Friendship SMS Collection

Kchh mth pl yd t hn

Küchh Mèéthé Päl Yääd Äätè Häìn, Pälkööñ Pär Ääñsöö Chörr Jaäté Häìn, Käl Köì or Mìlé Tö Hümäìñ Ñä Bhüläañä, Dosti K Rìshté Zìñdägì

Friends never make assumptions about you.

Friends never make assumptions about you. They never expect a reason to go out with you. In fact friends only expect you to be

A friend is one special person who

A ‘Friend’ Is One Special Person Who Can Pull Out A Happy Tear From Your Eye … Even If You Don’t Have Tears To

One day il leave this world and

One day I’l leave this world and never come back, my parents n family wil cry to see me dead. My frends wil miss

Khushi bhi doston se hai gham

Khushi bhi doston se hai Gham bhi doston se hai Takraar bhi doston se hai Pyaar bhi doston se hai Roothna bhi doston se

Starts with hi changes to whats

Starts With “Hi” Changes To “Whats Up” %-) Grows To “Oye Pagal” Tends To “Tu Apna Dimagh Mat Chala” Falls To “Thappar Khana Hai?”

When the night comes look at sky

When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don’t wonder why,just make a wish. Trust me it will

I asked god for a flower he

I asked God for a flower he gave me a garden I asked for a tree he gave me a forest I asked for

Teenage memories one sided love silent

Teenage Memories: One sided Love, Silent Mode Phones, Escape From Class, Last Lecture Bunks, Forced Birthday Treats, Last Minute Preparation, Attendance Tension, Mass Bunk

Life starts intense but ends with

Life Starts INTENSE But Ends With SILENCE Love Starts With FEAR But Ends With TEARS And Friendship Starts HOWEVER Will Always Remain FOREVER ^-^

Aankhon ke samne har waqt tum ko

Aankhon ke samne har waqt tum ko paya hy Dil mein bi tum ko basaya hy Tumhare bina jiyen to kese jiyen Tum kamino

Deres only 1 perfct child in d

Dere’s only 1 perfct CHILD in d world & evry MOTHER has it Dere’s only 1 prfct WIFE & evry NEIGHBOR has it &

Mai palko ko jhukata hu bazahir muskurata

Mai Palko ko Jhukata Hu, Bazahir Muskurata Hu, Fakat Itna keh Pata Hu, IMDAD ko Kitna Satae Hu.. IMDAD ko tum YAAD Aate Ho.

Renewal of friendship contract 2010 after

Renewal Of Friendship Contract 2010 After Serious & Cautious Consideration, Ur Contract Of Friendship Has Been Renewed For The Year 2010 It Was A

Dedicated to my lovely friends hazaron

Dedicated to my lovely Friends! Hazaron Mashghalay Hain Jo Mujhe Masroof Rakhtay Hain, Magar Tum log Aisay “dheet” Ho K Phir Bhi Yaad Aatay

A very nice observation the best friendz

‘A Very Nice Observation’ The Best Friendz Never have the Same Nature… .. They Just have the Best ‘UnderStanding’ 0f their ‘Differences’…

Tum aur mai subhan allah hamari

Tum aur Mai SUBHAN ALLAH Hamari Dosti MAASH ALLAH I m good friend ALHUMDULILAH U r good friend JAZAK ALLAH Hum Hamesha Ache Dost

True friendship is like sound health

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

Some thing can not be described moments

some thing can not be described…… some moments can not be shared…… some feelings can not be explained…. some words can not be described…..

Youre eyes are soft en tenderas sweet

You’re eyes are soft en tender,as sweet as they can be.There’s one thing you must remember, you are the one for me!!! …

When u r counting all ur friends

When U r counting all ur FRIENDS – the Oldest, – the Best & – the New, I would like to stand by ur

Jigar aur dil ko bachaanaa bhii hai

jigar aur dil ko bachaanaa bhii hai nazar aap hii se milaanaa bhii hai muhabbat kaa har bhed paanaa bhii hai magar apnaa daaman

Love a set of heart attraction a style

Love-a set of HEART Attraction-a set of style Marriege-a set of LIFE But Frendship- a set of “YOU” …

D e d i c a t

D e d i c a t e d To All My J I G x X x …Not Even The Best Dessert Can

Laughter is not at all a bad

Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one.

5 great people 1quaid woh to

5 great people: 1.Quaid woh to ab rahe nahi 2.Wasim Akram woh kisi kaam ka nahi 3.Aishwarya Rai apni pohanch say bahir 4.baqi rahe

0ne st0ne is en0ugh yo braek a

…*0ne st0ne is en0ugh yo braek a glass… 0ne stone is en0ugh t0 break a heart… 0ne sec0nd is en0ugh t0 fall in l0ve…

Abcdefghiuvwxyz what r u wondering at

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,,,,,,,,,,,,U,V,W,X,Y,Z What R U Wondering At? I Hv Killed All Those Who Were Between I & U. “Just 4 Our Friendship”…

2011 aaj k frnds i tell

2011 Aaj K Frnds ‘I Tell U’, Kitne Busy What To Do. Koi Mujhe Bole ‘I Miss U’, Koi Mujhe Bole No Time 4u.

Dosti mein baat kro jese full

Dosti Mein Baat Kro Jese FULL TALKTIME Yaad Kro Jese FREE ROAMING Pyar Kro Jese For LIFETIME Jhagra Kro Jese NO COVERAGE Aur Hanso

Walking with a friend in the dark

Walking With A Friend In The Dark Is Better Than Walking Alone In The Light . …

Zaruri nahi dosto me baat hoti rahezaruri

Zaruri nahi dosto me baat hoti rahe,Zaruri nahi ki dosto me mulakat hoti rahe.Zaruri hai bas dost jaha bhi raheuse hamari yaad aati rahe….

Ye dost b ajeeb hoty hain

Ye doSt b ajeeb hoty hain Deny pe aaen to jan de dain Lene pe aaen to hansi tak cheen lain Kehne pe aaen

F r i e n d s

‘F r i e n d s h i p M a k e s P r o s p e r i t

Hamaare to daaman mein kaanto ke siva

Hamaare to daaman mein kaanto ke siva kuch nahin. Aap to phoolon ke kharid-daar nazar aate hain. Jahan mein kitne dost mile hume par

Good friend says do only arrange marriages

GOOD FRIEND says do only arrange marriages. Better FRIEND says do watever you like, ???but??? Best FRIEND says BETA love TUM karo arrange hum

Azadi day un rishton se azadi

Azadi Day. Un rishton se azadi jin ko ap mjburi smjhte ho. Agr apko hmari dosti mjburi lgti h t0 reply wth “yes” 0r

Breaking news now call charges will b

Breaking News: Now call charges will b charged according 2 ur brain size, smaller the size cheaper will b the call rates. Congratulation, u

Chirago se agar andhere door ho jate

Chirago se Agar Andhere Door Ho jate to Chand ki Chahat Kise Hoti, Kat sakati thi Agar Akeli Ye Zindagi, to Dosti Nam ki

Friends are like colour pencils they our

Friends are like colour pencils, they colour our lives, I may not be your favourite COLOUR , But hope you will need me some

All is well its my zoobi doobi

“All is Well.” Its my “ZOOBI-DOOBI” message for my IDIOT friends, To whom I can say “Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe,” B’cause I need you

Friendship is like a perennial river

F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p Is Like A Perennial River Which Flows Forever… …It May Change It’s Path But Will Never Dry Up… HaPpY fRiEnDsHiP dAy

You cannot buy friendship you can earn

You cannot buy friendship, you can earn it. If someone comes for help, be a true friend ! …

Ice is a cream love dream

Ice is a cream, Love is a dream bt our Friendship is evergreen…

Kis had tak jana ha yeh kon

Kis had tak jana ha yeh kon janta ha Kis manzil ko pana ha yeh kon janta ha Dosti k do pal ha ji

Love is in the air shit if

Love is in the air… shit if only I had a plane right now … …

I wont promise to be your friend

I won’t promise to be your friend I won’t promise to be your friend forever, coz I won’t live that long. But let me

Best end is fri end stand under stand


Follow two things for long life friendship

FOLLOW two things for long life friendship….. 1: Dont talk if u r angry 2: Dont take the words seriously from a friend who

Friend is one who finds you

Friend is One, Who.. (F)inds you in a (R)ush of people (I)nspires you to do something in life, catch your (E)motions and (N)ever leaves

Love is not only made for lovers

Love Is Not Only Made For Lovers! It Is Also Made 4 True Friends. A True Friend Can Love More Than A Lover!…

Hum to kuch dair k liye lete

Hum to kuch dair k liye lete thy ‘Faraz’, Kisi Anni dy Puttar ne janaza perha diya

Moon said to me if ur friend

Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont you leave ur friend. I looked at moon and said does

Buhat se zakham hain dil mein magar

Buhat Se Zakham Hain Dil Mein Magar Aik Zakham Aisa Hai.. kabhi Hum Bheegte Hain Chahaton Ki Taiz Baarish Mein… Kabhi Barson Nahin Milte

The best feelings in world is when


A best friend is like a four

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have”

Friendship with oneself is all important

‘Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.’

Usa uk SMS# 336747

USA (‘_’ ) U.K ( ‘_’) DUBAI (‘_’ ) ( ‘_’) KUWAIT JAPAN (‘_’ ) ( ‘_’) INDIA GERMANY (‘_’ ) Puri Dunya DhonD

Karke dosti hum doston ko nahin bhulate

Karke dosti hum doston ko nahin bhulate….. Zindagi bhur hum dosti hai nibhate….. Naa tumhe ho butware ka ahasaas….. Isliye hum aur dost nahin

Fish said to water you wont

Fish said to water : you wont see my tears, because I am in the water. Water replied: But, I can feel your tears

I cant promise to solve your all

I can’t promise to solve your all problems but I can promise that You would not have to face them alone… ‘Happy Friendship Day’

Kash sach yeh mera sapna ho jaye

Kash sach yeh mera sapna ho jaye, Jan se bhi pyara DOST apna ho jaye, KHUDA humari DOSTI sada salamat rakhe, Warna lafz-e-dosti hi

Din ek boy ko pata chala k

din ek boy ko pata chala k may 3 mint me mar jawo ga.. us ny apni Lover and Friend ko message kiya meray

It is important to our friends believe

It is important to our friends to believe that we are unreservedly frank with them, and important to friendship that we are not.

Friendship means to feel som1 in every

FrIeNdShip MeAnS: To FeEl SoM1 In EvErY HeArTbEaT, To FiNd SoM1 In EvErY ThOuGhT, To SeE SoM1 WiTh ClOsEd EyEs & To MiSs SoM1

A friend is someone who would go

A FrIeNd Is SoMeOnE wHo WoUlD gO fInD yOu If YoU wErE lOsT, BuT a BeSt FrIeNd WoUlD bE rIgHt nExT tO yOu SaYiNg

Woh zindagi hi kya jisme friendship nahiwoh

Woh ZINDAGI hi kya jisme FRIENDSHIP nahi.Woh FRIENDSHIP hi kya jisme YAADEIN nahi. Woh YAADEIN hi kya jisme TUM nahi..Woh TUM hi kya jiske

Acha dost kitni daf eh qn an

acha dost kitni daf eh qn an roth jai usay man lena chiyeh. Qn k qn k woh manhos app k sary raaz khol

Luv is fashion but frndship ocean

Luv is fashion. But Frndship is ocean. Fashion will change. But Ocean will never change! Dats Friendship

Describe me attitude10 cleverness10 smile10 speaking style10

Describe me: attitude_/10 cleverness/10 smile/10 speaking style/10 nature/10 looks/10 voice/10 cuteness/10 confidence/10 as a friend/10 edit n reply. …

Frendship is tht bond thats crafted on

Frendship Is Tht Bond That’s Crafted On Trust & Preserved Wid Love. They r Frends Who Know Our Weakness & Yet Give Us Company

Har sitara chand k qareeb nahi hota

Har sitara chand k Qareeb nahi hota,, Dil ki daulat wala Ghareeb nahi hota,, Dost tum jaesa mila hai muqadar se, Har kisi ka

Love a set of heart attraction a style

Love-a set of HEART Attraction-a set of style Marriege-a set of LIFE But Frendship- a set of ‘YOU’

A friend is long sought hardly

A Friend Is Long Sought Hardly Found And With Difficulty Kept … o_O

Jasmine was in a forbidden relationship with

Jasmine was in a forbidden relationship with Aladdin… Snow White lived alone with 7 men.. Pinnochio was a liar.. Robin Hood was a thief..

Tumhe kia pata k gum hai

Tumhe kia pata k gum kia hai? Tumhe kia pata gum kisey kehtey hain? Tum kia jano gum kia cheez hai? Tum ne to

Kese batayen ap ki yad rozana ati

Kese Batayen Ap Ki Yad Rozana Ati Hai Kese Samjhayen Hamain Pal Pal Tarpati Hai Qabar Ka Haal To Qabar Ka Murda Janta Hai

Teri dosti sala apun ko itni pasand

Teri Dosti Sala Apun Ko Itni Pasand Hy! Jitni!! Charsi Ko Chars, Doctor Ko Nurse Ghaday Ko Laat, Ullu Ko Raat Boorhay Ko Hukka,

It is not so much our friends

It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.”

A friend gives hope when life is

A friend gives hope when life is low, A friend is a place you’ve no where to go,A friend is honest,friend is true, A

Friends are like street lights along the

Friends are like street lights, Along the road, they don’t make the distance any shorter but they light up the path & make the

Kune man karon ya dua k ussay


L luv i incidents f friends

L : Luv I : Incidents F: Friends E: Emotions If F is missing in LIFE, Then “LIFE” bcums “LIE”….. So dnt 4get F

Sawaal paani ka nahi pyaas hai maut

Sawaal paani ka nahi pyaas ka hai, Sawaal maut ka nahi, saans ka hai, Dost toh duniya mein bahut hai magar, Sawaal dosti ka

Hum main hi koi baat nathi k


Sweet is ur memory dear name

Sweet is ur Memory… Dear is ur Name… Close 2 my Heart U will always remain.. I met u as a stranger n took

Dosti ka rishta nazuk dhagay ki tarah

Dosti ka rishta NAZUK DHAGAY ki tarah hota hai. Agar DHAGA TOOT jae to JUR jata hai LEKIN iss main GIRAH aajati hai !!!…

Friendship is the bond when

F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p Is The Bond … When The Ties Between Two Cannot Be Worn Where Selfishness Is Out Of Question And Emotion Is An Art

F r i e n d s

F r I e N d S h I p Is LiKe A bAnK aCcOuNt … YoU cAnNoT cOnTiNuE tO dRaW oN iT WiThOuT

I rubbed my magic lamp a

I rubbed my magic lamp & a genie appeared, he saw me & asked….. What’s ur wish for today? I said, ‘Bless the person

Friendship is the only thing in

Friendship Is The Only Thing In The World Concerning The Usefulness Of Which All Mankind Are Agreed? …

Make your life a house heart can

Make your life a house your heart can live in. With a door that is open to receive friends. And a garden full of

Whatever we do mist remember our aim

Whatever we do, we mist remember our aim at every moment…. If U Dream to fly with Eagles, don’t wast time in swimming with

Hum dosti main soorat ko nahi seerat

…Hum ‘DOSTI’ main soorat ko nahi seerat ko dekhte hain Faraz Isi liye to hamare sare DOST ajeeb-o-garib shakal k hain, @(,’)@ (‘o’) ~(‘|’)~

Nafrat na krna kabhi humse hum seh

Nafrat na krna kabhi humse Hum seh nhi paenge Bs 1 bar keh dena k zarurat nhi apki Apko petne ghar tak chale aenge

Life gives2 gifts to human beingone is

life gives2 gifts to human is chance & the other is choice,chance to have mny friends& choice to select gud ones!I chose u

So long as we are loved by

So long as we are loved by others I should say that we are almost indispensable; and no man is useless while he has

Quotdosti ki waja nahi hoti dosti saza

"Dosti ki waja nahi hoti, dosti saza nahi hoti, dosti main hoti hai imandari, dosti main duniadari nahi hoti, dost jaan se pyara hota

No distance of place or lapse

No Distance Of Place Or Lapse Of Time Can Lessen The Friendship Of Those Who Are Thoroughly Persuaded Each Others Worth … 🙂 …