Friendship SMS Collection

At y tim lf if

At äñy timé ìñ Lìfè,, If ü gèt ä døübt, äbout Øür Frièñd$hìp,, Täkè ä Çöìñ & tø$$,, If ìt$ hèäd I’m ür ‘

Friend ship is the combination of sweet

Friend ship is the combination of sweet flowers,just try it that found a good Friend,away from bad friend b’caz bad friend is your big

Life is a book of blank pages

LiFe Is A bOoK oF bLaNk PaGeS EaCh FrieNd HoLdS a PeN aNd WritEs tHeir oWn StOrY In oUr LiFe ThAnKs 4 cOvErInG sOmE

I thought u r very busy

“i thought u r very busy so dint disturb u” dis is d main reason behind most broken friendships… so keep disturbing ur frnds

Startz wid hi changez to wassup

Startz wid “hi” Changez to “wassup” Growz to “oye pagal” Tendz to “tu apna dimagh mat chala” Fallz to “thappar khana hy” & finally

Kisi dost ko fazool na samjhe kyun

Kisi ‘dost’ ko fazool na samjhe, kyun k jo Darakht phal nhi deta Woh Saya zaror deta hai.

Long love is mother love shortest

Long Love is “Mother Love” Shortest Love is “Others Love” Sweetest Love is “Lovers Love” Bt Strongest LoVe is “Friends Love” So Luv U

Dost aur pakkay ka farq jb

DOST AUR PAKKAY DOST KA FARQ:- jb ap hospital me hote hain to dost pochta hai tabiyat kesi hai. aur pakka dost pochta hai:

I die and go to heaven and

I die and go to heaven And god ask me..Whats my last wish I wil pause for a while 2 luk 4 u and

We cannot get very far a

We Cannot Get Very Far A F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p If We Are Not Prepared To Forgive Each Other’s Smaller Defects … (: Stay Blessed .. !!

People who meet u in the journey

People who meet u in the journey of life expect lot of things from u but There are some idiots who expect nothing more

Sheeshy or dost me sirf aik hi

SheeShy Or DOST Me Sirf Aik Hi Farq HoTa Hy, WeSy To DoNo NaZuk Hi Hoty Hen, Mgr,, SheeSha GhaLti Se TooT’Ta Hy Aur

So many hands in 1 tiffin box

So Many Hands In 1 Tiffin Box So Many Frnds In 1 Bench. So Many Calls On 1 B?day Nite. So Many Tears 4

Aal is well its my zoobi doobi

‘AAL is WELL.’ . Its my ‘ZOOBI-DOOBI’ message for my IDIOT friend’s, . To whom I can say ‘Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe,’ . B’cause

Dont listen to your mind listen always

Don’t listen to your mind. Listen always to your heart! …

Nazar tumhari hamari ny dil ki

Nazar tumhari, Nazar hamari, Nazar ny Dil ki nazar utari, Nazar ny dekha nazar ko aisay, Kay nazar Dosti ko lagay na hamari……

Kuch loug meri duniya main khushbu ki

Kuch loug meri duniya main khushbu ki terah hain wasi, roz mehsos to hotay hain per dikhai nhi dete.

God wanted 2make a person full of

God wanted 2make a person full of love He made MOTHER 🙂 A person full of support and encouragement He made FATHER 🙂 Sum1

Akhan di benuri changi nahin hundi

Akhan di benuri changi nahin hundi, Dostan ton duri changi nahin hundi, Kade kade milya vi kar yaara, Har vele SMS naal gal puri

Jism ke neze par jo rakhaa hai

jism ke neze par jo rakhaa hai us mere sar meN jaane kyaa kyaa hai but banaayaa mere hunar ne mujhe mere haathoN ne

I miss ur face i voice

:I Miss Ur Face I Miss Ur Voice I Miss Ur Smile I Miss Ur Call I Miss Ur Company But I Nevr Mis

Why do we need a close friend

Why do we need a close friend when we have so many friends around us? A scientist answers: There r many gases in air

Its hard 2 know ur just my

It’s hard 2 know, ur just my friend I wonder if dis will ever end I long 2 hold u da way I used

It is not so much our friends

It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.”

The best friend is one with whom

The best friend is one with whom u sit on a bench, saying nothing and when u get up and go! u feel u

Friendship is little more trust less

FRIENDSHIP Is? Little More Trust Little Less Try, Little More Faith Little Less Fight, Little More Laugh Little Less Cry, Little More We Little

Tumhara behtrin dost wo he k jb

Tumhara behtrin Dost wo he k jb tm gharib ho jao tu wo tm se mohabbat km na kre, or jb tum dolt mand

Wo muskura ke dard taal deta hakisi

Wo muskura ke dard taal deta ha,Kisi kisi ko Khua yah kamal deta ha,Nazar utha ke kise ko woh dekh ley eak bar,Yaqen Karo

A friend is someone who can

A Friend Is Someone Who Can See The Truth And Pain In You Even When You Are Fooling Everyone Else. …

Two persons u need in ur life

Two persons u need in ur life… A cute person who promises not to break your heart…!! And A best friend to kick dat

Tum sab dost meri zindagi ho

Tum sab dost meri zindagi ho, aur aur aur aur aur Lahnat hai aisi zindagi pe!…

D e i c a t

D e D i C a T e D Kbhi Kbhi Nahi Roz Mili Mjhy Zindagi Se Har Ek …Mauj Mili Ek Sacha Dost

Dost ka qoul he kisi ke

Dost Ka Qoul He.! Kisi Ke Sath Achai Kar Ke Achai Ki Umeed Sab Se Bari Bewaqufi He! Jis Ke Sath Jitni Wafa Karo

Husband asks do u know the

Husband asks. Do u know the meaning of wife? It means: With Out Information Fighting Every Time. Wife on hearing this says. It could

Cutest fight 1st frnd i wnt

CUTEST FIGHT * 1st frnd: i wnt 2 end ths relatnshp , i will return u evrythng whch u gave me! 2nd frnd: ok!

Love is a quotdebit cardquot life

Love is a "DEBIT CARD" Life is a "CREDIT CARD" Wife is a "VISA CARD" GirL Friend is an "ATM CARD" But, FRIENDSHIP is

Some can give u crying tears

Some can give u Crying & tears. Many othrs can give u Laughter & smiles. But only rare can give u Laughing tears &

I know that they r fine but

I know that they r fine but I txt & ask ‘kia haal hai?’:-) I know that they can’t forget me but I say

Know what makes me happy wen u

Know what makes me happy wen u msg me? Not ur jokes, Graphics or sweet msgs but ur NAME that "APPEARS" on the call

F r i e n d s

‘F r i e n d s h i p M a k e s P r o s p e r i t

Ek din pyar dosti se mila or

Ek din pyar dosti se mila or usne dosti se puchha mere hote huye tumhara kya kam…......Dosti muskuryi or pyar se boli”me un hontho

Best friends are like pairs of scissors

Best friends are like pairs of scissors… When together they often go in different directions but they give punishment to those who dare to

Qwats lyf awat u mak it

Q.Wats Lyf? A.Wat U Mak It 2 B. Q.Wats Hapines? A.Wat Ur Heart Sees. Q.Wats Luv? A.Precious If True. Q.Wats Friends? A.Nthng W/O U

Na salaam yaad rakhna paigaam dil ki

Na salaam yaad rakhna, Na paigaam yaad rakhna, Dil ki dili tammana hai, Bas hamara naam yaad rakhna

Daulat aur sohrat sabke pas hai

Daulat Aur Sohrat sabke Pas Hai, Khushiya Aur Ghum Sabke Naseeb Mein Hai, Pyar Aur Nafrat Sabke Dil Mein Hai, Par Khush-naseeb Hai Hum

Good friends comes 2 visit u in

Good Friends comes 2 visit u in the hospital with flower n goes, But A TRUE friend sits near u n says: yaar, bohut

Kch yaaden hyn un lmhon ki

Kch yaade’n hyn un lmho’n ki Jin lmho’n me hum sath rahe Khushyo’n se bhare jazbat rahe Ek umr guzari hy hum ne Jahan

Guys are when ever friends for worst

Guys are When ever Friends are for ever When worst comes to worst My girls always come first

Har nazar ko ek ki talash hai

Har Nazar ko Ek Nazar ki Talash hai* Har Dil me chupa Ek Ehsas hai* Aap se Dosti yuhi nahi ki Ham ne* Kya

I like to share sms with boys

I like to share sms with boys and girls but i like quality sms not quantity means i like to share only new sms

A very nice observation the best friendz

‘A Very Nice Observation’ The Best Friendz Never have the Same Nature… .. They Just have the Best ‘UnderStanding’ 0f their ‘Differences’…

Among d gr8 glorious gifts

Among D GR8 & Glorious Gifts That V R Blessed With… It Is D Gift Of Understanding.. That V Find In True Friends! Like

2 golden lines of shakespears go

2 Golden lines of Shakespears. “Go to Help your Friend inProblem without invitation & Don’t go to your Friend’s Happiness without invitation.”

I remember those days when we are

I remember those days when we are running and playing together . . . Fighting over small problems . . . Scolding each other

Har kali tum se khushbo udhaar maangayaftab

Har kali tum se khushbo udhaar maangay,aftab tum se noor udhaar maangay,rab karay tum dosti aisi nibhao,ke dunya mujh se tumhari DOSTI udhaar maangay.

Baap raat kaha they son deyr

BAAP: Raat kaha they? SON: Deyr ho gai thi to dost k ghar stay kr liya tha… BAAP NE USI WAQAT PHONE UTHAYA OR

A true friend never goes apart

Friendship does not need everyday conversation, Does not always need togetherness, If the relation is in the heart, A true friend never goes apart

Mere jism e bosida main zara jo jaan baki

Mere jism-e-bosida main zara jo jaan baki haikisi k loot aane ka koi imkaan baki haiwo chahe rasta badly chahe rabta badly ise muj

Rsp0nses of people when u r

Rsp0nses Of People When U r beaten up by someone… DAD: Chalo choro ab baat khatam karo… MOM: Aray mere laal ko sach me

Old frnds r gold new diamond

Old frnds r gold! New frnds r diamond! if u get diamond dont forget da gold, Bcz 2 hold a diamond in a ring

I thank the lord for gift

I Thank The Lord For The Gift Of Friendship Where I Can Be Myself And Be Accepted As I Am And For Finding A

Friendz change i know they do

Friendz change, I know they do. . . ”’?ut”’ This friend always belong to u. Friendz hurt,I know they do ”’?ut”’ This friend hurt

The happiness doesnt consist in multitude

The Happiness Doesn’t Consist In The Multitude Of F . R . I . E . N . D . S But In The

Dont be dismayed at good byes a farewell

Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for

Achy dost ki 3 nishanian 1

Achy Dost ki 3 nishanian 1- Kameena Kabi fone nahi kray ga 2- Zaleel hans hans k sms parhay ga 3- Jitni be bezti

0ne st0ne is en0ugh yo braek a

…*0ne st0ne is en0ugh yo braek a glass… 0ne stone is en0ugh t0 break a heart… 0ne sec0nd is en0ugh t0 fall in l0ve…

Im a police officer u r

I’M a police officer & U r under arest. Kyun k jitne pyare ap ho itne pyare hona jurm hai, Is liye ap ko

If u find your world as sky

If U Find Your World As Sky, And Ur Friends As Stars And If U Dont Find Me, Among Them, Dont Worry I Hav

Friendship is just like h2o no colour

FRIENDSHIP is just like “H2O” No Colour No Shape No Place No Size No Money No Rich No Poor But still essential for living

Friends stick together in thick and

Friends Stick ToGeTher In Thick And Thin AnGeL oF LoVe …

You’ll always be my FRIEND,

In this WORLD, where everything seems UNCERTAIN, only one thing is DEFINITE. You’ll always be my FRIEND, beyond WORDS, beyond TIME & beyond DISTANCE!

Teri dosti mei kuch aisi bat hy

Teri Dosti Mei Kuch Aisi Bat Hy…! Hr Waqt Teri Yad Mere Sath Hy…! Dil Chahta Hy Tmko Tmse Chura Lon…! Pr Ammi Kehti

Friendship is a little more trust laugh

Friendship is a little more trust, a little more laugh, a little less cry, a little more luv, a little less fight a little

True friends see u true believe in

True friends see u true, believe in things u want to do, feel glad when ur dreams come true. Best of all they don’t

Life without ur sms is tea wo

Life without ur SMS is Tea W/o sugar, Coffee W/o milk, Bread W/o butter,Salad W/o onion, Candy W/o cream, Chicken W/o spice, Icecream W/o

I liked the simplicity of this

I Liked The Simplicity Of This Line … “A Friend Is Like B L O O D …Though They Aren’t Seen Over SKIN, They

Shakspear said a boy a girl

Shakspear said, “A Boy & a Girl can never b Friends forever.” Lincoln said, “Friendship is the starting step 4 wat we call Love.”

Hum to kuch dair k liye lete

Hum to kuch dair k liye lete thy ‘Faraz’, Kisi Anni dy Puttar ne janaza perha diya

Jasmine was in a forbidden relationship with

Jasmine was in a forbidden relationship with Aladdin… Snow White lived alone with 7 men.. Pinnochio was a liar.. Robin Hood was a thief..

Qarz dosti ka ada kon karay ga

Qarz dosti ka ada kon karay ga? dost na hon gay to wafa kon karay ga? aey ALLAH mere doston ko salamat rakhna, warna

Love is in the air shit if

Love is in the air… shit if only I had a plane right now … …

Friendship is composed of a single soul

Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Whats the meaning of friendship this is

What’s the meaning of friendship? this is the close relationship…… in which we want to gossip…….. it’s the life ship……… b coz in life,friend’s

Days r empty whn i dnt hear

Days r empty whn I dnt hear frm u. Jst a simple helo & my wories r thu. Y I say dis? I think

Wo yaro ki mehfil wo muskrate pal

Wo yaro ki mehfil wo muskrate pal, Dil se zuda hai apna bita hua kal, Kbhi zindgi guzrti thi hasne hasane me, Aaj waqt

People say its difficult to get gud

PeopLe say its diffiCult to get gUd FrIends.. NaturaLLy bCOz the Gud oNes likE mE r aLready uRs! And the greAt Ones liKe u

Yadon man hum rahan yahi ehsas rakhna


Na rahe koi gila is qadar wafa

Na rahe Koi Gila Is Qadar Wafa Denge Apki Ek Khushi Ki Khatir Anso Tak Baha Denge Kabhi Na Bholenge Apki Dosti Ko Hum

Frid fridhip it pckg

Fri?Ñd$ & Fri?Ñd$hip! It$ ä päcKäg? øf f??liÑg$ Ñøbødy cäÑ mäK? it Ñøbødy cäÑ d?l?t? it Ñøbødy cäÑ ?XpläiÑ it ØÑly w? cäÑ f??l

Dosti aisi karo k marna mushkil hojaye

‘Dosti’ aisi karo k marna mushkil hojaye Hanso aise k rona mushkil hojaye ‘Dosti’ karna bari baat nahi magr Dosti nibhao aisi k bichrna

Full form of friend few relation

Full Form Of FRIEND Few Relation In Earth Never Die That Is Friend. …

Allah hi k ley 1 2osray sy


When u r counting all ur friends

When U r counting all ur FRIENDS – the Oldest, – the Best & – the New, I would like to stand by ur

v v SMS# 109990

| | (“v”)” /”(@) |____ “v” / __ LOVE Is Not Θnly Made For Lovers, Its Also For FRIENDS…..

Beautiful quote for a friend from friend

Beautiful Quote For A Friend From A Friend. Ur Words Are Not My Disturbance. But Disturbance Lies In Your Silence, So Never Try To

Many people will walk in and out

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”

A friend most true i need

A Friend Most True I need to know if you

Friend field of love root joy

F..R..I..E..N..D *Field of love* *Root of joy* *Island of God* *End of sorrows* *Name of hope* *Door of understanding* (=

Humraat k sitarayhain tanhaiyonk maray hain

Hum’raat k ‘Sitaray’hain, ‘Tanhaiyon’k maray hain, ‘Tum’hum ko ‘Thokra’do Beshak magar ‘Hum’phir bhi ‘dost’tumhare hain