Funny Jokes Collection

Facebook paper q1 define add

FACEBOOK PAPER Q1 . Define add as friend ? Q2 . What does status means ? … Q3 . What do u mean by

A new vaccum salesman knockd on da

A new vaccum salesman knockd on da door. A tall lady answerd it. B4 she cud speak, d salesman barged into da living room

Lady is this my train station master

Lady: Is this my train..? Station Master: No, it belongs to the Railway Company.. Lady: Don’t try to be funny. I mean to ask

Attachment is not when two people chat

Attachment is not when two people chat Day & Night. . . . Its when someone E-mails U and Adds an Image or Data

How to avoid bad dreams night

how to avoid bad dreams @ night…? very simple yaar dont remember ur face b4 sleep… & remember my face for sweet dreams… 🙂

Girl which computer do u have boy

Girl- which computer do u have? Boy- I have a computer with intel core i7 processor at 3.3 ghz, windows 7, 64 bit, 8gb

Fantastic answer for why didnt u

Fantastic answer for , Why didn’t u receive my Call? . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A man notice that his credit card

A Man Notice That His Credit Card Had Been Stolen But He Didn’t Report It..! Why..?? The Thief Was Spending Less Than His Wife….

2 co workers working on project that was

2 co-workers working on project that was not going as planned,over coffee break 1 says:Someday, we’ll look back on this, laugh nervously and change

My parents must be proud because

My Parents Must Be PROUD, Because I m Addicted To F a c e b o o k Not D r u g s..!!

N o t h i n g

N o t h i n g I n T h e W o r l d I s M o r e E

Raabert boss mere dono bachon ke liye

Raabert: Boss, mere dono bachon ke liye koi naam bataiye.. Ajeet: Ek ka naam rakho Peter

My has changed so plz give

My # has changed. So plz give me a call on my new # is.. 021 15 agar mera naukar uthaye to use 2-4

Never kiss a police woman she ll

Never kiss a police woman. she ‘ll say stop and handsup. Never kiss a nurse she ‘ll say next plz. Always kiss a teacher.

Hi need 1 girl 2 marry

Hi’ Need 1 girl 2 marry . . . Age no bar, Color no bar, Height no bar, Caste no bar, But girl’s father

3 friends lived in the same flat

3 friends lived in the same flat on the 110th floor. One day the lift wasn’t working. So they had to climb the stairs.

Men opause men strual pain men tal illness guy necologist his terectomy

MEN-opause MEN-strual pain MEN-tal illness GUY-necologist HIS-terectomy EVER NOTICED HOW WOMENS PROBLEMS START WITH MEN?? …

Top 3 universities rule 1

Top 3 Universities Rule : 1: B Quite In The Class Coz Others Are Sleeping 2: Don’t Forget To Carry Books It Works As

Kid why some of ur hair

KID :- Why some of ur hair are white dad ? DAD : – Every time a son make his dad unhappy , one

A little kid walks into a city

A little kid walks into a city bus and sits right behind the driver and starts yelling, "If my dad was a bull and

A shopkeeper was dismayed when a brand

A shopkeeper was dismayed when a brand new business much like his own opened up next door and erected a huge sign which read

If time doesnt wait 4 u

If time doesn’t wait 4 u Don’t worry! Just remove the damn battery from ur clock & Enjoy life!…

3 unforgettable things in our life

3 Unforgettable Things In Our Life…. 1-Breakfast 2-Lunch 3-Dinner No Need To Be Emotional…….

Dear god give me the wisdom

Dear God, Give Me The Wisdom To Understand My Boss.. .. Give Me The Love To Forgive Him.. .. Give Me The Patience To

This time im sureampamp i n going2say

This time… I’m sure& I n going2say it… I I L I LO I LOV I LOVE I LOVE Y I LOVE YO I

Amazing truth when your mom decides

Amazing truth : When your mom decides to be in your room while you are on the computer.. . You just switch to GOOGLE

A woman met a man walking along

A woman met a man Walking along the streets Wearing only one shoe. “Just Lost A Shoe?” She asked He answered: “Nope, Just Found

A boy going in car suddenly he

A boy going in car. Suddenly he saw a girl lying in the middle of road. He came out and.. To be continued.. To

Driving styles in diff countries 1hands on

driving styles in diff countries- …………1hands on steering wheel,1 hand out windo-sydny ………….1 hand on steering and 1 hand on horn – japan.. ………….1

Read slowly u r que tea

Read slowly- u r que tea, luv lee, grey ate, on nest, at track thief, cheer fool, soup pub & u r my most

If u need advice sms me

if u need ADVICE SMS ME if u need a FRIEND CALL ME if u need HELP E-MAIL ME if u need MONEY The

Breaking news latest most important aham tareen

Breaking news . . . Latest news . . . Most important . . . Aham-Tareen . . . Taza-tareen . . . Dont

Customer to waiter everyday you charge

Customer to waiter : Everyday you charge me money for a cup of coffee. How wonderful it would be if you serve me coffee

Exams are like girlfriends 1 too

EXAMS are like GIRLFRIENDS: 1. Too many questions. 2. Difficult to understand. 3. Too much explaination is needed. 4. Result is always Fail …

Girls are never wrong just sometimes

Girls Are Never Wrong Just Sometimes Confused , Rude, Stubborn, Senseless, Emotional, Unchangeable , Crazy, Stupid …n Even Mad But NEVER WRONG … =P

Bush asks godwhen will iraq be mine

Bush asks God:When will Iraq be mine? God:Not in ur life time.bush cries. Mushraf asks God:When will Kashmir be in Pakistan? God:Not in ur

Definition of laziness itz

Definition Of Laziness :- -:- iT’z A tElEnT oF tAlKiNg ReSt BeFoRe YoU gEt TiRed -:-…

c r u s h e

” C R U S H E S ” Would Be A Lot Less Fun . . . If You Didn’t Have ” B

Definition of laziness itz

Definition Of Laziness :- -:- iT’z A tElEnT oF tAlKiNg ReSt BeFoRe YoU gEt TiRed -:-…

Heights of shock boy msgs her

Heights Of Shock. Boy msgs her gf: jan i can’t live wthout u,Wil u Marry me.? . . . . . . . .

This is quottop secretquot and bottom

This is "Top Secret" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If u have the talent and skill

If u have the talent, and u have the skill, and u want to do somthing 4 others then don’t waste your time, Join…

Teacher johny if your father earned 100000

Teacher: Johny, if your father earned $100,000 and gave half of it to your mother, what would she have? Little johny: A heart a

A private employee was rewarded a bicycle

A Private Employee was rewarded a bicycle by his organisation.It was so beautiful but didnt’ve a Carrier 8 the back, He requested 2 get

When you have done wrong and are

When you have done wrong and you are in trouble, go to your parents for a Sound Advice, . . . . . U’ll

A man phones a mental hospital and

A man phones a mental hospital and asks the receptionist if there is anybody in Room 27. The receptionist goes,checks the room, comes back

Hotho se jo choo liya ehsaas aab

Hotho se jo choo liya, Ehsaas Aab tak hai, Aankhe Nam hai, Aur sanso mein Aag aab tak hain… Aur kyo na ho… Khayi

Ek shaks gussy me police station gya

Ek shaks gussy me police station gya aur bolaa… Meri complain note kro mje dhamki wale letter mil rahe hain Inspector : ap ko

Dont u have enough concentration to study

dont u have enough concentration to study?………………… study?………….. follow my advice…… drink minimum water so that dilution decreases and concentration increases…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1…

Why is the fire engine red in

Why is the fire engine red in color?Engine red in color? Color?Bcoz fire engine has a ladder..A lader has steps.. Steps come from a

giggling bites call a girl

! Giggling Bites ! “Call a girl pretty & She will remember it for 5 minutes..! Call a girl ugly & She will remember

Boss itne kam kapray pehan k q

Boss: Itne kam kapray pehan k q aai ho? Aadha jism dikh raha hai. Girl: Itni salary mein yehi aata hai! Boss: Manager, Iss

I saw your face as you walked

I saw your face as you walked by but then I saw a better guy …

U think of me amp i u

U think of me & i think of u. When v both think of each other, do u know wat it means? It means

Doctor amp engineer loves a same girl

Doctor & Engineer loves a same girl. Engineer before going to out-station for a week, gave 7 Apples to the girl. Why ?? Bcoz…

Ppl say a kiss is on

Ppl Say A Kiss Is On HEAD A Sweet Kiss On CHEEKS A Passionate Kiss On LIPS A Romantic Kiss On NECK But Seriously

Latest research boys always remain faitfull

Latest Research: . . Boys Always Remain Faitfull To Their Girlfriend..!! But, . . Which Girlfriend?? . . . . . That’s Still a

Fact of life only 1 the

Fact of Life… Only 1% of the girls become wife of their lovers, the remaining become passwords of FACEBOOK and EMAIL ! :p…

Who is a psychiatrist qualified

Who Is A Psychiatrist ? A Qualified Person Who Gives You An Expensive, Critical Analysis About Yourself, …Which Your Friends Give You “Free” Of

If u need original tigers nail

If U Need Original Tigers Nail For Ur Chain Locket Contact Me Immediately Bcos M Cuttin My Nails 2morow. Booking Close Today…

Ek angrej india aya aur usne santa

Ek Angrej India Aya Aur Usne Santa Se PuchhaAngrej:

Impact of job change a taxi

Impact of Job Change: A taxi passenger touched d driver on shouldr 2 ask smthng Driver screamed, lost control of the car, went up

Tcherwat is past participle of th verb

Tcher:”Wat is past participle of th verb ‘to ring’?” Johnny:”Wat do u think it is,Sir?” Teacher:”I dont think, I KNOW!” Johnny:”I dont think, I

Scientists have proved that 2904583181 people on

Scientists have proved that 2904583181 people on the earth are lazy,,, Because,, .. .. They did not even read this number.. 😛 😉 😡

Boy brb girl okay 2

Boy: Brb Girl: Okay … 2 Hrs Later Boy: Back Girl: Huh … =/ What Took So Long ? Boy: Somebody Asked Why I

Tumse mila main kal to mere

Tumse mila main kal to, mere dil mein hua ek sound, Lekin aaj tum mili to kehti ho: Your file not found! …

U r stupid s 4 super

u r stupid s 4 super .. t 4 talented .. u 4 unique .. p 4 pesron .. i 4 in .. d

Newtons law of romance love can neither


giggling bites in the past

* Giggling Bites * In The Past, When You Were Angry With Someone …You Argued With Them. Now You Just Delete Them Off Facebook

Dear face wash commercials nobody can splash

Dear Face-wash Commercials, . . . . Nobody can splash water on their face the way you show in your ads. My clothes r

She blinded me with her light its

She BlinDeD mE wiTh hEr LigHT, it’S SucH A beaUtiFuL SigHt… The WaY She MoVes Is LiKe An AngEl… ShE gOt Me WaLkiNg On

A pizza and an apple were thrown

A pizza and an apple were thrown down from the 15th floor. Which will reach down first? . . . . . Ans:The Pizza,as

Once a girl askd her bf

Once a girl askd her bf : Why we have units to measure weight, height & distance but not love, friendship & trust? .

I always give 100 attendance in college

I always give 100% attendance in college: . . . . . . . . Monday: 11% Tuesday: 26% Wednesday: 49% Thursday: 10% Friday:

Tips 4 boys if you marry

TIPS 4 Boys- If You Marry One Girl, She Will Fight WITH You. If You Marry Two Girls, They Will Fight FOR You… Think

Your ex girlfriend asking if u can still

Your Ex-GirlFriend Asking If u Can Still Be Friends After A Break-Up.. . . . It is Like.. . . . A Kidnapper Telling

Boy im searching for the most beautiful

Boy: I’m searching for the most beautiful girl..!! Girl: Look I came for you..!! Boy: That’s nice! Now help me to find her..!…

Teacher you missed school yesterday didnt you

TeAcHeR: “YoU MiSsEd ScHoOl YeStErDaY DiDn’T YoU?” StUdEnT: “No NoT EvEn A LiTtLe BiT.” Sameer +92 300 2711 588 ~ Tum Bin ~…

A heart touching message we

A Heart Touching Message .. .. .. .. .. .. “We Need Six Months Vacation Twice A Year. . . ” =P =D …

No one is too young for love

No one is too young for love, because love doesn’t come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows

New style of break up p

New Style Of Break- Up !! 😛 A Bf Threw 6 Cricket Balls At His Gf… Girl Yelled “What Was That For”.. :O :O

Two ladies fighting for a seat in

Two ladies fighting for a seat in a bus .. Bus Conductor : The older one should sit her xP Both looked at each

I always pray 4 u dt may

i aLwAyS pRaY 4 U dT mAy uR lIfE b bRiGhT & sUnNy,& uR pArTnEr b fAt & fUnNy. mAy uR lIfE b fIlLeD

If a cute n handsum girl says

If a cute n Handsum girl says 2 u "I LUV U" Do Any Of 3 Thngs.. 1.Take him 2 d Eye specialist. 2.Take

Talk 2 me when im bored kiss

TaLk 2 me wHen i’m boReD, kiSS me wHen i’m saD, hug me wHen i cRy, caRe 4 me wHen i diE, loVe me

Some funny signboards pizza

Some Funny Signboards … @ Pizza Shop “7 Dayz Widout Pizza Makes 1 Weak” In No-smoking Area “If V c Smoke, V’ll Azume U

Boss to an employee do you

BOSS to an employee…. . “Do you believe in life after Death?” . EMPLOYEE….. . “Certainly not! There’s no proof of it”, he replied.

If child labour is a crime

If Child Labour Is A Crime . . . . . . . . . Then Why Teacher Gives Homework ?? :-D…

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question. The driver screamed, lost control and stopped inches from a

Doctor u lk exactly like my third

Doctor: U l??k exactly like my third wife..! Lady: How many wivez do u have??? Doc: Two…! Moral: Express smart ideas "Smarty’ ;)…

A fact a girl will

A Fact : “A Girl Will Always Forgive And Forget But She Will Never Let You Forget That She Had Forgiven And Forgotton.. :D…

After digging to a depth of 100

After digging to a depth of 100 meters last year, Russian scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 1000 years, and came to

Gal do u have any sentimental love

Gal: Do u have any sentimental love cards? Shopkeeper: How about this card, it says ‘To the only boy I ever loved’ Gal: Great!

Teachr whats d benifit of eating spinach

Teachr: What’s D Benifit Of Eating Spinach? Studnt: Eat Spinach & U’ll GrowUp Big & Strong Lyk POPYE But U’ll Also End Up Wid

Try this its fun take ur

Try This Its Fun! Take Ur Mobile, Select Vibrate Mode & Put In Water & Call 4m Landline Ur Moblile Will Start Swimming. …

Qwhat do you when a blond throws

Q:What do you do when a blond throws a hand grenade at you? Ans: Pull the pin and throw it back. …

Bossasking the applicantwhy did you leave your

Boss:(asking the applicant)Why did you leave your last job? Applicant:Illness. Boss:What was the trouble? Applicant:My boss was sick of me!…

God made man and then rested women

God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested …

What happend 2 ur mobile i was

what happend 2 ur mobile? i was trying 2 call u but i got this msg: welcome 2 D jungle network,D monkey u r