Life is a train and we all

life is a train and we all pessangers.

Kisi ka station zara pehly aa jata hy aur kisi ka baad mein, Hum log milty bicharty rehty hyn lekin zindagi nonstop train ki tarha chalti hy, apni manzil ki janib aur manzil bhi wo k jis ki humei’n khabar nahi……

When i got enough confidence the stage

When I got enough confidence,

the stage was gone.


When I was sure of losing,

I won.


When I needed people the most,

they left me.


When I learnt to dry my tears,

I found a shoulder to cry on.


When I mastered tha skill of hating,

somebody started loving me


When after waiting for dawn, I fell asleep,

the sun came out.
















“Thats life”…

Ek shaks jungle me ja raha tha

Ek shaks jungle me ja raha tha, shaitan bhi us k sath tha, us ne ek waqt ki bhi namaz ada nahi ki, shaitan us sy bhagne laga, us shaks ne shaitan k bhagne ki waja poochi tou shaitan ny kaha ke,”me ne umar bhar sirf ek bar Adam(A.S) ko sajdy sy inkar kia tou Malaun qarar dia aur tu ne aaj sari namazai’n tark kr di tou mujhy khauf aa raha hy k tujh pe jo azab nazil ho tou us qehar ka shikar me na ho jao’n…”…

Chera mera tha nigahaien us ki khamshi

Chera mera tha nigahaien us ki

Khamshi main bhi wo batain us ki

Meray chahray par ghazal likhti gaien

Sher kahti hui ankhaien us ki

Shokh lamhoun ka pata dainay lagien

Taez hoti hui saansaien us ki

Aesay mosam bhi guzaray hum nay

Subhaien jub apni thien shamaien us ki

Dhian maien us kay ye alam tha kabhi

Ankh mahtab ki yadien us ki

Rang joenda wo aey to sahi

Phool to phool haien shakhaien us ki

Faisla moj-e-hwa nay likha

Andhian meri baharaien us ki

Khud pay bhi khulti na ho jis ki nazr

Janta kon zubanaien us ki

Neend iss soch say tooti aksar

Kis tarah katti haien rataien us ki

Door rah kar bhi sda rahti haien

Mujh ko thamay huey banhaien us ki…

Todays reality not a joke

Today’s Reality : (not a joke)

Big house but Small family…!

More Degrees but less Common sense…

Advanced medicine but Poor health…!

Touched Moon but Neighbours unknown….!

High income but less peace of Mind….!

High IQ but less Emotions….!

Good knowledge but less Wisdom….!

Lots of human beings but less Humanity…!

Many comedians,But none are..


V may nt b eligible 4 oscars

V may nt b eligible 4 Oscars or Grammys..

But V r all eligible 4 life’s precious moments, like…

A big hug,

A quiet evening walk with a friend,

Thinking of someone late at night,

Watching the rain,

Sipping hot coffee,

A good day at work,

Parent’s love,

The day you made your own breakfast,

To see some1 smile at u for no reason…

Treasure these moments 4 Ur Lifetime…

U mite not get these back.

Njoy LIFE … (-:…

Dear girls u r beautiful 9829

Dear Girls,

U r Beautiful .. :)♥

Don’t harm yourself for a guy who goes only for your looks :'(

U r ur father’s princess nd Mumma’s.Doll. . ^.^

So, don’t let somebody make you feel Low nd Down..

The way you Smile 🙂

The way you’ve twinkle in your eyes *_*

The way you cheer up your Family ndFriends. .


the way you care,

Is all what makes you Beautiful Little Angels. .!!♥


Dear Girls, Proud to be what u r.. ♥♥♥…

A sailor was stuck in an island

A Sailor Was Stuck In An Island Where He Was The Only Survivor!

He Made A Hut For His Shelter.

Day And Night, He Was Praying And Waiting For Someone To Rescue Him But Nobody Came!

He Stored Food In The Hut For His Survival.

But One Day! The Hut Got Burnt To Ashes And Nothing Was Left Of It!

He Was So Angry!

He Said, “ALLAH, Why Have You Done This To Me?”

The Next Morning, Rescuers Came.

He Asked, “How Did You know That I Was Here?

They Replied, “We Saw A Smoke Signal!”

Trust ALLAH When Misfortune Happens, His Plans Are Always Greater Than Your Thoughts!!…

Silence often means a nod an

SILENCE Often Means

-A Nod

-An Acceptance Of The Truth, And Situation As They Are

-A Signal To GO AHEAD With The Best Course Of Action

-A Request To People At The Other End To Not Regret Anything

-A Realisation That Its Not Good To Eye Things That Belong To Someone Else

-A Struggle Within To Live Up To The Correct Standards Of Living And Behaving

-Struggle To Silence The Evil Voice Within, A Fight To Fully Erase Negative Tendencies

-A Preperation To Leave People Live Happily

-A Request To Not Doubt The Motives Of The Person Who Has Nothing More To Speak……

Most of us miss out lifes

MOst Of Us Miss Out

Life’s Big Prizes :

Nobel, Oscar, Grammys


V r All Eligible For

…Life’s Small Prizes:

-A Hug Frm Best


-A Short Sleep On

Frend’s Shoulder

-A Glorious Sunset

-A Chat With One V

Feel Most Comfortable

-An Ice-Cream When

It’s Deadly Cold

-A Silent Night On The


– A Slow Walk On An

Empty Road,

With d Person You Love

On A Full Moon Night

So Don’t Worry Ab

Missing Life’s Big Prizes


TkCr Of d Small Ones ! 🙂 …

Highly disappointing situations 1 your

Highly disappointing situations –



1. Your Best friend weds your lover..!!:'(


… 2. A close friend avoiding without reason..!! ;(


3. 10 mark question asked for 2mark..!! 🙁


4. Principal sitting near you on tour..!! 🙁


5. Xtremly good looking guy/girl crossing you wen you are with your mom/dad..!! 🙁


6. Teachers distributing your test papers in front of your juniors..!!:/


7. Friend calling on b’day n not wishing..!! :@


8. Dear one suddenly stopped messaging..!! :O


9. Leaving this post without liking it too..!! :-P…