A special breakfast 4 u 2day a

A special breakfast 4 u 2day: a plate of love, a bowl of peace, a spoon of hope, a fork of care, n glas of prayer. Njoy ur meal 4 u r under God’s care.

Ups downs unexpected results problems are

Ups & Downs, unexpected results & problems are a part of life. Never lose hope in any condition because the darkness of night always finishes with light of day. Remember

A man can live about 40 days without food

About 3 days without water

About 8 minutes without air But not for 1second without hope!…

Umbrella can not stop the rain but

Umbrella can not stop the rain but allows us to stand in the rain, confidence may not bring success but it gives the power to face the challenges….

Remember work for a cause

Remember !!

Work For A Cause

Not For Applause

Live Life To Express

Not To Impress

Don’t Strive To Make

Your Presence Noticed

Just Make Your

Absence Felt …..

It feels good to stand on ground

~It feels good to stand on ground & watch up high at Your AIM~


~It feels best whn You stand up high & others watch You as their Aim…~…

Confidence never comes if we have

“Confidence never comes

if we have all the answers,

but it comes when we are ready

for all the questions”.

So, be bold to face the world…

When earthly help s no avail there

When earthly help s no avail, there s 1 fren who wil never fail. Just lift ur eyes, d answer s there. For nobody knows d power of prayer. Have a worry free day.

The moment u think of giving up

The moment u think of giving up,

think of the reason why u held so long. . . .

“DO OR DIE” is an old saying..


If u r stuck bw 2 options

If u r stuck b/w 2 options,

Jst flip a coin in d air! It works,not coz it solves d prblm.

Bt while d coin is in air,

u’ll knw wt ur heart is really hoping 4…!…

When god closes a door he opens

When God closes a door, He opens a window… but at times He shuts both, worry not for he would tear down the roof… so His blessings could overflow. Good Luck and God Bless…

The size of candles may differ but

The Size Of Candles May Differ But They Yeild The Same BRIGHTNESS

Its Not The Matter Of Your Position, But Your Ability That SHINES … (=…

Hope is one of gods greatest gifts

Hope is one of God’s greatest gifts to all of us,


It’s the magic that inspires us

To keep trying, learning, loving and living.

g ()_0 d

m () r n ! n G…

A river cuts the rock not

A river cuts the rock, not because of its power, but because it keeps going on… Remember never lose your hope… Defend and face the challenges to increase the courage, keep moving toward the target, to tell the world that there is nothing impossible for you..! GooD MorninG…

A l w a y s t

A l w a y s

T r y


B e


F i r s t

P l a c e

W i n n e r

B c o z,

T h e

S e c o n d

P l a c e

W i n n e r

I s

T h e

F i r s t

L o s e r…

As far u think not now

As Far As U Think ‘NOT NOW’,

Success Bc0mS ‘NEVER’…

But As S00n As U Think


Success Surely Will Become ‘YOURS’…!…

When flood comes fish eat ants

When Flood Comes

“Fish Eat Ants”

When Flood Goes Down

“Ants Eat Fish”

Time Matters …

“GOD Gives Opportunity To Everyone…”…

Keep the race through gods good grace

Keep the race through God’s good grace. Lift up your eyes and seek His face. Life with its way b4 us lies. Christ is the path and Christ is the Price….

It is saidthose who appear in ur

It is said,Those who appear in ur life – whether to help or to harm -they r al sent by God. Meet al of them with a peaceful heart but with a warrior’s spirit.

u wil fail many times, but in failing, u wil learn, & in learning u wil find ur way.

Remember, there r no mistakes in life – only lessons & lessons wil keep on repeating themselves until learned…..

Quality of humor doesnt depend on how

QUALITY OF HUMOR doesnt depend on how funny or how corny our jokes mayb,but w/ d principal objective of spreading joy in your smile,in your mind,& in your heart*

1 tree can start a forest smile

1 tree can start a forest; 1 smile can start a friendship; 1 touch can show u care; 1 friend can make life worth living for….

What are the difference between a peso

What are the difference between a peso and a friend? A peso is easy to earn, a friend is hard to find. A peso loses its value, a friend increases its worth. I don’t have a peso but I have you! …

Search 4 truth and you shall find

Search 4 truth and you shall find beauty, search 4 beauty and you shall find love, search for love and you shall find God, search for God and you shall have them all!

A paper flying in air is due

A paper flying in air is due to its luck.

Bt a bird is flying due to its eforts.

So if luck is not with you.

Efforts r always there to suport u….

If u never taste a bad apple

If u never taste a bad apple.

You would never appreciate a Good apple.

Sometimes we need to experience bitterness of life to understand the value of sweetness….

God says you r my precious 1

God says: You r my precious 1, you are my child, you are the apple of my eyes, i will never leave you, i will always love you, i will always be there 4 u.

In gods eyes love is never absent

In God’s eyes, Love is never absent. In Gods heart forgiveness is never impossible. In Gods embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten. God Bless!

Evry test in life maks us bitter

Evry test in life maks us bitter or better.

Evry prblm comes to make us or break us.

Choice is ours, to Bcome victim or victorious……

God has a reason 4 allowing things

God has a reason 4 allowing things to happen, we may never understand His wisdom but we simply have 2 trust His will. God bless you all the way.

If the path is beautiful you must

If The Path Is Beautiful,

You Must Ask Where It Leads.


If The Destination Is Beautiful,

Don’t Ask How Is The Path … Keep Walking…

Love is like a butterfly the more

Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you but if you just let it fly, it would come to you when you least expect it.

Everyday a deer awakens knowing it must


A deer awakens

knowing it must outrun the fastest lion or be hunted to death


A lion awakens knowing it must outrun the slowest deer or starve to death

In this lifetime, it doesn’t matter wether you r a deer or a lion

When the sun rises

You should be runing @ your best…

Life never leaves you empty it always

Life never leaves you empty

It always replaces everything you lost

If it asks you 2 put something

Down, it’s because, it wants you 2 pick up something better…

Allah can reach each falling tear

ALLAH Can Reach Each Falling Tear

He Sees The Heart That Needs A Cheer

He Knows The Path Thats Hard & Dear

Don’t Ever Give Up Because HE is Near…

Falling in love with the lord is

Falling in love with the Lord is the greatest romance; searching HIM, is the greatest adventure; finding HIM, the greatest achievement,; and being with HIM, the greatest source of happiness…

It takes three seconds to say i

it takes three seconds to say i love you, three minutes to explain, three hours to demonstrate, three days to appreciate three terms to produce it, but a lifetime to prove it.

How often v wish for another chance

How often V wish for another chance

To make a fresh begining

A chance to blot out our mistakes

And change failure into winning

It does not take a special time

To make a brand new start

It only takes the deep desire to try with all our heart

To live a better

To alway b forgiving

To add a little sunshine

In a world for which V r living

Never give up in despair

Nor think U r through

For there’s always a tomorrow

A chance to start a new

Life is a football gameand v r

‘Life Is a Football Game,And V R D Footballs, Never Mind The Kicks Of People Because Without Kicks We May Not Reach The Goal…(:…

In the confrontation bw stream rock

In The Confrontation B/w The Stream & The Rock, The Stream Always Wins

Not Through Strenght But By Perseverance

So Work Hard But Enjoy Every Moment…

A smile is a language even baby

A smile is a language even a baby understands. It costs nothing but it creates much. It happens in a flash but the memory of it may last forever. Keep on smiling!

Shakh py betha parinda ki kamzori ya

Shakh Py Betha Parinda

Shakh Ki Kamzori Ya Usky Jholny Sy Nhi Darta. . .

Kyu K Usko Shakh Pr Nhi Apny Paron py Aitmad Hota Ha. . .

Always trust urself…..