ghazal lgta nhi ha dil mra

# Ghazal #

*Lgta nhi ha dil mra ab hr sawal mai,

Kis ki bani hai ye examination hall mai,

*Waqt-e-daraz mang k laey thay 3 ghantay,

2 sawal maikat gaey aur 1 jawab mai,

*Controller se gila na examiner se shikwa,

Qismat mai fail hona likha tha bus isi sal mai,

*Is parhai se kaho kahin aur ja basay,

Itni jaga kaha ha demagh-e-dagdar mai,

*Kitna hai bad naseeb student nakal k leay,

Do kagaz k tukray na milay poray hall mai..!!!

Gham e zindagi sunaun meray examz hone waley hain

Gham-e-zindagi sunaun meray examz hone waley hain,

Main khushi kahan se laun meray examz hone waley hain,

Tumhen ye gila hai jana ke mizaaj kyun hein barham,

Kaho kaise muskuraun meray examz hone waley hain,

Tumhen eid ki khushi hai mujhey yaad hai wo lekin,

Main ye kaise bhool jaun meray examz hone waley hain..

Mera zakhm zakhm seena tou lahu lahu safeena,

Main nijaat kaise paun mere examz hone walay hain.

Dedicated 2 All Students! :'( =P …

Mujhe yad hai meri paprz ki tayari

Mujhe yad hai meri Paprz ki tayari hr traf afra tfri ka alAm.!

Kbi is topic me masla to kbi dusre topic me prblm.!

Aesa lagta tha k kch b reliable nhi hai..!

pr jb baat aai papr ki to mene ch0ose ki


.”reliable”jo hai..!

“Naqal Lagai to baat bani”

“Naqal Reliable Hy”…

4 things boys do in the examination

4 things boys do in the Examination Hall

1. Counting # of Girls
2. Flirting with lady superident
3. Reading the brand name of their pen
4. Thinking of study for at least next exams

Four things Girls do in the Examination Hall either they know or not

1. Write
2. Write
3. Write
4. And just Write……

Suno aisa nahi karty jab paper

~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- “Jab paper na aata ho tu ink zaya nahi karty”

~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- “Jab nakal ka chance ho tu parha nahi karty”

~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- “Jab kisi ka gham banta ho tu paper hal nahi karty”

~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- “Jab RZult aajay tu roya nahi karty”

~SUNO= -Aisa nahi karty- Es tarha k msg parh lete han lakin kisi ko fwrd nahi karty.

~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty…….

Want to be 1st in your class

Want to be 1st in your class..??

Here are some TIPS :

> Wake up everyday at 5 am…. :O

> Drink Tea or Coffe….:O

> Go to your class at 6 am…. :O


Nobody will be there in your class..!! 😉

So, You are 1st in class..!! 😛

Think Different !!…

4 students didnt prepare for a

4 Students Didn’t

prepare for a Test.

They made a plan.

They went to the

DEAN next morning

and said, Sir we had

gone for a wedding

and our car Tyre Bursted. So we had to push

all the way, so we

couldn’t study.

The DEAN agrees

and gives them

4 Days Time.

After 4 days all four

were seated in

four Different Rooms.

The paper consisted

of Just 1 Qustn





a. Front Right

b. Front Left

c. Back Right

d.Back Left …

Examz se 1 month pehle aane wale

Examz se 1 month pehle aane wale 1st ashray ki dua: Ae Allah aaj se padhne ka irada kr rha hn, meri madad krna

2nd ashre ki dua:

Allah jo sawal mein yaad kron sirf wo imthan me aaye’n

Aakhri ashre ki dua:

Ae Allah is bar pass kra de agli bar khoob dil laga k parho’n ga.. ;-> …

Suno aisa nhi krty jb paper

~SUNO~ Aisa nhi krty “Jb paper aata hi na ho to ink zaya nhi krty”

~SUNO~ Jb nakal ka chance ho

to phir prha nhi krty”

~SUNO jb dost laaik ho apna,

to booti laya nhi krty.

Suno examinr ko galiyaan dete hen,

sir pe charhaya nhi krty.

Suno yahaan ka system ulta hy,

jo gues me hun swal wo aya nhi krty.

Suno ye boht hassaas ghari hoti hy,

dost ko paper me azmaya nhi krty.

~SUNO~ jb paper ata ho,

kisi ko dikhaya nhi krty……

Cricket has reached exciting levels wid t20

Cricket has reached exciting levels wid T20 & IPL

To improve exam system Same should be infused in Exams

1. Reduce exam duration to 1:30hr N marks to 50.

2. Introduce strategic break after 30 mints.

3. Give free hit,

that is a chance for students to frame there own

qustions n write answrs.

4. 1st 20 mints..

power play,

that is no invigilator in the exam hall.

5. Intrduce fair play awards.

6. Cheer girls to cheer for correct answers written!

Chaar dino ka exam o rabba lambi

Chaar dino ka EXAM O Rabba,

Lambi parhai, Lambi parhai,

Parhne me dil mera lage kabhi na,

Parhne se jan meri jay hamesha.

Kitne zamane baad Oo Rabba,

Tution lagaya, Tution lagayaaa.

Soya raha mai classon me apni,

Teacher se roz roz pit ke me aaya.

Kitna pita hon,sooj gaya hon,

chalna phirna bhol gaya hon.

4 dino ka EXAM Oo Rabba,

lambi parhai lambi parhai..

Dis song is dedicated to all the students….!

Why studnt fail in examits not fault

Why studnt Fail in Exam

It’s not studnt fault if he fails bcz a year has only 365 days.

52 Sundays in a year which rest days
Balnc 313 days

50 Summer holidays
Balnc 263 days

8 hrs daily sleep means 122 days
Balnc 141 days

1 hr 4 daily playing(good 4 health)means 15 days
Balnc 126 days

2 hr daily 4 food nd other enjoyment means 30 days
Balnc 96 days

1 hr 4 talking(as man is a social animal)means 15 days
Balnc 81 days

Exam days per year at least 35 days
Balnc 6 days

4 sickness atleast 3 days
Balnc 3 days

Movies nd fuctions atleast 2 days
Balnc 1 day

That 1 is ur birth day.

How Can A Studnt Pass???…

Dont study too mch tat u forgot

Don’t study too mch tat u forgot urself

Or in the end you wud be

Like Isac Newton boiled his watch in place of egg while he was noticing time from the egg in place of watch.

Albert Einstein ever in his life didn’t comb his hair.

N above all

Louis Pasteur forgot the very day of his wedding

Hosh se GEO…