Love dont ask who are you love

love dont ask!!

‘Who are you!!’

Love only says!!

‘You are mine!!’

Love dont ask!!

‘Where are you from!!’

Love only says!!

‘You lives in my heart!!’

Love dont ask!!

‘What do you do!!’

Love only says!!

‘You make my heart to beat!!’

Love dont ask!!

‘Why are you far away!!’

Love only says!!

‘You are always with me!!’


Is she flirting if gazes

Is she Flirting:

# If she gazes in your eyes with interest and if you see her pupils widened.

# If you see her blushing

# If she raises or lowers the level of her voice, to match up with yours.

# If she strokes her chin or feels her cheek.

# If she winks at you while talking to you or from a distance.

# If she expose the palms of her hand in front of you.

# If you find her sitting straight up and if her muscles appear to be firm.

# If she laughs in agreement with you.

# If you find her touching your arm, shoulder or hand while talking to you.

# If she plays with her jewelry, while she is on conversation with you.

# If she curls her hair while talking to you.

# If she singles you out in a big crowded area and talks only to you

# If you notice too much of the fluttering of eyes.

Women can be extremely playful when it comes to flirting….

Salamabu jee kia hal hainyar mujhay sumaira

salam,abu jee kia hal hain.yar mujhay sumaira ne bataya k ap ghar se bahar naheen nikaltay.buss aisay he laitay rahtay hain.abu ye ap ke liay theek naheen hay.ap un logon k liay kayoun sochtay hain,jo ap ko khatar main naheen latay.abu jee khuda dekh raha hay,bus sab khuda pe chor dain,woh jo karay ga acha karay ga.abu jee subah subah sair ke liay zaroor jaya karain,ye sehar k liay acha hota hay.baqy san ghar walon ko mara salam daina.salam,ur son .

Touching story once there was a boy

Touching story:

Once there was a boy who loved a girl but that girl only hated him,boy asked the girl that he will change her hatred to love & he asked girl that he will stand in front of her house till next 100 days stroms n rains came but the boy didn’t move with the passage of days that girl started falling in love with him on 99th day the girl decided that she will say that she also loves him with the rise of sun of 100th day the girl went out but the boy wasn’t there she was worried then she found a paper on which it was written “Tere chakar mein teri barabr wali set ho gai” 😀

How totally touchin…

Flirting tips tip 1 send

Flirting Tips :

Flirting tip 1: Send brief passionate glances to catch her attention. Always keep smile on your face.

Flirting tip 2: Impress her at first sight with your appearance. Dress well, smell good and use your charm to attract her.

Flirting tip 3: Start conversation in a very friendly way. Make her feel comfortable in your company and try to understand her comfort level with your behavior. Appreciate her looks and other qualities you feel great about, be convincing.

Flirting tip 4: Be sure of what you are going to say, say something new to her, use good language, a witty conversation or a naughty joke can attract her towards you. .

Flirting tip 5:Treat her with great admiration, upgrade her self esteem, women love to be with gentle but charismatic guy,…

Dosto aaj hum 1 ajib o gari makhlooq k

Dosto aaj hum 1 ajib-o-gariß makhlooq k ßare me parhenge.Is jandaar ka nam hy GIRLFRIEND..

Ji haan GIRLFRND Ye aksar ßoyfrnd k sath payi jati hy Inki pasandida ghiza boyfrnd ka ßHEJA hota hy Inhe aksar naraz hone ka NAATAK karte hue dekha jata hy Is jandaar ka sabse khatarnak hathiyar RONA or emotionally ßlackmail karna hota hy

Girlfrnd k katne par TENSION naam ki bimari ho jati hai jo laa ilaaj hy

Moral-‘always keep dstance frm Girl frnd’:-)