys Are Always Witty … =D …

Newtons law of romance love can neither



0345 5888477

051 7152555…

giggling bites in the past

* Giggling Bites *

In The Past,

When You Were Angry With


…You Argued With Them.


You Just Delete Them Off

Facebook … =P =D

Dear face wash commercials nobody can splash

Dear Face-wash Commercials,





Nobody can splash water on

their face the way you show

in your ads.

My clothes r all wet now. =P

Kindly show in a more

realistic way =D…

She blinded me with her light its

She BlinDeD mE wiTh hEr LigHT, it’S SucH A beaUtiFuL SigHt… The WaY She MoVes Is LiKe An AngEl… ShE gOt Me WaLkiNg On Air …

A pizza and an apple were thrown

A pizza and an apple were thrown down from the 15th floor.

Which will reach down first?






Ans:The Pizza,as it’s fast food! Lol xD…

Once a girl askd her bf

Once a girl askd her bf :

Why we have units to measure weight, height & distance but not love, friendship & trust?


Boy thought for a while……..




Took her in his arms,

looked deep in her eyes & said ‘ Look Girl, DONT Eat my brain! I have already failed in Physics ‘ xP =P x”D…

Tips 4 boys if you marry

TIPS 4 Boys-

If You Marry One Girl, She Will Fight WITH You.

If You Marry Two Girls, They Will Fight FOR You…

Think Different…!:-) …

A heart touching message we

A Heart Touching Message







“We Need

Six Months Vacation

Twice A Year. . . ” =P =D

No one is too young for love

No one is too young for love, because love doesn’t come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age …

Two ladies fighting for a seat in

Two ladies fighting for a seat in a bus ..

Bus Conductor : The older one should sit her xP

Both looked at each other and the seat remained empty 😛 …

I always pray 4 u dt may

i aLwAyS pRaY 4 U dT mAy uR lIfE b bRiGhT & sUnNy,& uR pArTnEr b fAt & fUnNy.

mAy uR lIfE b fIlLeD wItH rOsEs & uR cHiLdReN hAvInG pHeEnI pHeEnI nOsEs…;->…

If a cute n handsum girl says

If a cute n Handsum girl says 2 u "I LUV U"

Do Any Of 3 Thngs..

1.Take him 2 d Eye specialist.

2.Take Him 2 a Mental Hospital.

3.Tell Him m not "Sohail Imran ";-)…

Talk 2 me when im bored kiss

TaLk 2 me wHen i’m boReD, kiSS me wHen i’m saD, hug me wHen i cRy, caRe 4 me wHen i diE, loVe me When i’m sTill Alive. …

Some funny signboards pizza

Some Funny

Signboards …

@ Pizza Shop

“7 Dayz Widout Pizza

Makes 1 Weak”

In No-smoking Area

“If V c Smoke, V’ll

Azume U r On Fire

n Take Apropaite


@ Car Dealership

“D Best Way 2 Get Back

On Ur Feet.

Miss A Car Payment”

@ Maternity Room Door

“Push . Push . Push” … ;->

Sameer +92 300 2711 588

~ Tum Bin ~

Boss to an employee do you

BOSS to an employee….


“Do you believe in life after Death?”




“Certainly not! There’s no proof of it”,

he replied.



BOSS: “Well, there is now. After you left

early yesterday to go to your uncle’s

funeral, he came here looking for you….

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.

The driver screamed, lost control and stopped inches from a shop window.

The driver shouted, “You scared the hell out of me!”

The passenger apologized and said, “I didn’t realize a little tap would scare you so much.”

The driver replied, “Sorry, actually today is my first day as a cab driver, I was a funeral car driver for the last 25 years.”…

Doctor u lk exactly like my third

Doctor: U l??k exactly like my third wife..!

Lady: How many wivez do u have???

Doc: Two…!

Moral: Express smart ideas

"Smarty’ ;)…

A fact a girl will

A Fact :

“A Girl Will Always Forgive And Forget


She Will Never Let You Forget That She Had

Forgiven And Forgotton.. :D…

Gal do u have any sentimental love

Gal: Do u have any sentimental love cards?

Shopkeeper: How about this card, it says ‘To the only boy I ever loved’

Gal: Great! I want 10 of them

Teachr whats d benifit of eating spinach

Teachr: What’s D Benifit Of Eating Spinach?

Studnt: Eat Spinach & U’ll GrowUp Big & Strong Lyk POPYE


U’ll Also End Up Wid A GirlFrnd Who Luks Lyk OLIVE ;->…

Try this its fun take ur

Try This

Its Fun!

Take Ur Mobile,

Select Vibrate Mode


Put In Water


Call 4m Landline

Ur Moblile Will Start Swimming.

What happend 2 ur mobile i was

what happend 2 ur mobile? i was trying 2 call u but i got this msg: welcome 2 D jungle network,D monkey u r tring 2 call is on tree plz try later.

Five benefit of kiss 1changes taste

five benefit of kiss

1.changes taste

2.burn calories

3.lips never got dried

4.makes face muscles strong


so keep kissing …

From here onwrds dun meet n talk

From here onwrds dun meet n talk 2me

I m going in my way n u go by ur way

We will nver meet again…

said by y-axis to x-axis at orign ;)…

I looked 4 u up down















MORTEIN…. ;->…

Doctor to patient the check which you

Doctor to Patient: The check which you gave me has been returned

Patient to Doctor: The head-ache for which you gave me medicine has also returned!…

Imagine urself in a boat which


urself in a boat

which is sinking

sharks all around u

wat can u do 2 save urself?

very simple


Height of over confidence a g i

HeIgHT Of ovEr coNfiDeNce,



S A Y z

W i d

A l o t


M a k E U p !


L O v E

M y

S k I n

D u R i n G

R A i N. . . . . .)=P…

Real fact of d millenium quotwhnevr

Real Fact Of D Millenium.

"Whnevr U Throw A Stone In The Streets Of Lahore Or Karachi,

It’ll Surely Hit..

A Dog



Fact of google 50 the


50% of the people use it well as a search engine..!!









The other 50% of the people use it to check if their internet is connected or not!! 😉 …

Girl which is more important to you

Girl: Which Is More Important To You?

Your Life Or Me?

Boy: Before I Answer That, Let Me Ask You Something.


Girl: Sure, What?







Boy: You Copied This Question From Facebook ?? =P…

Mom always said money doesnt grow


“Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”

Mom!!!! money is made from

paper & paper comes from trees.

Therefore your argument is


In an engineering university during a maths

In an engineering university during a math’s class:


Why do we have to learn this?


To save lives!!!!!


How does math save lives?


It keeps idiots like you out of medical college… :

The reason why most of the men

The reason why most of the men prefer to KISS women’s lips..



Thats the best & probably the only way to shut a woman’s mouth for atleast sum seconds ;…

Life before computer window was a

life before computer

Window was a square hole in a room

Application was somethong written in paper

Mouse was an animal

Keyboaed was a piano

File was an important office material

Hard drive was an uncomfortable road trip

Cut was done with knife and paste with glue.

Web was a spider’s home….

But now……

An idea can change your life but

An Idea Can Change Your Life


A Woman can change your IDEA..


Always change

Women to change Ideas


This is how a week goes

This is how a week goes:















saturdaysunday… =P ;->…

Bartender i think uve had enuf sir

Bartender: I Think U’ve Had Enuf Sir !

Drunk: I Just Lost My Wife, Buddy !

Bartender: Well, It Must Be Hard Losing A Wife

Drunk: It Was Almost Impossible =P ;->…

Gals have two major problems with their

Gals have two major problems with their wardrobe:

1. Nothing to wear &

2. No place to keep her clothes.








Guys have two major problems with their laptop:

1. Nothing to watch &

2. No space for anything new..!!…

Dear computer users i do appreciate

Dear Computer Users,

I do appreciate your kind attitude towards the other keys of keyboard!

But why do you press all the keys softly & hit me with your full power?

Yours Sincerely, Enter Key :D…

Boy1you are late boy2i had to toss

Boy1:You are late!.

Boy2:I had to toss a coin to decide going to church and coming to the game.

Boy1:So long?

Boy2:I had to toss 15 times for the game.

Two humans ascended a certain geological protuberance

Two humans ascended a certain geological protuberance to collect a hydride of oxygen whose quantity isn’t specified…

One member descends dramatically suffering mechanical damage to the cranial part of his anatomical cranium!

The second member follows the first in a similar series of rapid irregular disturbing movements…

Got something?





Here In simple English…

“Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after” …

Two friends billooo amp tillooo went to

Two friends Billooo & Tillooo went to school for appearing in English exam (7th standard). They had crammed an essay of "MY BEST FRIEND". But unfortunately, in the question-paper it was written …… write an essay on "MY FATHER? in just 30-45 words .So Billooo was utterly confused & nervous …what to do!!! Tillooo gave an idea . . . . Just write the essay My best friend & just keep on replacing the word friend with the father….. So this was how Billooo & Tillooo wrote the essay "MY FATHER"……Fathers & fathers are everywhere, but good fathers are very rare. I have so many fathers, but my best father is pyarelal. He is my neighbour. He often comes to my home & my mother likes him very much.


0345 5888477…

There are 20 types of facebookers

There Are 20 Types Of Facebookers:

1. Over Photo Editors

2. Extremely Frequent Status Updaters

3. Page Likers

4. Attention Seekers

…5. Wall Posters

6. Farmvillers

7. Cars For Profile Picturers

8. Depressing Status Updaters

9. Spammers

10. Swearers

11. Constant Status Likers

12. Stalkers

13. Fake Relationship Statusers

14. Inboxers

15. Chatters

16. Pokers

17. Guys Who Take Photos In Mirrors

18. People Who Cant Spell

19. Song Lyrics For Status Makers

20. Over reactors

Who Are You … ? …

When my parents are asleep me shh

When my parents are asleep

Me: “Shh they are sleeping.”

When I’m asleep

Parents:”Lets vacuum the house for 3 hours.”…

One day a man spotted an old

One day a man spotted an old brass lamp by the roadside. He picked it up, rubbed the dirt off of it, and a genie appeared.

“I’ll grant you your fondest wish,” the genie said.

The man thought for a moment, then said, “I want a spectacular job – a job that no man has ever succeeded at or has ever attempted to do.”

“Poof!” said the genie. “You are a housewife.” :P…

What is the difference btw secretary and

what is the difference btw secretary and personal secretary….

Secretary says: Good morning sir!

Personal Secretary Says: Oh MY GOD… its morning Sir…….

Height of begging a sleeping beggar

Height Of Begging!!

A sleeping beggar puts up

A notice board in front of him:

“Please do not make noise

By dropping coins

Offer notes” =D…

Its a fact girl may

It’s A Fact. . . .

Girl May Not Help U To Get A Lot Of Salary.


Salary May Help U To Get Lots Of Girl..

So Love Ur Work Not GirLs… ;->

Laysolays dear lays chips you


Dear Lays Chips ,

You forgot to include One thing under The Ingredients























Air =D…

An elderly gentleman was invited by an

An elderly gentleman was invited by an old frnd 4 dinner. He was impressed by the way his buddy talked 2 his wife with lovely words like Honey, My Love, Darling, Sweetheart,etc.

The couple had been married for 60 years & clearly, they were still very much in love.

While the wife was in the kitchen, the man asked his frind, “I think it’s wonderful that after all these years you still call your wife those loving pet names.”

The old man hung his head,”I have to tell you the truth,”he said,”her name slipped my mind about 10 yrs ago and i m scared to death to ask what it is….

I just hate y0u go away why

I just hate y0u!

Go away..

Why The Hell You Keep Coming Again And Again…










Sunday.. =P =D…

Announcement in university the students who

Announcement in University:

“The students who have parked their cars on the driveway, please move them”

Anothr anouncement after 20 minutes:

“The 200 students who went to move 9 cars please return to their respective classes”…

Find the most suotable place 4 this

Find The Most Suotable Place

4 This Note

"Come Like Horse..

Sit Like Thief…

Go Like King…. "

Nahi Pata… ????

Oki I’|| Te|| U


"TOILET"…… ;->…

Winter comes again ampamp again summer

Winter Comes ………Again & Again,

Summer Comes …….Again & Again,

But The Person Like You………….. Will Not Come Again,

Because GOD Never Makes The Same Mistake Again & Again

A doctor came to visit the patient

A doctor came to visit the patient in hospital and patient started pleading and crying, “Doc please save me, please save me!”. The patient kept crying and crying.

The outspoken Doc got irritated and told the patient, “You should not worry to much dear, you see you owe Rs-4000 for the hospital bed, Rs-2000 for medicines and Rs-3000 as doctor’s fee, we wouldn’t kill you before that!”…

A lady broke a signal was

A lady broke a signal & was presentd in front of judge

LADY: Ur honor plz let me go i am a school teacher I am getting late for my class

JUDGE: Ahaa so u…

Biwi shohar se aaj ap daftar se

Biwi shohar se: aaj ap daftar se jaldi kese aa gae?

Shohr: achanak mere boss ko gusa aa gaya or bola jahanum mein jao,to me foran utha or tumhare pas chala aya….

I hate when someone asks are

I Hate When Someone


“Are You Sleeping … ???”


I am Just Looking At My

Eyelids …. STUPID … =P =D …

Manager whts ur father name employee

Manager: wHt’s uR Father nAme?


"BijLI Deen"

Manager: TOo stRanger Name!!

EmplOyee: pEhLay tO UnKa naAM

"Chirag dEen"


Lekin jAb sE sCiENce nE tArKi kI HaI UnhOon nE Apna NaAM

"BijLI DEen"

Rakh Lia Hai….

Fact a lot of fellows

Fact …

A Lot Of Fellows

Now A Dayz Have

B . A,

B . B . A,

M . B . A,

B . E,

B . S


P h . D


They Don’t Have A

J.O.B … ;->…

Attitude of youth we are

Attitude of Youth 🙂

“We are mOre brilliant than Einstein and Newton..





It’s just they didn’t leave anything for us to invent” :D…

Heart t0uchng st0ry a b0y l0ved




A b0y l0ved a girl but never pr0p0sed her. 0ne day he

decided t0 tell her at 1:00 am at night.

He type:

“i L0VE y0u”

And sent !t, after a few sec0nds he g0t a msg but he dec!ded t0 see it the next day f0r surprise and slept.

Next day, he read the msg and becme s0 sh0kd bcoz

!t was wr!tten:








Dear cust0mer, msg sndng failed due t0

insuficient balnce. Please recharge ur acc0unt 😀 😀

/”/> tXt


Top answers of teachers if they

Top Answers Of Teachers

If They Don’t Know The Answers:

1)I Think The Question Is Wrong..

2)I Will Tell You Tomorrow..

3)Don’t Ask Foolish Questions..

4)You Will Study This In The Next Class..

And The Most Important One Is:

5)Nice Question,Raise Your Hands Who Know The Answer :)…

Signboard outside a repair shop


Outside A Repair Shop …

"We Can Repair Anything …

(PLZ ! Knock Hard On The Door … The Bell Doesn’t Work ) … " ;->…