A Smile That Came From Me

Of All D Smiles U Received Today
Der Was A Smile U Didn’t C
A Smile Not From D Lips
But Straight From D Heart
A Smile That Came From Me

My Dear Friend!

When I Miss A Special Person
I Don’t Have To Go Too Far
I Just Have To Look Inside My Heart
Coz That’s Always Where You Are
My Dear Friend!

Bless U SMS# 401

Bless U

Bless U
Wìth cärè
Wìth £uv
With smilè
Wìth präyér
With cöncèrn
Wìth $öftñes
Évry sécönd
Evry mìnt
Evry hr
Evry däy
Evry wéèk
Evry moñth
Evry year